Thursday, 31 December 2020

Not Your Friends.


        I feel strongly that we should all be trying to break free from the enticing web of Facebook-twitter, etc. you can take it that they are not on your side if you are trying to change the way society is run, they like it the way it is. However I'm not a techy guy so when I throw something along those lines out, I hope that you bright individuals out their can keep me right. There must be alternative ways to communicate without the consent and blessing of the big corporate beasts that we wish to decapitate. This article is about "Telegram", a messaging service that to my simple mind has lots of the answers we should be looking for in communicating with each other.

       Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably noticed that the internet isn't what it used to be these days. Social media platforms that used to provide for the free exchange of information and the means of organizing resistance, have anointed themselves arbiters of truth, on a mission to protect our fragile minds from any ideas and opinions that they happen to disagree with. Controversial posts are now 'fact checked', restricted or flat out removed. Those who dare speak outside the lines are subject to temporary or permanent banishment.
       Unfortunately this trend isn't likely to reverse any time soon. In fact it's going to get worse. Calling them out or petitioning for change isn't going to work. These people feel validated and justified. And they are supported by a highly vocal contingent of the population that believes that dangerous ideas should be silenced, and that heretics should not be allowed any platform whatsoever to speak their minds. As such it is imperative that we develop new strategies for exchanging ideas and organizing that do not depend on their technology.
       In this video I'm going to describe a media strategy to bypass Facebook, Twitter and Youtube that makes use of Telegram, however the same principles can be applied to other apps.
       Telegram is an encrypted messaging app which ties to a cellphone number much like Whatsapp. However it has much more features than Whatsapp, including channels and multi-level admin controls for groups. It also has a desktop version for Mac and Windows that make it much easier to work with.
        Working with Telegram as a tool for activism is very different than old school social media because you don't have direct access to open pools of users that can find you in a search. However the fact that Telegram distributes all messages directly to your channel subscribers or group members without censorship and without limiting distribution algorithmically, makes the potential reach of this platform much more significant.
        Telegram also has secret chats which provide a means of communication for activists that intelligence agencies cannot monitor. Given the level of access that social media companies grant to the NSA and other entities this extremely important. And if you think this is a conspiracy theory, you might want to look into the Edward Snowden revelations.
       Once you have Telegram installed, setting up channels and groups is easy. Click the pen icon in the top right corner and choose new group or new channel. When you create a new channel or group you will be given the chance to set it as public or private and choose a custom URL. It's also worth noting that you can create a custom username for your account so that people can contact you without knowing your phone number.
        Once you've created a channel you'll want to enable comments by connecting a discussion group. This is done by double clicking the channel name and scrolling down to the discussion link. Follow the instructions and a group will be created that allows your followers to comment on posts in the channel and have conversations among themselves.
        Both Telegram groups and channels provide the ability to pin multiple posts. This can be used for setting discussion rules or to list links to resources.
       In addition to text messages you can post photos, videos, or polls by clicking the paperclip icon to the left of the text field. All of these media types can be embedded into web pages to share with a wider public.
       Now you can get your groups and channels jumpstarted by sending invite links to your contacts, or sharing them online. These links can also be converted to QR codes which can then be printed onto posters, business cards or stickers. You can also create location based groups in the phone version of the app by clicking contacts, find people nearby, then create local group. This will make your group visible to anyone who has location services enabled in the area.
       So imagine you are trying to organize resistance to a government policy and Facebook and Twitter have made it clear that speaking out against this policy will not be tolerated on their platforms. Rather than trying sneak past them (which is not likely to work), you create Telegram channel. In that channel you pin your manifesto or information about your event to the top and send an invite link to your contacts. You also make a post to your normal social media profiles sending people to the channel. Next you make posters, business cards and stickers with your message plus a QR code. You also post pdfs for these print outs into the channel, and encourage your subscribers to distribute them.
       You then create a network of local and regional groups moderated by people you trust. This enables people to organize their own events in their respective towns.
       Rinse and repeat and your movement will grow. Social media companies won't be able to stop you. In fact they won't even have information about your activities. They will be completely out of the loop. And that's a good thing, because it also cuts government surveillance out of the loop.
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Tuesday, 29 December 2020

Mutual Aid.

