Thursday, 4 June 2020

Killing Machine.

        Most of the world's decent people are shocked and outraged at the public murder by the police of George Floyd, and the continuous killing of African Americans by the police on an almost daily basis, all strength to their righteous anger. However what doesn't seem to have yet entered the public consciousness is that in South Africa the police kill more than three times the number of people that are killed by the police in the United States per capita. Killing and violence are part and parcel of the state malaise. State killings and brutality are on an unimaginable magnitude during their many and continuous wars, these killings are of people in another country, usually under the pretext of bring peace and democracy, though the ordinary people of the invading country also pay a price. However the state doesn't stop its violence and killings in times of so called "Peace", in country after country ordinary people are brutalised and killed by the enforcers of their own government. The state and violence are inseparable. They kill to enrich their resources and markets, they kill to stop other states from gaining resources and markets, they brutalise and kill at home to preserve their festering system of greed and power.
     Killing and violence are the basis of their system, how else could they exploit, rob and plunder year in year out, how else could the garner the wealth created by the many, into the hands of the few. The killing will only stop when we finally accept that it is our responsibility to bring to an end this cancerous economic system. This is not just a fight against the police brutality and racism, it is a fight against a system that to survive it requires the back up of its many violent and killing agencies.
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Wednesday, 3 June 2020


        What we are looking at in the wide spread riots and mass protests following the public murder of George Floyd by the police, is a mirror of Los Angeles, 1965, only on a much larger scale. It becomes obvious that in this capitalist economy nothing changes in the relationship between the state and the general population. The only change seems to be in the growing inequality and the more brutal and draconian methods to keep the system going in the same ruthless manner. I have no doubt these events will keep repeating themselves until we finally get rid of the root cause, the state/capitalist economic system that is driven by greed and profit, and has shackled our lives for centuries.

    Some photos from those Watts riots, 1965.

Rare footage from Watts 1965:

      The following is an extract from quite a long article, but well worth reading, from "Bureau of Public Secrets" on those 1965 riots in the Watts district of Los Angeles.
The Decline and Fall of the
Spectacle-Commodity Economy

  August 13-16, 1965, the blacks of Los Angeles revolted. An incident between traffic police and pedestrians developed into two days of spontaneous riots. Despite increasing reinforcements, the forces of order were unable to regain control of the streets. By the third day the blacks had armed themselves by looting accessible gun stores, enabling them to fire even on police helicopters. It took thousands of police and soldiers, including an entire infantry division supported by tanks, to confine the riot to the Watts area, and several more days of street fighting to finally bring it under control. Stores were massively plundered and many were burned. Official sources listed 32 dead (including 27 blacks), more than 800 wounded and 3000 arrests.
        Reactions from all sides were most revealing: a revolutionary event, by bringing existing problems into the open, provokes its opponents into an inhabitual lucidity. Police Chief William Parker, for example, rejected all the major black organizations’ offers of mediation, correctly asserting: “These rioters don’t have any leaders.” Since the blacks no longer had any leaders, it was the moment of truth for both sides. What did one of those unemployed leaders, NAACP general secretary Roy Wilkins, have to say? He declared that the riot “should be put down with all necessary force.” And Los Angeles Cardinal McIntyre, who protested loudly, did not protest against the violence of the repression, which one might have supposed the most tactful policy at a time when the Roman Church is modernizing its image; he denounced “this premeditated revolt against the rights of one’s neighbor and against respect for law and order,” calling on Catholics to oppose the looting and “this violence without any apparent justification.” And all those who went so far as to recognize the “apparent justifications” of the rage of the Los Angeles blacks (but never the real ones), all the ideologists and “spokesmen” of the vacuous international Left, deplored the irresponsibility, the disorder, the looting (especially the fact that arms and alcohol were the first targets) and the 2000 fires with which the blacks lit up their battle and their ball. But who has defended the Los Angeles rioters in the terms they deserve?
        We will. Let the economists fret over the $27 million lost, and the city planners sigh over one of their most beautiful supermarkets gone up in smoke, and McIntyre blubber over his slain deputy sheriff. Let the sociologists bemoan the absurdity and intoxication of this rebellion. The role of a revolutionary publication is not only to justify the Los Angeles insurgents, but to help elucidate their perspectives, to explain theoretically the truth for which such practical action expresses the search.
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Tuesday, 2 June 2020

The Murmur.

