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      A moving and personal tale from the one who is there. Teacher Dude's Grill and BBQ, is an insight into what happens when our political lords and masters follow the grand plan as dictated by the financial Mafia. It is a personal view of social disintegration and the struggle to survive.

         While for many outside, the main symptoms of the current economic crisis are the soup kitchens in central Athens, or perhaps the violent confrontations that light up TV screens from time to time,there is another quieter yet just as significant trend sweeping Greece. Thousands upon thousands of Greeks are on the move, leaving the larger cities for the countryside or smaller provincial towns or leaving the country to try their luck abroad. As with so many other economic and social upheavals the current one has forced people to move. However, there are no endless trails of refugees marching along dusty roads, or convoys of dispossessed Okies with their belonging strapped to the top of a car. Instead it's the steady rhythm of friends, neighbours and colleagues gradually slipping away.

        There are no firm figures for the numbers involved and those official statistics that do surface in the media often contradict themselves, however, the plan fact is that I see it with my own eyes every day. In every apartment block in every street no entrance hall is complete without a handful of For Rent or For Sale signs, apartments lay empty for months on end, even though the removal vans seem to be doing a roaring trade.
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Monday, 30 July 2012


         Since the police in Anaheim in California shot an unarmed man in the back, there have been protests on a daily basis, and of course the usual arrests. It doesn't look much like democracy in the good ol' US of A.

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         Once again the BNP "big guns", "big pricks" more like it, came to Scotland to show their strength and were out numbered, humiliated and sent home with their tails between the legs. After having to cancel their Glasgow "rally" they made for Dalkeith where Herr Fuhrer Nick Griffin and his band of shithead minders were seen to be the minuscule deranged minority that they have always been in Scotland. This little ragtag bunch of shit never gets to wave its flags in Scotland, let's keep it that way.
“Rape is simply sex. Women
enjoy sex, so rape cannot be
such a terrible physical
ordeal….(it) is like suggesting
force-feeding a woman
chocolate cake is a heinous

BNP London organiser Nick Ericksen.

BNP humiliated in Dalkeith

30 07 2012
     Our comrade in the Republican Communist Network saw the BNP fail to infiltrate an anti-rapist demonstration in Midlothian
     Nick Griffin and 5 others i.e. his driver and minders turned up outside Dalkeith Country Park after cancelling their planned rally in Glasgow earlier that day. Their stated aim was to support an intended rally against the presence of, convicted rapist, Robert Greens in our community. It was good that there was little spontaneous support for the BNP despite a lot of media coverage e.g. in The Sun newspaper. There was little visible presence from BNP supporters, one demonstrator counted 17, I thought there were less, but it was hard to tell, all were driven in by car. The BNP website promised 50 Nationalists would turn up and they urged other British nationalists to join them.
      The BNP presence was opposed by the majority of the anti-rapist protesters plus about 30-40 local anti-fascists who had been alerted via Midlothian Trades Council. There were groups from Palestinian Solidarity, Unite Against Fascism, current and ex SSP members, trade unionists representing, Unison, EIS, UCATT, and UCU, the local FE college, independent socialists, two members of Socialist Appeal and at least one other Labour Party member. There was no identifiable SNP presence but, we did receive a message from local SNP MSP Colin Beattie supporting Midlothian Trades Council stance, saying there was no place for BNP in Midlothian and that he would have liked to have been there to show his support but had a previous appointment. In the event no councillors, MSPs or our MP were present.
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Sunday, 29 July 2012


      On the same theme of political prisoners, this time from Greece.
From Contra Info:

          As already reported, the First Three-Member Misdemeanor Court of Piraeus decided to discontinue the prison sentence of Savvas Xiros for a 5month period (under constant police custody), in order to receive a medical treatment for his serious health problems in his eyes, ears and legs at the AHEPA hospital in Thessaloniki.
         Even though the antiterrorist unit of the Greek police sought the assistance of the chief prosecutor of Piraeus, they both failed to rule out the court’s decision for the suspension of Savvas’ prison sentence. However, the repressive authorities chose once again to act behind the scenes and end the prisoner’s medical treatment with summary proceedings. So, after only ten days of hospital stay, Savvas was ordered to be held again into the dungeon of Koridallos prisons in Athens.
Read the full article HERE:

