Sunday, 31 October 2021

Our Right.


         At the moment Glasgow is in lockdown, nothing to do with covid19, we are in a city under siege simply because the powerful and privileged have descended on our fair city to waffle their way through this period with their art of illusion weaving, and we all know that the powerful and privileged are so loved, they need a wall of armour wrapped around them. This military style police wall snaking its way throughout our city, has another purpose, to stifle and abort protests and intimidate protestors, they want to give the impression that we are all happy with this cop-out-26 carnival of illusions. However, all they are doing is increasing the ever growing public view of the police, that they can't be trusted, to one of a complete sense of loathing. Our right to protest is not a privilege, it is a basic human right, to openly protest at what you see as wrong, unjust, or manufactured lies, at policies and actions that you believe will damage your life or that of others in some way. To stifle this is raising the banner of fascism and confirming, we don't live in a democracy.

COPS & the Right to Protest 

Short Reports from NetPol & Scalp
        When the ‘Rail to the COP’ train arrived in Glasgow yesterday evening with young activists from all over Europe, some campaigners holding a ‘Welcome to Scotland’ were reportedly threatened with arrest.
         On the Pilgrims March police threatened all its stewards as "organisers" of an unauthorised procession. One was then picked, had their details taken and told they would be considered for possible prosecution.
        We have heard reports of police increasingly stopping & searching people in Glasgow. Officers are refusing to give a written receipt, even though everyone has a right to receive one.
        Abuse of power should come as no surprise, but now is a good time to memorise the info on our bust card around stop & search.

Police don't keep us safe, we keep us safe.

         One example yesterday involved Metropolitan Police officers, who often pull the excuse that they have "run out of forms" back in London – but how does this meet Police Scotland’s “commitment to upholding human rights”?
        Police are all over Glasgow filming campaigners and Forward Intelligence Team officers (deployed to identify and gather information on activists) have told individuals that “no protesters are allowed” in a number of pubs when there is no protest taking place. 

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Our History.

             Our history is usually a hidden history as this present economic system has no place for those who wish to change the status quo. All the more reason we must record and preserve our history, and make it easily accessible to all. The history of anarchism is the long and difficult struggle of people for justice and freedom, without our recorded history, we were never there, our struggles become invisible. It is also a text book for the next generation to learn from and advance that undying human desire for a just and fair world of freedom for all, for an end to exploitation and authority over others.

The following from The Trans Metropolitan Review:

          We are pleased to belatedly announce the publication of Secolo Nuovo; or, The Times of Promise, published by Detritus Books out of Olympia, Washington. This work of anarchist fiction and history took over a decade to complete and was shaped by many hands, including our own. We wish to congratulate the researchers, archivists, historians, publishers, and thankless scribes who made this book a reality.
        To honor the contents of the book, including that which escaped its pages, we are happy to release our latest film, L’epoca D’oro (or, the Golden Age), a chronicle of rebellion from the 1880s to the 1910s. Included in the film are Cree warriors fighting the Canadian state, Apache warriors fighting the Mexican and US state, anarchists fighting every state on earth, and an eccentric inventor named Nikola Tesla who is determined to create a planetary system of free, clean energy. All of these events are touched on in Secolo Nuovo, and our film can be seen as a companion to the book, enlarging its scope both geographically and mentally.
        Also included is a review of Secolo Nuovo by Marieke Bivar, recently printed in The Fifth Estate, the longest running anarchist newspaper in the US.

        As always, we hope these works can aid you in your current struggles, whatever they may be.

Long Live Anarchy!

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Saturday, 30 October 2021


         You know Charlie, Lizzie Windsor's eldest son, the Windsor family being the largest family in UK on social benefits. Charlie leads a life of a feudal lord, lording it over his peasants who happen to live on his estate in the Duchy of Cornwall. This rather large patch of land can bring Charlie a nice little earner, somewhere in the region of £20 million a year. Why we tolerate a feudal system in a so called democracy rather astounds me. The power and privileges that go with being Lizzie's eldest son are staggering. These powers and privileges are not won by intellect, for that's a faculty on which I personally don't think he scores very high, nor by hard work, it was just a bit of luck being born into that large Windsor family and the UK's special social security system that keeps them in the custom to which they desire but don't deserve.
      This film might be a bit on the long side but is well worth watching, it will drop a few facts onto your lap of which you were unaware. Thanks Loam for the link.

