Sunday, 26 March 2017

The Purveyors Of Plunder And Mayhem Come To Hamburg.

         July 2017 will see the the gathering of our beloved leaders from across the planet, the G20 will take place in Hamburg, on July 7th.-8th. These are the people that shape our world, and are so beloved by their people, that when they come together to discuss their grand plans, they need  the area where they are to meet, to be in lock-down, the citizens cleared or restricted, and a minimum of 10,000 police and secret agents to protect them from their loving citizens. The scale and concentration of the security that will surround this bunch of managers of the plundering of the earth, is indication of the total disgust in which the people hold them. These are the people responsible for the slaughter in the Middle East, the genocide of the Palestinian people, the drowning of thousands of fleeing innocent people, the army of refugees that are being, harassed, herded like cattle, or abandoned to claws of hunger and deprivation. Protests against this cabal of greed driven war mongers and power grabbers, should not be limited to Hamburg, it should be at least, pan-European, but preferably world wide and co-ordinated.
    They will arrive in their private jets, their limousines, and with their army of flunkies. This obscene display of corrupt power and savage authority will be paid for by you and me, no matter the cost, you and I will pick up the tab, they call it democracy.  
This from 325:
          On the 7th and 8th of July 2017 the G20 summit is supposed to take place in Hamburg. The heads of the governments of the 19 richest and most powerful states of the world, accompanied by 6.000 delegation members, surrounded and permanently photographed by 3.000 journalists and of course cordoned off and protected by an army of at least 10.000 police and secret service operatives.
         All this is supposed to take place in the middle of Hamburg: in the exhibition halls, in the town hall, in the Elbphilharmonie. Large-scale and multilevel barriers, ID controls, evacuated appartments – the main victims will be the people in the Karoviertel and the surrounding neighborhoods. Especially those, that are already more exposed to frequent controls and harrassments because of the color of their skin, their legal status, their precarious social situation or other reasons.
       The residents are supposed to give way for an orchestration of power, a living city is turned into a dead scenery. The main performance is the illusion that the political elites of global capitalism have everything well under control, that they are somehow capable of providing security, peace, livelihood and a real future perspective to the people of the world.
        But we are witnessing the exact opposite: the prevailing world order is a further escalating world disorder of brutal social inequality, structurally embedded sexism and racism, ecological destruction and spreading wars.
       Millions of people are forced to flee, billions are struggling to survive and the number of people that is affected by precarisation is continuously rising, also here in Germany. At the same time a small global upper class is getting richer and richer.
         The political representatives of this world disorder want to come to Hamburg: Erdogan from Turkey, Putin from Russia, the cold putschist Temer from Brasil, and if we are unlucky also Donald Trump.
       There also aren’t a lot of good things to say about the governments of China or India. And the so very democratic governments of western Europe? They are the ones that build walls and fences and coldly let fleeing people drown at sea. We will show them that they are not welcome in Hamburg!
        In many political groups and spectres the reflections on how to organize the necessary protests and actions against the G20 Summit have already begun. There are many different approaches: Some care about the right to the city, others about climate policy, to others flight and migration or capitalism as a whole matters. There are ideas such as a counter summit, a major demonstration, or disobedient actions around the conference venue or in the whole city.
No matter what the criticism of the G20 Summit is precisely based on, no matter what actions or forms of expression are prefered, the protest can only be a success if we are able to make the possibility of a different world, a world of justice and solidarity, appear in them. And if the protest are complementary rather than in opposition to each other.
        That needs arrangements and a lot of communication between the summits opponents.
Autonome Aktion Europe
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Ah, That Distant Memory, The Sun, Has Returned.

