Monday, 30 August 2021


         Not new and perhaps a bit long, but will worth watching, trust your government, just follow their instructions and they'll see your alright!!

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Sunday, 29 August 2021


           Final reminder of today's event on Glasgow Green, marking the state murder of James "Purlie Wilson, one of the radicals of the 1820 insurrection, hanged and then beheaded on the 30th. August, 1820. A gathering will take place at the spot of his execution, Sunday August 29th. 1pm

"His trial was a mummery,
all Scotland did agree;
the jury urged for clemency,
the judge ignored their plea,
and promised Pearlie: "Hanged ye'll be
upon the gallows tree!" 
opposite Glasgow's High Court
at the gates of Glasgow Green
Sunday, 29th. August 2021

Saturday, 28 August 2021

The 1820

          Just another wee reminder that tomorrow August, 29th. the brutal and vindictive murder of James "Purlie" Wilson by the state, August, 30th. 1820, will be remembered by a gathering at the spot he was hanged and then beheaded. Opposite Glasgow's High Court at the entrance of Glasgow Green. Come and pay your respect to a working class hero of the 1820 insurrection.

Sunday, 29th. August, 1pm.
Opposite Glasgow's High Court
The entrance to Glasgow Green. 

James Purlie's Speech from the dock before his execution:

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         1820, a date to remember in Scottish people's struggle for freedom. That year the powers that be were anxious and very concerned at the unrest and radical movements springing up across the country and wider Europe. By guile, betrayal and subterfuge the state tricked the radicals into acting and so the 1820 insurrection was born, perhaps a little premature. After some bloody battles they were crushed, those captured suffered from the bloody savage hand of the vindictive state. Some were banished to Australia, others were executed, hanged and beheaded. One of those radicals James "Purlie" Wilson was hanged and then beheaded in a public state murder just at the entrance to Glasgow Green on August 30th. 1820

         To mark the occasion of this savage state murder a gathering will take place at the spot of the murder on Sunday August 29th. at 1pm. Come along and show your respect for those who gave their life for your freedom. James "Purlie" Wilson's speech from the dock at the pronouncing of his punishment, is an impassioned, statement of our right to freedom, and our undying struggle to achieve that righteous ambition. Bring your friends, banners and your street with you.
Glasgow Green opposite the Glasgow High Court
Sunday, August 29th. 1pm. 
       James "Purlie" Wilson's speech from the dock, before his state murder on 30th August, 201 years ago. He was one of the radicals of the 1820 Insurrection.

       "I am not deceived. You might have condemned me without this mummery of a trial. You want a victim. I will not shrink from the sacrifice. I am ready to lay down my life in support of these principles which must ultimately triumph."
       "My Lords and Gentlemen, I will not attempt the mockery of a defence. You are about to condemn me for attempting to overthrow the oppressors of my country. You do not know, neither can you appreciate, my motives. I commit my sacred cause, which is that of freedom, to the vindication of posterity."
     "You may condemn me to immolation on the scaffold, but you cannot degrade me. If I have appeared as a pioneer in the van of freedom's battles; if I have attempted to free my country from political degradation; my conscience tells me that I have only done my duty.
      "Your brief authority will soon cease, but the vindictive proceedings of this day shall be recorded in history. The principles for which I have contended are as immutable, as imperishable, as the eternal laws of nature. My gory head may in a few days fall on the scaffold and be exposed as the head of a traitor, but I will appeal with confidence to posterity.”
      "When my countrymen will have exalted their voices in bold proclamation of the rights and dignity of humanity, and enforced their claim by the extermination of their oppressors, then, and not till then, will some future historian do my memory justice, then will my name and sufferings be recorded in Scottish history - then my motives will be understood and appreciated; and with the confidence of an honest man, I appeal to posterity for that justice which has in all ages and in all countries been awarded to those who have suffered martyrdom in the glorious cause of liberty."