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Killer Cops.

      Every state by necessity has its police force, it needs its paid thugs as it tries to control the population and stop them from making changes to society that would benefit all and remove the power and privileges of the parasite class that try to control all aspects of our lives.  They can beat up, kill and maim but are very rarely brought to justice, and if they are held to account by the loaded judiciary, they usually get off very lightly indeed. This case from Greece is replicated in some form or other in states across the globe. Where there is state power, there is no justice, no freedom.


           In the early hours of Saturday 23/10/21, 7 bike cops were chasing a car they thought was stolen. In it were three young guys, which the cops recognized as roma. A bit later, there were 38 fire-shots, aimed not at the tires of the car (in their supposed attempt to stop it), but higher; in a clear attempt to injure/murder the passengers of the car. All shots were fired by the cops. The three young guys were unarmed. Nikos Sampanis, the 18-year-old co-driver was instantly killed, as he was hit with 2 bullets on the chest. A 16-year-old is injured and still in hospital and the 14-year-old driver ran away amidst gunfire. The cops were initially arrested and were charged with the felony of manslaughter and attempted manslaughter.

         A few minutes after their *arrest*, Spyridon Georgiadis, Minister for Development and Investment, tweeted his congratulations to the murderous cops. The Citizen Protection Minister, Takis Theodorikakos, paid them a visit in jail. For “symbolic reasons” as he stated.
        From the very first moment, mass media in Greece focused on the fact that the murdered young man is a “roma”. Additionally, they falsely reported that he had a heavy criminal record. This was proven to be a blatant lie. In fact, the notorious police reporter Nina Karamitrou posted a photo of a man with dark skin holding a gun, presenting him as the dead Nikos. The photo was fake. The cops’ attorney, A. Kougias, characterized the roma community in Greece “a plague”. Al. Kougias is a well-known lawyer from criminal cases but also a defense lawyer in cases of the Greek mafia. He was also the defense attorney for the cop that murdered 16-year-old A.Grigoropoulos in 2008.
        The greek reality is that the roma community is constantly targetted by the authorities and subjected to racism and discrimination in the greek society. The roma community is a typical case of a marginalized community.
         Yesterday evening the investigator and prosectutor decided to release from custody with no restrictive measures all cops with felony charges. Once again, minutes after the decision, the Citizen Protection Minister, Takis Theodorikakos, expressed his “satisfaction on the decision of the independent judiciary”.
Your democracy is fed on blood – The cops murder – Corrupt Greek Mass Media fabricate news directed by the state and capital – The judiciary harbours and enables

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Cop-Out 26.



One of the many.

         As Cop-26 draws ever nearer and Glasgow becomes a city under siege what will be the outcome of this jamboree? It will be a media frenzy as the bosses of capital, political ballerinas and members of the financial Mafia jockey for their position in front of the camera, where they can spout their platitudes, empty promises, blatant lies and wait for the applause. I'll stick with the label that attached to this high carbon footprint affair some time ago, Cop-Out-26 Carnival.
       Though at the moment it is not getting much publicity, the ordinary people of this city and around the world are fully aware of the sham and hypocrisy inherent in this Carnival of illusions and are organising in their hundreds of thousands to show their anger and frustration at this expensive hypocritical illusion. They will take to the streets, they will make sure their voices are heard, they will make their messages clear, capitalism can't solve the problems we face, capitalism is the cause of the problems. 