         Well it happened, I thought it never would, but it did, the clouds rolled away, the sun came out, and the temperature shot up. Suddenly that horrible dull very cold and windy weather that seem to have gone on for ever, had gone. It brought cyclists out in their all their gleaming Lycra and fancy bikes. I enthusiastically joined them. The start of my cycling season always starts around familiar territory, the Campsie Hills, so it was up round Clachan of Campsie, beautiful. Sadly the good weather also brings out the motorists, so the roads were very busy, but you grow to expect that now-a-days. Here's hoping this is the start of a glorious long hot summer, but I say that every year and it doesn't always materialise, but you never know. 
      As a young man I spent years hill walking, and I would never have hesitated to drink for any stream as we trudged our way along. Now however, I would never dream of drinking from any stream, too much pollutants, pesticides, fertilisers etc., have seeped into our rivers and streams, we have taken that pleasure away from our kids. What else will we steal from them?
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Saturday, 25 March 2017

Days Of War, Nights Of Love.

             Something to think about, Days Of War, Nights Of Love, an old article from Crimethinc:
              Whatever medical science may profess, there is a difference between Life and survival. There is more to being alive than just having a heartbeat and brain activity. Being alive, really alive, is something much subtler and more magnificent. Their instruments measure blood pressure and temperature, but overlook joy, passion, love, all the things that make life really matter. To make our lives matter again, to really get the most out of them, we will have to redefine life itself. We have to dispense with their merely clinical definitions, in favor of ones which have more to do with what we actually feel.
          As it stands, how much living do we have in our lives? How many mornings do you wake up feeling truly free, thrilled to be alive, breathlessly anticipating the experiences of a new day? How many nights do you fall asleep feeling fulfilled, going over the events of the past day with satisfaction? Most of us feel as though everything has already been decided without us, as if living is not a creative activity but rather something that happens to us. That’s not being alive, that’s just surviving: being undead. We have undertakers, but their services are not usually required; we have morgues, but we spend most of our time in office cubicles and video arcades, in shopping malls, in front of televisions. Of course suburban housewives and petty executives are terrified of risk and change; they can’t imagine that there is anything more valuable than physical safety. Their hearts may be beating, but they no longer believe in their dreams, let alone chase after them.
             But this is how the revolution begins: a few of us start chasing our dreams, breaking our old patterns, embracing what we love (and in the process discovering what we hate), daydreaming, questioning, acting outside the boundaries of routine and regularity. Others see us doing this, see people daring to be more creative and more adventurous, more generous and more ambitious than they had imagined possible, and join us one by one. Once enough people embrace this new way of living, a point of critical mass is finally reached, and society itself begins to change. From that moment, the world will start to undergo a transformation: from the frightening, alien place that it is, into a place ripe with possibility, where our lives are in our own hands and any dream can come true.
           So do what you want with your life, whatever it is! But to be sure you do get what you want, think carefully about what it really is, first, and how to go about getting it. Analyze the world around you, so you’ll know which people and forces are working against your desires, and which ones are on your side… and how you can work together with us. We’re out here, living life to the fullest, waiting for you—hopping trains across the United States, organizing political protests in French public schools, writing beautiful letters at sunrise in Bangkok. We just finished making love in the corporate washroom a minute before you walked in on your half hour lunch break. And Life is waiting for you with us, on the peaks of unclimbed mountains, in the smoke of campfires and burning buildings, in the arms of lovers who will turn your world upside down. Come join us!
Published 2000-09-11
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Friday, 24 March 2017

Death Penalty For The Crime Of Homelessness.

The Homeless.