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Friday, 27 August 2021


           The British establishment has been dominated by privileged parasites from Oxford and Cambridge universities since away back to the 1700's. It seems that to be Prime minister of the UK you need to have attended one or other of these citadels of the class system. From Robert Walpole 1721-1742 Eton College- Cambridge, to Boris Johnson 2019-? Eton College- Oxford, the old school boys network has always held a firm grip over the power and privileges of this country. List of UK prime Ministers and their privileged education.
         As a rule to enter one of these Sausage factories of privilege and elitism, you have to go through their feeder system of private schools, so if you are thinking of sending your youngster on to the Oxbridge sausage factory rather than the local comprehensive down the road, in the hope that they will be Prime Minister of the UK, perhaps you should take a wee look at their annual fees:

Most Expensive Boarding Schools In The UK
Brighton College - £50,880
Queen Ethelburga’s College - £49,875
Oxford International College - £46,500
Concord College - £45,000
Cheltenham Ladies College - £43,170
Eton College - £42,501
Tonbridge School - £42,105
Harrow School - £41,775
Winchester College - £41,709
Charterhouse School - £40,695
Wycombe Abbey - £40,350
Roedean School - £39,915
Benenden School - £39,372

There will be extra costs involved of course.

        Each of these factories for the preservation of privilege and money generating enterprises will do their utmost to bring to its full potential any child that shows a glimmer of wealth.
        I think what I am trying to say is that there is not a whisper of democracy in this UK land of privileged parasites. Here it is put much simpler.

        The recent outrage over Oxbridge admission statistics, which show that a disproportionate amount of the intake come from around London or the South-East of England, is undoubtedly valid. Oxbridge is elitist. 40% of students at Oxbridge came from private or independent schools. Only 1.5% of offers go to black British applicants compared with a nationwide total of 3%. 80% of offers go to the most privileged students, whose parents are employed in professional or managerial roles. Oxbridge is elitist.

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Thursday, 26 August 2021

Class War.

           The state/corporate war on the ordinary city dwellers goes on unabated, it takes on the polite and harmless sounding label of gentrification, Gentrification is the process of changing the cities form living spaces to money making machines of tourism and expensive entertainment. The serfs that will work these new money making centres will be banished to live in the periphery of the city in soulless poor quality schemes. City centres become perfect cathedrals to the class system that dominates the economics of capitalism. Know your place and money is your key to entry, but we know there are ways to fight back. Our imagination solidarity and desire for freedom are our weapons.

The following from Act For Freedom Now:
       Berlin. There are currently seven so-called KbOs areas, considered “high-crime rate locations” in Berlin: Kottbusser Tor, Hermannplatz, RAW, Görli and Wrangelkiez, Alexanderplatz, Rigaer Straße, Hermannstraße. 



Originally published by Indymedia DE.
        Here, the police have the power to establish their own security measures by stopping, identifying and searching people they consider suspicious of crime, even if there is no reason to do so. These measures end up taking the form of racial profiling and other types of discrimination. Controlled and criminalized are mainly Black people, People of Color, Rom*nja and Sinti*zze, groups of young people, drug users, homeless people and sex workers.While the criteria for establishing them are determined based on the discretion of the police, free transit is hindered and prohibited and people are criminalized and deported.
        The streets do not become safer as a result. They are perceived as more insecure and become completely impassable for some groups. Thus legitimizing the monopoly of violence in public spaces by capitalism and the mechanisms of the State. And contributing to the invisibilization of those who do not fit into a capitalist, racist and patriarchal system.Gentrification and social control are going hand by hand by displacing of population from the center to the periphery of our city, creating “safe” neighborhoods from precarious social groups. Leaving a showcase city for tourists and yuppies that have little or nothing to do with those who today we try to build networks of mutual support, solidarity and resistance in every neighborhood of this city.
       That is why on September 12th, during the Entsichern congress, we want to make these spaces ours with a bike demonstration that will go through these areas.
       September 12, 05:00pm (17:00), Alexanderplatz, Neptunbrunnen, Berlin.

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Tuesday, 24 August 2021

War & Profit.

         The West owes the rest of the world a profound apology and reparations, for centuries the West has invade, plundered, and pillaged territory after territory. In its earliest days the imperialists, always marauded across the planet under the false flag of bring civilisation, democracy or freedom to primitive people. As time went on the reasons for these bloody campaigns changed, it was regime change to free a persecuted people, to remove an evil dictator. Then along came the war on terror, which necessitated exporting terror to other countries, and with modern weaponry our brand of terror massively outstripped the supposed terror we were supposed to be fighting, and the bloodshed usually lasted for years. Try and grasp the amount of death and destruction we visited on the people of Vietnam, of course it was for their own good, to save them from evil. There are times of course when the various western factions fight each other as they squabble of who owns what part of the plunder planet, WW1 and WW2. The latest bloody escapade of the West "fighting terrorism" is Afghanistan, 20 years of terror and bloodshed foisted on a country, 20 years of our young being killed, maimed and in some dreadful cases suicide. All the political ballerinas will be pontificating, with a mixture of wringing hands and pointing fingers, crocodile tears and idiotic answers to what we should be doing, have done and who to blame.
        Why do we do it? Certainly not for the well-being of the ordinary people of that unfortunate country of Afghanistan. It is all about economics, a small cabal of very rich and powerful people make billions from war. Creating ever greater and more sophisticated destructive weapons, and every time one of these inhuman instruments of death and destruction is exploded, the military come running to order more. Wars reap riches to the rich and powerful, there is always more money for war, yours and my money. Thanks Loam for the video link.
    I scribbled the following lines away back in 2001 at the start of the illegal invasion of Afghanistan. 


