Sunday, 19 May 2019

The Molendinar Burn And Glasgow.

      I have been out on the bike a few times recently, but haven't bothered to stop and take a photo. The reason being the runs are so embarrassingly short, a mere 10-15 miles, the 60+ to 90+ miles two or three times a week seem to be over. The weather hasn't been too kind to me, short spells of good weather and then a return to cold and showery. Since I am now a fair weather cyclist, that limits me quite a bit. Actually I no longer refer to myself as a cyclist, but more an old guy who goes out on his bike now and again.
     Today, despite the overcast sky and a bit of a cold wind, Stasia and I headed for Hogganfield Loch. A small loch to the east of Glasgow, a popular walking, cycling, dog walkers area and kids play area. It only measures approximately 1.3 miles going round the loch, but there are paths that you can deviate from the lochside and meander to change the scenery.
     Though a small loch, I suppose you could say that if it was not for this small loch, Glasgow may not have been the city it is. It is from Hogganfield Loch that the Molendinar Burn runs towards the Clyde, and it was on the banks of the Molendinar Burn that St Mungo set up his little Christian sanctuary, at the site where the Glasgow Cathedral now stands. This attracted people to the area and the rest is history as they say.
    Today the Molendinar Burn has all but disappeared, in the late 1800's it was contained in a culvert and now runs towards the Clyde somewhere under Wishart Street. Though there is still a small bit just about visible to the Gleswegians that want to have a wee look. At the west side of a fine looking building, 100 Duke Street there is a patch of trees and shrubs and through that growth there is a part of the Molendinar that is still open to the sky.
     The building 100 Duke Street started life as a rather ornate mill, belonging to R F and J Alexander, and is reputed to be the first building in Scotland that was built to be fire resistant. The mill and its workers disappeared as technology changed, and the building then became a home for homeless men, known as the Great Eastern Hotel. Now it is a "residential redevelopment", Still an impressive looking building. 

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No Comment!!!

        This is a little appeal for some help on a matter of this blog. I have run this blog for years and up until a couple of years ago I could respond to comments and make comments through the usual comment section. However for these couple of years now it will not allow me to publish anything through the comments, it means I am unable top respond to any comment that is left on the blog. It might give the impression that I don't appreciate comments or can't be bothered to respond, that isn't the case. I have tried several avenues and approached several people but so far nothing has changed. So any info that might help me resolve this problem would be much appreciate. I'm no geek, but can usually work my way through things, but obviously not in this case.  I'm listening.
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Saturday, 18 May 2019

The Monarch Democracy!!!

       The establishment and its mouthpiece, the mainstream media keep referring to the UK as a democracy, but a democracy with a monarch. This edifice to imperialism may get labelled as a “constitutional monarchy”, but a democracy? I’m sure anyone with a modicum of rationalism must see this as a contradiction, who voted them in, how do you vote the monarch out? Built on that template only an idiot would refer to the UK as a “democracy”. Somewhere else this fantasy democracy falls down is in how it treats it citizens. I would imagine that in a democracy those in most need would receive the most care. Well how does the UK “democracy” fair in that aspect? Well for starters we have lots of privileges heaped on those with lots of money, while at the other end, those in need suffer in poverty. 
         In this UK “democracy” while wealth and plenty is displayed for all to see, it is out of reach for the majority. The fact is that more than 14 million people live in poverty in the UK. Of that army of disadvantaged, 4.5 million are children, while a further 1.4 million are pensioners. Mired in that swamp of avoidable poverty, 7.7 million are deemed to be in persistent poverty, meaning that they have suffered this deplorable condition for four years or more. Then there is those with greater needs, the disabled. Of the unacceptable army of poverty stricken, 6.9 million are in families with a disabled member.
       If you live in this fantasy UK "democracy" and you are a family with a disabled member, you are far more likely to be living in poverty than a family with no disabled member. In fact approximately half of those living in poverty in this land of milk and honey, are disabled, or living with a disabled person.
        Now how do we equate these facts with the word and idea of “democracy? It seems that in this UK fantasy “democracy”, the greater your need the deeper you sink into poverty.
     If we want a "democracy", a real "democracy", we have to get rid of the pompous circus of monarchy and privilege, we have to get rid of the party political system and its inherent corruption, self interest and privileges, we have to dismantle the capitalist system that fosters and is fostered by a brutal, callous, greed driven indifferent drive for profit and growth for the few, at the expense of the many. Or we can continue to live in the self destructive illusion that we are equal participants in a democracy, and that getting shafted is part of the deal.

