Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Just A Thought.


We the people have, every brick laid,
have fed the world with sweat and spade,
every instrument played in every band
created by the skill of the craftsman's hand.
We made every truck and every load,
our toil our effort every winding road,
every ship that ever sailed the sea,
our power our imagination made it be.
Cities and towns large and small,
our labouring hands fashioned them all,
every home, every spire,
luxury mansion or humble byre.
No matter what dreams the mind might spawn
without labour's hand, never see the light of dawn,
without labour's strength and labour's skill,
we would be foraging beasts in a jungle still.

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The State Only Survives By Tightening Its Grip.

      It is universal, states across the globe will always grasp any opportunity to tighten control over the citizens. They will seize every possibility to stifle protest, to silence dissent, total control is their aim. Any excuse that offers itself will be snatched at as a reason to increase surveillance. It is the nature of the beast, it is its only means of survival. A call for solidarity from Poland.

Dear Friends,

       We have been waiting for over a year for the trial of the Warsaw 3. Today, we send this call out for solidarity actions on the first court sitting – the 31st of May 2017.
     There is also a demonstration ‘WE ARE ALL TERRORISTS’ planned for that day in front of the court in Warsaw (adress: Marszałkowska 82).
    The Polish government follows the international trend to see terrorist threat everywhere. There is no better reason to fuel war economy, enhance policing tools and prepare the ground for autocracy than the figure of the enemy. Either external threat – migrants (including kids ready to commit acts of terror), or the inside threat in the form of the domestic terrorism category is at this point commonly used in the whole EU to scare the population into obedience.
      As it is for other countries in the EU, terrorist attacks have been the justification to introduce new security regulations that grant states greater powers and significantly limit those of the peoples. Polish authorities also want to seize their chance to secure their own position riding on the European anti-terror wave. In the wake of the introduction of the new anti-terrorist law in Poland, mainstream media were first reporting the wave of false bomb alarms across the country, when finally they have got what they were waiting for. In the night of the 23rd three anarchists were caught on a parking lot of a police station in an attempt to set a police car on fire.
      For the authorities and their media the arrest posed a long awaited proof that there actually is a terrorist threat in Poland! The arrested three, after being beaten and tortured were thrown into the isolation cells for the most dangerous criminals to be held there for the next 4 months.
    Media theatre had begun and the introduction of the new anti-terrorist law was presented to the public as justified.
     The word ‘terrorist’ was abused by the media to the point of ridiculousness. Since this category is so vague that two individuals labeled as ‘terrorists’ can have almost nothing in common, the authorities have quickly understood it’s usefulness in eliminating potential threat to the their power.
      The Polish state has imprisoned the Warsaw 3, but it wasn’t enough. It has passed 3 new anti-freedom bills, but it wasn’t enough. Then it’s thugs brutally deported a PhD student who didn’t agree to spy for them – we all remember Ameer – but that still was not enough. They also feel the need to keep blackmailing activists, deporting foreigners and criminalize anyone who dares to resist.

We are calling you to take solidarity action on that day.

We are calling you to come to your nearest polish embassy, and show the republic of Poland what you think of it!

Fire to prisons, courts and copshops!
For a more detailed account of this case and other related events download the leaflet HERE: 
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Monday, 22 May 2017

The Answer Is In Our Hands.

       An odd place to go to find a somewhat favourable article on what some anarchists are up to in Greece, The New York Times!! Though some typical establishment phrases slip in, it in no way condemns the anarchists in the usual way that the babbling brook of bullshit, our mainstream media, do as a matter of form. A lot is going on in Greece and the anarchists involved are a varied and multifaceted array of people, their actions are diverse, but with the same aim, the destruction of the state and its bed partner capitalism, and the creation of a society that offers individual freedom with co-operation, free association, mutual aid, and which sees to the needs of all our people, in a sustainable environment. If that is the sort of society you want, why not join the anarchists in that struggle. 
ATHENS — It may seem paradoxical, but Greece’s anarchists are organizing like never before.
Seven years of austerity policies and a more recent refugee crisis have left the government with fewer and fewer resources, offering citizens less and less. Many have lost faith. Some who never had faith in the first place are taking matters into their own hands, to the chagrin of the authorities.
Tasos Sagris, a 45-year-old member of the Greek anarchist group Void Network and of the “self-organized” Embros theater group, has been at the forefront of a resurgence of social activism that is effectively filling a void in governance.
“People trust us because we don’t use the people as customers or voters,” Mr. Sagris said. “Every failure of the system proves the idea of the anarchists to be true.”