Tenebrous spectres, they exist,   out there,
on the crumbling edge of chaos.
A father, a son, a brother,
a daughter, a sister, a mother.
Fragments of some shattered family structure;
waste products
from a society being driven to destruction
by a hurricane of greed
living a life that wears out life,
the devious death of exhaustion from existence.
     A recurring feature of this capitalist system is it ability to just scrap and abandon people, and let the needy perish in the midst of incredible wealth. Glasgow has it homeless problem, which is allowed to persist, in city with countless empty properties, even in the midst of Scotland's cruel and harsh winter. Property and wealth are valued more than human life.
        Last Monday/Tuesday was blizzard conditions in Glasgow, and one young man faced that blizzard alone, and on the street, the price he paid was his life. He was found dead in the morning lying outside one of the city's large stores. To die of the cold, on the street at 28 years of age, in what is supposed to be a civilised country, is not an accident, it is a crime. It was not just the fact that he was homeless, a crime in itself, but he needed help, he suffered from alcohol addiction and mental health problems, where was that caring society? Because of his problem he spent long periods sleeping rough, Why? Where was the help that a civilised society should produce as standard? He was not the first to die on our streets, and as long as we tolerate a system that puts money and profit before human life, he will not be the last. To die alone on the street is an indictment to a failed system, it is the manifestation of a greed driven system that abandons the needy and the weak. Who will be brought to justice for this crime?
        Homeless Matthew Bloomer, 28, was found by police outside the TJ Hughes department store on Argyle Street in Glasgow's Trongate at around 9.10am on Tuesday after spending the night outside in freezing conditions.
Speaking to STV News, his older brother Paolo Barnett-Bloomer, 30, paid tribute to Celtic fan Matthew.-----
-------Matthew had struggled with alcohol addiction and mental health issues, which led to him spending long periods sleeping rough on the streets.
The Warmth Of A Dream.

He lay in a dark doorway, dreamed of home,
night frost locked his joints
morning rain chilled the marrow of his bone.
In the dream there was a sister,
a pram in the garden, a crowd of youngsters
who called him "mister", a time of little pain.
Are these youngster the same young men, who
now laugh at him, throw beer cans,
piss on him as he lies drunk in some dark lane?
When was that first step down this slippery slope,
when was that first step to no forgiveness.
No will to rise to beg for food,
numbness kills the pain.
The dream brings a warmth that feels good,
dark fog shades out consciousness,
an ambulance carries of a body washed in rain. 

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The Last Of The Snow.

        Though in my book it is still too cold, I have managed out on the bike three times this month. The first two occasions were just short non-stop wee circuits, just to remind the legs what they are supposed to do, no stopping for the camera. The third, yesterday, Thursday, 23rd was meant to be the same, but I couldn't help stopping to capture the last of the snow on the Campsie Hills, before nature got out her paint brush and covered everything in various shades of green, splattered with dashes of vibrant colour. Well I hope it is the last of the snow, until next winter, give me warmth. Each of the three runs have had one feature in common, 15/16 mph extremely cold wind. Never the less thoroughly enjoyable, it always feels great when I dust the bike down, after the winter months and start trundling my way merrily around our lovely countryside.
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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Glasgow's May Day.

         It is fast approaching, that day that will be celebrated all over the world, the workers day, the day for the ordinary people of this world to come together to celebrate and remember. I'm talking about May Day, a fun day, a day to renew old friendships, make new ones, a family day, out in the open.
       Sadly in Glasgow it has deteriorated to a slow march through the city and then a meeting in a cinema to listen to our political ballerinas explain how they and they alone, will lead you to the promised land. Most young people in Glasgow have no memory of the May Days out in the open, having fun. To alleviate this illness, a group of us are trying to bring May Day back to the Glasgow Green and have it reborn as what it was meant to be, a family day, a fun day, a day to celebrate our common connections, a day to show the solidarity of the working class.
     So come along to the May Day Picnic on The Green, at Free Wheel North. Monday May 1st from 2:00. Bringing what you expect to find, bring your street, bring May Day back to the Green. It is workers day, the celebration of spring, out in the open, as it should be.
      Make this a day to meet up with old friends and comrades, make new connections, and have a real fun relaxing friendly day on The Green. May Day belongs to the people, let's make it what we want it to be.
          Join us at Free Wheel North on 1st of May 2:00
See website for details: Updates for activities will be posted as they come in.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

A Late World Poetry Day.

      Considering it was the day before my birthday, I guess I must be getting old, I missed World Poetry Day, it was yesterday March 21st. However, as they say, better late than never.

