Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Even Animals Shouldn't Be Caged.

        A call for solidarity from inside the cages. Most of us outside those state cages of repression, have no idea of what it is like. Apart from the separation from family and friends, there is the restriction on your actions and movements, continuous surveillance, and control, on top of this there is the arbitrator punishment and the brutality. Prison and civilised society, can't co-exist, most of accept that even animals shouldn't be caged. If we aim for a civilised society, we have to bring down the prisons.

From a comrade of ABC Brighton:

         A secret world exists within the high security prison estate in England, known as the Close Supervision Centre (CSC) system. The dehumanisation of CSC prisoners begins at a very early stage, in the official justification for the creation of the CSC system, which focuses on the need to contain a new breed of unmanageable and unpredictable risks. It continues with the creation of classificatory categories of ‘dangerousness’ which objectify prisoners and make more of the category and less of the human in them, and it is reinforced by the tightly controlled and highly regulated routines.
         In addition to isolation and extremely restricted movements, prisoners’ in-cell belongings are carefully regulated and subjected to relentless scrutiny and inspection.
         Prisoners remain in CSC units for years, decades even, made frustrated, angry and bored by their experiences with few avenues to vent their anger and with almost no opportunities to advance through the system. All perceived acts of disobedience or non-compliance by CSC prisoners, even of the most petty kind, are responded to brutally by gangs of prison officers clad in full riot gear who show no mercy when demonstrating their authority and power, sanctioned by Prison Service management at the highest levels.
        Rather than controlling violence, as it officially aims to do, this hyper-controlled environment breeds it. Having now spent six years subject to the unofficial punishment of allocation to the CSC myself, it is clear that without real pressure to force the required change nothing but more negative and oppressive measures will be added.
          Please lend your support for the abolition of the CSC system by attending the protest demonstration:
         21 July between 12.30pm and 2.30pm outside the offices of the Prison Ombudsman and Independent Monitoring Board, Rose Court, 2 Southwark Bridge, London SE1 9HS.

Kevan Thakrar A4907AE
Close Supervision Centre,
HMP Wakefield,
5 Love Lane,

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No Freedom While One Prison Stands.

         This Thursday, 2nd June sees 2 ABC related events happening in 1 building!
Fire to the Prison Society! 7pm @ De-Centre: The Empty Cages Collective will join London ABC for a talk and discussion on the prison-industrial complex, its expansion and how people are fighting it. Get your free copy of ‘The Struggle Against the Maxi-Prison in Brussels’ for next month’s discussion and writing for prison abolition.
       Monthly letter writing night: First Thursday of every month, 6-8pm @ Freedom Bookshop, Angel Alley, 84b Whitechapel High Street, London, E1 7QX
About londonabc
         London Anarchist Black Cross, is a collective set up with the aim of supporting prisoners: political prisoners, people in detention centers or just people fucked over by the capitalist system.
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The Phoney Legal System.

         American imperialism adapts to different situations, from the military overthrow and dirty guerilla wars, in South America, they have now moved to the phoney, "legal process", whereby presidents are removed to suit the American neo-liberal ideology. Anything remotely "leftwing", is seen as a threat, a hindrance to the plundering of that continent, and so must be removed, one way or the other. The result is still the same, turmoil and poverty for the people, and more avenues opened up for the big corporations to loot to their hearts content. The latest Legal removal of a head of state to suit that American ideology, being Dilma Rousseff, no saint, but she did fight the previous military dictatorship and suffer torture and imprisonment for her trouble, now being removed and impeached. She is not alone, others have been removed in similar circumstance to suit the American agenda of looting and plundering the South American continent. However, the people are fighting back and fighting hard.
The latest Video from SubMediaTV:

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Monday, 30 May 2016

The Biggest Ponzi scheme In The World, Capitalism.

      Yes it is a con game, a ponzi scheme, a pyramid scheme, disguised as democracy, you are free to buy what you want, after you have produced it all, assuming you have the where with all. And Yes, why don't they get it?
These words from Not Buying Anything:
        Everything is a pyramid scheme these days. Operations that funnel all the wealth to the top, while those at the bottom that are doing all the heavy lifting watch as their quality of life goes down, down, down. I refuse to participate, and always have.
Being this way has created a lot of stress, mostly for other people who don't understand where I am coming from. I understand that when you are soaking in it, deconstructing the intricacies can be difficult. As my good friend Doug once said, "Why can't they see it?"
Indeed, why can't they? Viable alternatives, such as cooperatives, are well known, but largely unused. No one wants to miss out on possibly getting to the top of the scheme, any scheme. Why risk going for a more equal world when you might become one of those that is more equal than everyone else?
But how many actually make it to the top? And once there, how do deal with the loss of your compassion? Your integrity? Your very humanity?
        As always, be careful of what you wish for. It's a pyramid scheme. It's not, you say? Then it's probably a closely related scam known as the ponzi scheme. Because that's how we roll here at the end of capitalism.
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Solidarity Across The Planet.