      As I have always said, nobody knows the spark that will ignite the fire. Police brutality goes on day and daily, in country after country, and there is an angry murmuring. George Floyd's public murder by the police, thanks to modern technology, circulated the world, that was the spark that ignited this fire. This was not a sudden and unexpected explosion, this is the release of decades of pent up discontent and anger, decades of having injustice heaped on you on a daily bases. George Floyd threw open a door through which our anger could run free and express itself and attack the causes of those decades of brutality and injustice. 
     Of course you'll get the so called voices of "reason" condemning the destruction and looting, but where were they when for centuries the wealth created by the many was continually being looted by the few, where were their voices when the few, through the state and corporate bodies heaped destruction on our home, the planet? In a society where the majority are continually being looted of the wealth they create, what the apologists for the state, the media, call "looting" is merely taking back some of what you created. The trillions paid to the corporate world as a "bailout", is nothing more than looting the public purse by the state to comfort the wealthy few. 
      Yes, this anger may subside, and authority take back control, if that happens, then the brutality, the plundering of public wealth, the gross inequality and injustice will return, and you will have to accept it, or ignite another fire. The state authority and its accompanying brutality will not melt away because you desire it to do so, it will require the full force of your anger to rid ourselves of that scourge. 
      This could be the birth pangs of a new world as it struggles to be born, trying to push its way from the darkness to a bright new future. The choice is ours.
The Murmer Of The Poor

Brokers, bankers, Earls, Dukes,
callous, mercenary, pirate crew
gasconading through the land
Bloated, pampered, privileged few.

Striding with selfish arrogance
plundering as you go
grasping at the fruits
the common people sow.

Take heed, you swaggering fat cats
in our world you don't belong,
that murmur you hear is the poor
rehearsing an angry song.

The day is fat approaching
when our chorus loud you'll hear,
then all your greed and treachery
will surely cost you dear.

A price you'll pay for being blind
to the hungry at your door,
oh, haste the day our angry chorus
becomes a mighty roar. 
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Monday, 1 June 2020


       Somethings I always expect when I visit Not Buying Anything, compassion, insight, respect and common sense. Qualities if we all acted upon, we would have arrived at that better world by now.
   Here are Gregg's latest thoughts on today's society.
Looters On A Rampage. 

      I was going to write about my garden, which is fully planted, but there is so much going on in the world right now I find myself needing to sow some ideas in the fertile soil of the internet first.
      So here goes with some random thoughts.
      * When you steal the contents of a store you are a looter.
     When you steal the contents of an old growth forest you are an enterprising industry leader.
     * When telling a lie, tell a whopper. Keep repeating it. If challenged, double down. 
      For example - "You are free." "We care." "TINA." "Corruption only happens in other countries." "You have Freedom of Assembly."
     * You can rob more money by owning a bank than by robbing a bank. 
     * There is never enough money for the people's projects.
     There is always enough money for propping up crony capitalism.
    * When you dump a load of steer manure on a CEO's doorstep you are engaging in "domestic terrorism".
     When that CEO dumps toxic shit in your drinking water he is engaging in "bringing jobs and prosperity to your community".
     * When a crowd of people are in the street (some with automatic weapons), disrupting traffic and screaming moistly for haircuts and a sit down fast food meal, they get a police escort.
     When a crowd of peaceful, non-violent, non-armed citizens are in the street screaming (also moistly) for justice they get pepper spray, rubber bullets and police infiltrators/provocateurs instigating violence to discredit their message.
    * When you try to save the Earth you are an ecoterrorist and will be rewarded with scorn and incarceration.
     When you succeed in destroying the Earth, if you are lucky, you will be rewarded by becoming a billionaire.
     I can see who the real looters are, and where the real violence is coming from.
      It is not the citizens I have seen in the streets, who are largely peaceful and compassionate toward each other and loving toward their communities.
    Right now the real looters are on a record-setting multi-trillion dollar rampage. It is the largest transfer of wealth in the history of large transfers of wealth.
     And the largest purveyors of violence on the planet are state authorities trying to keep our necks under their knees. "We can't breathe!"
     These truths aren't being reported while we are obsessing over The People's understandable reaction to an obviously messed up social and economic situation.
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Crazy World.