The following from Act for Freedom Now:

Who are we?
        We are a group of friends, comrades and accomplices who are organising in various capacities in Glasgow, Scotland. On COP26
       Between the 31st of October and the 12th of November, representatives of state and capital are going to descend upon Glasgow in the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference(COP26). If we look at previous and historical UN attempts to “tackle” climate change, all we can find is three decades of inaction and greenwashing. There is no evidence that COP26 will be any different; in fact, this conference seems to be reaching new heights of hypocrisy, smugness and arrogance.
       While pushing the myth of “green energy” throughout messaging around COP26, the UK state is attempting to open a massive new oil field in the sea north of Scotland. While maintaining a thin facade of inclusivity, the conference is excluding, through COVID restrictions which prevent them from ever reaching negotiations, the voices of those most impacted by the ecocidal policies of state and capital. While those most responsible for the climate catastrophe sit cosily in their conference centres, the people of Glasgow will have to put up with the militarisation of our streets and neighbourhoods at an unprecedented scale, as police from all over the UK infest our city. These are only some of the thousands of hypocrisies we will no doubt see around COP26. How can we expect such a conference to change anything when its largest monetary sponsors are Scotland’s largest polluters?
         COP26, for us, is nothing but another attempt by international capitalism to defang and appropriate the climate struggle, greenwash its greatest ecocidal excesses and ensure its proliferation, by turning yet another crisis into a profit source – with the rest of us bearing the cost.
          We are, therefore, highly doubtful of its ability to yield any positive climate action, never mind to “save the world”.
Radical resistance in Glasgow
          Unfortunately, gone are the days of the Red Clydeside, of the tens of thousands amassed at the Battle of George Square (although we wouldn’t be surprised if the British state pulled out the tanks for COP). Gone, also, are the days where we could establish rolling blockades against G8 summits in Scotland, at the peak of the anti-globalisation movement in 2005 . At the moment, radical forces in Glasgow are few and far between, with the milieu rendered weak by repression and burnout. Every now and then, however, one sees glimmers of hope, most recently the resistance to an anti-immigrant raid in the Pollokshields area in May 2021, which saw a spontaneous reaction from a few neighbours become a successful anti-eviction action by hundreds.
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Friday, 29 October 2021

Kobane Day.

          It slips out of the headlines as the sexual exploits of the rich an famous take its place, or some celebrity's divorce is posted as more important. However it is still there, the heroic and long running struggle of the people of north and east Syria. A struggle that is marked with victories, setbacks, blood and the force of the fascist regime in Turkey. They deserve our unstinting support and solidarity.

Online forum | World Kobani Day solidarity event

Saturday, October 30, 7:30pm | Zoom


               Saleh Muslim: Former co-chair of the Democratic Union Party, the main party of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria.
              Roziv Ehmed: Young woman activist from the Jineoloji Center in Kobane.
              Nujin Derya: Member of Andrea Wolf Institute of Jineoloji Academy. Nujin has lived and worked in Jinwar for more than two years.

           On World Kobane Day (November 1), Kurds and their friends across the globe commemorate and celebrate the defeat of the 'Islamic State' by the mainly Kurdish Peoples and Women’s Protection Units (YPG and YPJ). We also remember and honour the 11,000 martyrs who lost their lives in this struggle.
         On this day we also celebrate the achievements of the Rojava Revolution and draw attention to ongoing threats and attacks by the Turkey and its jihadist mercenaries, as well as highlighting the importance of international solidarity.
          The Federation of Democratic Kurdish Society Australia, together with Australians for Kurdistan and Rojava Solidarity Sydney have organised a webinar to commemorate and celebrate World Kobane Day.
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Our Buses.

         With inflation rising, energy prices soaring, national insurance increases, now more than ever public transport is an necessity for getting to work and getting around in our daily lives. So the cost of transport is another burden on the shoulders of those struggling to make ends meet. All the more reason to shout for public transport to be taken into public ownership with proper investment for a system run on a not for profit basis. why should our daily lives be burden with making a profit for a bunch of very rich shareholders.  
       An event that should be worth supporting:

Dear Get Glasgow Moving supporters,

        COP26 is nearly upon us! Did you see the news that delegates are being given free multi-modal smartcards? Something we Glaswegians have been demanding for years.
       This gives us even more reason to take to the streets! We're involved in organising several events and actions over the next two weeks to demand better public transport.
       There are two we're particularly keen for you to attend:

       Next Wednesday 3 November, 6:30pm we're holding our first in-person event since before the pandemic. Please come down and say hello:
Transforming Public Transport to Fight Climate Change
Wednesday 3 November 2021, 6:30-8pm
The Deep End, 21 Nithsdale Street, Glasgow, G41 2PZ
       Invite your friends and share details on Facebook and Twitter:

