Saturday, 24 August 2019

ACE Edinburgh.

        As usual, our friends over in Edinburgh at ACE, have pulled together another couple of months of events, important, interesting, and worthy of attention. So if you can shuffle over to Edinburgh and given them your support, all worth while.

Sunday 25th August
Rising Free book reading in aid of Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre
SHRUB Coop (Zero Waste Hub)
22 Bread street, EH3 9AF

       Sisters Uncut Edinburgh invite you to share space with and listen to the voices behind Rising Free, a recently published anthology of creative writing from Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre.
      Following the reading and a short break, survivors in the audience will be welcome to share their own voices in an open mic. Entry is by donation with all money collected going to support Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre.
      This topic of this event can provoke a range of emotional responses. There will be provision of support available for anyone who finds the event difficult.
        This event is open to all genders
Organised by Sisters Uncut

Mon 26 August
      Protest over Amazon fires
1pm – 3pm Scottish Parliament
Organised by Extinction Rebellion

Wednesday, 28 August
     Stop Lock-Change Evictions !
Demonstration organised by Scottish Refugee Council, Living Rent and others
11:00am -12:00
Court of Session , Parliament Square, EH1

       JOIN US outside the Court of Session on Wednesday 28th August at 11am to demonstrate against the callous Home Office policy which forces people into street homelessness, to support the case of Ali vs Serco and the Home Office, and to raise awareness of ongoing, inhumane lock-change evictions in Glasgow.
#StopLockChangeEvictions #DignityNotDestitution

Thurs 29 August: ACE Evening Opening
       ACE open 6 - 8 pm
General browsing welcome, Open to all!

Mon 2 September
       Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty advocacy stall
10am – 11.30ish
Leith Jobcentre, Commercial Street
All welcome
(note – weather dependent, not on if its pouring!)

Thursday 5 Sept: ECAP Monthly Meeting
       ACE 6 - 8 pm All welcome
Help organise ECAP activities for the month ahead
 Saturday 7 September: ACE is Open!
     Come browse & check out our groups
Open 1 - 4 pm

Sunday 8 Sept: International Women's Day Group
        Edinburgh branch - all women welcome
ACE 12 - 2 pm

Wed 11 September
       Action for Trans Health Planning meeting at ACE

Sunday 15 September
     Edinburgh IWW branch meeting
2pm – 4pm at ACE

Friday 20 Sept: #GeneralStrikeForClimate
       Gather 11am Middle Meadow Walk, Meadows
11.30am March to the Parliament

      Edinburgh Youth Climate Strike
We ask that all people join us for this general strike the climate crisis is no longer an issue that will effect young people it will effect us all.
So on the 20th of September we ask people of all ages and backgrounds to stand together to face this climate and ecological crisis.

Edinburgh World Justice Festival
28 September – 19 October

Auction for Trans Health
Online via Facebook
Coming up in October
        Edinburgh Action for Trans Health have a facebook group where they will be holding fund-raising auctions. Expect to find some quirky queer curios and funky feminist things up for grabs! Money raised here will go directly into the hands of trans people in need or on into projects to bring about the liberation of trans healthcare. The next auction is coming up in October so join the group, set notifications to get all posts so as to not miss the auction, and add your friends so they can join in on thee bidding!

Regular Events

Every Tuesday 12 – 3pm at ACE
Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty drop-in
Plus all ACE facilities open

Every Wednesday 2pm – 4pm at ACE
Common Ground
Homeless led action and advocacy
More news on events on Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh facebook and on the ACE calendar at
For info on all the groups based at ACE see


Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh, 17 West Montgomery Place, Edinburgh EH7 5HA
        ACE is open every Tuesday 12-3pm, the last Thursday each month 6pm - 8pm, and the first Saturday each month 1pm - 4pm
Plus see ACE facebook and the calendar at for special events and meetings
      Tel 0131 557 6242 - best to ring during opening hours, sorry we cannot guarantee to be able to respond to voicemail.
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Can We Sing Our Way To That Better World?

