Sunday, 13 September 2009


The multi-billionaire, former US Federal Reserve chairman and guru of the economic greed brigade, Alan Greenspan has recently stated that the crash will happen again. This is an idiot’s blinding statement of the obvious, we all know capitalism is not a system of perpetual growth as they would try to make you believe, it is a system that can only continue by getting as many ordinary people as it can in to the drudgery and slavery of massive debts. Remember, crash = ordinary folk losing their jobs and homes because of the greed of the parasites, and in their language, recovery means them getting back on the bandwagon of a greed feast at your expense. In there language, ordinary people losing their jobs, homes and facing bankruptcy = temporary economic setback. Without your debt the system will crumble. So all you good folks out there, pay off your debts, buy nothing but essentials, (better still, try swapping, recycling and free-exchange systems) and the watch this vile, stinking, corrupt system crash into oblivion, so we can stand by and watch all those parasites die of financial starvation. Then we would not have to witness the lives of ordinary people being devastated at regular intervals in the name of profit for the Greenspan brigade
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