       When you survey the world we live in you see so much blatant injustice, poverty, corruption, greed, violence and inequality, in the midst of unimaginable wealth. You see and hear the wealthy being applauded for their pilfering and greed, and you ask yourself, why do we tolerate this plundering of the common wealth by the greedy few. We could all write volumes of the way the world is being destroyed by that greedy few. There is another way to live, we could put it all right if we the many would only rise up and take control. There is a better world in all our hearts, we just need the courage to take control and start to build it here and now.


In this crazy world,
             half dead from dereliction
             half brutalised from deprivation
             half drowned in a sea of greed
             half devoured by perpetual need.
             war shrieks from East to West
             famine seldom seems to rest
             hunger stalks the layman’s life
             poverty kills with a silent knife.
We find
            a pompous pampered arrogant clique
            live a life that’s smooth and sleek
            far removed from want and fear,
            bought with another’s sweat and tear.
            not a word do they speak
            to aid the fallen or the weak
            preferring to kneel at luxury’s shrine
            repeating their mantra, “This is mine”.
Now watch them
            peddle lies of tongue and pen
            slyly hoard their plunder then
            with spurious sanctimonious phrase
            shed crocodile tears at man’s malaise.
            is it written that masses must sweat
            deprivation and misery a constant threat
            covering the world in measureless wealth
            so the few can plunder with avid stealth?
In friendship
            let’s clasp each human hand
            with compassion try to understand
            our differences, our hopes, our fears
            dragging mankind from this sea of tears.
            a world where justice flowers
            the many reap the fruits of toiling hours
            a world of sharing, tending the others need
            an end to privilege, plunder and greed.

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Sunday, 31 May 2020

Silencing Dissent.

         The tentacles of the state's authority machine spread far and slither into a variety of places. Ever seeking to silence dissent, tie the lips of resistance, isolate the people from the true nature of society, and advance their desire for a submissive population.
       If you ever go on to, you would expect to find a plethora of views and information on autonomous spaces, resistance to injustice, support for migrants, direct action against repressive state actions, support for those in struggle for freedom, etc..
      However today you will find a very simple message that highlights how the freedom of speech is always under attack from those who oppose real change to this repressive and exploitative society that dominates our daily lives.
      Those who  desire freedom must always be on a war footing and ever vigilant, as the attack on our freedoms is relentless, surreptitious and backed up by repressive legislation, all moulded in favour of those in power.
     The following is the clear message you will find today if you click onto 
Hello, comrades:
        We would like to inform you about the latest developments on the shutdown of the server.
          The information we received is that the server went out of order after an oral command of the rector of Panteion University to their computerisation section on the occasion of a complaint about digital piracy.
       More specifically, this complaint concerned two book titles that were uploaded in pdf format to one of the hundreds of blogs hosted by the server. We immediately tried to contact the rectorial authorities and work out a solution, wanting to regain access to the content of the blogs as soon as possible.
        The server, which hosts 850 blogs, has been located in Panteion University since the beginning of Espiv project in 2008. From time to time issues have arisen, and so far we have managed to overcome them and keep the server in place, at a public university in Athens (Greece).
       We understand that many things have changed over the last 12 years, and from time to time we have discussed the real conditions under which Espiv project continues to operate. However, it is our intention and desire to keep the server in place, with all political and labour collectives, neighbourhood assemblies and self-organised projects hosted on it.
     Our repeated attempts to receive a clear answer from the rectorial authorities fell on deaf ears. On Thursday, 28 May 2020 (a week after the shutdown), we received information that the rector will refer our issue to the next council of the senate of Panteion University, which is unknown when it will take place. One should not be too superstitious or naive to assume that all this is due to increased academic duties. After all, the command to shut down the server was given impressively quickly. With universities still closed and after a two-month lockdown, conditions were considered favourable to add another movement’s infrastructure to the long list of squats and projects recently suppressed. A choice that expands repression in the field of internet, imposing the normality of social media, digital snitching, and recording and surveillance of any information circulated on the internet, again showing that the role of the cop can be played well by all sorts of rectors and state employees. The choice to suppress an infrastructure that supports the expression of dozens of collectives within the antagonist movement can only find us against them.

      We will let you know of any further developments and mobilisations.