      These days that idea is not only about chaos and tearing down the institutions of the state and society — the country’s long, grinding economic crisis has taken care of much of that — but also about unfiltered self-help and citizen action.
      Yet the movement remains disparate, with some parts emphasizing the need for social activism and others prioritizing a struggle against authority with acts of vandalism and street battles with the police. Some are seeking to combine both.
      Whatever the means, since 2008 scores of “self-managing social centers” have mushroomed across Greece, financed by private donations and the proceeds from regularly scheduled concerts, exhibitions and on-site bars, most of which are open to the public. There are now around 250 nationwide.
Some activists have focused on food and medicine handouts as poverty has deepened and public services have collapsed.
      In recent months, anarchists and leftist groups have trained special energy on housing refugees who flooded into Greece in 2015 and who have been bottled up in the country since the European Union and Balkan nations tightened their borders. Some 3,000 of these refugees now live in 15 abandoned buildings that have been taken over by anarchists in the capital.

      The burst of citizen action is just the latest chapter in a long history for the anarchist movement in Greece.
       Anarchists played an active role in the student uprisings that helped bring down Greece’s dictatorship in the mid-1970s, including a rebellion at the Athens Polytechnic in November 1973, which authorities crushed with police officers and tanks, resulting in several deaths.
       Since the late 1970s and early 1980s, anarchists have joined leftist groups in occupying portions of Greek universities to promote their thinking and lifestyle; many of those occupied spaces exist today, and some are used as bases by anarchists to fashion the crude firebombs hurled at the police during street protests.
       Over the years, anarchists have also backed a spectrum of causes, such as opposing “neoliberal” education reform or campaigning against the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens.
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Sunday, 21 May 2017

Faslane Peace Camp.

        I believe I posted earlier about us at Spirit of Revolt being delighted and honoured to be given the opportunity to collect and archive the Faslane Peace Camp material. The Faslane Peace Camp is the longest running peace camp in the world, this is its 35th year, camped outside the Faslane nuclear submarine base near Helensburgh on the Gare Loch. During that time it has been the hub of a myriad of protests and campaigns against nuclear weapons, and for peace in general. In its 35 years it has seen an army of names, well known and lesser know ordinary people, move through its camp site, some staying for a short period, others staying for a considerable time. All doing their bit to keep alive this important part of our protest heritage.
          Spirit of Revolt already has several boxes of memorabilia, photos, letters, newspaper cuttings, diaries, etc. and a box of the camp's own magazine. We have now been give some videos and podcasts, thanks to Neil Scott.
           We are eager to collect as much material as possible of this grass-roots peace endeavour, so that it can be preserved and made more widely available to the public at large. So if any of you old campers out there are sitting on material, or stories, from your involvement in, and with the Peace Camp, we would be delighted if you would get in touch with Spirit of Revolt, at info (at) spiritofrevolt (dot) info If you wish to donate material we can meet up to discuss this and make arrangements to collect. 

Saturday, 20 May 2017

We Can Do It Ourselves.

     Who said people can't manage to look after themselves, that they need a hierarchical structure with the leader at the top? Time an time again in tragic circumstances, emergencies, and disasters, the ordinary people prove, they are very capable and willing to get things sorted out. So let's grasp that fact and start to take control of our society, which at present is a disaster for the ordinary people, much like a sinking ship, and sort things out to the benefit of all our people. Thanks Loam for the video link.

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Thursday, 18 May 2017

When Is Enough, Enough?