Just Imagine!

If only we could find the imagination
to see this world as one rich colourful nation,

not a collection of camps, insular and small
always eager to mount a border brawl

sending forth an army of fruit growers
to shed the blood of some seed growers,

holding high a coloured rag
proclaim, "the blood I shed is for this flag",

believing this justifies the countless dead
across nature's beauty spread.

Can't we learn from yesterday's errors
borders breed false fears and foolish terrors;

each flag waving hand sows the seeds
of tomorrow's pointless brutal deeds.

If only we could find the imagination
to see this world as one rich colourful nation,

all free to walk our chosen path
free from fear of the stranger's wrath.

A brother, rich or poor we can accept
a different coloured skin is cause to reject,

smile at a brown eyed sister with reddish hair
yet mock one who walks a jungle path, bosom bare.

Shower with praise and welcome embrace
anyone from our spurious race,

greet with snarl and angry glare
those strange people from over there;

then useing our culture as some kind of shield
guarantee our future in isolation sealed.

If only we could find the imagination
to see this world as one rich colourful nation. 

A new Dawn.

Today we live in a peace
midst a thousand pygmy wars;
a humanity bankrupt by its past
dragged wearily through darkness and despair
yearns for a day that's cast
long, warm and fair,
a dawn that sees humankind discard
its class, its nation and prepare
to grind outworn creeds to dust,
so mankind naked is revealed,
then moving with common cause,
what such a dawn may yield.

Our Children's Inheritance. 

Blind to the future's unrisen dawns
we change nature to industrial debris.
Lead our children to a terrifying land
there to let them do or die.
Consign our children's children
poisoned air, a sterile earth,
set hungry faces fishing on some odious fishless sea.
Bequeath them a silent world
no feathered friend wings and sings
no hare, no fox runs free; by our efforts guarantee,
no wondrous woodlands, no wild forests,
no blushing bloom of spring,
no clear streams, no rolling meadows,
no fresh breezes blowing in on a bounteous sea.
How can we meet their trusting eye
when our legacy they acquire;
who by our actions will receive
a thorn in every kiss, from every mouth a lie.
What will our heart reply when asked,
"Why no harmony with nature?"
"Why has the truth been masked?"

         I can hear you say, "OK, so you missed the day, but there was no need to go into overdrive!!"
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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

A Call For Support.

        To any observer, it is obvious that today, the neo-nazis are emboldened enough to take their vile. poisoning ideology on to the streets. Their confidence will grow in relation to our lack of resistance, and conversely, their confidence will diminish in relation to the strength of our resistance. Passive resistance to their lying, divisive ideology will fail, they dream of power, of being a force, and force is the only weapon that will defeat them. They are not open to rational discussion, they are not receptive to evidence based information, so these weapons will be of no avail in the struggle to rid ourselves of this cancer that is creeping its way through our society. One brave anarchist, if perhaps a little foolhardy for tackling such a crowd on his own, faced up to them in a very unequal battle, a difficult decision in such a situation. He paid a price in damaging injuries, and now faces further punishment from the corrupt state judicial system. We all know that the police and the fascists walk the same path.
         An appeal for solidarity and financial support from 325:
March 19th, 2017