Share on Facebook
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Invite your friends to share on Facebook and on Twitter

         And the following Wednesday 10 November, 9am - on the COP's 'Transport Day' - we're organising a big demo in George Square. We need a massive turn out, so please also invite your friends and share details on Facebook and Twitter.
 Demand Better Public Transport Demonstration
Wednesday 10 November 2021, 9-10am
City Chambers, George Square, Glasgow, G2 1DU
          We'll also be on the big global day of action demo on Saturday 6 November, assembling at 11:30am in Kelvingrove Park. If you want to join Get Glasgow Moving members and supporters marching with the Take Back Our Buses bike bus, please leave your contact details so we can arrange a meeting place.

        We look forward to seeing you very soon!

With best wishes,
Ellie, Susan, Miles, Brenda, David, Gavin, Neil, Jill, Flick and Calum

Your voluntary Committee

 Get Glasgow Moving

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Wednesday, 27 October 2021


          Again spouting my love of anarchist literature that can and should find its way onto our streets, here is a new one from across the pond, free to down load, Rose City Radical. Anarchism is international and doesn't recognise borders, nor should our literature.

       Introducing Rose City Radical, a new publication from so-called Portland, Oregon about radical social movements and community building.
        Rose City Radical is a monthly, locally based, cooperatively operated newspaper by and for working class Portlanders. At a time of social crises, we amplify perspectives of those fighting for a world based in equality, care, and love. Responding to a lack of quality media coverage on radical social movements and organizing, we publish articles that reflect on current possibilities at the local scale, offer constructive critical analysis, and inspire transformative action.
        In our first ever issue, Taking Root, we’re harkening back to the Latin origins of the word “radical” – radix, meaning “root.” To be radical in this sense means to go to the root sources of issues, rather than settling for surface adjustments. Capitalism, white supremacy, patriarchy, colonialism, and imperialism invade all aspects of our lives and truly resisting them requires deep commitments to personal and collective change.We’d like to be a resource for Portlanders struggling against the police, landlords, bosses, racist vigilantes, and environmental disasters like wildfires. Solidarity and mutual aid ground everything we do. Our aim is to provide an open space for dialogue, critique, and inspiration within local movements.

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         How much longer will we tolerate our lives being shackled to the rigid dictates of a state. Dictates formulated by the rich and powerful to protect their wealth and privileges. Dictates enforced by the state's paid thugs, who see killing as part and parcel of their remit, sanctioned by the state and upheld by its hand pick judiciary. Death at the hands of the police is not a rare event but happens in country after country and with a sickening regularity. It is a very rare event if one of these state funded thugs involved in the killing of a citizen is ever brought to face the consequences of their callous savagery.
       Greece like other countries is no stranger to public executions by the police and once again its citizens are witness to another killing on their streets by the paid thugs of the state. 
The following from Enough is Enough:
        In a neighbourhood like Perama, which for decades has known the murder of workers in the sweatshops of the N / E shipowners, state bullets, the killing of an unarmed child, we have brought the war to outside the courtyards of the houses of the Neoktista (Newly built district), a stone’s throw from the cauldrons of death.
       On the night of Friday, October 22, after a chase that started in Thebes and was to end in Perama, the cops killed a 20-year-old Roma man and seriously wounded a 16-year-old boy, after firing shots in bursts. The sheriffs of each Theodorikakos ( minister of citizen protection) did not hesitate to empty their guns among the courtyards and it was purely a matter of luck that the families of the surrounding houses did not receive bullets.
        This cold-blooded execution is not a sudden event, but it is part of a series of escalating incidents of state violence against anyone who does not comply with the dictates of the doctrine that determines who is “delinquent” and who is not. The current line of “zero tolerance” in persecution is not an isolated part of the overall repression by the state, but faces society at a time when everything that goes beyond control and surveillance is declared illegal, from demonstrations and strikes, to movement in public space and the self-determination of our bodies.
       The ever-increasing “criminalization” of our lives and the legitimization of state murders will not stop anywhere but will continue in every aspect of social life, if we do not stop it. Here, we have to say that the prosecution authorities and judicial mechanisms are “notorious”, together with their accomplices of the media who cover up hired killers. A state that launders paedophiles is the same state that kills and eliminates the childhood of life and, ultimately, life itself.
       But life is reborn and finds its way where there is resistance through solidarity and rebellion, whatever shatters the dystopia of state and capital. We oppose our will for struggle and freedom, overcoming all social divisions. We are in conflict with democratic illusions and the murderous state.