         As I said before, the people of Greece have been put through the capitalist shredder by its bully boys, the financial Mafia. Now the vampires are back for more. Their puppet government in Greece are now humbly accepting the latest crippling demands from the Troika, (IMF, International Mankind Fuckers, ECB, European Criminal Bastards, EC, Exceptional Criminals,)
        With its health service in ruins, its education system disintegrating rapidly, wages slashed, pensions decimated, the Greek government is set to unleash more savage "austerity" on the unfortunate people of Greece. Here are some of the measures to be foisted on the ordinary people. There will be 14.32bn euros ($20.50bn; £12.82bn) cuts in public spending, tax rises of 14.09bn euros, over the next five years. There will be 2.32bn euros of tax increases this year, this follows on from 3.38bn euros increase in 2012, 152m in 2013, and 699m in 2014. There will be a levy to be raised twice next year from households of 1% to 5% of income. A vast swath of the poorest of families who were below the tax threshold will now find themselves paying tax. as the tax free threshold will be lowered from 12,000 euros to 5,000 euros, and property tax will be raised. Then there is that tax that hits the poorest most, VAT, 19% will go to 23%, the 11% rate will rise to 13% and the 5.5% goes up to 6.5%, restaurants will see their vat rate go from 13% to 23%.
        There is no end in sight for the people of Greece as long as this economic strangulation system of capitalism persists, the financial Mafia is not going to come over all compassionate and devise a plan to help the ordinary people of Greece, it is not in their DNA. However the people of Greece, as I said before, are not sitting down weeping and hoping for a return of the "good old days".
This from Act For Freedom Now:

       “We won’t live like slaves – The only lost battles are the one that they have not been given”. On Wednesday 17 May 2017 thousands of people joined the general strike protests all over Greece, against the new harsh financial measures of 4.9 billion euros incorporated in the 4th Memorandum signed by a Greek government, aimed once again against the lower income classes rather, than the banks and the wealthy.
       The self proclaimed left government of SYRIZA in co-operation with the right wing party of ANEL have unleashed a new class war, this time specifically aimed against people with disability and pensioners that have worked all their lives and paid their share under the false notion -as it seems- that during the time when they will be most vulnerable, they would have free public health services and subsidies that would help them get by. On the contrary after 23(!) severe cuts in pensions and allowances during the 8 years of the financial crisis in Greece (amounting to more than 50 billion euros in pension and allowances cuts during the last 7 years), that has forced people to live like beggars, a further 18% cut will be imposed on pensions under the 4th Memorandum being voted in the Greek parliament these days and a “freezing” of even the slightest raise in pensions until 2022.
      And as if a life with no future wasn’t enough, the streets of Athens have been filled with thousands of riot policemen to impose fear on people daring to protest during the general strike of 17 May 2017. Thus, during the protest in Athens anarchists attacked the riot police brigades in Syntagma Square around the Greek parliament, whilst inside politicians were discussing the new harsh financial measures to be imposed on the people, without the people. More protest will take place tomorrow 18 May during the voting of the measures in the Greek parliament.
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The Wee Blether.

       With our changeable weather you have to grab the sunshine when you can, so yesterday I decide to visit another area that as a young man I spent a lot of time hill walking, and later cycling, Loch Ard. In those hillwalking days we would take the bus to Aberfoyle and walk to the Loch Ard youth hostel, if the weather was kind we would skip the hostel and head up the Ledard Burn, ("burn" Scots word for stream) and pitch the tent there. This was a good starting point for making your way to the summit of Ben Venue. On those visits Friday and Saturday nights would be spent at the Altskeith Hotel, which would be the meeting place for hill walkers, climbers and cyclists. The nights would be filled with   guitars strumming, singing, laughter and loud chatter, until the  proprietor threw us out. The hotel has since moved a bit up market and is now The Altskeith Country House, no doubt catering more for tourist with money, rather than walkers and pauper cyclists.
Loch Ard, just before Kinlochard.