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        Across the world state repression hits hard those who would actively work towards changing the present economic system to one of fairness and justice. One thing the powers that be, in this exploitative system want tolerate is the people trying to create a system that sees to the needs of all our people, free from the strangle hold of the corporate profit junkies. We should always remember, that it is not just in our own country or those far away lands under the grip of some despot dictator, that this repression takes place, it is in all the countries across the planet. We should always show solidarity with each and every one of those who sacrifice their own liberty to the cause of a fairer and better world for all.

Hello Friends and Comrades,
      Here is the political prisoner birthday poster for August. As always, please post this poster publicly and/or use it to start a card writing night of your own.
      A hunger strike has begun at multiple prison facilities in North Carolina. Reports are still coming in as to the scope of the strike. A list of the strikers demands and phone numbers you can call can be found here.
       On Wednesday July 25th, the FBI conducted a series of coordinated raids against activists in Portland, Olympia, and Seattle. They subpoenaed several people to a special federal grand jury, and seized computers, black clothing and anarchist literature. This comes after similar raids in Seattle in July and earlier raids of squats in Portland. A website has been created to spread information about the raids and to support the victim´s of the FBI´s Harrassment.
     Lastly, here is a link to the latest Political Prisoner/Prisoner Of War every-other week update by the NYC-Anarchist Black Cross. There are lots of good updates on many political prisoners.
Until Every Cage Is Empty,

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        So not only do the banks create money out of thin air, they steal your labour and then they still need a bailout?? where is all the money going? 
        This from Inquiring Minds:

The grand mortgage contract deception
         It was exposed in a recent ‘Independent’ article that 97% of, so-called ‘money’ is created ‘out of thin air’ with digits on your account, by the high street banks. The other 3% is mainly banknotes, which are loaned by the Bank of England to the high street banks at a small interest rate –point 5% at the moment. With this in mind I give the example below.
            Let’s look at a mortgage contract: before you signed a contract, allowing the bank to steal the principal sum of 200K plus, maybe 300K interest, from you and the working community collectively, they offered you a contract to sign for worthless digits. Upon signature you became the conduit for them to steal yours and the working community’s labour because all of us have to work to give the bank, not repay, the principal sum.
         The fraud is not just charging interest on the principal sum—it’s stealing the principal sum as well.
          Did they have the 200K at the time you signed the contract? No, they did not. So it comes from you and the working community when you pay it.
Am I right? If I am they are not just stealing interest, they are stealing the principal sum as well; a total of 500K.
Read the full article HERE:

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         Despite the savage slashing of the standard of living of the Greek people over the last few years, despite the resulting poverty, degradation and deprivation sweeping across the general population, the financial Mafia have insisted on more of the same. According to the “Troika” (the financial Mafia's hit team) the Greek people have not been crushed enough and the Greek state apparatus agrees. It's not for the Greek government to look out for the interests of the Greek people, they are there to manage the “austerity” plans of the financial Mafia. So on top of gross hardships the people of Greece are struggling under, on top of the “austerity” cuts that are already in place, they have to be hit with a further €11.5 billion in cuts for 2013. Among other degrading measures, this will entail further cuts in pensions, raising the pension age, more cuts to public sector wages, more public sector sackings and more privatisation. Of course we are told that all this transferring of public money to the bankers is for the benefit of the Greek people. To save the bankers and bond markets from suffering from their gambling losses, the people have to be stripped naked. While the financial Mafia recoup their gambled loot, the people are promised pie in the sky in the bye and bye. While this looting goes on, the people are expected to suffer in silence and feel better knowing that the coffers of the bankers are being replenished. All that matters in this crazy, unjust, economic system (corporate fascism) is that the billionaires of this world don't lose their ill gotten plunder, the people are of little or no concern. The world that the people live in can be shit, that's OK, just don't let the leeches and the parasites lose their power and wealth.