The administration crew of
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Saturday, 30 May 2020


        May 30th, last day of the month, so I suppose we just made it. Spirit of Revolt's "Read of the Month" for May is a copy of the paper, Regeneración. Started in 1900, in Mexico and continued in 1937 in Glasgow. Our Read of the Month is of the Glasgow version, from our MV Collection. Enjoy.
     The anarchist paper Regeneración first produced in Mexico 1n 1900, Wikipedia-(Regeneración (Spanish: [rexeneɾaˈsjon]) was a Mexicananarchist newspaper that functioned as the official organ of the Mexican Liberal Party. Founded by the Flores Magón brothers in 1900, it was forced to move to the United States in 1905.[1]Jesús Flores Magón published the paper (along with Anselmo Figueroa, a leading member of the party), while his brothers Ricardo and Enrique contributed articles.[2] The Spanish edition of Regeneración was edited by Ricardo, and the English version by W. C. Owen and Alfred G. Santleben.[3] )
      Guy Aldred, Glasgow anarchist, started an English version in 1937 as the Organ of the United Socialist Movement. At Spirit of Revolt we have Volume, 1 No. 3 dated 7th March 1937, of this relaunch in our MV Collection.

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State Violence.

       Solidarity knows no borders, that doesn't just apply to those imaginary lines drawn by the various states across the planet. It must also apply to those borders between those under state incarceration and those on the other side who are still able to roam the streets. The prison population has been growing in most countries and most prisons are overcrowded, conditions are unhygienic and deteriorating, rules are vindictive and manipulated to repress and humiliate, they are cesspools of official callous violence. Added to this is the now constant threat of covid19 rampant in unhygienic, overcrowded conditions, with inadequate health care.
     Now more than ever those enmeshed in the states savage prison regime need and deserve our full solidarity until we finally bring down that border between incarceration and freedom. 
“If Tamir was named Andy from the Hamptons”

Every breath is an air of defiance
sparks flying I breathe fire
What happened in the Lorraine
happened in Ferguson & Batton Rouge
Police keeping cities safe
passing out freedom bullets
Black bodies not regarded as anything
more than click-bait and hot topics
If Tamir was named Andy
from the Hamptons
maybe it’d make a fucking difference?!
This isn’t gang violence, its state violence
its race violence, it shouldn’t exist but
so often does happen without outrage
from the privileged to well off
to be outspoken
This isn’t new it’s just finally on the news
cause people took to the streets
& when told to disperse they refused
So painful but its true
Blue Lives Murder

      The following open letter from Eric King anarchist prisoner in U$A and published in 325:
     This is my sixth year in prison and has easily been the hardest. After being accused of assaulting a lieutenant on August 17, 2018, I’ve been in the SHU since. The past two years have shown me a wide scope of state brutality: physical beatings and tortures, psychological games like being kept in bare rooms with no contact to the free world, and their legal power – bringing serious new charges that could carry 20 additional years. Resistance is not a game.
      During this time I’ve learned a lot; that A LOT of people get set up this way, that prison support is priceless, that they can always turn it up, and that WE can always turn it up also. Despite the harsh sanctions and restrictions, I’ve refused to be a wilting willow. Now has been the time to face them head on – whether legally with motions and pressure; casual bucking; hard bucking; leading protest for basic rights; having long talks about social, class, and prisoner consciousness; and organizing the other prisoners. Anarchists don’t hide.
     One thing I couldn’t have done this without has been the outpouring of support. Fiscal support to my canteen and legal fundraiser (keep it coming pls), the uptake in letters, those who sent magazines, books and articles after we won those rights. I let me supporters and Team know this wasn’t going to be a smooth ride, that resistance is in my blood, and they’ve stuck it out. People new and long lasting have shown up when needed most. We cannot fight on the inside, without you on the outside. We are fighting cases, fighting injustice, fighting the same battles happening in the streets, inside, in close quarters.
    Prisons need to be demolished, it’s a fight that can only be won on two fronts – unity inside and solidarity outside. We chop this dragon’s head off, relegate it to horror stories and museums of resistance. Together, it’s possible.
     Thank you to everyone who has helped in any way, whether being kind to my partner, donating funds, showing up to trail (August 10th, see you there!).

Let’s take FTTP literal, shall we?

Until All Are Rubble,

Fire Ant Collective
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Friday, 29 May 2020

Social Control.