           This Covid19 pandemic has forced us all to rethink the way we do things, and one of the positive actions that have come from the drastic circumstances we find ourselves in, is the number of "Mutual Aid" groups that have sprung up all over the country. Let's hope we learn that these groups are not just for  emergencies, but point the way to a better way of doing things in our communities from here on in. A way to get to know your community, to enrich your community, to offer the hand of help where needed, and spread friendship across your community. Also a method to bypass the corporate profit seeking moguls that exploit us on a daily basis. You know it makes sense.

         Got this wee article from a comrade, Nick, thanks Nick.

Mutual Aid – A Radical Response
        “Mutual Aid is the sharing of resources as opposed to the wealthy giving to the needy” 
         Glasgow Mutual Aid (GMA) was set up in response to the covid pandemic at a time when charities and state organisations were slow to respond. We saw organising democratically, without hierarchy and bypassing the system to deliver a non-judgemental service as both being necessary and to be a radical act. We quickly realised that we needed to respond to non-covid situations as well. However, few of us thought that ten months later we would still be active and be needed more than ever.

          Whether it’s help with shopping; collecting prescriptions; a friendly regular phone call; picking up medication for pets; arranging food parcels or accompanying someone anxious about travelling to visit their dying mother, our volunteers have met a variety of challenges both willingly and imaginatively. Many volunteers have also received a service, for example when required to self isolate.


        As people’s circumstances have changed and furlough has ended for many, our pool of volunteers has dwindled. However, the current resurgence of the virus and the toll that months of restrictions is taking on many people, means that demand is rising again. There are currently opportunities for volunteers across all Glasgow postcodes. Even if it’s only a couple of hours a week, you can make a difference to folk in your local community. Get Involved to volunteer or request a service:

Phone M-F 10-2 0141 280 7025

Text 07451289389
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3 Years unpaid!!

       This is a strange one, but comes from a reliable source, can't understand why the workers have not pulled the workplace down by now. Working for a state entity and not having been paid for three years. This is totally and utterly unreservedly beyond any realms of tolerance. These people deserve our full support and solidarity, pressure must be brought to bear to end this act of modern slavery. 

The following appeal from Labour Start:

        I'm not sure if you saw this message which we sent out last week. This campaign has 4,018 supporters - but we need many more of you to sign up in order to support these workers in Ukraine who have not been paid for three years.
        If you have supported the campaign - thank you!
 If you haven't yet, please read on ...
        All over the world, working people are suffering due to the global pandemic and economic crisis. Many have lost their jobs. Many businesses are failing. But not all these problems are being caused by Covid.
        We've received an appeal for help from workers in Ukraine who have not received their wages for more than three YEARS. And the business that employs them - KVARSYT - is state-owned.
       According to Ukraine's constitution, every worker must be paid for their work. The decision of the management to not pay these workers is also in breach of ILO Convention 95, entitled 'Protection of Wages' (1949), which was ratified in 1961 by the Ukrainian government.
         Please take a moment to protest to the Ukrainian government - and to show your solidarity with these workers.

Click here to support the campaign.

And please spread the word to your friends, family and fellow union members.

Thank you.
Eric Lee
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Monday, 28 December 2020

Fork In The Road?

         Let’s imagine the coming year, it will be a year of struggles, as the wealthy, pampered, privileged class will struggle hard to get us to accept the “normal” we used to know before Covid19. On the other hand there should be a struggle by the many to make sure we never go back to that unequal, unjust “normal” we used to know. If we return to their “normal” it will be very one sided, they will do their normal visits to Monaco and St. Moritz, looking at a new luxury yacht and running their eye over a larger mansion, all accompanied by opulence. However, our side of their return to “normal” will be working harder for less, wage cuts/freezes, slashed working conditions and austerity sabotaged social services. So why do it? 

      Of course after such an devastating year and possibly two, of authoritarian rule, harsh and inhumane conditions, added to the suffering and death of loved ones, there will be some sort of burning desire to get back to some sort of “normal”. Despite all that, we have to be rational, that yesterday's “normal” has gone forever, and if you give it some thought, it was a dreadful unjust and unequal “normal”. We now must choose, which of the two roads will we struggle towards, their brutal exploitative “normal” where millions were exploited, oppressed, alienated and ravaged by wars and famine in the midst of plenty. Or will we take on the struggle for that new “normal”, one of our choosing, one of our shaping, a “normal“ where we bury the profit motive, see to all our people’s needs, and build a sustainable society based on mutual aid, co-operation, free association, and respect and dignity for all. 