You have to cut wages, we need a bailout.

           Of course we have to accept that if we all sit back, sleeping in the illusion that it is all happening somewhere over there and we are all right Jack, we are in for a very rude awakening. It is not a matter of the Greek people done something wrong, so have to pay the price, the Greek people done nothing wrong. It is a pan-European policy and we are all going through the stages. Where Greece is going we are following. Spain and Italy teetering on the brink, Ireland and Portugal, slipping down the slope and several Eastern European countries beside them or not far behind. There is nothing in this process that will show compassion because the people are suffering, we are not in the equation. If we don't like being ripped off by a billionaire class, then we have to sort the problem, we have to take control, we have to shape the society we want. They are shaping it the way that they want it to be, we sit back and let them or we shape it the way we want, there is no compromise. 

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Saturday, 28 July 2012


From the Greek streets:

      We make a call out for ten days of propaganda actions, in as many places as possible, aiming to promote struggles which are more or less known but also entirely unknown to many people. Individuals and/or groups who wish to join in these ten days will choose the thematic and the means according to their own criteria and dynamics, for the strengthening of international and reciprocal solidarity amongst the oppressed.
      We are mainly suggesting taking to the streets, painting slogans and dropping banners in solidarity with cases that we believe are important to be heard. We have done this in Athens in the past months, and you must have done it, too, in several occasions. But we need to go a step further and carry out such actions simultaneously at a European level and, hopefully, beyond. Some of us are in the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Serbia, Portugal, Greece, but also in America, therefore we can make out of a simple action something beautiful. For those that feel all alone in places where they live, it might seem harder… but all you need is a sheet, paint or spray, plus a nice location. Wherever you are, call your mates and spread the word.
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New Group ‘Austerity Anonymous’

        A regular discussion group, on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month, which sometimes takes a written text as its starting point, sometimes another kind of text (a film, a tv show), and sometimes a more general theme for discussion.
     People take turns to propose material for the group to examine. The intention being to bring about a situation where we might begin to analyse and discuss current events collaboratively, while relating to theory.
      Sometimes we meet in the pub, sometimes in a community centre, sometimes the library. There are plans for fieldtrips, going for walks and exploring local histories.
Generally the group tries to introduce contemporary texts and situations to our discussions, aiming towards informed analysis & critique of current events.
August 7th
Venue Kinning Park Complex
Time 7pm
Text ‘Plaza-Riot-Commune’ by Research and Destroy
August 21st
Venue Kinning Park Complex
Time 7pm
Text ‘Sex, Race and Class’ by Selma James

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Friday, 27 July 2012


        This is specifically for those conspiracy theorists. However looking at what is happening today,----well who knows??


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              Protests, occupations, assemblies, then what? Negotiations with our exploiters, our over lords, our masters? Is that worth all the effort? Are we to fight for a little bit more cake but leave the banquet to the masters? Or, is the needs of all the only objective?

            One fire dies out because it extinguishes its own fuel source. The other because it can find no fuel, no oxygen. In both cases, what is missing is a concrete movement toward the satisfaction of needs outside of wage and market, money and compulsion.  The assembly becomes real, loses its merely theatrical character, once its discourse turns to the satisfaction of needs, once it moves to taking over homes and buildings, expropriating goods and equipment. In the same way, the riot finds that truly destroying the commodity and the state means creating a ground entirely inhospitable to such things, entirely inhospitable to work and domination. We do this by facilitating a situation in which there is, quite simply, enough of what we need, in which there is no call for “rationing” or “measure,” no requirement to commensurate what one person takes and what another contributes. This is the only way that an insurrection can survive, and ward off the reimposition of market, capital and state (or some other economic mode based upon class society and domination). The moment we prove ourselves incapable of meeting the needs of everyone – the young and the old, the healthy and infirm, the committed and the uncommitted– we create a situation where it is only a matter of time before people will accept the return of the old dominations. The task is quite simple, and it is monstrously difficult: in a moment of crisis and breakdown, we must institute ways of meeting our needs and desires that depend neither on wages nor money, neither compulsory labor nor administrative decision, and we must do this while defending ourselves against all who stand in our way.