      We can be sure that the state will use this pandemic as a platform for experimenting with new social controls that it can tweak and introduce after this pandemic is over. Social distancing, limited numbers at certain events, will continue for quite a while, and will be enhanced and modified to increase control over the population. The longer it goes on, the more they hope the public will become accustomed to some form of these measure. We have to vigilant and determined to ensure that all those restrictions introduced because of the pandemic must be totally scrapped as soon as this pandemic is under control. They will not do this willingly, it will require our determined and organised effort to unsure this happens.
      The following is an extract from an article on the Greek state's actions during this pandemic, from Crimethinc: 
       Night is especially scary; teams of Delta police can be seen riding around in motorcycle gangs, beating and arresting people at random, chiefly non-white immigrants. On top of this, gatherings of 30 to 50 cops can be seen at various checkpoints, flagrantly violating the social distancing protocol that is the justification for the lockdown in the first place. This sort of opportunism would be comical if it weren’t so oppressive for the most vulnerable residents.
     However, disdain for the police behavior is widespread, even among residents who were annoyed by Exarchia’s squats and riots in the past. We are certain that when the lockdown measures are eased, resistance will return with a vengeance.
      The state has done everything it can to blame the public if social distancing efforts fail. The state and corporate media have spread fabricated videos of people not respecting social distance in order to turn Greek society against itself. The state is using this pandemic to experiment with martial law, even enforcing prohibitions on swimming and fishing. Such measures serve to test what Greek people will put up with in order to refine plans for future authoritarian efforts to change this society, especially considering that the IMF now anticipates an even worse economic downturn than the recession of 2008.
    All across the country, Greek police are ticketing homeless people for violating the lockdown as a consequence of lacking shelter, ticketing immigrants at a higher rate and targeting the most vulnerable on the pretext of enforcing safety measures. The Greek state has also evicted student housing throughout Athens, a step they likely hope will make it easier to privatize the university system in the future. They are also using the text message system via which residents request permission from the state to go outside to collect information about the general population.
     In short, the Greek state that slashed funding for medical facilities and accelerated the privatization of health care is dealing with the pandemic by escalating state control and social manipulation. In early April, when doctors and other workers at the Evangelismos hospital in central Athens tried to stage a demonstration demanding more protective equipment, an army of police swarmed in to shut it down. In addition to ordering direct assaults on medical staff, the authorities have also told Greek medical workers that they are forbidden to speak publicly to the press about issues relating to the pandemic.
Well worth while to read the full article HERE: 
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Thursday, 28 May 2020

Familiar Road.

     What a beautiful day, so ventured out on the dream machine to a familiar patch, but one I hadn't visited for some considerable time. A wee run around Milton of Campsie. Not the flattest of routes but well loved by yours truly. I'm sure they make those hills a bit higher each year, or so it feels. I'm sure there must be another reason I'm overlooking for that thought. 
      Stopped to take a couple of photos at the cafe I sometimes popped into for that obligatory plate of soup and coffee, It is of course closed because of this Covid19 beastie. No following camera woman Stasia on this route. The name of the cafe refers to where it is, near the Campsie Fells. 

    Across the road from the cafe there is a little garden with a marble bench seat. The inscription, which I don't think you can read in the photo, tells us that it was created in memory of one of our far too many politicians, Charles Kennedy, JP., and counciller, for this area, not to be confused with the other Charles Kennedy Liberal MP. 
      Another claim to fame for this wee village is that a farm in Milton of Campsie area was the birth place of Scottish radical, Thomas Muir.

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The Crowd.

        I have always maintained, in this capitalist society, that dissatisfaction and anger is always present, simmering just below the surface. Sometime it displays itself in a small burst, isolated and then quietly fades, sometimes it can be a mass display by a large group of people, finds its way into the media, and then disappears. Then there are those times of course when it is an explosion of released energy fueled by anger and fury, thousands take to the streets and, like in Chile recently, attack the symbols of the system, they burn banks, police stations and loot shops. No matter how small or how large, they are all part of that discontent and subdued anger. Sooner or later it will explode and the existing system will not be able to put its exploitative and repressive parts together again. Well that, in my mind, is the aim of all those bursts of anger, large or small.

I Am The Crowd.

I am the crowd
I swim in the quagmire of poverty
its hooks, its barbs, tear my flesh
rupture my dreams,
I hold my breath for centuries
hoping to break through, gasp pure air.
Through the murky mire
I see bright things, shiny things sparkle
I see women in fine dresses, men in silk shirts
I ask myself,
why do I swim in this cesspool?

I want the light and warmth of rectitude
to caress my labouring body,
seeds of my dreams to bloom
like wild flowers in a meadow.
One day I will use my boundless strength
to haul this torn, battered being
out of the morass
onto the warm grassy bank,
when I do;
woe betide you, women in fine dresses
woe betide you mister in your fine silk shirt
should you ever try to get in my way,
for I am the strength of the world, I am the crowd. 