       On looking at the situation before us, it doesn’t seem a difficult decision to make, but the action required will take courage, determination, solidarity and that long term view that we will never allow our grandchildren to be exploited and abused by a pampered and privileged bunch of parasites, as we were for generations. The alternative is that at the end of this pandemic, we pick up our shackles and fasten them to our ankles and aimlessly follow where our masters’ chains pull us, and bind our grandchildren to a heritage of bondage. Their "normal", or our new "normal"?
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Sunday, 27 December 2020

Our History.

        Prisons are books, that contain dark and dreadful tales, tales of brutality, savagery, suffering  and death, but also tales of struggle, explosions of desire for freedom and enduring comradeship. Most of these tales go untold, but they are there, a history of endurance and struggle in the face of continuous state repression, we should tell these tales they are an inspiration to all those who struggle for that society of justice, freedom and comradeship.

The following from Act For Freedom Now: 

        Chile : 10 years after the massacre in the prison of San Miguel: words from Memory and tales of struggle
        If prison walls could talk they would tell the experiences of those who were (and are) locked up behind them; perhaps they would tell us many stories where the poor are the protagonists, or perhaps they would tell us of the immense yearning for freedom that fills the hearts of those locked up in the dungeons and the cells.
      Unfortunately prison walls are silent witnesses of the experiences of the people inside them. It is therefore a precise responsibility of each of us, kidnapped by the State, and of whoever wants to put an end to the present system of terror to tell what happens inside these places. The history of the prisoners is our history and cannot be lost.
        Sadness reigns in prison, is its lady and mistress and dominates the lives of those who end up in this gloomy place. Not only does the prison of San Miguel contain stories full of pain, it has also had many experiences of resistance and struggle.
        In the early 1990s many political prisoners were locked up in this prison, men of several organizations filled the tower cells until they were transferred to the C.A.S. in 1994, a transfer that the combatants opposed arms in hand.
        During the cell searches right after the clashes a large quantity of weapons and ammunition were found: a 7.65 mm Browning gun with seven cartridges; an Italian calibre 38 Trident revolver; a Dachmaur gun with fifteen cartridges; a 7.65 calibre Llama; a bag containing thirteen bullets; another leather bag with 18 bullets; a NEC cell phone and three homemade explosives (1). Several prison guards and a number of prisoners were injured during the clashes, among whom Mauricio Hernández Norambuena (guerrilla and ex-commander of the FPMR, Manuel Rodrìguez Patriotic Front). Commander Ramiro (one of the founders of FPMR) said: “I was seriously injured. I had never been hit by gunfire before, and it was precisely in jail that I was shot for the first time” (2). The same event was recounted by Ricardo Palma Salamanca (ex-guerrilla of the FPMR) in an interview given in Paris on 27th January 2019: “In the middle of the clashes two people were killed, I was also armed but I wasn’t hit”.
        The weapons used in the resistance during the transfers to the C.A.S. had originally been destined for escapes. Mauricio Hernandez tells it like this: “We managed to get various weapons into the prison of San Miguel and had devised a very interesting escape plan with external support, which was joined by fighters of Mapu-Lautaro (Mapuche military leader protagonist in the war of Arauco in Chile and the MIR, Movement of the Revolutionary Left). The idea was to get a large group of prisoners out. There were fifteen or twenty combatants in support outside. There were good weapons but unfortunately the plan failed. The whole operation was organized right down to the smallest detail, the fighters outside occupied a house whose walls adjoined those of the prison, with the intention of blowing it up. They could just go through a gate and get out from that side. Unfortunately, we were transferred to the C.A.S. a few days before the escape and used the weapons for the escape to resist the transfer” (3).
        This was not the only escape attempt from the prison of San Miguel. In 1997, a group of ex-members of the FPRM tried to escape from the prison through the roofs, with a system of ropes and pulleys, so as to reach one of the adjoining roads. But the attempt failed and a revolt broke out, the prisoners involved were transferred to the prison of Colina I and II, among whom Jorge Saldivia, who was killed during a bank robbery in 2014.
      The walls don’t talk but they bear signs that are difficult to erase. Many prisoners tell us that in Tower 5 in the prison of San Miguel, where 81 prisoners died in a fire, the stains of the bodies were never completely erased … The women say that the stains seem to be made of oil, and it doesn’t matter how much wax and paint they put on the floor and walls, they always come through again. Many anecdotes are told about the ghosts and spirits of tower 5, beliefs, myths or reality… but the death of 81 prisoners has never been forgotten by the other prisoners of tower 5, and shouldn’t be forgotten by any other prisoner.



