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When one guy sees an invisible man, he's a nut case; ten people see him, it's a cult; ten million people see him, it's a respected religion. 
 -Richard Jeni, comedian and actor (1957-2007)

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  We all know that capitalism is all about deals behind closed doors, maximising profit, increasing market share and reducing costs. So we all know that deals will be done to get rid of the opposition, to get the edge on the competition. That's capitalism, underhand deals, back-handers and anything else that might up your share value, and increase that sacred profit margin. Barclay's latest little scam is just business as usual, normal practice, how it's done, another wee trick for the book. What it is not, is something out of the ordinary for capitalism. It is a system that can't be reformed or modified to benefit all in our society, it is a gambling casino rigged for the rich.The following is a short extract taken from  A World To Win, which puts it very eloquently:

I earned it all honestly, fair and square and transparently!!

Rigging markets par for the course

      The way Barclays and several other banks colluded to fix inter-bank interest rates is a blatant example of what is actually par for the course in big business. Price fixing, secret agreements to divide markets, cartels and other nefarious goings on are as old as capitalism itself.
     How could it be otherwise within a system where the benchmark is the maximisation of profit by any means, fair or foul? Dividend payments to shareholders are based on total profits, which, if they don’t rise year on year, indicate failure. Share prices tend to fall as a result.
    So if so-called retail banking doesn’t create enough profits, then use depositors’ money to speculate in a rigged market. Irresistible for Barclays, RBS and the other banks caught in the spotlight.
       This kind of underhand activity is not the exception but the rule. Only today, the UK Office of Fair Trading alleged that Mercedes-Benz and five UK dealers of its trucks and vans were involved in price fixing and the sharing of commercially sensitive information between 2007 and 2010.

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     So the banks fiddled the interest rates, wow, that was so unexpected, we always thought that the banking industry, (sorry, wrong word their, it is hardly an industry, more a cabal of gamblers.) was filled with honest, caring, honourable men!!! Then of course there is all this cry from the political class of how much damage their fiddling the rate has done to businesses, but there hasn't been much complaining about the damage they have done to the ordinary people over the last four years. As a matter of fact our political masters have been keen to throw at the banking cabal, all the money they could steal from the public purse, and tell us it was all necessary, no matter how it devastated the lives of ordinary people.
        This latest banking scam is hurting some of those with big money, they lost out a little, when you are shifting about millions of pounds, a little shift in the interest rate can mean a lot of money to you, so that makes it a dreadful crime. They obviously want you to take their side so they throw in a bit about how it affects your mortgage rate. However it was alright when it was foreclosures and evictions, lay-offs and wage freezes/cuts, etc.. In those cases it was mostly ordinary people, so the banks had to be saved. Now they must be cut down to size, how dare they fiddle the rich class and businesses, when there is a multitude of ordinary people that can be screwed. After all the banking cabal, corporate businesses and the political class are supposed to be part of the one cosy little club, and one of their members has been caught cheating his mates. Now that is just not on.
Days of Decline from abc_xyz on Vimeo.

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Friday, 29 June 2012



     Activists and communities across the globe are getting more adept at using, the Internet and social net-working sites to their advantage. The need to communicate to a wider audience is of the utmost importance, so every tool should be used, honed and made into a weapon in our armoury. One tool that I feel that we don't take full advantage of is radio. More and more radical groups are turning to radio but there is still a need for more and to be linked up to form some sort of local-come-national radio network. Creating a full spectrum media system out with the mainstream media, which we all accept is no more than a mouth piece for the state and its master, the corporate world. 
      This from one active radical radio broadcasting group TheCircledA: Dissident Island Radio ( is a radical internet radio show broadcasting on the first and third Friday of every month from the London Action Resource Centre. They talk about about DIY radio like recently set up Catalyst Radio   which was born from a desire to create a UK wide radical radio network that collectively uses a single Internet platform for the streaming of live and pre-recorded radio content, presenting points of view generally diverging from those of the more established, and mainstream media. Listen Now: 26th June 2012 Dissident Island Radio ( Add a comment to this post:

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Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Benefit gig for ACE and ECAP

PRESENTING a fundraiser for The Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh and Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty...
Leith Dockers Social Club,17-17A Academy Street, Edinburgh EH6 7EE
Friday 29th June
£3 at the door.
All extra donations welcomed.
All money goes to Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty and The Autonomous
Centre Of Edinburgh.