      On the 19th of February, Taras Bogay, an anarchist and eco-activist from Lviv, Ukraine, was assaulted by a group of 20-30 drunk neo-nazis from the rightwing organisations Right Sector and the neo-nazi militia named the Azov battallion. They attacked Taras after he tried to protect a group of foreigners that the nazi group was harassing with racial slurs and threats.
        During the fight the attackers threatened to kill Taras. He was knocked unconscious and sustained a heavy concussion and numerous cuts resulting in the near loss of one of his fingers. While defending himself and the foreigners, Taras slightly cut one of the attackers with no serious injury. Taras fought well, but the forces were uneven.
       Despite Taras having been found covered in his own blood, the Lviv police department released news about the incident later that day without mentioning Taras’ injuries. The news stated: “the police arrested a 27-years old man that stabbed an 18-year old teenager in a conflict”.
        A few days after the incident a false “witness” claimed that Taras suddenly attacked the group of innocent people, then cut himself and ran away. While every word of this evidence is a clear lie, it may be considered as proof of Taras’s fault in the court. The case clearly demonstrates that Ukrainian police has a strong affiliation with far-right organizations. Currently, Taras is being treated for his wounds, and is doing rehabilitation from his concussion. Taras is recovering gradually and his condition is gradually improving. Nevertheless, he is still unable to work.
       Taras is experiencing severe financial problems. First, he is unable to work due to the injuries and have to pay medical bills. Second, to protect himself from the false charges, Taras requires a lawyer that cost at least €900 (he has concluded a contract with a lawyer for the period of investigation – about half of a year).
      Without a good lawyer Taras could face a prison sentence between five and seven years (the charges being disorderly conduct and grievous bodily harm).
       We have started the fundraising campaign at to collect €900 that will enable us to provide Taras with a good lawyer and help him to survive during the period of unemployment. The struggle against far-right politics relies on global solidarity and mutual aid.
Also, you may donate to ABC bitcoin wallet: 39pQm5RxArsFZEBt4MPvMFuHEuyY1oG18k

Stop fascist scum! Solidarity with Taras Bogay!

Thank you for the support!
Long live anarchy!
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Monday, 20 March 2017

War, The Capitalist Cancer.


      A reminder: The next Scottish Peace Network, anti-war vigil, will take place this Thursday, 23rd. March, from 5-6pm at Donald Dewar's statue at the top of Buchanan Street, Glasgow. Spring is around the corner so it is time to get out on the streets to show our opposition to war and militarism.
       People in the developed Western world live under the illusion that we are at peace, and have been since 1945. They wander around their shopping malls, go on holiday, watch the football, take the kids to the park, go for a friendly chat in the pub. All unimaginable luxuries to those who live in a vast swath of our planet where the soil is being watered with the blood of millions of innocent people, men, women, young, old, sick, and infirm. Their lives are being destroyed in what can only be described as World War III. From Afghanistan to Iraq, from Libya, to Yemen, all the world's major military powers are in there, with air-strikes, missiles, heavy artillery, and troops on the ground. The whole area is the battle ground  for the world's imperialist powers as they attempt land grabs, regime changes and resource plunders. We the public are supposed to believe that all this bloody mayhem and wholesale slaughter of innocents, is simple for the benefit of the people of that region. Our leaders preach the lie, "we, the righteous developed world, are slaughtering you and your kids, all for your own good", surely only the most deranged and insane can swallow such a gigantic lie.
      In keeping with this insanity, the Israeli government has stated that it will, "without hesitation" destroy Syria's air defence system, it it again launches them against Israeli air-strikes on Syrian territory. There has been no reaction to this swashbuckling bully-boy statement, yet imagine the reaction if say, France stated that it would "without hesitation" destroy Spain's air defence system if it again used them against French planes bombing Spain!!! This is the irrational, insane double standards that our warring imperial masters use on a daily basis.

      All wars, world or pygmy, are just the manifestation of the powerful, taking control of the weak for the gain of the powerful, supported by a tsunami of lying propaganda. The people are merely the duped cannon-fodder, who pay with their blood, but never receive the "spoils of war".
      Wars are no longer "declared", they are now part and parcel of our imperial masters way of life, a world of continuous wars that shape all our lives, that dominate our economy, and stunt the lives of all of us in one way or another. The rich countries starve their children to pay for the slaughter of other children, that is the nature of the society we tolerate. Since war and all its attendant horrors are creating poverty, misery and death world wide, we should never let these facts stray from our minds and continually work to put an end to this madness. 
     To this end the Scottish Peace Network hold a monthly anti-war vigil at the Donald Dewar Statue at the top of Buchanan Street Glasgow. The militarists must be challenged, their lies must be exposed, join the vigil to help raise that anti-war voice.
     A reminder: The next Scottish Peace Network vigil will take place this Thursday, 23rd. March, from 5-6pm at Donald Dewar's statue at the top of Buchanan Street, Glasgow. Spring is around the corner so it is time to get out on the streets to show our opposition to war and militarism.
      Why not join them, bring your voice, show support for all those millions suffering on the imperialist battlefields across the globe, shout for an end to the squandering of billions of pounds worth of resources on a war economy, resources that could be spent to make this world a better place for our kids.
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Sunday, 19 March 2017