         As anarchists we are always looking at ways to get our message across to the general public, there is a multitude of methods, dialogue, meetings, leaflets, literature, poetry, protests, demonstrations, music, squats, by example, and many many more, and we should utilise them all to our advantage.
This from Embers:

      Talking to Lee Reed, anarchist organizer and MC from Hamilton, ON and self-described mouthy jerk. We talk about how his political music and focus have changed over time, artists and anarchists finding themselves in conflict over gentrification and figuring out what to do about it, Locke St repression and supporting Pride defenders, his recent Polaris nomination for the Steal City EP, and more. Plus I crammed this episode full of great tracks, old and new. Enjoy!
Music in this episode:
Lee Reed - The Bank

Mat Heddle feat. Lee Reed - Gtfh

Warsawpack - Doomsday Device

Lee Reed - Fuck No
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Friday, 23 August 2019

Glasgow Workers City Free Event.

       It is getting closer, mark your diary, it is only a few weeks away, Spirit of Revolt's Show and Tell. Our regular free event held in the Mitchell Library, where we show case a particular section of the archive, and where the public can have a look at the material ask questions, etc. This is followed by an open discussion, this session will be on the subject of Glasgow's Workers City, a series of events that ran counter to Glasgow's European City of Culture 1990. Some members of the Workers City group will be in the audience, to say their piece and answer questions, the discussion will be opened by Workers City member Tommy Kayes. This should prove to be a very interesting and informative lunch break. Also members of Spirit of Revolt will be on hand to answer any questions you may wish to raise regarding this archive.

Details of Workers City FREE event:

Monday, September 16th.
12 noon-2:00pm.
The Blythswood Room,
Level 5, Mitchell Library,
Glasgow, G3 7DN. 
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Sustainable Green Or Suicide?

      It would be a fool or a corporate boss, that claims that climate change is not happening and what changes there are, is not down to human activity. Those same fools would also deny that this activity is a threat to the existence of the human species, along with most other species. The body of evidence keeps piling up proving that we humans, if we continue with our present economic system, are committing suicide and in the not too distant future.
       Despite the evidence, the scientific data, the detailed research, pointing to this inevitable out come of our present way of living, states and corporate bodies continue to pursue the insanity of the illusion of perpetual growth and ever increasing production. For the system to survive it must push for greater production and ever increasing consumption, without these two foundations of this economic system the whole edifice would collapse. The powers that be will do everything in their power to see that that doesn't happen, they have too much power and too many privileges they will defend, even if that defence sends us all into oblivion.
       It is obvious that the present economic system cannot be allowed to continue, if we want the human species to continue, but the destruction of the system will not come from the managers of that system. It is up to us, the ordinary people of this world to start and try to live outside the economic madness that prevails today. Small steps, small actions, must became large sustainable efforts with the one aim, to bring down this crazy economic march to oblivion. We humans should do well to remember, spaceship Earth has no escape capsule.
The following from Enough Is Enough:

      It is now one week ago that some people occupied the Osterholz forest in Wuppertal (German territory). This week we watched the deers galloping through the forest. Watching the frogs moving through Chalk Town in wet weather conditions. We were also allowed to listen to eagle owls when they go hunting in the dark. And there were so many great people visiting us. We had many conversations about ecology, the destructive way of life of the old world and how we can build another world. It was an inspiring week.

Originally published by Jeder Baum Zählt. Translated by Enough 14.

      The old world has trouble saying goodbye. It sends scouts at the fence of the Oetelshofen company and human beings in uniform threatening with pepper spray and police dogs. For us this is not a surprise, it only increases our determination to fight for this forest. Although climate change clearly shows that the time of the old world is over, many of the humans who are moving in this old world do not seem to be able to say goodbye to their prefabricated way of thinking. It’s mostly about cost reduction and the logic of profit. And “investment security”. As long as it doesn’t cost too much, there can still be a little environmental protection. But we won’t be able to stop climate change this way.
      Capitalism has brought the old world into the situation in which it is today. The destructive force that destroyed most of the primeval forests in Europe is working hard to destroy the last few remnants of primeval forest in Europe. Ikea sends devastating greetings from the Carpathians. But the old world also imports the goods for which the Amazon is uprooted. Brazil’s President Bolsonaro is called upon to stop deforestation, but at the same time trade agreements are signed that will fuel the same deforestation from “the lungs of the earth”. The CDU and many other representatives of the old world send their greetings.
       Newer forests are also threatened by deforestation, such as the Osterholz forest. The old world is ruthlessly pumping out groundwater, whether for open-cast mining in the Rhineland or the limestone quarry in Osterholz. It releases a lot of CO2 by burning lime and using fossil fuels such as lignite. The old world produces and produces. Lots of these products damage the earth’s ecosystem for overproduction. So for nothing. But the old world doesn’t care, the most important thing is to earn Euros.
      Today (August 22) humans of the political party CDU want to “inform” various media representatives and others in the Osterholz forest. At 16:30, to be exact. The CDU Wuppertal believes that environment and business can only go together. In their thought pattern of yesterday’s eternity, they apparently have not yet understood that it is the capitalist logic of profit that shows the old world its limits. Climate change cannot be negotiated with, the earth demands that we humans act consistently or the earth acts itself and will put an end to this capitalist madness. Many people will come to the forest today to make this clear once again.
      The new world will produce on basis of needs. In the New World everyone can take part and ecological considerations will always come first. Not the logic of profit. That is the way we have to go. It will not be painless, we will have to do without some things. But if we open our minds and free ourselves from the thinking pattern of the old world, we will realize that we do not need many of the “products” that are advertised in the old world.
       We will continue to enjoy our time together with all other living beings in the Osterholz forest and fight for this forest. Let’s move into a new world!