Listless eyes, lifeless face
motionless body with hanging limbs
carried by a mother fleeing
foreign policy’s vicious whims.

No toys, no laughter
no playing in the sun,
a short pitiful life;
an Afghan child, 2001.

No plans, no choices
no hope by any name,
collateral damage
in the big players game.

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Monday, 23 August 2021

Anti-survaillance Bees.

            All I can say is let's show some solidarity and "All power to the bees"

The following from Act For Freedom Now:

Belfort,France : the bees are going at it as well
21 August 2021 Act for freedom now!
Bees find refuge on a surveillance camera
Est Républicain, 5 August 2021

        The sight intrigued many motorists at the Fusillés crossroads in Belfort on Thursday. On a public lighting pole, bees had gathered around the video surveillance camera. They had taken refuge there after an accident. A beekeeper’s vehicle had been hit by a lorry on Wednesday at around 1pm. Two hives had fallen to the ground, releasing the bees.
via: sansnom 
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Our Money.

        The NHS is crying out for funding and staff, our education system needs a massive increase in funding and teachers, our social services are being slashed, our libraries and community centres are being closed, but we are always told that there isn't enough money for this things. However when you see the volume of money that was flung into Afghanistan in the form of military occupation, you have to scratch your head and ask, why do we let these extravagant psychopaths run our lives. A billion pounds for a camp in the middle of a desert to house a force for the violent occupation of another country.

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Saturday, 21 August 2021



           Turning my thoughts to the "climate emergency" or as it should be named capitalism's suicide mission, or the economics of insanity, a few wee lines ran through my head:


Nature recoiled from the savage beast
A beast so fierce on its war horse of progress
sweeping aside all that was natural and beautiful
This blind beast conquered meadow and stream
Banished the fish from the seas
Left a trail of barren concrete and tarmac
Filled the air with odious gases
Eventually the beast conquered the earth
Now master of a dead and lifeless planet
A world that nature, maimed and bleeding
Finally abandon to allow the beast to slowly die. 

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             What are borders, nothing more than imaginary lines drawn on paper and marked on the ground by power mongering states, to proclaim to others that this is their territory, their stolen slice of a planet. These lines encompass all who live there and bind them to the fabricated rules of the power monger and also are there to deter others born on another stolen patch from entering. Europe has joined hands in a massive border surrounding many of these power mongering states, in an effort to keep out non-Europeans. The suffering and death of thousands of human beings fleeing fear, persecution, death and destruction, is of little consequence to the power mongers of the European super state. Here in the UK our state apparatus has whole heartedly joined and help fund this savage persecution of humans trying to get and take their families to safety. Death among those seeking asylum and safety is a daily occurrence, exacerbated by the actions of these nation states and their phoney borders. Borders are inhuman and in a free society cannot exist, free movement of people is a foundation stone of freedom. We will not be fettered by the rules of power and wealth or glued together with the poison of patriotism.

The following is an extract from Enough is Enough: 

Originally published by Calais Migrants Solidarity.

Thursday’s shipwreck

       In the early hours of Thursday morning (12/08/21), a boat carrying approximately 37 people, including women and children, began to deflate and take on water in the Channel, around 25 kilometers north of Dunkerque. Because of their distance from shore, the people on board were not able to reach the emergency numbers by phone. They tried to signal for help to passing cargo ships, at least two of which passed by without responding. For more than two hours the people kept trying to get water out of the boat. According to survivors, as the boat continued taking on more water, luggage was thrown overboard and some people jumped into the sea to lighten the load.

Continue reading

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Thursday, 19 August 2021


The only way to get about town.