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Friday, 17 May 2019

Spirit of Revolt Big Day.

       Friday May 10th. 2019 was an important date for Spirit of Revolt, of course we have lots of important dates at SoR, but this one marked the occasion of our first collection being entered into the Mitchell Library Archive Catalogue and will now be available in the reading room of the archive department on the 5th. floor. Spirit of Revolt has 38 collections listed on its website, and others in the pipeline. Most of them contain thousands of documents and most have a considerable number of those documents scanned and on line to read on the website However the Allan Burnett is the first collection to be completely, scanned and on line. Hence our pride in seeing it now being readily available for the public through both our own website and the Mitchell Library Archive Catalogue.
         The scanning process is slow and time consuming, but the backbone of getting our material on line to make it easily accessible to the public at large. Have a look at our website and see what we stand for, and if you feel you would like to volunteer to be part of that operation then you can contact us at
       Our archivist, Paula, in the middle, and wrinkly old me, handing over the completed Allan Burnett Collection to a Mitchell archivists. 

     A proud Paula handing over to wrinkly old me, the SoR catalogue, that will be available in the reading room of the Mitchell Library Archive Department.
      A proud moment when I sit down and peruse the Spirit of Revolt, Allan Burnett Collection catalogue that will be available to the public in the reading room of the Mitchell Library Archive Department.  
       A big thank you to all those who made this possible.
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Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Shooting Us Like Partridges.

       It didn't take a crystal ball to predict the fate of anarchists in Russia after the Bolsheviks came to power. Though the Bolsheviks have gone, the persecution of anarchists continues to this day, and not just in Russia. 

       Here is an extract from the new PM Press edition of Voline’s anarchist history of the Russian Revolution, The Unknown Revolution (with a new introduction by Iain McKay), describing Voline’s encounters with Leon Trotsky, before and during the Russian Revolution. It goes well with Emma Goldman’s “Trotsky Protests Too Much,” which I posted earlier. The excerpt can also be found in Daniel Guérin’s No Gods, No Masters (Ni Dieu Ni Maitre), published by AK Press.

Encounters with Trotsky

           In April 1917 I met Trotsky again. (We had known each other in Russia, and, later in France from which we were both expelled in 1916.) We met in a print shop which specialised in printing the various publications of the Russian left. He was then editor of a daily Marxist paper Novy Mir (New World). As for me, I had been entrusted with editing the last numbers of Golos Truda (Voice of Labour), the weekly organ of the anarcho-syndicalist Union of Russian Workers, shortly before it was moved to Russia. I used to spend one night a week at the print shop while the paper was being prepared. That is how I happened to meet Trotsky on my first night there.

      Naturally we spoke about the Revolution. Both of us were preparing to leave America in the near future to return home.

       In the course of our conversation I said to Trotsky: “Truly I am absolutely sure that you, the Marxists of the left, will end up by seizing power in Russia. That is inevitable, because the Soviets, having been restored, will surely enter into conflict with the bourgeois government. The government will not be able to destroy them because all the workers of the country, both industrial workers and peasants, and also most of the army, will naturally put themselves on the side of the Soviets against the bourgeoisie and the government. And once the Soviets have the support of the people and the army, they will triumph in the struggle. And once they have won it will be you, the Marxists, who will inevitably be carried into power. Because the workers are seeking the revolution in its most advanced form. The syndicalists and anarchists are too weak in Russia to attract the attention of the workers rapidly by their ideas. So the masses will put their confidence in you and you will become ‘the masters of the country.’ And then, look out anarchists! The conflict between you and us is unavoidable. You will begin to persecute us as soon as your power is consolidated. And you will finish by shooting us like partridges. . .”