Jeder Baum Zählt (Every tree counts), August 22, 2019
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Thursday, 22 August 2019

Civilised Society That Treats People Like Cattle.

        Just to hammer home the point that here we are in the 21st. century, and in the so called developed civilised world, the state system that we live by still herds human beings like cattle, strips them of their rights, and in other barbaric ways persecutes them. The crime these unfortunate people have committed is to have crossed those imaginary lines called borders.
        The atmosphere remains tense and edgy in the detention centre of Corso Brunelleschi: during a storm on Friday, a young man took advantage of guards and forces of order’s diverted attention to climb bars and walls and conquer freedom.
        Even if the official media present protests and fires with an aura of exceptionality, burning mattresses and the few pieces of furniture left is now a recurring practice to draw attention to the many problems inside, the least being the lack of a barber. Recently prisoners also told us that there was not enough shampoo for them to wash their hair or any fresh water to drink.
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From Tenerife Spain:

Spain : Revolt and escape at the detention centre for migrants in Tenerife 
      In the detention centre of Hoya Fria, in Santa Cruz, on the island of Tenerife, prisoners set off a revolt while in the yard of the concentration camp on Saturday 2nd August. About twenty people managed to climb the fences and escape from the concentration camp.
The entire police force of the island has been on a man hunt in these hours: seven people have been captured but the others are still on the run.
From America:

            The third week in June began with a broad political discussion on whether Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s designation of migrant detention centers as “concentration camps” was the correct nomenclature for holding rooms in which 41 detainees live in a cell built for eight. It ended with heinous reports of the conditions at said camps, where undocumented migrant children are being held away from their families in conditions “worse than jail,” according to physician Dolly Lucio Sevier, who wrote up a medical declaration obtained by ABC News after visiting Border Patrol holding facilities along the border in Texas. Here’s everything we’ve learned about conditions in the detention camps in recent weeks.
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From UK:

       In some senses they look, sound, smell and taste just like prisons: bland food, bleak corridors, standard-issue tracksuits and blue flip-flops, and the mechanical clunk at 9pm when everyone is locked in for the night.
       But Britain’s network of immigration removal centres are a case apart for the 25,000-plus people who pass through one each year: there is no rehabilitation, no criminal sentence, very often no time limit on the loss of liberty. Many of those incarcerated say the conditions are far worse than actual prison.
     The Guardian has spoken to dozens of current and former detainees who have provided grim testimony about what life behind bars in these 10 facilities is like. They describe depression, limbo, occasional hysteria and an all-pervading angst on the part of those detained.
       The internal architecture is bleak. To reach the visiting room at Harmondsworth IRC near Heathrow airport visitors must provide their passports, a biometric thumbprint, surrender themselves to detailed pat-down searches from surgical-gloved security guards and pass through several sets of locked doors.
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Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Spirit of Revolt "Read Of The Month".

        As always, the volunteers at Spirit of Revolt are busy doing what they can to bring the people to the Archive, and bring their history to the people. We put on exhibitions, pop up stalls at different events and of course our "Read of the Month". This month, August, it is a short text by Glasgow anarchists, Farquhar McLay:

      Spirit of Revolt’s August 2019, “Read of The Month” is a short text by Farquhar McLay, Glasgow anarchist, activist, writer, poet and deserter from the British army. Farquhar had many works published and played a prominent part in the Workers City group in Glasgow. The group was formed to counter the City Council’s distorted view of Glasgow being promoted by the City Council during Glasgow’s European City of Culture 1990. In this text Farquhar lays open the duplicity and the council members’ lack of knowledge of the ordinary people of Glasgow. Enjoy.
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Peopele Of Glasgow Stand With Migrants.