        Those in struggle in Greece send their thoughts and support to those in struggle in France. Ever more communication and solidarity between those divide by the phoney "borders", created by brutal imperialism, is necessary, as we all struggle to free ourselves from the harness of capitalism. The struggle in Greece, in France, in Rio, in Spain, and all across the planet, is our struggle, nobody should fight this battle alone, one world, one people, one goal, the death of capitalism.  
Greece: Short message to the proletarians of France

        We watch your struggle against the neo-liberal labor reform, from March 9th 2016 (and maybe your reaction was late because of the blind attacks of islamofascists AND the French State). We know that French State trying for years to do its bosses (the bourgeoisie of the country) the favor and transform you into slaves. This is an attack against working class in global scale and your big (financial-capitalist) State plays a dominant role in this attack. If these measures be implemented there (on your country) it will be the most glaring example for the other governments to follow same models.
         We see the courage and dynamics you show in the streets, in workplaces and squares against state oppression and repression. We see how you are braking in practice the state of emergency which has been imposed from November of 2015. These we don’t know are the processes leading up to these glorious protests of resistance. We don’t know what the syndicates say all these years. But we know that today they (syndicates) are fighting to repress you revolt. We have seen it in “our” country with lots of occasions these years, last of them was the appeal of GSEE (General Confederation of Greek Workers) to greek government to cancel the referendum!
         “Unionists”, together with the cops, are trying to impose order (of bosses) against the proletariat. This is the time to drop the masks. Immediate confrontation of class traitors. Workers of France spit them and take the road for the new society. For the society which produce self-organized (without hierarchy and mediations) for all the people. For the society which demands less work and more wealth (material or not). For the society which will not be (as it is not in) need of leaders, borders, fences. For the society which will not be in need of the States and capitalists who are turning all the world in war fields for their profits.
         Forward to the Anarchist (as political organization) and Communist (as financial organization) society.
P.S Don’t forget them: Immediate release of prisoners of the revolt!
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Sunday, 29 May 2016

Resistance And Solidarity, Our Winng Weapons.

       More on the the eviction of the Banc Expropiat in Barcelona. Flour bombs, reminiscent of Glasgow's 1915 rent strike.

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The Unexpected Horror In The Midst Of Beauty.

        Well, well, well, another beautiful day, 17 degrees, a light wind and blue sky, what more could a cyclist ask for. Decided to make today my first run this year up the Loch, (To the uninitiated, that refers to Loch Lomond.) All went very well, purring along at a nice pace until I approached Tarbet when I came to a long snake of stopped cars. I cycled along on the inside and soon discovered why the long queue of vehicles. A motorcyclist had smashed into the back of a car and it looked like a terrible disaster, with several police cars and police all over the place, just as I arrived, two ambulances took off towards Glasgow. The police stopped me from going any further, after a while it was suggested that I could continue on the pavement on the other side of the road. I went off thinking of the young man on the motorbike, his family, and the people who were in the car, a horror visiting so many people.
Looking towards Duck Bay, Loch Lomond.
        As far as I am aware, this pavement on the other side of the road, is part of the official cycle track up the Loch, I never use it, I cycle the road. The surface was atrocious, extremely uneven, pot holed and crack. On a slight descent nearer Tarbet, I encounter a number of potholes, but failed to navigate them without mishap. I went down on my side, slowly regained my feet, bleeding knee, bruised calf, and brake lever moved slightly to the side.
The Tarbet Hotel, Tarbet, Loch Lomond.
       With no other damage I continued to the tearoom at Tarbet, not the much grander Tarbet Hotel, and had that obligatory plate of lentil soup. The events of the run put a damper on the pleasure of the day. With my knee hurting, I was a bit apprehensive about cycling back from Tarbet, but decided to just have a go. Pleased to say, the rest of the run was uneventful, home with an aching knee.
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Democracy Administered With A Baton And Tear Gas.

       The Spanish state shows it credentials, militarised police and brute force, the only means by which it can survive. However, across the globe state authority is being challenged, from Athens to Rio, from Paris to Barcelona. This from Loam at arrezafe.