        “. . .Come, come, comrade,” replied Trotsky. “You have a stubborn and incorrigible imagination. Do you think we are really divided? A mere question of method, which is quite secondary. Like us you are revolutionaries. Like you we are anarchists in the final analysis. The only difference is that you would like to establish your anarchism immediately without a preparatory transition, while we, the Marxists, do not believe it possible to ‘leap’ in one bound into the libertarian millennium. We anticipate a transitory epoch in the course of which the ground for an anarchist society will be cleared and ploughed with the help of the anti-bourgeois political powers: the dictatorship of the proletariat exercised by the proletarian party in power. In the end, it involves only a ‘shade’ of difference, nothing more. On the whole we are very close to one another. We are friends in arms. Remember now: we have a common enemy to fight. How can we think of fighting among ourselves? Moreover, I have no doubt that you will be quickly convinced of the necessity of a temporary proletarian socialist dictatorship. I don’t see any real reason for a war between you and us. We will surely march hand in hand. And then, even if we don’t agree, you are all wrong in supposing that we, the socialists, will use brutal force against the anarchists! Life itself and the judgement of the masses will resolve the problem and will put us in agreement. No! Can you really admit for a single instant such an absurdity: socialists in power shooting anarchists? Come, come, what do you take us for? Anyhow, we are socialists, comrade Voline! We are not your enemies."

         In December 1919, seriously ill, I was arrested by the Bolshevik military authorities in the Makhnovist region of the Ukraine. Considering me an important militant, the authorities advised Trotsky of my arrest by a special telegram and asked for his instructions concerning me. The reply, also by telegram, arrived quickly, clearly, laconically: “SHOOT HIM IMMEDIATELY—TROTSKY.” I was not shot, thanks to a set of circumstances particularly fortunate and entirely fortuitous.

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Hunt The ****.

       I don't as a rule, often slate individual political ballerinas, they are all dangerous charlatans in my book, and all deserve the same level of contempt. However sometimes something appears in the "news" that seems to set me off on a rant, and Jeremy Hunt's call for a massive increase in war spending, just tipped me over the edge, though it shouldn't have, as it is just true to form. 
      Jeremy Hunt, our foreign secretary, admirer of Trump, has come out with an appeal for the government to vastly increase its spending on its war machine, in line with Trump's demands and sabre rattling. I'm surprised he can talk at all, due to the very large silver spoon he was born with in his mouth. Deemed to be the richest member of the cabinet, is quite a claim among a bunch of very rich and privileged parasites.
      This privileged prancing political ballerina, making such demands, is obviously unaware of the increasing poverty among our children and working families, he will not have noticed the homelessness, areas crying out for more resources. How could he be aware of these facts, he is from a different world. He has an excellent pedigree for his class, a product of the Oxbridge sausage factory, a distant relative of Queen Elizabeth II and Oswald Mosley, and from a Royal Navy background, what more could his class ask for.
     These are the types of other world privileged parasites that we allow to shape our lives and our communities, they shape society to the benefit of their class and to hell with the population at large. No doubt his bold militaristic demands is to win the hearts and minds of his party's backwoods, shooting and fishing landed gentry, in an endeavour to land the big job, party leader. 
     Why do we let them take our wealth and turn it into a war machine for their benefit only? Why do we allow those from another alien privileged world to keep us under the yoke of poverty, while they play war games for the benefit of their class and their class alone? Surely we can see through their subterfuge, illusions and lies. We don't belong in their world, and they certainly don't belong in ours.
Early life and education

        Jeremy Hunt was born in Lambeth Hospital, Kennington,[5] the eldest son of Admiral Sir Nicholas Hunt,[6] who was then a Commander in the Royal Navy assigned to work for the Director of Naval Plans inside the recently created Ministry of Defence,[7] and his wife Meriel Eve née Givan (now Lady Hunt), daughter of Major Henry Cooke Givan.[8] Hunt is a descendant of Streynsham Master, a pioneer of the East India Company.[9]
       Hunt was raised in Shere, Surrey, near the constituency that he represents in Parliament.[10] He is a distant relation of Elizabeth II and Oswald Mosley.[11]
      Hunt was educated at Charterhouse where he was Head of School.[6] He then read Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at Magdalen College, Oxford, and took a first class honoursBachelor of Arts (BA) degree. He became involved in Conservative politics while at university, where David Cameron and Boris Johnson were contemporaries.[12] He was active in the Oxford University Conservative Association (OUCA), and was elected to serve as President in 1987.[12]
 Early career
       After university Hunt worked for two years as a management consultant at OC&C Strategy Consultants, and then became an English language teacher in Japan.[13]
      On his return to Britain he tried his hand at a number of different entrepreneurial business ventures, including a failed attempt to export marmalade to Japan.[14] In 1991, Hunt co-founded a public relations agency named Profile PR specialising in IT with Mike Elms, a childhood friend.[13] Hunt and Elms later sold their interest in Profile PR to concentrate on directory publishing.
       Hunt had been interested in creating a 'guide to help people who want to study rather than just travel abroad'[15] and together with Elms founded a company known as Hotcourses in the 1990s, a major client of which is the British Council.[16] Hunt stood down as director of the company in 2009, however still retained 48% of the shares in the company which were held in a blind trust, before Hotcourses was sold in January 2017 for over £30 million to Australian education organisation IDP Education. He personally gained over £14 million from the sale and in doing so became the richest Cabinet member.[16][17][18]
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Monday, 13 May 2019

The "Untouchables".