       The following is a piece on one of those small bursts of anger, a small display of that underlying discontent that one day will explode.

Amazon Vans Sabotaged in Solidarity with Striking Workers by Lorenzo Orsetti Anarchist Brigade: North Carolina (USA)
      We are seldom compelled to claim the ways we choose to attack. We are not specialists, nor anarchists isolated from the acts of sabotage and theft that we know occur daily by employees within the Amazon monster. We generally prefer our actions to be just another strike amongst the many, adding to the already existent chorus of rage and discontent. As the crisis deepens and the feelings of isolation and helplessness appear to be sinking in, it is important to remember that one way of regaining agency in our lives is through attack and disruption.
      It is not only the corona virus that is making our lives unbearable, but even more so, it is our continued daily lives under capitalism and state control. Amazon and other tech companies are exploiting the virus, accumulating unheard- of profits and pushing their nightmare tech world. Amazon claims to provide a safe future for society all the while continuing to put its lowest paid employees in danger of infection, biding their time until they can eliminate those positions completely and replace them with automation and robots.
Along with all these reasons, we chose to sneak into one of Amazon’s parking areas and slash the tires of eight delivery vans – for the sheer pleasure of feeling alive and for the continuation of resistance during a confusing time. We know this is just one drop in a vast sea, but to quote a fallen comrade, “Always remember that ‘every storm begins with a single raindrop.’ And try to be that raindrop yourself.”
In solidarity with the striking Amazon workers!
       For ourselves and towards an eternal mayday for all of us!
Lorenzo Orsetti Anarchist Brigade in North Carolina
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Wednesday, 27 May 2020

New World.

          Obviously this pandemic has changed a lot of things, so as anarchists, we must change the way we think and act. This is new territory and will require new tactics and strategies, now is the time to debate them and try to form them into practice.