    Published on May 28, 2016El barrio de Gràcia de Barcelona después de tres días seguidos de Manifestaciones de protesta tras el desalojo, el pasado lunes del "banco expropiado "parece que vuelve a la calma mientras se preparan nuevas protestas,. ., Hacia las diez de la noche, centenares de vecinos, tanto desde los balcones como reunidos en pequeños grupos en las plazas del barrio, han protestado por el desalojo con una cacerolada, siguiendo la convocatoria de los miembros del "banc expropiat"
       En un comunicado, el "banc expropiat" ha agradecido la solidaridad de los vecinos y el compromiso con su proyecto. "Muchos de vosotros nos estáis pidiendo de qué manera poder implicaros en esta lucha", remarca la nota, en la que los okupas abogan por presionar a los "responsables" del conflicto para visibilizar qué es el "banc expropiat" y animan a los vecinos a colgar pancartas en los balcones en su apoyo.

     Rough translation:
         The Gracia district of Barcelona after three straight days of protest demonstrations after the eviction , last Monday the " bank misappropriated" seems to return to calm while preparing new protests ,. . , Ten o'clock at night, hundreds of neighbors , both from the balconies and in small groups in the streets of the neighborhood, have protested the eviction with a cacerolada , following the call of the members of the " banc expropiat "
          In a statement, the " banc expropiat " thanked the solidarity of neighbors and commitment to their project. " Many of you are asking us how to involve you in this fight ," notes the note, in which squatters advocate pressuring " responsible" for the conflict to make visible what is the " banc expropiat " and encourage neighbors to hang banners on balconies in support.
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Saturday, 28 May 2016

Busy Edinburgh.

A busy schedule at the ACE centre in Edinburgh, something for everybody.


* Sun 29th May - 2pm @ ace - All the world needs a jolt - chapter 1 from Silvia Federici Caliban and the Witch - Edinburgh Revolutionary Feminism Reading Group https://www.facebook.com/events/1399937203647363/
*Sunday 29th May- Migrant Pride by Spanish Workers in Edinburgh. 6pm @ the Mound
*Sunday 29th May- 3rd Nuit Debout Edinburgh - Poterrow tunnel (between the Old College of the University of edinburgh and Bristo Square)
* Mon 30th May- Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty meeting @ACE 7pm. (ECAP meetings last monday each month)
* Thursday 2nd June – Demo at Scottish Parliament, Holyrood EH99 1SP against new Immigration Act - 11.30am Organised by Migrants Solidarity Network https://www.facebook.com/events/1748745975360690/
* Thursday 2nd June- ACE Working Group Meeting 7:30pm. Everyone welcome! (ACE meetings now the first thursday each month)
* Friday 3rd June 7pm at Quaker meeting house, Victoria Terrace (off George IV Bridge). Housing is a Human Right: the dignified fight for homes and autonomy in Mexico City and beyond - public meeting with Enrique Reynoso, of the Popular Organisation of the Independent Left “Francisco Villa”. Organised by Edinburgh Chiapas Solidarity
* Saturday 4th June - Capitalism and Mental Health. Edinburgh Anarchist Federation. 2pm @ ACE.https://www.facebook.com/events/596112043881821/
* Sat 4th and Sun 5th June – ACE + friends stalls at Meadows Festival – volunteers welcome to help staff stalls
* Mon 6th June- Rent Rebels Film screening 18.00 University of Edinburgh - Elliot Room, Minto House 20-22 Chambers Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1JZ
* Wed 8th June – Edinburgh Chiapas Solidarity organising meeting 6.30pm @ACE
* Thursday 9th June - Tony Cox Solidarity: Advocacy is not a crime –10am onwards. Dundee Sheriff Court, 6 West Bell Street, DD1 9AD Called by Scottish Unemployed Workers' Network, with Action Against Austerity, ECAP and others https://www.facebook.com/events/1018949701522891/
Transport from Edinburgh, contact ecap@lists.riseup.net
* Friday 10th June- Migrant Solidarity Network monthly meeting 6pm @ACE
* Sat 11th June - ACE + friends stalls at Leith Festival Gala, Leith Links – volunteers welcome to help staff stalls
* Monday 13th June- Edinburgh IWW Meeting 7pm @ACE
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The Illusion Of Freedom.