          Simple questions for today's society, who polices the police? How do you get redress against police "misdemeanors"?
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The UK, Land Of Monarchy And Child Poverty.

          The UK, fifth largest economy in the world, it is awash with wealth, it carries on the back of its people the imperial edifice of a pomp swamp of monarchy and all the aristocratic parasites associated with such a menagerie. Wealth flows freely, but only in certain quarters.
      Since the 2008 "crash" the UK, like lots of capitalist countries, embarked on a policy of "austerity". This was the acceptable euphemism for the scheme to allow the rich financial Mafia to regain their massive gambling loses, by plundering the public purse. Eleven years on and we are told, "austerity is over" but where do we stand?
Well has "austerity" worked? You bet it has, with UK's billionaires having seen their net worth rise by 112% from £258billion to £547 billion since 2009. The previous 12 months saw the biggest jump in the UK super rich in six years, the City of London now boasts 80 billionaires up from 72 last year, more than any other city in the world.
       Well while this "austerity" plan has worked for the super rich, how do we at the other end of this master plan fare?
     Well it is not quite the same story, we the people got clobbered. We have suffered an ever decreasing standard of living, child poverty is increasing, workers in poverty has been increasing. What has been plunder from our social services has fed the super rich as they prance around the world in their private jets and super yachts.
         Joseph Rowntree Foundation research reveals that in the UK child poverty has been rising since 2011/12. with 4.1 million children in the UK living in poverty, a rise of 500,000 in the last five years. 4 million of those in work are living in poverty, a rise of more than half a million over five years. In work poverty has been rising faster than employment, driven almost entirely by increasing poverty among working parents. Two sides of the capitalist coin.
      These appalling figures among the ordinary people of this country are not just statistics, they are lives. Lives stunted in health and well-being, the potential of our children destroyed, an increase in stress among families, the breaking up of families, people pushed to homelessness, hard working people put under strain to the detriment of their emotional and physical health. All this, not as an unavoidable set of circumstances, but by the deliberate policies of the chosen few who play the corrupt game to the advantage of their rich cronies. It is called capitalism, and any attempt at trying to turn this exploitative, profit driven system into something with a shred of humanity is doomed to failure, it is not in the nature of the beast. It has to be totally dismantled and replaced with a system of justice, fairness, co-operation and sustainability that sees to the needs of all our people, in a word, anarchism. 

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Sunday, 12 May 2019

"Writers For Miners" Free CD.

        Spirit of Revolt is anarchist/libertarian-socialist archive dedicated to preserving and making easily accessible to the public at large, Glasgow/Clydeside grass-roots history of struggle. We are not connected to any political party or trade union nor do we receive any funding from any of these organisation. We are a volunteer group who give our time freely, however in a capitalist society funds are a necessary evil to survive and grow. We rely on our various outreach programs to raise funds, and the much appreciated supporters who have signed a direct debit to help sustain this project, to them, a great big thank you.
         In an endeavour to increase our funds and help secure the project, we are, for a limited period offering a CD and booklet, Writers for Miners, to anyone who signs up a direct debit for £5 or more, to Spirit of Revolt. It will be free delivery in the UK, further afield we would have to look at the cost. Have a look at our website, if you like what we are doing and think we are doing a good job, then the price of a couple of coffees a month would be much appreciated.