        The Loch area in general hasn't changed much, delighted to note that the road surface is much better than my last cycle up that way. I stopped at Kinlochard and enjoyed a bite at the beautifully situated tearoom, The Wee Blether ("blether" Scots word for friendly chat). Many, many years ago I would come up here with an inflatable dinghy, and take my kids out to the little island in the loch, Eilean Gorm, there they could run wild, and live out their fantasies among its rocks and trees.  On the island there is also a fisherman's bothy, (Scots for a small hut or cottage, especially one for housing farm labourers or for use as a mountain refuge).
Beautifully situated tearoom on the shore at Kinlochard.
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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Our Struggle Must Be Multi-Pronged.

        Greece is a country that seems to have dropped out of fashion as far as that babbling brook of bullshit, our mainstream media is concerned. That doesn't mean that nothing is happening there, the people of Greece have been put through the shredder of the capitalist system by its bully-boys, the financial Mafia. You will get the odd report about the 50% youth unemployment, 25% unemployment nationally, other facts like massive rise in suicides, families sleeping rough, disintegrating health service, collapsing eduction system, and unprecedented rise in home repossessions, will slip through as not that relevant.
       However, the people of Greece are not sitting back weeping and waiting for the "good times" to return. Across the country there are bitter struggles taking place, occupations, self-help, autonomous spaces, strikes, and constant attacks on the institutions of the corporate world and the festering edifice that is the Greek state. Anarchists in Greece are many, and varied in their approach to bring about the demise of the economic system that has, plundered their land and brutally assaulted its people, and continues to do so. 
       One group in Greece that has constantly been at the forefront of the struggle to break the yoke of the cancerous system of capitalism, is "Revolutionary Struggle", they have just produced  a paper giving some extracts from letters, texts and communiques, from the last three years. Well worth a read.
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Sunday, 14 May 2017

Home In An Alleyway, Death In A Doorway.

         Last March a young man sleeping rough, died in the doorway of a department store in Argyle Street Glasgow. At the time it raised a lot of anger and dismay, and there was shock that such a thing could happen in Glasgow in this day and age. Of course anger, dismay and shock don’t resolve anything. Since the shock and horror at such a tragic event, figures now released show that far from being a one of tragic incident, it is a rather common occurrence. In fact, Glasgow’s city streets are the death bed of approximately one rough sleeper a week. Think of Glasgow, its fancy shopping malls, its jewellery arcades, its trendy coffee shops, cafés and bars, its expensive off-roaders and large luxury cars parked around the city centre, its tourists strutting along fashionable Buchanan Street. Then compare this with the life of the homeless who seek shelter from Scotland’s cruel elements, in shop doorways, alleys and back streets.
         Figures obtained by the Sunday Herald from Glasgow City Council via freedom of information request reveal that at least 39 homeless people have died in Glasgow in the space of just 10 months. The deaths occurred between May 2016 and March 2017 with the city council admitting that the numbers likely underestimate the full scale of the scandal. Details of the number of deaths in other major Scottish cities are currently unavailable.
Continue reading HERE:
        We can rule out old age killing these unfortunate and largely ignored individuals, of the 39 deaths in the released figures only 5 were over 60 years of age, the others were somewhere between 25 and 59. What really killed these ill-fated and forgotten individuals was a society that values property above human life and dignity. Our city is awash with empty property, all valued and protected, while the life of a homeless individual is unprotected and valueless.
       As a city we can plan to cover part of the Charing Cross motorway with a gardened roof, it will of course raise the value of the property in the area, empty and otherwise, and make it more pleasant to stroll around and sit and sip your cappuccino, but we can’t offer shelter to homeless individuals who face sleeping in dismal doorways. We are not a civilised society as long as people sleep on our streets, we are complicit in a society that values property higher than human life. Nobody with compassion should tolerate such a society, we have the resources, there is the need, to ignore that need is an indictment of our society.
       This picture is of course replicated across our small country, it is estimated by the charity Shelter, that approximately 5,000 people sleep rough in Scotland every year, the same can be said about all the other countries on the planet. It is the malignant economic system that breeds this sort of situation, quality of life is dependent on wealth, wealth flows into ever few hands, and so the problem far from being remedied, will ever by exacerbated. As long as we continue with this capitalist economic cancer, misery, homelessness and death in doorways will continue.
I'll repeat the two poems from the previous post on this subject.