              Come November Glasgow will be host to one of the biggest public exhibitions of phoney promises, downright lies, double talk, grand speeches by political ballerinas and corporate bigwigs, eager to get a photo opportunity and their name splashed across the media. All of it will sound grand and pleasing to the ears, but it is just hogs wash and bullshit. All the big polluters will be there the oil and gas industry, the great, the good and the ugly, will all fly in on jumbo jets and private jets with a cavalcade of gas guzzling limos, all saying they are here to save the planet.
             However, three of the world's largest oil and gas polluters have in place plans to increase oil and gas production up until 2030. The UK is licencing for more more oil and gas drilling in the North Sea and is planning to build a third runway at Heathrow Airport to increase air traffic. Hardly a blueprint for cutting carbon emissions. The world's largest polluter, "The Pentagon" will not even be mentioned, to discuss this massive world polluter is off limits. The large polluting corporate world will promise to be more green but will still push to increase consumption to improve the economy, profit will always trump going green.
           You and I will be told to change our lifestyle, take shorter showers, boil just a little water in your kettle, turn your thermostat down a degree or two, walk and cycle more. Meanwhile, the political ballerinas, CEO and corporate hangers on will sail their £150 million yacht, or fly their private jet to the Caribbean to check their off-shore tax haven bank accounts.
          This is the truth of this Cop-Out-26 Carnival of illusions and slight of hand, grand standing promises and ideas with no back up of cash and no plans to put them into operation. Piecemeal titbits thrown in that direction, but the suicide path of this economic insanity we called capitalism will continue unless we the people decide we shall take control and bring this edifice of plunder and pillage and ecological disaster crumbling down. Let's organise outside the Cop-Out-26 carnival and relegate capitalism to a history story of humanities darkest hour. 
Off on a wee trip to the Caribbean.
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Wednesday, 18 August 2021


        Most people will tell you that they are not influenced by advertising, that it doesn't have any effect on them. However the corporate world know different, that's why the spend billions of £s every year on advertising, they know it works and at times it is very obvious as more people surround themselves with things they don't really need and in all probability they don't satisfy the need they thought that had in the first place. Advertising is the powerhouse of consumerism, consumerism is the death of the planet, is that what we want?

The following is again some wise words from  Not Buying Anything:

Resisting Advertising Mind Manipulation

Advertising - what it looks like.

           Walter Dill Scott, the original American applied psychologist, published the first book on the psychology of advertising in 1903. The world hasn't been the same since. Scott outlined what he saw as desirable traits in a population that could be exploited by advertisers. In his book Advertising, he suggested people were "highly suggestible and obedient", then recommended ways this could be exploited to the benefit of advertisers.
        He believed that consumers were irrational, and therefore easily influenced, and I guess he has been proven right. Scott spent his career researching methods of social control and human motivation, and showed how people with something to sell could use these to influence consumer behaviour. He advised advertisers to use Direct Demand Commands in their campaigns. Such advertising will always tell you directly what to do.
"Use Our Product!"
"Don't Wait"
"Buy Now!"
"Click here"
"Act Now"

         And we all know how much fun it is to be told what to do.
        Marketing specialists help advertisers guide the consumer into and through what they call the "marketing funnel". Yes, that is a thing. “A direct response ad should always demand an immediate response with a clear call-to-action that compels the prospect to take action now.” - Stephanie Mialki
        I don't know about you, but I don't want to be manipulated and funnelled by anyone. The concept brings about images of cattle gates funnelling animals into an abattoir. Or children being funnelled in orderly single files into the educational meat grinder. The Funnel is a trap. Best to run, fast, in the opposite direction.
       Back to the pioneering mind controller, Scott.
       He tells early marketers that, “a human has been called the reasoning animal, but they could with greater truthfulness be called the creature of suggestion.” Thus begins the "funnelling" of the beauty and complexity of what it means to be human down to docile creatures plopping out of the skinny end of restricted ways of thinking. Harry Holingworth, another early applied psychologist, also worked for the dark side.
        When advertising was in its infancy he explained that good advertising had to do four main things:
1. Grab the readers attention.
2. Focus their attention on The Message.
3. Induce the consumer internalize The Message.
4. Cause the consumer to take action and buy, buy, buy.

        Mostly what they want to create is our obedience and compliance to them and their self-serving system. “For me," poet Charles Bukowski said, "obedience to another is the decay of self."
        Allowing ourselves to be suggestible and obedient to the consumer model of exploitation is to give up the very things that makes us who we are. It is inhuman to its very core. It is anti-human, and anti-life. A human needs very little to get by, and anyone that tells us differently has dangerous, selfish motives. They care nothing for our happiness or the health of the planet. 


        We should not wait - the only answer to the rank manipulation of our minds and wallets is to resist now, and resist hard.

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