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Thursday, 26 July 2012


      Most of us are aware of the devastating effect the government's cuts can have, but probably none wore than those employed by Remploy.
       There used to be over 50 workers at the Remploy factory in Preston, now reduced to only 18, each of them was out on the picket line for the second day of their national strike, 100% turn outs were also reported at Heywood and Wigan. Support came from BAE and Rolls-Royce workers as well as teachers, passing council refuse workers and ex-Remploy workers who had taken advantage of previous redundancy packages.
The government has been Orwellian in claiming they are helping disabled people into work whilst sacking them from their jobs. In Preston the workers were shown 6 job opportunities to apply for, each of these positions turned out to already have been filled. One ex-Remploy worker had found work on the railways and promised 20 hours a week of work, only to be told upon arriving for his induction that he was only going to be offered a zero hours contract.
The site at Preston carries out socially useful work, recycling computer equipment that ends up being re-used by the Department for Works and Pensions amongst others. Bidders from the private sector have actually offered to take over the factory but their cases have not even been entertained.
As they have proved themselves ‘fit for work’, the Remploy workers could face a bleak future without Employment Support Allowance and be forced into Workfare schemes. “We have been thrown on the scrap heap”, one worker said.

For more info see  Remlpoy Workers

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         The IMF's (International Mankind Fuckers) hit squad, the financial Mafia, are back in Greece, to see if their minions, the Greek state apparatus, has plundered the public purse to their satisfaction. The answer of course will be no, they will have to introduce more “austerity” cuts. The fact that the Greek economy has contracted by 20% since 2008 and is expected to shrink by a further 7% and what this means to the Greek people, is of no consequence to the IMF/ECB, all that matters is the the various states make sure that the bond markets, banks and others of the financial Mafia, get all the money back that they gambled and lost. We should accept that in their plans this is not a temporary drop in the living standards of the people across Europe, this is a permanent adjustment in the difference in wealth between what is drip fed to the public and what goes into the coffers of the very rich. You are not meant to get it all back in a couple of years. Here in the UK they are now talking of “austerity” cuts continuing through 2017 and possibly 2020. However, it is not happening quick enough for the banking leeches, so Spain is now being pushed to get public spending down to the level of Greece or below. The results of their attack on public spending, wages and pensions, is that Greece is now running out of medicines, hospitals are closing, health problems are rocketing, suicides, drug and alcohol problems are escalating, and with the closing of needle exchanges due to cuts, HIV is increasing faster than anywhere else in Europe. This is not even noticed by the financial Mafia, all they see is financial balance sheets. Just as the Greek people take to the streets in anger, we are now seeing mounting revolt spreading across the cities of Spain. The fact is that the financial Mafia will not be deterred by a couple of countries in social turmoil, they will proceed with their march of destruction through country after country, carrying the false idea that they can balance their books and get back all that gambling loss. How long they go on with their vicious attack on the living standards of the people of all Europe will depend on the public. We can stop them dead in their tracks and change the whole structure under which we live, or we can accept their vision of the future and hope that if we put up with it, they will throw us a few biscuits, in some time in the future.