FEATURING the rock 'n' roll sounds of...



       So, all wars are illegal!!!! Yes, that is on the statute book of this nation and more than 50 other nations. However, as we are well aware, nation states, the West in particular, don't mention that part of their law, probably because there is too much money to be made from war, and this being capitalism, they are not likely to miss an opportunity for increase profit. War is, and has always been, about power and wealth, away as far back as this baron fought this chief, and nothing has changed. It is just that the gangs get bigger and better armed.

          On the 2 March 1929 Britain ratified into uk law, some of the strongest legislation against illegal wars. This Treaty is never mentioned by the Government. But is still part of UK law as confirmed by the Justice department. in a freedom of information request. The General Treaty for the Renunciation of War or the World Peace Act
      “It is an offence against the law of England and Wales for a person to commit genocide,a crime against humanity or a war crime, or to engage in conduct ancillary to such an act. This applies to acts committed in England or Wales or outside the United Kingdom by a UK national, resident or person subject to UK service jurisdiction” war law and parliament page 7 . Under the General Treaty for the Renunciation of War that Britain ratified in 1929 classifies the current war as war crimes.

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Tuesday, 26 June 2012


From ReelNews: A message from Greece:  
Our present is your future.
How to destroy public health services.

        Out of 131 hospitals, as many as 50 will be closed. Patients already have to pay at the door when going to see a doctor. Procedures will have to be paid up front, and if you don’t have the money you will be sent home. “People will die.” “The cruelty is unbelievable.” “This is a nightmare.”

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        Read this on Guardian on line and thought it said what we all know and feel but put it rather eloquently.

Why do the young need housing benefit? Let their parents keep them.
DrPorkbeast 25 June 2012 2:20PM
The Big Fat Lie.
          It was not the banks and their casino business practices paid for by borrowing other people’s pensions. It is not the idle undeserving rich who own 90% of the wealth despite only paying a fraction in taxes if any at all. Its not all our politicians who were bought by big business years ago and championed the gambling addiction of the banks.
     No the Big Fat Lie is that it was your fault people. You are lazy, addicted to welfare, demotivated to take up the hundreds of thousands of full-time high paying jobs that employers have to offer. Its often the immigrants fault because they are easy to spot on the whole and even easier to scapegoat as 20th century history warns us. Also you voted for - insert party you hate here – and they have destroyed our economy with their –insert your very own cretinus world view here. Also its is Europe that has beggared us as if the French were personally responsible for Lehman Brothers and Bear Sterns. What about foreign aid, or the disabled’s unreasonable demands to have access to a job like at Remploy. Yes little people it as your fault and now you must pay with your pensions, services and freedoms.
      No we need to funnel even more money from the bottom to pay bankrupt Zombie banks billions in UNSECURED loans. To achieve this we need to stop the poor from going to university or receiving training (EMA). We need to make the disabled compete on “a level playing field” in the job market, scrap funding for libraries and council run crèches. Stop the unemployed from living in social housing, push them into the landlord’s greedy hands. If they need to move to work they can always sleep under a bridge. Whats more our military industrial complex needs your taxes to invade foreigners and bomb them back into the Neolithic past. We have been at war forever it seems. War on communists, war on drugs, war on Argentineans over a rock and some Penguins, war with Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan (again), war on terrorists, war on wedding parties for some reason and more to come. Welfare is expensive but death from above is not cheap either.
     Why do they lie? Because they are a class of rich expensively educated out of touch toffs who hate ordinary people. Don't be old, don't be ill, don't be unemployed under the Conservatives. All they have to offer is lies, lies, self serving lies.
I would amend the last bit to read:
        "Don't be old, don't be ill, don't be unemployed under CAPITALISM. All 
They have to offer is lies, lies, self serving lies."

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Monday, 25 June 2012


          Our education system at present is not fit for purpose but as our millionaire cabal, called the cabinet, working on behalf of the financial Mafia, continue with their "austerity", "deficit reduction" plan, the situation can only deteriorate. Schooling at present is not about education, it is about being a conveyor belt system to feed the needs of the corporate world. Those that can't be used at a profit by the corporate beast, can be dumped as surplus to requirements. Our kids deserve more than that as their future prospects, they deserve the full spectrum of cultural interaction, every opportunity to develop to their full potential. Of course we all know that it will not happen in a capitalist exploitative profit driven system of greed. 


This from A World to Win.