       In city after city, in country after country that vulnerable group of human beings that are stripped of their rights, scapegoated and pushed to the margins, is an indictment against this callous capitalist system we live under. I am of course talking about migrants, an ever growing army of people fleeing everything from war, to persecution, from death, to deprivation, but in the eyes of any state, the crime they committed was they crossed those imaginary lines called borders. That somehow gives the state the right to herd them, ignore them, deprive them of all rights and persecute them. We cannot let this continue, they, like us, are human beings struggling to make a decent life for themselves and their families in a quagmire profit seeking big business, they need assistance, not persecution and exploitation. 
     I'm proud to see that the people of Glasgow are standing up and saying enough is enough, we will no longer tolerate this ideology of abusing those who through extremely difficult situations have had to flee their homeland, leaving their friends and neighbourhood, and cross those imaginary dividing lines, the state calls borders.
      Yesterday, August 20th, the people of Glasgow took their anger to the city chambers and loud and clear, let the powers that be know, that this callous and brutal treatment of migrants must stop and stop now.
Thanks Bob for the film.
Letter to the City Council:
       🔒🔒Today Living Rent "locked-in" Glasgow City Council with HUGE turnout of over 150 members and supporters from various groups across Glasgow!🔒🔒

      We've had enough. Serco is intent on making our friends and neighbours destitute in the search for profit and won't stop until all 300 locks are changed. It is time for Glasgow City Council to stop offering the people of Glasgow empty promises and feckless task forces. It is time for real action. We demand that the council:
        1. Set up an arrangement to provide emergency accommodation to all affected individuals, including those that have received a right to remain status. 2. For the council to make clear the timescale for providing an individual assessment of each person facing eviction.
      Their claim that they cannot legally provide accommodation is false. According to guidelines by COSLA (Convention of Scottish Local Authorities), Glasgow City Council have "a duty to safeguard the most vulnerable people in these situations, in many cases this includes providing financial support to meet essential living costs and other help from social workers to avoid destitution."
       Everyone has the right to a decent and affordable home, irregardless of their supposed "status" and when those in search of profit go after those made most vulnerable, we are all in danger. As such, we are no longer going to stand for Glasgow City Council's inaction. We and thousands of Glaswegians are standing by ready to resist by any means necessary.
#NoEvictions #StopSercoEvictions #Lockoutserco
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Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Just A Personal Thought.

         As my years roll by I more and more go over my past thoughts and deeds and I think, yes, I could have done more, I could have perhaps tried harder in some cases, I could have done it differently. However, deeds that have been done, have been done, but can still be used as lessons for tomorrow, but there are some thoughts that have never changed, one in particular is that thought I have always harboured, of pride in being one of that great mass of people, who I believe will one day inherit the world, and transform it into a world that is built on justice, mutual aid, sustainability and respect for each other, a world that sees to all our people's needs and has catalogued war and capitalism as a long past history of humanity's darkest hour. 

I’m Proud
I’m proud of my people, proud to be one of them,
that great mass on society’s bottom rung.
Those who, with coal-dust under their nails
in their eyes, in their lungs
claw at the earths entrails.
Their brothers,
cement in their hair
in their mouth, in their ears,
oil ingrained in their fingers,
on their face.
Sisters, glistening with sweat
midst the ceaseless noise of machines
that throw out shirts, shoes, toys, carpets
for other people.
Those with soil and sweat stuck to their skin
smelling of the earth, feeding the multitude,
grinding out their lives in a harsh pitiless system
weighted down
with a sack load of half-dead dreams,
sometimes brought to their knees
by a tidal wave of despair,
never defeated,
groping in the dark to find tomorrow,
keeping hope alive;
they amaze me.
Somehow, from somewhere
in this cold, cruel
unforgiving scheme of things
they find love for their children.
Not a teaspoonful, not a cupful,
but buckets full, to bathe them in,
to pour over them.
They seem to know
that one day this world will be ours
and to take care of it
we will need those who have been loved.

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Sunday, 18 August 2019

Brutality Must Be Met With Force, It's Self Defence.