A Rich Country With Rising Child Poverty!!

         As the UK millionaire cabal sitting the the Westminster Houses of Hypocrisy and Corruption drives it patriotic bus out of the EU, waving the flag of nationalism, while spouting illusions about being the fastest growing economy in Europe, what the don't shout about is the fact that child poverty in this country has rocketed in the last year.  The government's own figures show that child poverty has risen by 100,000 in the past year. A glaring indictment of the system we live under, is the fact that today, in 21st. century UK 30% of our kids now live in relative poverty. Unicef’s deputy executive director for the UK said the country ‘can and must do better‘ and should be ‘more ambitious’ for its children. According to the Institute for Fiscal Studies, cuts to working and non-working benefits since 2013 are projected to increase child poverty by 50 per cent by 2020. So the trend is ever downwards. UK, that country with the fastest growing economy in Europe, now has a total of four million children in families struggling to make ends meet, the worst figures since the financial crisis. And the overall number of people in poverty in Britain has risen to 10.4 million, the highest level this decade.
        Surely the measure of a society is how it treats its children, its elderly, its sick and needy? In all these measures the system under which we live fails miserably. What makes this an even more hideous crime is the fact that this rapidly rising poverty is not by accident but by design. This tsunami of poverty that is washing over the ordinary people of our country, is the direct result of an ideological driven policy. They can dress it up in many guises, austerity, balancing the books, managing the crisis, and so on, all part of the smoke and mirrors needed to conceal the reality of this brutal system. However, the aim is the same, creating a cheap labour economy by plundering the public purse to enhance the profit of the corporate world. Do you honestly believe that this is the best economic and social system that we can create? We don't have the ability and imagination to create a system that sees to that needs of all our people? We are so dumb we are stuck with this exploitative, greed driven system that robs the poor to gorge the rich? If so, we deserve our poverty.
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Saturday, 18 March 2017

The State Is The Antithesis Of Freedom.

          Cry "Freedom" and the state will take a dislike to you, act on that cry, and the state will try to crush you. It's the same story the world over, you are free to be obedient and subservient. You are given World Cups, Olympic Games, shopping malls, limitless TV channels of trivia, bubble-gum and candy floss, what more could you want?  Break that mould, and you face the wrath of the state, with its many tentacles it can reach into your life and slowly strangle you. Our history is a litany of names who sought freedom and who have perished at the hands of the state and its binding laws, all there to protect the powers that be. So the sad tale goes on, yesterday, today and tomorrow, unless enough stand up and cry "Freedom" and as one body in solidarity, start to act on that cry.
From Insurrection News:
      17.03.17: Erdoğan Çakır, imprisoned in France for membership of the DHKP-C (Revolutionary People’s Liberation Front), has been on an indefinite hunger strike since February 15, 2017. The reason for this is that he began a one week hunger strike in solidarity with revolutionary prisoners in Turkey on February 13 and was attacked two days later by the guards at Villenauxe prison.
       In a report from the revolutionary press, it stated that on February 15, dozens of guards entered his cell and attempted to subject him to a degrading body search. Erdoğan Çakır, who resisted the search, was stripped naked under duress and locked in an isolation cell. He then extended his hunger strike indefinitely following this incident.
       On March 4, his daughter Gülcan Çakır went on a solidarity hunger strike which she carried out in her home. There have also been protests in front of Villenauxe prison.