Details of the CD and booklet:

The Writers for Miners Events, 1984

      In 1984-85 events known as “Writers for Miners” took place on consecutive Saturdays in Glasgow’s 3rd Eye Centre to raise funds for striking coal miners at local pits in one of the most significant industrial disputes in world history.
      With 140,000 out on strike the Thatcher Government planned to break the power of the NUM union, the most well organised group of workers in the country. With 11,291 arrests and lasting 1 year it unleashed massive state repression, brutality and violence. The other unions largely did not show solidarity and the strike failed, opening the door to the destruction of working class communities, job insecurity and privatisation.
      Performers, poets, visual artists and others decided to support the striking miners in Scotland and formed artists-in-Solidarity which organised fundraising for the miners’ families by holding events. This CD is a recording of those events. James Kelman explains, “Radical history is marginalised by the State and events of this nature should be recorded otherwise they are forgotten. The STUC offered to part-fund the project but on this occasion failed to come up with the money. We still went ahead. It was hoped that a selection of songs, poetry and prose-readings might be produced eventually in the form of a couple of albums (all proceeds to the miners’ strike fund). It didn’t happen, for one reason or another…The original project was launched in support of the miners and their families. Those days may have gone but solidarity and comradeship haven’t. All proceeds from the sale of the Writers for Miners album will go toward the Spirit of Revolt (S.O.R.) Archive, in appreciation of the crucial work carried out by the S.O.R. volunteers in the preservation of radical history”.

In 1984, those involved were,

Norman McCaig, Freddy Anderson, Hamish Henderson,
 Duncan Maclean, Kathleen Jamie and Robert Alan Jamieson,
 Donald Saunders, Peter Nardini, Rab Noakes,
Nancy Nicolson, Alasdair Gray, Jeff Torrington, Agnes Owens,
Carl MacDougall, James Kelman, Archie Hind, Donald Saunders,
Tom Leonard, Edwin Morgan, Edward Boyd, Danny Kyle, 
Tom McGrath, Jeff Torrington, Agnes Owens, Archie Hind. 
Where will you get such a fabulous collection of performers on one CD?

         You can contact us at our donate page, or at Set up your Direct debit, send us your address and we will forward the CD and booklet. In anticipation we thank you for your support.
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"The World's Largest Democracy"???


       The Indian elections are in full swing at the moment, and I have heard it described by one mainstream reporter as "the largest democracy in the world". That phrase of course makes me want to take a look at this "democracy", how do the people fare in this "largest democracy in the world"? 
      Well of course we know it is a "democracy" built on the usual capitalist format. It is a land of unimaginable wealth, fantastic economic growth figures,  10% over a considerable numbers of years, its GDP is 1,644 billion US dollars, it is one of the largest economies in the world, all this is built on a vast swamp of abject poverty and deprivation. Corporate bosses and members of the financial Mafia rub their hands in glee at the opportunities India offers to exploit millions of poverty stricken people. To these parasites, India is a land of milk and honey, but a "democracy", never by any stretch of the imagination.

        Approximately two thirds of India's population live in poverty, the figures of India's "democratic" poverty are staggering, 68.8% of the population lives on less than $2 a day, while more than 30% try to get by on less than $1.25 a day, this by international standards classifies them as extremely poor. These figures translate into making India one of the poorest countries in the world. Are you seeing "democracy" yet, nor me. 
      The Indian "democracy" is the usual capitalist "democracy" built on the principle of the rich and powerful having all the rights they require to exploit the many, to subject them to poverty and deprivation to increase the wealth and power of that small bunch of parasites that hold the reins of power. The words "democracy" and "capitalism" are incompatible principles, capitalism is the plunder of the world's population and assets to enhance the wealth and power of the few, democracy, true democracy, is the use of the world's assets to see to the needs of all people in a sustainable manner, and ner the twain shall meet. "Largest Democracy In The World" my arse. 

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Saturday, 11 May 2019

Anarchy Is For lovers.

      We at Spirit of Revolt are always busy getting as many documents, serials, pamphlets, leaflets, articles, photos etc. up on our website to make our history easily accessible for all. Though there are lots of fascinating material already available on the website, now and again something comes up for uploading and it seems relevant to draw attention to that particular item. 
       Because anarchism, anarchists, due to the bad-mouthed misinformation from the mainstream media, these two words are probably the most misunderstood in the English language. As a result of this distortion of the truth, anarchists are deemed to be destructive and violent, while anarchism is portrayed as chaos, against organisation and devoid of co-operation. Nothing could be further from the truth, anarchism is based on the love of humanity, the desire for justice and freedom of choice for all, all bound up with responsibility for your actions. Anarchists are against hierarchical power, injustice, exploitation, and will always stand up against these distortions of humanity.
        So we thought we would draw attention to this months “Read of the Month” it is taken from our John Cooper Collection, T SOR 3-52-145, Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Anarchism But Were Afraid To Ask. First published by The Anarchist Media Group. This edition published jointly by Black Sheep, Dark Star & Rebel Press.
Being informed is to be nearer the truth, enjoy and learn. 
Courtesy of Spunk Press:  Read on line:
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We Must Stop The Plunder Of Loch Lomond For Profit.