The Homeless.
Tenebrous spectres, they exist,   out there,
on the crumbling edge of chaos.
A father, a son, a brother,
a daughter, a sister, a mother.
Fragments of some shattered family structure;
waste products
from a society being driven to destruction
by a hurricane of greed
living a life that wears out life,
the devious death of exhaustion from existence.
The Warmth Of A Dream.
He lay in a dark doorway, dreamed of home,
night frost locked his joints
morning rain chilled the marrow of his bone.
In the dream there was a sister,
a pram in the garden, a crowd of youngsters
who called him "mister", a time of little pain.
Are these youngster the same young men, who
now laugh at him, throw beer cans,
piss on him as he lies drunk in some dark lane?
When was that first step down this slippery slope,
when was that first step to no forgiveness.
No will to rise to beg for food,
numbness kills the pain.
The dream brings a warmth that feels good,
dark fog shades out consciousness,
an ambulance carries off a body washed in rain. 
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The Death Of A Failed System.

        I recently posted about 2008 being a missed opportunity, and the fact that the disintegrating system will of course throw up other opportunities, and we should be organising for that next, system convulsion. However there is a line of thought that maintains that to wait for that opportunity is foolish, or worse, it is being complicit in prolonging the death-rattle of an already dangerous disintegrating civilisation. We are in the midst of the last convulsions of a crumbling system, its demise will not be a peaceful affair, it will be violently brutal, and savage as it devours itself and humanity, in a vain attempt to survive. For the survival of the planet and humanity, sanity demands the we bring about its death as quickly as possible. However, I believe, sadly, this can only happen when, what I often refer to as, “that great apolitical apathetic horde” open their eyes to the reality of their situation and see the full blown disaster of which they are an integral part. It is all there, the struggling midst poverty and deprivation, brutal wars for power and wealth, the arrogant flaunting of wealth by the few, midst the misery of the many, the vulgar spectacle of opulence trampling the poor, the many dressed in misery and humiliation, justice and compassion battered and blooded. This failed economic system has turned our planet into a theatre where the darkest and most brutal of dystopian plays is being enacted, we are the willing players, who can carry the story to it cataclysmic end, or we can change the script, to one of hope and sustainable survival, but time is running out. 
Tomorrow is cancelled
        It’s useless to wait-for a breakthrough, for the revolution, the nuclear apocalypse or a social movement. To go on waiting is madness. The catastrophe is not coming, it is here. We are already situated within the collapse of a civilization. It is within this reality that we must choose sides.
       The Invisible Committee, The Coming Insurrection
       The Invisible Committee, is one group who advocate the second line of thought, they have already produce two insightful essays, The Coming Insurrection, and, To Our Friends, their third Maintenant(Now) is being translated, one chapter at a time, into English, by Autonomies.
Tomorrow is cancelled         All the reasons for carrying out a revolution are present. None is missing. The sinking of politics, the arrogance of the powerful, the reign of the false, the vulgarity of the wealthy, the cataclysms of industry, rampant poverty, naked exploitation, ecological apocalypse – we are spared nothing, not even that of being informed. “Climate: 2016 breaks the record of heat”, tells us Le Monde on its first page, as almost every year nowadays. All the reasons are united, but it is not reasons that make revolutions, it is bodies. And the bodies are all in front of screens.
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Saturday, 13 May 2017

Surveillance Society.