Schools becoming cultural deserts

            What kind of education you get – and the chance to participate in music, film, theatre and other forms of culture – is more than ever dependent on your parents’ status and income, how aggressive they are in getting you into a well-resourced school, if they can afford extra tuition and where you live.
           Middle class and wealthy parents offset poor provision in many state schools by moving to other areas, sending their children to fee-paying schools or paying for  private tuition. But these options are difficult or impossible for those on lower incomes, those whose benefits are being slashed and those living outside urban centres.
            Above all, children’s access to culture is most affected by inequality, as Action for Children’s Arts (ACA) reveals. Using information obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, the charity discovered that, while children under 12 years make up 15% of the population, “their share of the available public funding for the arts is rarely more than 1%”.



Is SYRIZA a workers government in waiting???

 This from THE COMMUNE:

          The elections in Greece have solved nothing. They have only provided a brief respite from intractable economic problems. The free food queues grow longer, as living standards collapse, the generalised political and economic crisis goes on. Larry Elliot, the economics editor of the Guardian, puts forward the view of many economic observers in Greece that the new Government is unlikely to remain in power.(1) A Guardian editorial agrees that a defeat for SYRIZA might yet prove to be a victory.(2) A view echoed in the Financial Times editorial.(3) The new government coalition will be weak. Democratic Left and PASOK will support Antonia Samaras and the New Democracy government, but not participate fully in the administration. In his victory speech, Samaras pledged to honour financial commitments to the Troika of capitalist economic powers. The New Government will have to implement a further 12 billion cuts by July 2012 . This will prove deeply unpopular with the Greek working class. So SYRIZA is a government in waiting, but can it become a Workers’ Government?

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Are you as mad as hell, if so what are you going to do about it?

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        It is virtually impossible to find anything informative about the miners' strike in Asturias, Spain. The mainstream media prefer to show us that giant cigarette lighter being carted around the country, what was being worn at Ascot, and other vacuous crap. It would be good if news meant, what was happening in the world, but alas, this is capitalism and the media's job is to lull you into a state of subservience.

Taken from Libcom:
        A translation of a letter from a retired miner from Asturias, where miners have been on indefinite strike for weeks, explaining the dispute and giving its background.

       I’ve worked for twenty five years in the mines. I first went down the mine when I was 18 and I would like to say that I am amazed by a lot of comments that I’m reading about mining and early retirement. I’m going to give you my perspective.
Firstly the struggle which the miners are carrying out at the moment isn’t to ask for money. It is that they respect the agreement that was signed last year between the Ministry of Industry and the miners’ unions, and which had subsidies designated until 2018. This money was from the European Community and not from the Spanish government. It isn’t money that came from any Spanish people to help us as many people who are criticising us so much seem to think.
Regarding this money what I, like almost all mining families ask myself is, where is the part of the money from the Mining Funds that was supposedly going to the creation of alternative industries in the coalfields, after the closure of the mines? Well, like in many other sectors, this money has been handled by the politicians and the unions. With part of this money, for example, Señor Gabino de Lorenzo, the ex-mayor of Olviedo, paid for new streetlights in his city, the new Palace of Expositions and Congresses and many other projects. Señora Felgeroso, the ex-mayor of Gijon, spent it on the Technical University and other projects.

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Politicians living a life of opulence
paid for by other men’s dreams,
add to the lexicon of humanity’s suffering
weaving their selfish grandiose schemes.
Abusing privileges, grasping at wealth
egos blown like a hot air balloon,
preaching our poverty will bring
prosperity for all----------soon.
We tighten our belt another notch
accepting a beggarly slice of the cake,
while they bask in a cherry orchard
surrounded by a fine wine lake.
Pouring words, grand posturing,
as they unveil their latest plan,
assuring they live in luxury
while we struggle as best we can.
Poverty’s the price for allowing
others to plan our days,
when will we finally grasp
this is the way of slaves.

Sunday, 24 June 2012


        This weekend Thessaloniki held its first ever Gay Pride parade. Naturally the Greek Orthodox Church was in a state of panic, how could this happen in their Greece. The local Bishop from the Greek Orthodox Church, Bishop Anthimo blew his trumpet rallying the faithful to come on to the streets to show their anger. Well about 30 did in contrast to the approximately 2000 who marched in support. The Greek Orthodox Church pokes its fingers into all aspects of Greek life, It's good to see signs of the influence diminishing. Though I personally think there is still a long way to go. Congratulations to the people of Thessaloinki.