And from Act For Freedom Now:

         The answer to every state assassination and state repression should be fire.
         As an initial reaction we chose to reflexively attack the peaceful aristocrats of the northern suburbs because the repression is class and so are state assassinations.
via: athens.indymedia
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Tuesday, 26 October 2021

A Sewer.

          With the leak of what has become known as "The Pandora Papers" nobody should be in any doubt that the entire system is stinking rotten to the core. It is not just the greedy individuals that are fiddling the system, but all the large so called respectable financial institutions that make millions from aiding and abetting the millionaire/billionaire class of corrupt blood sucking parasites by shuffling and concealing their ill gotten gains. The rich corrupt and the institutional corrupt work hand in hand and are the mainstay of this stinking system of greed. I received the following comment from my comrade Loam and I think it shows the extent and depth of the corruption that holds together this whole rotten edifice to greed. 


       "UK banks have been accused of ‘offering their services to those with money to hide’ after a leaked cache of thousands of documents revealed some of the world’s largest financial firms have facilitated criminals and fraudsters in processing dirty cash.
       More than 2,000 sensitive banking papers detailing more than $2 trillion’s worth of transactions were analysed by a consortium of investigative journalists across 108 organisations including the BBC after being leaked to BuzzFeed News.
        The documents allegedly show banking officials allowed fraudsters to shuttle money between different accounts after being made aware the profits were from multimillion-pound scams or crimes.
         They are also reported to detail the ways in which Russian oligarchs use banks to dodge international sanctions and move money into the west.
         Referred to as the FinCEN files — from the US Financial Crimes Investigation Network — the cache is mostly made up of documents banks sent to the US authorities between 2000 and 2017, raising concerns about suspicious activity in their clients' accounts, according to the BBC’s Panorama programme, which called the documents “some of the international banking system's most closely guarded secrets”.
        It added: “The leak shows how UK banks continually fail to address suspicious activity and instead offered their services to those with money to hide.
        “Transparency International UK's research has previously identified 86 UK banks and financial institutions which have, unwittingly or otherwise, helped corrupt individuals acquire assets and move suspicious wealth.”
         To those who take the time to look at the system, this should come as no surprise, we know it is a sewer, it is how the system works, pillage and plunder, fiddle and steal, unless you are one of the ordinary citizens, if you attempt this, then you end up being locked up in one of their cages of repression. 

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UK Fascism.


       The state, any state moves inexorably towards fascism, it has no alternative as it seeks total control over its citizens. In the UK the state took a massive step towards fascism when on March 9th 2021 it introduced the The Police, Crime, Courts and Sentencing Bill. This single bill hands more power to the police, groups a raft of activities as crimes and introduces harsher sentencing. It is a vice clamp on our right to protest. Those who have the courage to stand up and oppose this curtailing of our democratic rights are being hit hard by the loaded judicial system that will defend and enact this step to fascism.
       In Bristol one such individual is facing a long prison sentence for openly protesting the injustice encapsulated in this legislation. He deserves and needs your support.

       Ryan Roberts’ trial for riot and arson is on the 25-27th October. If convicted he is facing a long sentence. He will be the first defendant to be brought to trial to have plead not guilty for charges relating to the 21st March Kill the Bill demonstration.
       Ryan is calling for solidarity and support
       We will hold a demonstration on October 25th at 8.30am outside Bristol Crown Court. We’d also like people to sit in court from the 25th-27th, to show that Ryan has support!
        On the final day of the trial we will hold a demo at 5pm outside the Crown Court.
        if you’re coming from elsewhere and need accommodation email
        We are also calling for you to do a solidarity banner drop or other action in your local area during October to show your support for Ryan
        Ryan is currently on remand in Bristol Prison. He’d welcome letters of support. Click here to find out how.

Solidarity is strength!