        We all know the state spies on its citizens, we all know that the state passes legislation that it doesn't want it citizens to know about, we all know, or should know, it does all this with one aim , control over our lives. To hold onto its power it needs to know where you are, what you're up to, and be able to intervene and stifle any form of dissent. "Big Brother" is not a story of fiction, in today's society, it is a reality. We are surrounded by profiling, face recognition, CCTV, spied on, monitored, infiltrated by undercover agents, and there is a constant drive by the babbling brook of bullshit, the mainstream media, to manufacture our opinions, to mould our perception of reality to their liking.     
       All of these things are not exceptions, they are the norm of our modern way of life, who are they protecting?
       As far as the state is concerned, nothing is personal in this surveillance society, the state claims the right to be privy to ever aspect of your personal life. Your right to privacy is something the state doesn't recognise and will continually attempt to find ways to circumvent that right. All of this is to protect the established power, and protect its wealth and privileges. No matter where we are in this "Big Brother" society, the state will always try to take us further along that route. We must fight to put a stop to this whole malignant, repressive state apparatus, it is in the interest of us all to do so.
This from Open Media:
       Leaked docs reveal the UK Home Office’s secret plan to gain real-time access to our text messages and online communications AND force companies like WhatsApp to break the security on its own software. This reckless government plan will make all of us more vulnerable to attacks like yesterday's ransomware assault against the NHS.
        A shocking leak scooped by our friends at Open Rights Group has made this information public.1 Home Secretary Amber Rudd has made it very clear that she thinks no one should get to use safe and secure messaging apps.2 Now she has set on the path to make her wish come true.
       Yesterday a massive ransomware attack hit the NHS, blocking off access to patient data and endangering lives. This horrific story tells us why companies need to be able to develop security software without any backdoors that can be exploited this way.3
      The Government’s proposals will force tech companies and Internet providers to allow “near real time” access to all your private online communications.4 Clearly, the only information Amber Rudd believes should stay hidden is the Government’s own powers! We need to make it clear that secretive laws that break our tech and strip away our privacy have no place in a democracy.
       What's even more worrying is that the Home Office is not expecting to hear from the public. They planned to keep this entire process secret — including a “consultation” they didn’t publicly announce, even to tech businesses!5
           Because of this secrecy, we now have fewer than 10 days to get our voices on the record — we don’t have a moment to lose!
       The UK Home Office already has some of the most aggressive surveillance powers in the world. This is nothing more than a power grab for even more invasive powers — but if enough of us speak up we can stop this. They won’t be expecting a big reaction in so little time — can you speak up now?
Thank you for helping us fight back!
       P.S. Strong encryption saves lives6 — Vulnerable groups will have their safety compromised if services like WhatsApp and Signal are forced to build backdoors. Lawyers will lose client confidentiality, victims of police misconduct will be spied on, journalists will be unable to protect sources, and domestic abusers could be gifted further ways to exploit tech vulnerabilities to spy on their partners.7 Can you add your voice to save the tools and technologies that keep us safe?
[1] LEAKED Draft Statutory Powers, Source: Open Rights Group
[2] Investigatory Powers: 'Real-time surveillance' in draft update, Source: BBC
[3] NHS cyber-attack: GPs and hospitals hit by ransomware. Source: BBC
[4] Winning the debate on encryption — a 101 guide for politicians. Source: Privacy International
[5] Plans for extensive Government spying powers revealed in leaked report. Source: Telegraph
[6] Encryption saves lives. Source: Jon Camfield
[7] This Software Company May Be Helping People Illegally Spy On Their Spouses. Source: Forbes
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Friday, 12 May 2017

Create A Storm.

Dear reader,
Can you click? Do you care about the health of the Internet?
If you answered yes, then we want to recruit you for a special mission. We're dropping airborne leaflets — millions of them — onto various governmental buildings across Europe, and we're inviting you to join in.
Why the special mission? Because outdated copyright law in the EU is threatening the health of the Internet.
Join the Paperstorm for copyright
The EU's current copyright framework — developed for a time before the Internet — can stymie innovation, preventing entrepreneurs from doing new and interesting things with data and code. It can stifle creativity, making it technically illegal to create, share and remix memes and other online culture and content. And it can limit the materials that educators and nonprofits like Wikipedia depend on for teaching and learning.
Of course, Mozilla doesn't own a fleet of zeppelins. And we like to conserve paper.
So we've teamed up with our friends at Moniker to bring you Paperstorm.it. Paperstorm is a digital advocacy tool that urges EU policy makers to update copyright laws for the Internet age.
Why now? Copyright reform is at a critical juncture. Presently, lawmakers are considering a proposed revision of that copyright law. The amendments they are considering have the potential to make copyright law more Internet-friendly — or, conversely, more restrictive and rooted in the 20th century.
Alone, you might drop a handful of fliers, or perhaps a few hundred. But together, we can drop millions — and send a clear (and fun) message to EU policymakers.
The good news? We know lawmakers are listening. Some members of the European Parliament have been working diligently to improve the Commission's proposal, and have taken into account some of the changes we've called for, such as removing dangerous provisions like mandatory upload filters, and pushing back against extending copyright to links and snippets.
But many others need to be convinced to support a modern copyright reform that empowers creators, innovators and Internet users.
If you support common-sense copyright law in the EU — and a healthier Internet — join the #paperstorm today.
Thanks for all you do to support sensible copyright reform!