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Wednesday, 25 July 2012


          It just goes on and on like a world wide epidemic, across the world we get the picture that the police can kill with impunity, a government issued gun kills and it is law and order, protest the killing and it is violence to be crushed. This from Democracy Now:

            Police in the California city of Anaheim are facing allegations of murder and brutality after fatally shooting two Latino men over the weekend and firing rubber bullets at crowds of protesters. On Saturday, Anaheim police shot and killed 24-year-old Manuel Diaz after he reportedly ran away from a group of officers who confronted him in the street. Diaz was unarmed. Hours after his death, a chaotic scene broke out when police fired rubber bullets and tear gas at a crowd of local residents protesting the shooting. Another Latino resident, Joel Acevedo, was shot dead by police the following day. Police say Acevedo was suspected in a car robbery, but the circumstances around his death remain unconfirmed. From Theresa Smith, who has worked with families to call for police accountability in Anaheim since 2009, when officers shot and killed her son, Cesar Cruz, a 35-year-old father of five. "Given the fact that this is the eighth officer-involved shooting within one year in the city of Anaheim ... the community is going to be very upset," Arellano says. "There’s a lot of angry residents, and rightfully so."

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Tuesday, 24 July 2012


         Some previews of Martin Schulz's "social explosion", The Spanish people have stirred and there are €65 billion more of cuts on the way, courtesy of the financial Mafia, ECB and IMF (International Mankind Fuckers). By the time that they admit that the cuts and bailouts aren't working for Spain and Greece, they will have moved on to Italy, Ireland and Portugal. The march of the financial Mafia is not going to stop because a few million people are suffering. It will stop when the people stop them by destroying the present economic system and creating a system of mutual aid and co-operation. Their so called "crisis" is our golden opportunity to expose the flaws in their corporate greed feast, a chance to construct alternative modes of life, human interaction freed from the profit motive.
       We the people are under attack from the corporate fascists, the financial Mafia and their henchmen, the national governments, who do the dirty work of implementing their plan and subduing the protests. When you are attacked, you have the right to self defence.

The corporate fascists answer to the people's anger.

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         It seems that the European Parliament is coming round to what I have been saying for well over a year. Martin Schulz, president of the European Parliament, stated on Saturday, when speaking of the economic crisis in Spain, that it could spark a social explosion across the continent. In an interview with the German Newspaper, Bild, he said, “The demonstrations in Spain show that a social explosion is looming because of the high unemployment rate among young people in Europe,” It should be obvious by now that bailouts solve nothing, it is just shuffling debt around the table. It is a game of big numbers that is meant to impress, but doesn't mean a thing. The only people who gain in this illusion are the bankers, the financial Mafia, they collect a fee every time their sweaty hands pass the bundle around. Greece shook them a little, but Greece is not a big player in the corporate greed game, Spain is. The unrest in Greece is on the periphery, Spain is considered mainland Europe and is big. Unrest there would have the financial Mafia really worried, as the rest of Europe is suffering under the same “austerity” plan. It is all just a matter of degree and time. As the “austerity” plan in each of the countries in Europe drives the people deeper into poverty and deprivation, it would only be a matter of time before the whole of Europe shows it anger and despair and takes to the streets. They would be fools if they didn't, and I have never taken the people to be fools, na├»ve, too tolerant, but fools, never.
       Where I think Mr Martin Shulz is wrong is his belief that it is just the unemployment that will cause the explosion, I believe it will be the breaking down of the social fabric of society through poverty, and destruction of social services, on top of rapidly rising unemployment across the continent, all seen to be caused by the greed and corruption of the few. We can only plan and hope that the “social explosion” will seek answers outside the present system and will not be appeased by being thrown a few biscuits, while the parasites go back to their banquet. 