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Monday, 25 October 2021


            You will all probably remember the cross-party MP's report stating that the government's handling at the beginning of the pandemic was the greatest public health failure in UK history, and was responsible for thousands of unnecessary deaths. It was obvious then that as business people they would do anything to keep those businesses profitable and would rather see the bodies pile high, than slow down the economy and hurt their profits. Well it seems that the cabal of privileged business/political ballerinas that inhabit that edifice to power and wealth, The Westminster Houses of Hypocrisy and Corruption are at it again. While infections and hospitalisations are rising daily and all the medical experts, hospital specialists, doctors and nursing staff are crying out for some restrictions to stem this rising disaster, our "Right Honourable Gentlemen" are determined not to slow down their profits. to them the economy is sacred and the public's health and welfare, somewhere down the list.

            How much longer will we tolerate the lives of our friends and family being put at risk to protect the shareholders bonuses? We should ignore the ramblings of those corporate lovers and follow the advice of the medical experts, don't go to work if it is unsafe, masks may be uncomfortable, but not as uncomfortable as Covid19, avoid shops, cafes, restaurants, and crowded places, for our own good and the welfare of our friends and families. put ourselves before the profit margins of the rich and powerful. They need us more than we need them, so screw them, they have been screwing us for generations.
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          Continuing my love of paper, hard copy, that can end up on the street here is another. The Anarchist Communist Group produce a magazine called Stormy Petrel, it is packed with discussions, articles, theory and info on what is wrong with this society and how we can go about changing it to the society we desire, one that sees to the needs of all our people. Issue No. 3 is now available, and well worth a read.

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Sunday, 24 October 2021


         It always surprises me why we tolerate a world where millions die of poverty and starvation while others live in unearned opulence. I say unearned deliberately, because it is not hard work that makes you a millionaire/billionaire, it is your ability to exploit others for your own personal gain, and this is always possible under the present system of capitalism, that is the aim of the system, get rich at others expense.
         This figures paints a horrifying picture, 45% of all child deaths worldwide are from causes related to under-nutrition (World Health Organization, 2018).
That itself should shame the world into righteous anger and bring the existing system down, but it doesn't. Some other figures that should bring us onto the streets to vent are anger and disgust, all this taking place in a world where there is enough food to feed everyone, but profit dictates that this will not happen.

Harrowing details of the unfair, unequal, unjust system we tolerate.

       780 million people, 11 percent of the world's population, live in extreme poverty on less than $1.90 per day.
        At least 14 million children suffer from severe acute malnutrition around the world. Severe acute malnutrition is the direct cause of death for 2 million children every year.
       Every day, 1,000 children under 5 die from illnesses like diarrhea, dysentery, and cholera caused by contaminated water and inadequate sanitation.

Source 1: United Nations, Source 2 and 3: UNICEF

         In the year 2000 our esteemed world leaders agreed to eliminate extreme poverty by 2015, the above figures are proof that they failed miserably, either they are incapable of solving this scar on the face of humanity or they don't wish to, as it might upset the economic system of greed and profit, from which they do very well thank you.
       The answer to this crime against vast swaths of humanity is to destroy the corporate/state economic system of capitalism, it is designed for the few to gather abundance around them at the expense of the majority. There is no point in tinkering with the workings of the system, it was never intended to bring about equality or justice, and appealing to those who manage this cancer that blights humanity is pointless, they stand to lose too much of their power, wealth and privileges, and they will fight tooth and nail to maintain the status quo.
      I penned the following lines more than 20 years ago, they could be written tomorrow and still be a true picture of our world.

Eighteen Hungry Children

Eighteen hungry children die
every minute of every day
eighteen of tomorrow's people
cruelly thrown away.

When pandering to a fashion
gratifying our greed

think, theirs is no desire
but a basic need.

Envisage a familiar face
a child that calls your name,

try to be the parent
try to place the blame.

Eighteen hungry children die
every minute of every day,

eighteen little faces
that never learnt to play.

Walk past your local school
listen to the shrill

stand and count to sixty
imagine hunger start to kill.

Fingers must be pointed
at decisions made on high,

questions must be asked
loudly asked by you and I.
Eighteen hungry children die
every minute of every day,

eighteen preciuos lives
the claws of hunger slay.


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