Will Easton

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Building A Revolutionary Anarchism.

      In 2008 capitalism staggered, convulsed and retched, mass movements sprang up, and there seemed an opportunity to bring about its demise. However, here we are in 2017 and the beast is still alive, still decimating the lives of millions by means of exploitation, poverty and wars, and still plundering the planet to destruction. 2008 now looks like a missed opportunity, perhaps it was, but no doubt, the nature of capitalism being what it is, it will produce more opportunities as it goes through regular staggering, convulsions and retching. Anarchists should learn from the failure of 2008 and be prepared for when the beast again lurches into its next inbuilt, inevitable convulsion. 
         On the matter of the missed opportunities of 2008, and learning from them you could do worse than reading Colin O’Malley’s book, Building a Revolutionary Anarchism from Zabalaza Books. You can download it for free as a PDF HERE: 
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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Plundering The Common Goods.

         Once again our local councils play fast and loose with our property. East Dunbartonshire council has decided to sell another part of our heritage, Thomas Muir’s Huntershill House, Thomas Muir was Scottish radical, world known, from the 1700’s. Apart from its historical value, this is a large house, B listed, it is in a poor state of repair, probably deliberately by the council’s neglect. It stands in a considerable piece of land, and what is more, the house and land is Common Goods Property. As far as I am aware it has been sold for £147,000, house and grounds. This in an area where houses sitting in land less than half the size of this plot sell for more than £250,000. No doubt the developer will be rubbing their hands with glee, as they make their way to the bank with the proceeds of their windfall, courtesy of the East Dunbartonshire Council.
 Thomas Muir's House at Huntershill.

            At a meeting of the council’s Development and Regeneration Committee in January, it was agreed to sell Huntershill House and its immediate surrounding land to Brian Thomas Gray (trading as “E & R Properties”) for redevelopment as a care home and relative offices.
          In a letter to Thomas Dibble, secretary of Bishopbriggs Community Council, EDC’s legal department wrote: “As the council considers this property to form part of the Bishopbriggs Common Good, a petition has been raised at Glasgow Sheriff Court to seek the court’s permission to proceed with the sale - as is required in terms of Section 75(2) of the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973.”
           Members of the public have 21 days to raise an objection to the plan and the court hearing has been set for 
Friday, March 13. Thomas Glen, East Dunbartonshire Council’s director of development and regeneration, said: “East Dunbartonshire Council’s Development and Regeneration Committee agreed at a meeting on January 28 to progress with the sale of Huntershill House and associated land.
        Read more at: http://www.kirkintilloch-herald.co.uk/news/muir-s-house-to-be-care-home-1-3687573

Mr Brian Gray
E&R Property Company Ltd
4 Eaglesham Road
G76 7BT

Deborah Lauder
Oakshaw Architectural Design Ltd
Flat 9 Oakshaw Court
62 Oakshaw Street West
United Kingdom

Case Officer East Dunbartonshire Council
Max Wilson
0141 578 8637
Historic Scotland Louisa Humm

Planning report:

     Heritage appraisal did not take into account the radical history element. Stasia comment.