        Like anyone brought up in Glasgow and and further afield, the Loch Lomond area has been a paradise, a world of pleasure and beauty, a place of peace and quiet, an endless world of warm companionship when shared with friends and family. Its natural beauty is difficult to surpass, I have splashed in its cool waters, (sometimes freezing waters), I have walked its hills and glens, I have cycled its roads, I have enjoyed its tranquility. The pleasure and beauty this place delivers is endless, as it is varied. People from across the globe come to sample its rugged beauty, its wild unspoiled panorama, a gem of unparalleled natural beauty free for all to enjoy.
         Now however our lords and masters who are tasked with protecting our natural heritage have decided all that must change. In their profit and economic growth mentality, they have decide what Loch Lomond needs is a theme park, luxury hotels, self catering apartments, luxury homes for the few, restaurants coffee shops, amusement arcades and the mishmash of "fun-things" that make money, and what you will find in any big city. They wish to take the natural beauty of Loch Lomond and cover a large swath of its natural beauty in bricks, tarmac and concrete. To feed their appetite for "economic growth" which is a euphemism for stuffing a few rich sods bank accounts, they are prepared to decimate woodlands, destroy rare wildlife, animal and fauna, take what is free public land and turn it into a private money making asset for a few from the financial Mafia. A place of beauty free for all to roam and enjoy, will become private property where you are excluded, unless you can come up with the money.
      This land is ours, it is there for all to enjoy, free, they don't have the right to steal it for their money making machine. We would be a land of craven idiots if we let them get away with this plunder of public land for profit. Our voices must be loud and our actions in defence of our free to roam beautiful land, must be determined and forceful, we can't let this happen.

        ON Loch Lomond’s bonnie banks this week only the clouds lurking sullenly over the hills that garland them hinted at a storm. This is one of those places that looks as magnificent in wind and rain as in sunshine and this week has seen it at its moody finest. Yet it has become the focal point of a planning and environmental row which swamps anything the elements can throw at it.
       Last month updated plans for a £30m leisure development at the southern gateway to Loch Lomond at Balloch were re-presented to Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park Authority. The development is being backed by Scottish Enterprise but alarms are being raised at the process by which the land was bought and the bewildering nexus of business and political ‘relationships’ that have paved the way for it to happen. In 2016 Scottish Enterprise announced that the preferred bidder to develop the site was Flamingo Land, an outfit which runs a theme park and zoo in North Yorkshire. Both Flamingo Land and its partners at Scottish Enterprise insist that their plans are sensitive to the fragile beauty and eco-structure of Loch Lomond, perhaps the most globally-recognised representation of Scotland’s natural beauty.
Read the full article HERE:
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Friday, 10 May 2019

Israeli Zionists Poison Human Dignity.

       What has to happen in Gaza for the world to take the perpetrators of this genocide to task? How much deeper in despair, misery and deprivation do the people of Gaza have to sink before the world deal firmly and justly with the engineers of this human tragedy? We all know the gang responsible for this crime against humanity, it is blindingly obvious, it is that festering cancer, the Israeli Zionist apartheid regime with its blind irrational and brutal policies based on the belief that an invisible man in the sky gave them this land around 2,000 years ago, and the world accepts this. The answer to these questions is of course, the world will not address this brutal savagery based on idiotic blind faith and greed for profit. As long as capitalism can extract profit from this swamp of misery built on religious bigotry, the Palestinian blood will flow. The only real long term and permanent answer is to demolish the capitalist system that works hand in glove with the rancid poison that is being inflicted on the Palestinian people. That of course does not mean we ignore the present, we must shout louder, act more forcibly, and continue to highlight this avoidable gushing bleeding wound, that is a deliberate and avoidable travesty of human dignity.