        Free movement, welfare constructed, democratic Europe shows it true colours, with the raising of border fences, increased military style policing, and massive austerity, chopping away at the welfare system. Where now the free movement of people that was trumpeted from the marble halls of power? United Europe is fragmenting, nationalism is on the rise, fascism shows its ugly face in ever greater numbers. What this proves is that the whole edifice was an illusion created to suit the corporate world and can just as easily be demolished when it suits the powers that be. 
           If we want a free movement Europe, then we have to get rid of the nation states and the capitalist system. As long as nation states, big money and corporatism are welded together in a festering marriage, we will have rules laid down and torn up at their bidding and in their interest.
        Solidarity and complicity with the comrades arrested in Brenner.
Apocalyptic scenarios of a fascist future, right-wing forces taking hold in Europe, walls being erected and borders being closed, deportations and detention camps.
       The leaders of global capitalism are about to close the Brenner pass in order to stop the transit of human beings. People must be stopped even at the cost of contradicting the constitutional principles of the EU itself, as it crumbles in the face of the first wave of migration.
We knew very well what we were in for on 7th May, on the demo ‘Destroy the borders in Brenner and everywhere’; we knew perfectly well what it meant to march in an unauthorized demo through a 370-metre wide pass from mountain to mountain. We knew very well that the geography of the place was against us.
        We knew all this but we also knew that if in a future made of fences, barbed wire and walls someone were to ask us: ‘Where were you when they were building up the umpteenth wall in Europe?’ we would be able to say that we were trying to knock it down, throwing the first stones in continuation with the trajectories of solidarity and struggle along with migrants that began in Monza and support to the No Border mobilizations and practices from Ventimiglia to Calais.
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How Far Will You Let Them Push You?

         How far will the financial Mafia go in the decimating of people in their drive to re-capitalise their corrupt bankrupt system. Across the globe they have pushed this austerity plan hard, in some countries they have pushed it to the point of destruction. I have no doubt the will push it further if they can get away with their self-centred plan.
          Take Greece, it is now agreed that what the people of Greece are suffering is as bad as, or worse than, the 30's depression, and is expected to go deeper still. The policies forced on to the people of Greece have produced an unemployment rate of more than 25%, and among the under 25's that jumps to more than 50%, in some areas it is over 60%. The number of people in Greece suffering sever material deprivation has doubled since 2008, again sadly it is the 16-24's that have suffered the most.
           Greece is the only country in the Euro area where welfare spending has dropped, and it has dropped dramatically since 2008. A follow on from this ever decreasing welfare spending is a stratospheric rise in the suicide rate, which saw an increase of 35% between 2010-2011, with a further dramatic increase of 55% in 2012. This drop in welfare spending has also heralded in, among other horrors, an increase in substance abuse and HIV, at the same time as HIV clinics and needle exchange units have been closed..
        Homelessness and sleeping rough has seen a dramatic rise, the government's own figures, which some consider to be a modest estimate, put the number of homeless in Athens at 20,000 from a population of 660,000, with a massive increase in the 26-44 age group now homeless.
      Another effect of this financial Mafia extortion racket is the effect it will have on the future of Greece, as migration has soared. Greece has a population of approximately 11 million, since the financial Mafia's inflicted "crisis", around 400,000 have migrated. Of those who have migrated it is reported that nine in ten hold a university degree, with more than 60% holding a masters degree, and approximately 11% a PhD. How will that impact on the future of Greece? All this in a modern, supposedly democratic country in Europe, one of the richest parts of the world.
     Bearing in mind all these facts it is obvious to any individual with a grain of humanity, that the people of Greece need some assistance, What is that trio of inhumanity, the IMF, International Mankind Fuckers, ECB, Excessively Conning Banksters, EC, European Cartel, planning for the people of Greece? Why, more cuts to welfare, lower pensions, work longer to receive those diminishing pensions, higher taxes, work longer hours, and wage cuts. The people can bleed to death, the financial gambling cartel want their gambling losses back.
     This then is the general plan for us all, as the millionaire gambling cabal, the financial Mafia, continue their greed fest to recoup their gambling losses. The quality of life that you and I have is of no interest to them, we don't figure in their grand plan of plunder and looting, it is all about them saving their system and all the wealth, power and privileges that go along with that stinking bankrupt system. There is an alternative.
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Friday, 27 May 2016

Tomorrow's World, A Privatised World!!