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Saturday, 26 December 2020


         I have always maintained that those who believe we can "fix" capitalism, are idiots. They are trying to fix something that isn't broken, capitalism is working just fine, and doing what it was intended to do, make a few people very rich at the expense of the many. Once you grasp this truth, you realise that the only answer for justice and equality for all, is the total destruction of capitalism and all its attendant institutions. We are sold lies and illusions, and dwell in a land of smoke and mirrors. A world woven by the massive corporate advertising beast and its companion, state propaganda. Nowhere in the world of these two servants of capitalism is there a shred of reality, nothing related to the world we the ordinary people inhabit. 

      Nothing is as it is painted, "the economy" dressed as necessary and benevolent to all, reality, a label for the continuation of exploitation of the mass of people. Bearing in mind that the richest 1% have massively increased their wealth while the bottom 50% have become poorer.  "Prison", a place to put dangerous people, reality, a dustbin to dump those who would hinder the exploitation of the people. Bearing in mind that approximately 80% of those in prison suffer learning difficulties, substance addiction and/or mental health issues, and should be somewhere in the social care system and not prison. "Advertising" bringing the latest information to assist you to make choices to enhance your life, reality, devious and duplicitous manipulation of desires and reality to increase consumption and profit. Bearing in mind that the corporate world spends billions of pounds annually on advertising, so it must work. "Democracy", hailed as a way for you to be involved in the running of your country, reality, an illusion created to try to stop you from taking control of your own lives and communities. Bearing in mind that practically all those in government have connections and investments in the corporate world and they decide the shape of your world and how your tax money will be spent.

        So the answer seems to be straight forward, to live our lives in a world we recognise and relate to, we must screw the "economy", abolish "prisons", scrap "advertising", and get rid of their so called "democracy" and take control of our communities and workplaces in co-operation with all other communities scrapping the profit motive. Well, what are we waiting for?
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Friday, 25 December 2020

26 Years A Slave.

       It is impossible to imagine how you would feel if at the age of twenty you were incarcerated in a hellhole of a prison for a crime you did not commit and then spend the next 26 years locked away from public view, proclaiming your innocence, lots of that time in solitary confinement. However, in this state controlled world we live in, these things do happen, sometimes the person never manages to prove their innocence serves their full term, or worse ends their days under the shackles of state incarceration.
       Lots of individuals who do leave prison, are often broken and damaged after their experience, some with that wonderful human resolve, fight to maintain their humanity and succeed, we should honour them and support them all. One day, when we become a civilised species, prisons will be a horrible memory from the distant past.


         My life changed in an instant on September 30, 2020 when a Wayne County circuit court judge apologized for 26 years of wrongful incarceration, and then released me from prison.
         I walked out of the Michigan prison and into a crowd that worked years to prove my innocence. But that was a beginning of sorts. The challenges have been both small and big.
       The small challenges have been things like never having used a cellphone and not knowing what I’m doing. The bigger ones have been things such as re-entry during COVID-19 – with so much shut down or slow or not working.
       While incarcerated, I painfully self-educated and became a social justice activist, organizer and critical thinker. And in between starting life completely over at 46, I’m searching for ways to do the same on this side of the wall.
       I want to continue to be an advocate for justice.
       I’ve come a long way in less than two months due to the assistance of RootsAction and others. But I have so far to go, and counting on the support of the broader community.

Thank you,
Lacino Hamilton

P.S. from the RootsAction Education Fund:

     Through all those years in prison, many of them in solitary, Lacino never gave up or gave in. Now that he’s freed, we need to help amplify his voice so he can educate his fellow citizens about the evils of mass incarceration.
     You can help make that happen with a U.S.-tax-deductible donation of any amount. Please do what you can to support Lacino Hamilton’s advocacy.