Erdoğan Çakır N ° d’écrou: 10255 EA 2BC B209 CD de Villenauxe Route de Sezanne 10371-Villenauxe la Grande France
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The Human, A Vegetarian Animal.

        Is vegetarianism a call back to our natural state, is carnivorism the root cause of our brutal history and our continuing macho society? An interesting article from arrezafe, that certainly makes a strong case for that argument. The translation is not great but certainly readable.   
      Like their closest relatives, the great apes, man is basically a fruitarian animal, but with the advantageous option carnivorism. So advantageous that probably saved us from extinction, because when scarce plant foods (for example, because of an ice age or desertification of forests) can be fatal rely solely on them.
       The need to get meat in times of severe famine took our remote ancestors to form groups of hunters armed with sticks and stones and prepared to work together in order to increase their chances of success against large dams (the most desirable, but also the most dangerous). And this successful survival strategy had several side effects.
      One was the domestication of some wolves and jackals who spontaneously began to participate in the hunt to take the bones and other parts that men would not eat (it did not possess the powerful jaws of carnivores and their digestive systems specialist). The ancestors of our dogs helped locate and harass the prey, and in return a portion of the loot they took. That man found his best friend.
      Another consequence of the hunting team was surely the exaltation of violence and increasing social prestige of brute force, thereby relegating women (less corpulent and often limited in physical activity for long periods of gestation ) and the consolidation of male camaraderie. To collect fruits should not be very strong: women, and even children can do as well or better than men; but to face a buffalo or a mammoth should be well provided with muscles and testosterone.
Read the full article HERE: 
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Friday, 17 March 2017

Spaceship Earth Has No Escape Capsule.

         Two policies that will, in my opinion, eventually destroy the planet for human habitation, one is the illusion of perpetual growth, and the other is the continuous wars that are engineered to support that illusion. At the moment practically the whole of the Middle East is a hell-hole of bloodshed, destruction and unbelievable misery for millions of ordinary people, and this is just one strand of what has been continuous wars imperialism has foisted on the planet. These wars are to hold/gain or increase control over resources to feed that illusion of continuous growth, or they are to protect markets, create or capture new markets, or to prevent another force from gaining ground in that field. The driving force is capitalism's insatiable insane philosophy of "perpetual growth", a policy of rip the planet apart  to feed the greed of the corporate world. Where and when will it stop, will the corporate world one day say, well I think we have done enough damage, let's start to try to repair the mess we have created? If that's what you believe, you will be a spectator to humanity's destruction. The when and where is up to the ordinary people, the world belongs to all life that lives on, and depends on, the planet for survival, and if we don't stand up and fight for it now, our home will be lost forever. Just remember, spaceship Earth has no escape capsule.

Global Fuckin Warming from on Vimeo.

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Thursday, 16 March 2017

The Public Gets Shafted, The Parasites Get Pampered.

       Once again we see the priorities of this parasite controlled state. While ideologically driven austerity is forcing down the living standards of most ordinary people, our lords and masters have decided to spend £4 billion doing repairs the that monument to British imperialism, The Westminster Houses of Hypocrisy and Corruption, and as you and I know, that cost is likely to rise as time goes by. Then in the next breath, we are to spend £360 million repairing Lizzie Windsor's house in London, known as Buckingham Palace. No doubt that will rise as time goes on. I know that there is this lie being spouted that it is really Lizzie that is paying for this as the money will come from that raised by the "crown estates". However, that money is raised from parts of the UK and goes to the government for it to spend as it sees fit. It slides a portion back to Lizzie and her family to keep them in the style they don't deserve, the rest it spends as government money. So the £360 million repair money, is coming out of money that could go towards easing some social problems, of which we have many, but we know the priorities of that cabal with its fingers on the purse strings of "our" money. 
In need of urgent repair.
       So where would you like to see that £4 billion + the £360 million go, perhaps to train more teachers, or doctors, or nurses.  Perhaps sort out some of the problems in social care. Of course you know that that will not happen, as the wealth of this country is earmarked for the wealthy of this country, that's how this system of capitalism works. You can live in cold damp houses, you can struggle to feed your kids, you can watch your health service crumble before being sold off, you can see you education system come apart at the seams. However, that's your lot, it is called austerity, an ideology that never extends to that army of pompous parasites that take it for granted that they should be privileged and pandered to for their every desire.This is capitalism as it was intended to work, it has another name, it's called plundering the poor, and it's doing just fine, you get shafted, they get pampered. Ah, the wonders and beauty of capitalism.
 You're doing just fine.
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The Youth Own Tomorrow.