That old debate about the individual and the collective from ReoCities:

        The more participatory a social system is, the more total its control is because the individual identifies herself with his role within the system. In other words, a democratic structure is the most efficient way yet developed to integrate individuals into a social system, to make them feel that they are essentially a part of a social machine. Partial rebellions, in the form of "radical "issues, which use democratic methods or demand more justice, equality or participation in democratic processes become lubricant for the machinery of social control.
      Those who rebel against the social context in its totality as they confront it in their lives are called hooligans, delinquents, enemies of "the People". They cannot be tolerated in a democratic system (not even the consensus process systems of certain so-called radical and anarchist groups) because their actions undermine the ideological basis of such systems, by showing that individual freedom grows out of self-determined activity, not any sort of decision-making process. Radical groups will merely expel such troublemakers, but within the larger social context, they must be punished, rehabilitated or destroyed if caught.
       Democracy is never anarchic, no matter how direct. Democratic decisions are not the decisions/actions of free individuals. They are merely choices made between the options offered by the social context, choices separated from the actions of individuals and used to control those actions, to subject them to the will of the group, the society. So to choose to participate in democratic processes is to choose to serve, to be a slave to a will outside of oneself. No free-spirited individual would accept the will of the majority or the group consensus as a way of determining how to live anymore than she would accept the will of a dictator or the central committee. I do not merely a want a say in how society creates my life. I want my life to by my own to create as I desire.

Saturday, 23 June 2012



Ever reviled, accursed, ne'er understood,
Thou art the grisly terror of our age.
"Wreck of all order," cry the multitude,
"Art thou, & war & murder's endless rage."
0, let them cry. To them that ne'er have striven
The 'truth that lies behind a word to find,
To them the word's right meaning was not given.
They shall continue blind among the blind.
But thou, O word, so clear, so strong, so true,
Thou sayest all which I for goal have taken.
I give thee to the future! Thine secure
When each at least unto himself shall waken.
Comes it in sunshine? In the tempest's thrill?
I cannot tell - but it the earth shall see!
I am an Anarchist! Wherefore I will
Not rule, & also ruled I will not be!
John Henry Mackay 

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      This week, over 1,000 trade unionists representing 50 million workers in manufacturing and mining founded a new global union federation: IndustriALL.
IndustriALL's first online campaign -- hosted by LabourStart -- aims to pressure the Spanish government to negotiate with coal miners who have been on strike, and occupying their mines, for several weeks now.

Please take a moment to learn more and show your support for the miners:

Thanks very much!

Eric Lee
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        In these times of “austerity” it is nice to know that our Christian elite, are being cushioned from the ravishes of the “deficit reduction” plan. In that unelected club for the privileged, “The House of Lords” it seems that there are provisions for 26 “Lords Spiritual” (Bishops) to take their place in that hallowed hall. Of course we couldn't expect them to turn up and give “spiritual leadership” for nothing. These holy men can, and lots do, claim up to £27,000 a year for blessing the place with their presence. On top of that they can claim up to £300 a day for hotel and living allowance plus travel expenses. And guess what, they don't have to produce receipts.
       It is a nice little sideline when you already have a job, Bishops live rent free in their diocese, and along with the provision of a free official car, claiming for entertaining guests, heating and lighting, cleaners and gardeners, they can draw on extra allowances to run their fine homes from the Church Commissioners.

During the year from October 2010 to November 2011:

* The Bishop of Chester attended the House on 97 days, claiming £27,600 in attendance allowances and £7,309 in travel expenses.
* The Bishop of Liverpool attended on 60 days, claiming £15,600 for attendance and £4,220 in expenses.
* Other significant claimers included the Bishop of Exeter (£11,550), the Bishop of Leicester (£8,850) and the Bishop of Wakefield (£10,650).

     By the way, the little bunch of Church Commissioners could be called the Wall St. of the Church, as they manage the Church of England's £5billion property and shares portfolio. As well as being firmly embedded in the seat of power in this country, the Church is also a big player in the capitalist world. 

Friday, 22 June 2012


          The audio file of the Earth First talk/discussion held in Glasgow on May 20 It is now on-line and can be listened to at Radical Glasgow, Just follow the link HERE and then click on Earth First Glasgow, enjoy. Comments and feed back would be welcomed.

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