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    So PC Harwood was found not guilty, well he joins a long list of police officers who have got away with what any reasonable person can only describe as murder. While death after contact with the police is not a rare event, a police officer being prosecuted is a very rare thing, to be found guilty is even more rare. It is 42 years since a police officer has been prosecuted regarding death in police custody, this despite innumerable unlawful killing verdicts and the fact that there have been more than 3,000 such deaths since 1969. Deaths in police custody and deaths from direct contact with the police, it doesn't seem to make much difference, if there ever is a prosecution we should expect a not guilty verdict to come up.
      How far back do we go? Blair Peach 1979, killed by a baton blow to the head, Stephen Waldorf, 1983, shot by police officers, James Ashley, 1998, shot, Harry Stanley, 1999, shot, Jean Charles De Menezes, 2005, shot making his way to work, Abdul Kahar, 2006, shot, Mark Duggan, 2011, shot, and of course the 2009 assault and death of Ian Tomlinson. From that list, one prosecution and a not guilty verdict.
      Ian Tomlinson's death at the hands of a police officer must be the first where there was clear video evidence of the assault and dozens of eyewitnesses but that didn't make any difference, the verdict was still not guilty, and now we get the full story, PC Harwood, it seems, had a record of violence with 10 formal complaints against him. Ten complaints, one videoed assault and death, one prosecution, one not guilty verdict. The British judicial system at work.
     Of course the police are the police the world over, from recent figures it appears that in America, an African American dies in an extra-judicial killing every 36 hours. Who are they protecting?

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Monday, 23 July 2012


        We face “austerity” cuts, which will increase poverty, decimate our social services and destroy the social fabric of our lives, we face rising unemployment and wage cuts/freezes. If you have a job, you'll have to work longer to get your pension and that pension isn't going to be worth anything, it certainly will not let you go into old age with dignity. It is obvious that there is something drastically wrong with the system we live under.
       Where should we look for answers? Well the bankers are criminals, the politicians are corrupt and the business world is run by a bunch of greedy self seeking parasites, and all of them work together to increase and protect their own power and wealth. So we can't expect much in the way of help from those sections of this society. It should be obvious that if we appeal to that cocktail of greed and corruption they will only dispense more of the same. They are in fact the problem with our society and can never by part of the answer.
       The answers to our problems will only materialise when we all come together and decide to do something about it. The answer will not be found within the present system, we have to look outside to alternative ways of structuring our relations one with the other. Only the people can decide what the people want, and only the people can construct a society that sees to the needs of those people with fairness and justice. 
       We have had enough of leaders, kings, presidents and prime ministers, enough of party politics and so called representative democracy. Their track record is one of war, corruption, greed, exploitation, repression and wide spread poverty. The world has enough resources to see to the needs of all on this planet, the reason we don't do so is because of the system we tolerate, you can only have things, including the essentials of live if some parasite can make a profit from the transaction. It doesn't have to be that way, a society based on mutual aid, co-operation and sustainability is possible, but only if we want it to be that type of world. It is up to us, not them.

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        How has it changed and why, what ever happened? Taken from Albert Meltzer The Taste of Defeat:
      In Glasgow the anarchist movement was flourishing more than ever with its own hall and huge open air meetings at factory gates, carrying on a tradition of integration in the working class movement which was lost in England, where the old movement had decayed. Such groups as there were in London, including Spain and the World collapsed. Almost the whole working class support in places like Wales, a minority though it was, disappeared. Cores in London continued virtually as a one-person band, arranging for weekly ‘lectures’ from a wide range of speakers, which was the last flicker of the old London Freedom Group.
From the Kate Sharpley Library, read the full article HERE:

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Sunday, 22 July 2012


Dialogue and critique require honesty. This from Anarchist News:

        The anarchist project is one of constant dialogue and critique. Our ideas are not separate from our actions; theory is not separate from practice. Through the course of our activities it becomes necessary to re-evaluate our positions in relation to events. As anarchists we do not offer an answer or solution to the world's problems, but instead a lens through which to critique and act upon it. We should always be suspicious of those who claim to know, to have an answer or truth, especially from those who also call themselves anarchists but are not open to dialogue. This is how thoughts crystallize into ideology, into unquestionable positions. It is imperative that our ideas do not become static, that we remain dynamic in response to our environment.
       The adherence to ideologies lessens our ability to hear and be heard by one another. With the wide variety of positions anarchists take, there must be room for criticism and debate, as it allows for a sharpening of analysis and a deepening of understanding, of ourselves as anarchists and our positions in relation to each other. The following is an analysis of left anarchists' tendency to launch unfounded accusations instead of engaging in a critical dialogue. Sometimes it seems that those who question the authority of a false unity are committing an act of heresy. In response I would posit the question: what position is more appealing, that of adherent or heretic?