      No matter the words or the phrases used, in capitalism the aim and direction is always the same, increased wealth to the pampered parasites that control the system. "Austerity" is an avenue to privatisation, privatisation of all valued assets is the ultimate desire of that cabal that sits in those marble halls of power shuffling their money to the detriment of the planet and its people. No matter the policy, whether it is "reform", "efficiency", "austerity", "balancing the books", "growing the economy", it will always take us down the road to privatisation. Privatisation is a method of re-capitalising their bankrupt system, a way of making money from everything thing we do. Everything we need to survive, must produce a profit for the system. Mutual aid and social services are an anathema to the system, they are entities that could be transformed in to money making enterprises. 
       The methods to attain their dream of a money making world vary, but one method is to deprive a service of sufficient funds to function properly, complain about the falling service, demand reforms, finally coming up with the answer that private capital is the only remedy. It is certainly not that we can't afford the best social services, we are awash in wealth, we are surrounded by opulence, all produced by your labour, and we are the 5th richest country in the world, again because of your labour. 
      It is policy, it is ideology, that drives us down the road of "austerity" and privatisation, it is not necessity. However, if you are expecting the direction to change, you will be sadly disappointed. These decisions are not made in the Westminster Houses of Hypocrisy and Corruption, they are made elsewhere, by the members of the financial Mafia, in the form of the IMF, International Mankind Fuckers, ECB, Excessively Conning Banksters, EC, European Cartel. Your local political ballerina, is merely there to carry out the dictate of the said financial Mafia.
      If you want justice, and a society that sees to the needs of all our people, then you are going to have to work very hard to get rid of this cancer that parades under the name of capitalism. The beast will not change its spots, nor will it give up it its privileges lightly. Revolutions never come with flowers alone.
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Thursday, 26 May 2016

Where Is Our Righteous Anger?

      Why do we continually put up with our lords and masters' never ending desire to spend our tax money on the destruction of other people's countries. We are in an endless slaughter of innocents, authorised by our so called, democratic government. Cameron is now showing withdrawal symptoms as his sadistic Libyan adventure slides in to history. Come July we will see his excitement rate jump, as he and his imperialist cronies start episode two of his Libyan massacre.
       What most people don't recognise is the extent of the brutal assault on the people of Libya by that minder of Western corporatism, NATO. If we look at the bombardment of Syria, since 2014, not counting Russian air strikes, there has been just under 4,000 allied air strikes. In Iraq, air strikes against Daesh, have numbered approximately 8,500. If we combine these air strikes we have approximately 12,500.  The population of Syria is roughly 22.8 million and the population of Iraq 33.4 million and they have received an appalling 12,500 air strikes. Now let's look at Libya, with a small population of less than 7 million this unfortunate country felt the wrath of Cameron via NATO with an astonishing 26.500. A part from the human misery caused, it should be remembered that each missile fired cost between £500,000 and £1 million. How many hospitals went bang, and how many schools went boom, in  the batting of an eye?
       Not content with that, Cameron and his imperialist cohorts are planning another assault on the people of Libya. Why, well having destroyed the infrastructure of that country and turned it into a quagmire of fighting factions, it is difficult to control the oil efficiently. So they need a subservient, compliant government to run the place. Since there isn't one, they have shipped in a bunch of pro-Western/Saudi puppets, who are holed up in some western protected bunker, and this is what they call the legitimate government of Libya. So now we have to go in and blow the shit out of the rest of the country and build this Western chosen clique an army, so that we can do deals with them to more rapidly extract Libya's gas and oil. 
      They are planning to pour more of our tax money into the destruction of an already devastated country, with the result of countless more deaths of innocent people, we will be supporting a group of people whom the people of Libya have no part in choosing, all to help the Western corporate greed machine.
     We should be angry, we should be very angry, we are being made complicit in the murder of innocents, to feed the greed of Western imperialism. No where in this Dante's Inferno of greed is there a thought for the welfare of the people of Libya. The teachers, plumbers, drivers, grandparents and grandchildren of Libya will be the victims of this bloody greed fest.
      Where is our righteous anger, where are the crowds on the streets, this slaughter will continue unless we the people stop it, the powers that be are all in favour of this continuing resource grab, by violence or any other means, and to hell with the people.

Time To Rage.

Time to rage, like a river running wild
Time to rise, to save the child,
Time to rage, like a mountain flood,
Time to rise, to stop the blood,
Time to rage, with righteous anger,
Time to rise, to point the finger.

Famine, misery, sickness,death
Stretch across these pleasant lands;
War, greed, hunger, blood
Sour the lovely desert sands,
Charity, chat, quiet dismay
Is not enough,
Prayers, thoughts,what PM's say
Is useless stuff.

Time to rage, like a river running wild,
Time to rise, to save the child,
Time to rage, like a mountain flood,
Time to rise, to stop the blood,
Time to rage, with righteous anger,
Time to rise, to point the finger.
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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

The Flower That Never Dies.

       Spain 1936-39, a time of hope, of dreams being realised, a time to glimpse the future. They came from across the world, from all its continents, they came to protect a flower. Sadly the boot of fascism, with the assistance of the imperialist/capitalist nations trampled it, damaged it, but failed miserably to destroy it, it lives on.
      It is nice to know that those who came from this little corner of the world to glimpse that dream, to protect that flower, are still remembered. Another gem from Loam, of arrezafe.
          "To the memory of the Scottish members of the British Battalion, International Brigade, who fell at Jarama, 1937."

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