       We oldies are the caretakers of the future, and we don't seem to have done a very good job so far, but it is the youth that will inherit that future, we owe it to them to give them all the support we can as they try to shape that future as a better place for all our people. In Glasgow, the housing scheme of Castlemilk seems to be leading the way, more steam to their elbow, well done Castlemilk Against Austerity.
 Info from City Strolls:

        Get along to Castlemilk this Saturday, see what the young folk are up to. Great space, Welcoming and creative youth.
      We would like to invite you to come along to Castlemilk Youth Complex this Saturday 18th March and join us for our YouthFest created for and by young people, the day will start with workshops ranging from graffiti art, hip hop, samba drumming, stain glass window making, sculpture, discussing topics like zero hour contracts, trade unionism, social security benefits sanctions, racism, bullying, LGBT equality, to name just a few this will be followed by a play about bullying written and performed by the youth complex drama group, led by Kirsty Chapman, then a break for food provided by the youth complex, the next stage will be feedback from workshops, followed by a vote on what was good and bad and should we have more events discussions like this, this will then culminate in live music with individual artist and band along with spoken word artists it's going to be an amazing day/night not to be missed and it's Free
‘YouthFest’ Sat 18th Mar, 3pm till late! FREE!
Performance! Workshops! Food!
Supported by Castlemilk Against Austerity
City Strolls will be filming event
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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Sticky Fingered Ermined Parasites.


                        Men in funny dresses, trying to keep up with the women.
          We in the UK still wallow in the putrid swamp that is imperialism, we spend millions of pounds on keeping its symbols alive, just to reminder us, the ordinary plebs, of who is the real power in our land. Within those ageing buildings known as the Westminster Houses of Hypocrisy and Corruption, there is a section that goes by the name of The House of Lords. I thought that in a Christian country there was only one Lord, but we seem to have a house full of them, all of them as equally useless as the Christian one. The army of ermined parasites who are privileged to sit in that hallowed hall are those who have arse licked enough to help cement the power of the privileged. This cabal of ermined parasites are no different from their counterparts in "that other chamber" known as "The Commons", in so much as a lot of them have sticky fingers, and seemed to be drawn to an open till.

      In their publicly  subsidised club, it appears that if you sign in, a nice little deposit of £300 will be dropped into you bank account. Being a shrewd bunch some of them have grasped that all you have to do is sign in, then pop off to get on with your life elsewhere, and you have a little more spending money to the tune of £300. Some of course do sign in, and then go on into the place, but make their way to the publicly subsidised restaurant and bar, partake of their pleasure, then bugger off again, being "fed and waatered" on the cheap, at our expense, and £300 the richer. Apparently, one member was noted to arrive, ask his taxi driver to keep the engine running while ran in, signed in, then buggered off, £300 the richer. Just play that game five days a week and you have £1,500 to play with, a nice little sideline over and above you earnings.
       The fact that this was becoming known, the club decided to let one of their own investigate this matter, but after months of investigation, the ermined lady in charge decided to drop the investigation. Her reasoning, it seems, was that she did not want to name and shame those greedy sticky finger bastards, as it would be likely to cause a media frenzy. Who says crime doesn't pay. 
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