       The following article for debate is perhaps rather long, but an important subject can rarely but put into a few words, it's from Act for Freedom Now:
Porto, Portugal: Some thoughts on Covid and anarchists
PDF : Some thoughts on Covid and anarchists
        This text is born from the need to communicate and debate amongst comrades. It is born from the need to fight physical distance and the lack of face-to-face debate and it seeks to put onto paper some topics for discussion and analysis without any pretension of absolute truth. Most of all it’s a summary of certain discussions that happened within different groups and that, to us, seem important to share with a wider group of comrades.
        The process unleashed by the burst of corona virus has left the world, particularly the northern hemisphere, literally connected to machines; connected to machines at hospitals, connected to machines at home. Even Capital itself found its way of reproduction and sustenance through the machines.
       This text is an attempt to open a discussion starting from a concise and eventually mechanistic analysis on how the redefinition of life has been generated, how it is being politically managed through the introduction of a disturbing agent in the social body, and what the eventual consequences are, in daily life (many of which are already perceptible).
        We are interested in discussing how the declaration of a pandemic allowed for a set of freedom restraining processes and individual conditioning to be put into practice and what instruments have aided such a political program to be so efficient.
       We think that it’s in the passing, from the biological moment (the bursting of a virus), to the political answer given to it, that a whole architecture of fear is built. If in the past this construction was based on an external enemy, that in a way, was perceived as tangible (ie. “the terrorist”), nowadays it is based on an invisible and unpredictable enemy, that due to its biological characteristics, permits management based on physical imprisonment.
      Without wanting to debate the existence of the virus here, or its higher or lower levels of danger (we are not scientists and we don’t think that is the main issue anyway), it seems to us to be of extreme importance to discuss the political effects that arise from the response of the State and society, their immediate consequences in day-to-day life, and the changes that these will provoke in the way life is perceived and on the way social space is inhabited in the future.
      Since the very beginning of the so-called covid-19 crisis, one could witness the use of war-like speeches by the authorities, in the manner of a war that is created by the simple fact that is declared by alarmist speeches. This bellicosity of the speech seems to serve several, more or less obvious, functions besides the creation of fear in society. First of all this speech justifies the adoption of extraordinary measures that, in a so-called normal situation, would hardly be accepted. All the practice of confinement and restriction of life is justified by that exceptional moment of being at war with the virus.
       On the other hand, the perception of being at war leads society to congregate around the State and consequently around governments as the only pillars that can guarantee life on earth and protect the individual. It seems to us that this fact exists even when National Health Services collapse as was the case in Italy or Spain. Besides the catastrophic management of the situation, the State keeps on being the only cardinal point which society turns to.
        At last, the socialization of the warlike speech collectivized in the sentence “WE ARE at war against the virus”, also allows the perception of the one who revolts against the state of exception (lockdown) to be transformed and seen not as enemy of the State (by breaking its laws) but as an enemy of society and as a potential infectious agent. It is at this point that one can see the creation of a new internal enemy, not anymore as an enemy of the State but as an enemy of society and potentially of Life itself.
      Regarding the quarantine measures and the so-called “moral obligation of staying at home”, it seems to us that such procedures are only possible due to all the technological apparatus that surrounds us. The Internet and all the electronic gadgets make staying at home more bearable due to their ludic function and by allowing the individual to keep in contact with their loved ones and therefore to forget, to a certain point, their own isolation. These gadgets have also particularly been used to increase a collective feeling of panic. After going through the traditional media, it is through the social media networks and the Internet in general that a politics of fear manages to be implemented. All the “Stay at Home” speeches and the sentiments of policing one another, find in these apparatuses the perfect means for propagation, permitting a discourse created by official institutions to be felt as if they were something started by the general population and strongly defended by the ones “impacted” by such discourse.
      The quarantine and the so called State of Emergency provoke two kinds of movement: on the one hand, that of atomization through the reduction of the individual’s life to their more restricted space (home) and, on the other hand, that of a mass socialization of panic through the State’s war speech and through the amplifying of fear through the mass and social medias. It seems to us that it is in these two movements that the political project of fear put into circulation by authority is really played. When real life is based on the confinement of the individual and, simultaneously, social experience is managed by and lived through technological gadgets, this leads to a schizophrenic and paranoid existence.
      We think that it is in this duality that life will be based upon in the foreseeable future, even after the hypothetical end of the restrictive measures that are imposed on us now; the transformation of public space as a focus point of disease and, the atomization of daily life, no longer based on the classic capitalist atomism but in a new way of perceiving others, and space, as potential dangers to the individual’s life.
      We are not very interested in discussing here the technological hyper-surveillance that will follow the end of the covid-19 crisis because it seems to us that such surveillance and the means to put it into practice are already here. We also think that those discussions have been based more on a dystopic pessimism than on a will to analyse the causes and the mechanisms that are “injected” into the social body and that make individuals demand such vigilance or at least make them complacent with it. Surveillance and control have been around for a very long time and it was not the virus that created them. It is clear that there’ll be an increase of life’s robotization and an expansion of surveillance mechanisms, but it seems to us that these phenomenons would happen with or without a pandemic crisis and at most, crisis can only accelerate them.
       What we would like to discuss is the way anarchists perceived the crisis and the possibilities of action inside the social standstill that we were forced to live. Obviously panic and fear also hit us in one way or another, to some more than others, and maybe it was inevitable to be that way. As much as we would like it to be otherwise, anarchists are not a category apart from society and untouched by what happens outside our circles. It’s exceptional moments like the one we are now living in that better highlight our flaws as a movement and the lack of tools that we have in order to fight against what is imposed upon us. Proof of this is that, more or less everywhere, the majority of responses given by the different anarchist groups were nothing more that charitable actions. This critique is as valid for the groups that created structures of collection and distribution of food whose result is nothing more than the substitution of the charitable role of the State, as well as for all the other groups, in which we include ourselves, that due to inoperability didn’t manage to sketch or even debate strategies of action to confront the confinement. The incapacity to fight against a discourse that became the dominant discourse and to put out another version of things, another vision of the process, revealed once again our lack of coordination and how the absence of continuous debate and practice amongst comrades can become flaws that cost us a lot in moments like these.
       Lets take this exceptional situation as an opportunity to re-think our practices so far and to allow us to find more efficient ways of communication and political action in a way that, when the bill of the months of confinement starts to be charged, anarchists can intervene to demonstrate different paths and practices. Keeping our spaces going will be of extreme importance in the near future as well as the creation of production and consumption networks that move towards independence from the usual circuits of consumption and collective production and action that might spark revolt by creating political structures that would allow an attack to a new world that is already here; these are all proposals that, according to us, should start to be collectively worked on and this text is a call for that start.
       Because in a pandemic world, the only possible virus is Revolt. Some Anarchists from OPorto
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