      No matter what country, no matter by what name you call them, police, police officers, cops, pigs, minders of the the wealthy, protectors of the state, sooner or later they all revert to form, sadistic, vicious, homophobic, macho, nationalists, who deem themselves to be above the so called law of the land. 
       In the US, 992 people were shot by the police in 2018, a number were unarmed. Across the globe and you will find reports of excessive police brutality, seldom if ever, are the perpetrators brought to justice., That's what they are there for, to protect the rich and powerful and look after their property, to keep the population at large under control, to protect the powerful and privileged who day and daily milk the system in systematic plunder and corruption. Some countries are worse than others, the example below is from Mexico, no doubt if you look you around the world, you will find other cases just as brutal or worse. In this case it is encouraging to see that the people didn't take kindly to the police brutality and rape, and decided to let their anger roar loud and clear.

Mexico City, Mexico: Angry rioting against police rape
August 18, 2019 by Act For Freedom Now:

12 August 2019

“Cops, pigs, rapists” 
       On Monday, August 12, 2019, hundreds of women took to the streets to express their anger at the patriarchal and sexist violence of the police. A few days earlier, four uniformed pigs raped a young woman aged 17 in the patrol car in the streets of Azcapotzalco province. This case echoes another, a little older, where a 16-year-old girl was raped by a police officer in the National Photographic Museum in the centre of Mexico City.
       The headquarters of the Public Security Directorate was the meeting point of the demo. On the facade of the State building, slogans have been traced to the bomb, such as “we are mean, we can be worse“, “cops, pigs, rapists” or “to attack one of us, it is to attack us all “… Then the procession left for a stroll in the streets of the city and covered the walls with a multitude of anti-police and anarcha-feminist tags; the protesters found themselves in front of the Attorney General’s building in Mexico City to settle accounts. Once in front, the more determined ones tagged the walls outside (“we do not need to be brave, we need to be free,” “pig cops” or “corrupt policemen“) as inside (on the insignia of the institution) and ransacked the furniture of the reception. The facade of the glass entrance also fell in pieces.
       The Mexican daily “El Universal” reports the attack on the building of the Prosecutor General’s Office with these words:
       “The situation turned to violence when a group of alleged anarchists tried to enter the public prosecutor’s office, the security guards immediately closed the glass doors. However, two young women broke them with stones and hammers.”
        Protesters also threw pink powder at Mexico City Security chief Jesus Orta as he made a statement to the press calling for calm and assured the protesters that the affair would be the cause subject of an inquiry.
        The following day, Tuesday, the mayor of Mexico City, Claudia Scheinbaum, reported that six police officers had been dismissed after being identified as responsible for the alleged rape of the 17-year-old girl.
      Violence against women is a daily occurrence in Mexico. According to United Nations figures, nine women are killed every day in that country.

“Rapists, we’ll cut your dick“ 
[From the Mexican Press, August 12 and 13, 2019]
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We Suffer And Die For Profit To Others.

          It always puzzles me why we tolerate a system where the majority do all the hard graft, and run all the dangers of the job, but hand the bulk of the wealth they create to the few, who do nothing and face none of the occupational hazards, there is something insane about this whole structure. There is always occupational dangers lurking in most jobs, and most could be eliminated but because of the system they are not, as that would cut into the profits for that greed driven few.
         We have come through the start of the industrial age and moved on to the hi-tec age, but every move into every industry comes with its on particular problems. Practically every industry is linked to an industrial disease. We have silicosis, lung disease prevalent among stone masons, potters grinders etc.. Then there is pneumoconiosis, mainly among coal miners, caused by breathing in fine coal dust and carbon dust. Arc-welders are at risk of manganism, manganese poisoning brought on by exposure to the toxic effects of the fumes from welding rods melting as the are used. Painters are at risk from neurological deficits from solvent‐exposure, which include impaired colour vision, cognitive defects, tremor and loss of vibration sensation. There are many more links with occupation and disease, but you are seldom, if ever, told of these dangers when you apply for the job. Health and safety regulations go some way to protect workers from these dangers but usually these measures are re-active and only come after years of suffering and campaigning.
       As a young man starting my trade in the Clydeside shipyards in the 1950’s, I was ignorant of the dangers of asbestos, and as it was widely used, all of us were exposed to the horror of death from mesothelioma, an asbestos induced incurable cancer, it can lie dormant in the lungs for 60 years or more, before suddenly bursting into action and triggering certain death. I have friends who have died from this slow and painful death. It was not that the dangers of this substance weren’t known, medical papers had been written about the danger from asbestos exposure as far back as the 30’s, but it continued to be used up to and including the 60’s. The employers didn’t abandon asbestos willingly, it took campaigning and legislation to finally attempt to get rid of this killer substance. That is the pattern in most of industries, its dangers are only restricted by campaigning and legislation. The profit motive drives industry, not the well being of the employee. Most industries can be made safe, but it usually requires investment in safety equipment and training, and that costs money, which in turn cuts into the profit. So safety in industries will always come lower down the ladder, and as times get harder, corners are cut in safety to prevent cuts in profit. The economic system we have at present does not lend itself to the welfare and well being of the workers, only when the workers control all the industries will their well being be at the fore front of production.
     I wrote the following little piece many years ago when I was diagnosed with plural plaques, the foot print of asbestos in your lungs. However good fortune smiled on me and I did carry on cycling and still do a wee bit at the grand old age of 85.
 When the Time-Bomb Goes Off