Donate Button

  Truthout columns by Lacino Hamilton

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Wednesday, 23 December 2020

Our Kate.

          As usual the people at Kate Sharpley Library do a magnificent job in preserving and making available anarchist info and history, we at Spirit of Revolt, Archives of Dissent, take our hats off to them, as I'm sure lots of others will do likewise.  This latest bulletin is no exception, packed full of interesting info. Take a wee look.


          Quite a lot has gone up on the website (and gone on in the world) since our last KSL Bulletin in September. We are not even thinking of trying to sum up our year. But we send you our good wishes and some anarchist history you might have missed.

Stuart Christie 1946-2020

Four months on, we’re still coming to terms with the fact it’s no good thinking ‘I must ask Stuart…’ John Barker, his friend and fellow defendant in the Stoke Newington Eight trial, has written a tribute: ‘I couldn’t stomach Bakunin and he Marx but when it came to the politics of the prison we acted as one. And something else, the great thing about Stuart as comrade and friend is that he was always cheerful and ready to make things both happen, and to work. […] With Stuart there was never any need to say, Don’t Let The Bastards Grind You Down.’
Read the rest of the tribute at

Bob D’Attilio tribute from the KSL

For many years Robert (Bob) D’Atillio was an inexhaustible source of material on the Sacco and Vanzetti case. His loss is a tremendous one to those of us interested in the nuances of anarchist history. See
There’s a longer obituary by Luigi Botta at

Other Anarchist Lives

Thoughts on Francesco Ghezzi
Francesco Ghezzi was an anarchist militant from Milan who was also active in France, Switzerland, Germany and Russia (and was imprisoned in the last three countries)…
On the 5 November 1937 Ghezzi was arrested for the final time. His case file records his frank replies to the secret police ‘I declare that I was and remain an anarchist, and that no one will change my convictions.’… (from the Gulag Anarchists blog)

Much more HERE:

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Tuesday, 22 December 2020




My head has had enough of you,
you doomsday sooth-sayers, and
rationalists, that trap us in the world that is.
Go weave your tales of “can't be done”
to the dead, and those of no imagination.
I want to walk with the utopian,
the dreamer and the poet,
laugh with the child and sing with the wind.
Run with the deer, not with “the market trend”
Enough of, “this is the way it has to be”,
a world of poverty, wars and inequality.
Now, I'll create the world I want to see,
A world of sharing, peace and liberty.
I want the children to plan tomorrow,
the adult help them get there,
trees and flowers our treasured possessions,
with birds and animals their keepers.
Who wants a world that chains us to mortgages,
binds us to a labouring day, just to eat bread?
Who wants to spend their life, feeding fat-cats
while their own children go hungry?
No, this is not the world that has to be,
in our foolishness and misplaced trust,
this is a world that has slithered over us,
poisoning our mind, putrefying our spirit.
Let's call on the poet, let's welcome the dreamer,
let's take council with the utopian,
They'll help us create a better world for all.

          The shortest day and longest night of the year have past, the year is running to an end, how will we shape the new year? Will we crave to get back to the "old ways" the so called "normal", or will we seize this opportunity to sever the shackles of consumerism, break free from the deadening hand of the luxury yacht owning planet plunderers with their private little tax havens? There has never been a more opportune moment to make the change, shift our direction away from the exploiting profit seekers and look towards our communities, allow the corporate beasts to rot in the wilderness. We can create a world of mutual aid, co-operatives, skill sharing, DIY and swap-shops, etc., all built on sustainability, equality, dignity, freedom from the profit motive, and respect for all our people. In so doing we see an end to wars, deprivation and escape the pending ecological disaster that awaits us if we continue with the profit mongers greed driven plan for ever expanding consumerism. A plan that only feeds the pampered privileged parasite class and leads to a devastated ecosystem, unfit for habitation.
       The two roads are diametrically opposite each other, the choice of which we choose is up to us, if we continue to follow the state/corporate/consumerism path, we will deserve all we get, and I doubt our grandchildren will thank us for that tainted bitter heritage. We have to make that choice sooner rather than later, the egg timer is running out.