The link to these documents now state, "documents not available".
Here is a live link:

Then the following pathways:
Planning applications
Planning Applications Search
Planning Applications Search in red text
Enter Keyword - Huntershill
Planning Application TP/ED/16/0444- Application Summary
17 Documents with this application
PL15 Preliminary Heritage Appraisal

and check out Design Statement.
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Visiting An Old Acquaintance.

        Yesterday, Tuesday, I decided to take the bike round, what used to be a favourite area of mine for the bike and hill walking, Callander. It was another beautiful day, what a pleasure cycling in a short sleeved shirt, a rare occurrence in Scotland. One summer, back in the days when I called myself a cyclist, I done the same run every Sunday for the entire season. It was a beautiful run, starting at my front door in the north of Glasgow, I would head for Lennoxtown, then up the Crow Road over the Campsies to Fintry. From there you climb past what cyclist used to call "th' tap o'th wurld" (The top of the world), though it wasn't, for you are still climbing up to Kippen. From there you get a magnificent run downhill, then a few miles of flat road over what I believe is part of Flanders Moss. This flat leads to another climb up to Thornhill, from there you start another set of undulating hills, but it is ever upwards. Eventually you reach the top and then its flying down all the way to a lovely flat stretch as you head into Callander. Usually it was something to eat in Pipps Tearoom in Ancaster Square, before heading home via a different route.
         Homeward bound would be from Callander over the Breas of Greenock, nowhere near Greenock, it is quite a climb, and then a run down past the Lake of Menteith, to the Aberfoyle road (one year when I was a young man the Lake froze over for months, and at the weekends we would skate on it, skating out to the island). From there it would be Ward Toll, Ballat Toll, Glengoyne, famed for its whisky as much as its beauty, and then the climb out of the Blane Valley to Strathblane. It was now the home stretch via Lennoxtown and a shower and a bite to eat at home. 

 Ancaster Square Callander.

Main Street Callander.
       On yesterday's shorter run I visited Callander, and then followed the road towards Strathyre, before retracing my route and then turning off to go along the shore of Loch Venachar, stopping at the tearoom beautifully situated on the shore of the loch. Sitting and sipping tea looking out over the loch feeling at peace with the world, (not a frequent experience) before heading back to Callander.
 Looking across Loch Venachar from lochside tearoom.
 Looking up Loch Venachar towards Ben Lomond.

    Sadly they are now talking about the weather changing, I suppose we should expect that, after all, this is Scotland, ever changing weather is what we have. 
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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

What If World Capitalism Collapsed Tomorrow??

         Any rational observer of the world today is aware that capitalism is the dominant force, and it is a destructive force. Its only aim is growth, growth in the power of the corporate world. There is no future for humanity if the capitalist system is allowed to continue its relentless drive for ever more wealth and power to the lords and masters of the system. Capitalism has no compassion, no country, its policy of wars for power and resources creates a sea of deprivation, and in that sea swims all manner of misery and debauchery where the deluded and the desperate feed of each other in a desperate struggle for survival, compassion and humanity are constantly stained with the blood of the poor. Today we are witnessing raw, brutal capitalism in all its savagery. If we agree that the present economic system of capitalism must be destroyed, how do we save humanity, in its collapse, how do we shape the new world and guarantee its healthy birth, how do we stop the old malignant malaise from being re-born?

        We have witnessed a beginning, the birth of a new age of revolt and upheaval. In North Africa and the Middle East it took the people a matter of days to topple what were supposedly entrenched regimes. Now, to the west, multiple crises are etching away at a ‘democratic consensus’ that has, since the 1970s, plagued and suppressed any sparks of revolutionary potential.
         But what is to be done in the aftermath of a regime’s demise? How do we prevent any power from restoring itself? How do we create the irreversible? How do we reorganize society without a central authority? How do we survive? Neither a leadership reshuffle, in the guise of constitutional process, nor a transition period between a capitalist social order and a communist horizon will do.

        Full book in zine form, with revisions by IWE. We think it’s a good moment to return to this text with fresh eyes. It offers a helpful frame for re-launching strategic discussions in a time of widespread political disaffection.

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