        The UN estimates that an extra $20m is needed to plug an otherwise imminent health crisis.
         “The worst-case scenario is we would not able to continue to feed half the population of Gaza,” Elizabeth Campbell, director of UNRWA’s Washington DC office told The Independent.
        “We will have to close schools, people would have no access to our health care systems. We will have to cut jobs.”
          After the Palestinian Authority, UNRWA is the largest employer of people in Gaza.
          Ms Campbell warned that a destabilised Gaza would also pose a direct threat to Israel.
       “You will have a major humanitarian catastrophe which would easily spread across territories,” she said.
        “We are deeply concerned about the security implications.”
     Her warnings were echoed by Jamie McGoldrick, the UN humanitarian coordinator for occupied Palestinian territory, who said on Wednesday that without immediate funding as many as 1,700 people in Gaza could lose their limbs over the next two years.
       Some 29,000 people in the enclave have been wounded by Israeli fire at protests and clashes near to the border fences over the past year.
        At least 7,000 have suffered gunshot wounds, mostly to their lower limbs. Hundreds of those are in need of urgent limb-saving treatment provided by the UN.
Read the full article HERE: 
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Thursday, 9 May 2019

With Sickening Regularity, Another Anarchist Beaten By Prison Guards.

      States across the world, day in and day out, use their rigged judicial system to heap harsh repression on those who would dare to speak out against their legislated injustices. What they bring to law, no matter how barbaric, unjust or cruel that legislation may be, they will enforce with the full force of their tools of repression, carried out by duped fools who see it as their duty to do so.
      Anarchist who stand on the principles of justice, equality and freedom, are usually the most vocal in their criticism of these injustices built into our society. So it is no surprise that anarchists will continually be the target of the repressive and authoritarian states, that today, cover the globe. We could fill a library with the names of anarchists who have suffered brutal violence, and on many occasions, death at the hands of the various states across the planet.
         The forms of repression may vary from state to state, some more barbaric than others, but the aim is the same, to silence dissent, to create subservience. Conditions totally unacceptable to any freethinking mind, and it is with that band of humanity that anarchist will always stand. Each and every one that makes that stand demands our full support and solidarity.
        The following case is just one, in one country, but we all know this can be repeated, many times over, in varying degrees, in any country on the planet. 
This from Freedom News:

Iranian anarchist prisoner Soheil Arabi severely beaten by prison guards

World, May 8th
       Anarchist political prisoner Soheil Arabi, who is detained in Fashafoyeh (the Greater Tehran Prison), was sent to Firoozabadi Hospital after being injured from beatings by prison guards.
       Soheil Arabi was arrested by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) agents at his home in Tehran in November 2013 and charged with insulting the Prophet Mohammad in his postings on social media about Atena Daemi: a human rights activist and a political prisoner in Iran. In August 2014, Arabi was sentenced to death.
        Soheil had experienced prison torture in the past. Most recently, he was summoned, interrogated and severely beaten for his connection with the letter he wrote from the Greater Tehran Prison about the condition of the prisoners in Fashafoyeh “Greater Tehran” Prison. In result, he has suffered an injury to his testicular area. Following the hospital visit, he was returned to prison without treatment. He was also denied access to a telephone and visitors.
         In November 2018, Soheil Arabi sent a message from prison on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women:

“Humanity deserves the best.

        Speak of fighting violence against women! Of women’s struggle against oppression, discrimination, and violence by society; Of violence in Evin and Qarchak to the Varamin hunger strike; Of the abuse and threats interrogators make against women; Of tears shed at meetings; combating violence against women is, without a doubt, one of the most important demands of the liberation movement and we are all fighting against gender discrimination.
         The discrimination that systems have taught us where women are men’s property and tools to serve them. This was the thought that had me ashamed of silence.
        Silence against violence is betrayal. Rise up and shout: Shout, “my mother does not deserve violence, my sister and I do not deserve misogyny”.
          Stand up and tear down the barriers, you warrior! I bow down to all those who stood up against gender discrimination and violence, particularly violence against women, and paid the price of cold, damp prison cells, at the foot of the gallows and under the lash of whips.
        I bow down to the mothers who raised freedom fighters; those who saw violence and stood against it.
         The word “violence” needs to be erased and efforts to eliminate it require a humane society. Now is the time to stand up against the clenched fists raised at women and liberators. So I stand up too with mighty women liberators shouting to eliminate violence against women, and not to be silent against violence.

Rise up so that our children may learn humanity deserves the best.

Soheil Arabi November, 2018 Greater Tehran Central Penitentiary”
Sources: The Anarchist Union of Afghanistan and Iran, Prameń
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