Under the yoke of servitude we dragged our existence forward
For generations have fertilised the earth with our blood
Oiled the machinery of wealth with our sweat
We have produce bountiful harvests
A mountain of luxury
All we know is
Penury pain and poverty
Struggle laced with bitter anguish
Our hands have fashioned a pleasure palace
Feasts abundance frivolity and a sea of fetishes
For a merciless army that feeds on selfishness and greed
And though we dwell under the shadow of hell
We will shall never relinquish our dreams
In our hearts we nurture a better future
A softer world for all our children
Where poverty's claws
And war's ire
One day
Our righteous anger
Will smoulder and rumble
And cause the old world to tremble
Before exploding in a blast of social justice
We the people will storm the gates of an earthly heaven.
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Wednesday, 16 December 2020

Merry Nothing.

        It's the corporate retailers "golden quarter", or it is meant to be, that time of year when you are supposed to run about mad, feeling under an obligation to buy all your friends and family lots of all those shiny boxes of crap. Stuff they don't really need and in all probability don't particularly want. However the pandemic has knocked a hole in the corporate retailers plans, even although their friends in government are doing all they can to get you back into all those shopping malls and to hell with health and safety. So let's not fall for their duplicity, we've got by in recent months without buying their pretty boxes of crap. Let's continue with that and see their heap of shining tatty, boxes of the latest whatever, that we'll be told in a few months, that it is out of date and has to be renewed, standing and rotting. Let's see all those greedy retailers weeping over their mountains of tat and froth rotting in store rooms. We don't need your sweatshop garbage to fill our cupboards and empty our purses, so you can buy another luxury yacht. 
The following is from Not Buying Anything:
     Gift giving is changing. It may never be the same again. You can thank the pandemic for that. The spell of consumerism has been broken, and you can thank the pandemic for that, too. There will be no returning to "normal", despite what we are being told.
Was normal that great anyway?
Do we really want to return to that?
Not when normal is wage slavery in order to survive.
Not when normal is a declining standard of living for most... but not all of us.
Not when normal is rich people going for all the marbles in a global takeover.
Not when normal is the unleashing of violence upon people in other countries that have resources we want, as well as upon our own people... if they are the "wrong" people.
Not when normal is working harder for less, and not having enough time to live.
And certainly not when normal is buying people things they don't want or need because of feelings of obligation, misplaced love, a large dose of advertising arm-twisting, and an even larger dose of "it's the patriotic thing to do".
     This gift-giving season, think about a more sensible approach, or consider no gifts at all.
     A pandemic is a great excuse to take a break! Do we really want to think about mindless ritual gift giving with so many other more important things going on right now?
     If you do give gifts, think of giving something appropriate for this pandemic holiday season. Highly appreciated by most would be things actually needed. And there is so much need right now. That is the way to go this year, and every year.
Gift Giving In A Pandemic
- food, water, clothing, shelter
- toilet paper (this year's hot gift for sure)
- or better yet, an add-on bidet, or tabo
- tea, coffee, and chocolate provide a moment of respite in hard times
- rent money
- books (the old fashioned kind that don't need electricity to work)
- face masks, hand cleaner, disinfectants
- help paying health care costs
- best is to give the gift of your time
       And remember, the gift of nothing is nice if the person in mind doesn't need anything.
       Sometimes nothing is better than something.
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Tuesday, 15 December 2020



      Thinking when we should be talking and acting.

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        It is just a little over a year since that patch of land known as Chile exploded with the righteous anger of the people, and they took to the streets to vent that anger at the system and institutions that had been grinding them down for years. They attacked official government buildings, police stations, and other edifices that represent this corrupt and exploitative system. Fourteen months on and the fire still burns, the people of Chile still carry on that fight for freedom and justice. Chile is not unique, the same system ferments wars and grinds people into poverty on a binge of greed and corruption the world over, and like Chile, revolt is on the streets in country after country. Our aim should be to unite all those struggles as one final battle in the war against this state/corporate plundering of the planet, corruption and domination of our lives. Their struggle is our struggle, one people, one world, our world of equality and justice for all.