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        The Spanish miners marching from Asturias to Madrid and then being attacked by riot police seems to have been the spark that lit the fire. Since then the people of Spain have mounted a series of protests across the country. Unemployed have marched from Andalusia, Catalonia and elsewhere into Madrid and are filling the centre of the city. The effects of previous “austerity” measures and the newly announced IMF/ECB dictated further €65 billion “austerity” cuts, a 3% increase in VAT, the attack on the miners and their supporters and an unemployment rate of 24.6% takes life in Spain to the level to which the financial Mafia have succeeded in foisting on the Greek people. Now, like Greece, the Spanish people are fighting back, the protests have been joined by fire-fighters and police in civilian clothes as well as civil servants. Last Thursday evening 500 police and fire-fighters protested in front of the Spanish parliament saying “We are angry because we have lost 30% of our income.” and on Friday, civil servants set up road blocks and were soon joined by nurses, teachers, university professors and doctors. On Friday evening a Facebook organised protest brought thousands out in front of parliament, they were promptly attacked by riot police. The ruling parasites are obviously concerned and there has been a rather stupid and shallow token response from the royal family, they have suggested that their budget takes a slight cut. Another piece of “we're all in this together” shit.
       The quicker the people of Europe realise that what is happening In Greece and Spain, with Italy, Ireland and Portugal not far behind, is coming our way, the better. The system isn't going to fix itself and get everybody back to “The good ol' days”, that never were, this is a downward spiral with ordinary people having their social structures decimated, a downward spiral the will make deprivation the norm. Call it what you will, but this is murder, thousands of people are dying, some slowly by health problems and malnutrition caused by poverty, others quickly by suicide, (check the increase in Greece). It is not an accident, it is the result of deliberate financial policies carried by our so called elected representatives at the dictate of the financial Mafia. A financial Mafia that is faceless, unelected, unaccountable, and yet controls our lives. These policies have only two results, the destruction of our standard of living and an increase in the wealth of that financial Mafia and their hit men.That's the system that we accept, why?

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       According to a recent Reuters report the rich parasites of this world have as much as $32 trillion, (£20 trillion) of financial assets stashed away in offshore tax havens, which translate into approximately $280 billion in lost tax revenue. This pot of their secret money does not include their other toys, such as non financial assets, for example, yachts, racehorses, gold and real estate. The report also states that the richest citizens in 139 developing countries have from 1970 to 2010, amassed between $7.3 to $9.3 trillion in unrecorded offshore wealth. What was that you said about austere times?

 Why should I pay taxes, they'll only spend it on things I don't need.

         While the worlds parasitical leeches, as individuals, are robbing the people blind, the fine institutions of this corporate capitalist system are grabbing their share of all the dirty money in the world. HSBC, Europe's biggest bank, has just had it wrist slapped for laundering truck loads of drug money and helping to fund Al Qaeda and other such organisation. In case you don't know HSBC is also one of the best at screwing its customers, for example, it has the highest overdraft rate of any bank, it raises over £5 billion in overdraft fees in the UK in a year. Which of course helped it to £13.8 billion profit in 2011, and helped it hand its CEO over £7 million for his piggy bank. Of course HSBC does not stand alone in the fiddlers club, last week the offices of UBS Bordeaux and Strasbourg were raided on suspicion of money laundering and approximately 5,000 German clients of Credit Suisse are being investigated on suspicion of tax evasion. We can add to that the recent, but now not mentioned massive Westminster expenses exposure and you come up with a picture of a system that well and truly screws the public in favour of the parasites. Yes, we're all in this together.
          There is talk of climate change because of pollutants produced by us humans, perhaps the real culprit is the foul stench that emanates from our economic system that is choking all life on the planet.