The following from Act For Freedom Now:

Chile – The new issue of Confrontación is out


A year after the start of the revolt that exploded in Chile on 18th October 2019, we continue to spread Confrontación. Greeting all those who have remained active in the struggle against the established order before, during and after so-called the “social explosion”, we remain in the streets with a new printed issue.
     A year has passed since 18th October and over these days we have carried anarchist rage against this oppressive system with the warmth of the moments of struggle we continue to share among comrades and occasional accomplices in solidarity, in the heat of the revolt.
      We also have a vivid memory of each instance of repression and state violence on our bodies/minds and the many murdered, tortured, assaulted and maimed. To this we add the referendum of 25th October for a possible change of the Constitution, an institutional trap that doesn’t concern or represent us.
       Like any moment in history, our context has its own possibilities, difficulties and challenges that form the struggle scenario. Here we want to share some reflections, questions and practical ideas to connect us with the concerns and desires of those who refuse to allow the triumph of normality imposed by Power and the democratic delusions being put on today’s agenda.
      For those of us who for years have been spreading the revolt against all authority in word and deed, the struggle doesn’t pass through changes in the State apparatus. A year has already passed since a revolt that had different components and whose horizon of rupture with the established order has unfortunately remained trapped by the illusion of presumed structural changes starting from the possibility of a constitutional change, a reformist solution agreed by the political class in November 2019 faced with the impossibility of stopping the advance of a violent revolt without leaders or managers.
      A wide range of sectors adhered to solutions offered by the institutions with greater or lesser diffidence towards the constituent electoral process, channelling energies and debates towards this scenario with a logic similar to the plebiscite held in 1988 for a return to democracy with peaceful means after almost a decade of mass protests and anti-dictatorial subversive actions. The plebiscite – as an experience re-conducted to the present time – was also born from the pact between dictatorship and a political class ready to guarantee social pacification and the continuity of the dominant economic and political regime.

$hile, October-November 2020
If you want paper copies write to 
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Monday, 14 December 2020

Every Step!

       The Covid19 population control directives and dictates are just part and parcel of the state's mechanisms to keep a watchful eye on you, yes their is a pandemic, and we have to take care, but the state will not miss an opportunity to tighten its grip over the people, it needs total control and a submissive population to guarantee its survival, to guarantee that wealth, power and privileges stay where they are.
         The eyes of the state are everywhere, often very visible in the form of an epidemic of CCTV cameras littered all over our streets, in shopping malls, shops, bus stops, pubs, as well as in buses, trains and all forms of public transport and public places, libraries etc.. You can rest assured that the prying eyes of the state are with you every step of the way. You disagree with some aspect of the state and/or its policies and you could come under a bit more scrutiny than you friends and neighbours. A walk in the countryside or a drive to the coast does not guarantee your out of their vision. There is that invisible array of cameras, microphones and tracking devices that are planted secretively where you're not supposed to find them. All this rather contradicts the state's projected illusion that we live in a democracy, I'm not referring to the UK in particular, for they are all at it, every state on the planet, the West, and those other states that our lords and master declare vile enemies of freedom.
       The following little article is not new, nor is it unique, but is the sort of thing that goes on day and daily in our free and democratic world, remember the undercover cops "scandal", that was no scandal, but part of their methodology on keeping tabs on you and your activities.
From Ears and Eyes:
      The information below comes from a recent article published by Reporterre, a left-wing environmentalist media. The article in question, whose “legalistic” approach disturbs us, can be read here: (in french).
       In august 2020, four cameras were found near the “ZAD du Carnet”, a place of struggle against the creation of an industrial area, in Loire-Atlantique, in the west of France. The cameras were found on august 31, and “appear to have been installed right before a « weekend of resistance »” organized there on august 29 and 30.
      The four cameras, hidden near an access gate to the area, were “camouflaged in a fake tree log and fake stones“. They “filmed continuously and were connected, via buried cables, to large batteries and modems, also concealed, allowing images to be sent directly to a remote station“.
       In addition, “the mention « Allwan », visible on some of the images found, as well as on a label on a camera, strongly suggests that the equipment was supplied by the company Allwan Security“. The company Allwan Security is present in our list of companies.
        Below, you will find a picture of the devices found, two pictures of the objects in which they were hidden, and a map showing the positioning of the cameras around the access gate.

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