The bike just sits there,
dust covering its lovely sheen,
puffing up the Fintry Hills
well, it’s no longer my scene.
Y’see, as a Clydeside apprentice
I proudly learnt the tradesman’s skill,
little did I know then
the price, asbestos lungs that kill.
Now I just sit here through the painful day
gasping each mouthful of air, wondering
how can I make the bastards pay.
They new it was a killer
a time-bomb in our lungs
but, because it was so quick and cheap
they firmly held their tongues.
So what, if it cost the workman’s life,
there’s always a couple of new workers
in the care of the worker’s wife.
Please try to understand my anger
as I and others bear their cost,
a slow death from asbestos lungs,
a vibrant life lost.
Anguish for family and friends,
all in the name of profit;
now that really does offend.
Our anger without direction
is a blind archer behind the bow,
we have to use our anger
to smash the status-quo.
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Travelling And Improving Your Health.

       It is heartening to see that more and more people are beginning to see the detrimental effects of that once much desired metal box with an internal combustion engine. They are becoming more aware of its gross inefficiency and the massive pollution it pours out, poisoning our lungs and destroying the planet's eco-system. We know there are answers, we just have to grasp them. As usual some simple words of wisdom from Not Buying Anything.
          Gas engine cars were never a very good idea. I can see them pulling a dinosaur act soon, dieing in our driveways and being fossilized over the coming eons. Why? Because they are notoriously energy inefficient and nature does not reward inefficiency.
       An internal combustion gas engine offers a pathetic 20 - 30% efficiency. The remaining 70 to 80% of the gas in the tank is wasted as exhaust heat, mechanical sound energy, and friction loss, rather than moving the car from point A to point B. An electric car does better, operating at between 50 and 85% efficiency, but that still does not make it anywhere as efficient as a bicycle. A bike is the most efficient method of travel in the known Universe. It can be up to 5 times more efficient than walking, and is impressively more efficient than a car. 100 calories of energy will power a bicycle 5 km, while those same calories will only take a car 85 meters. A car is a more efficient mechanism for wasting energy than it is as a method of transportation.
      A 2015 survey of 44 countries found that only 1/3 of total respondents reported owning a car. That's about the same fraction of Americans over the age of 3 that rode a bike at least once over the last year. As part of my experiment in joining that 65% segment of car-free respondents, I have been doing bike-supported grocery shopping trips since our van broke down.
      The distance to the store is 7.5 km. Along the way the route descends from 500 ft to sea level.
       On my first trip, I used my travel backpack that has about a 55 L capacity. I carried home 7 kg of food, which got us nicely stocked up. The entire trip took me 1.5 hours, and it was much more enjoyable than driving. I was freed from the metal cage of the car.
      On a bike you are out there, in there, immersed in the scene and part of it all. I saw things I have never seen before while driving, even though I have blasted up and down this road a few times over the past 5 years. As I pumped uphill I revelled in the essence of trees and flowers and grass and soil and a million other things organic. I listened to several species of birds singing their songs.
     People greeted me as I pedalled by.
 Getting ready for the trip home with my groceries.
      Home is up in the hills in the background. I was the only bike in the lot on this day. After shopping it felt good to go outside to a waiting bike instead of our van. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy driving cars and vans, trucks and tractors. I have also driven limousines, the most insane, idiotic and inefficient vehicles on the planet. Yes, for a short while I did personal research on the rich of Edmonton, Alberta while working as a chauffeur. Brushing shoulders with the upper crust was interesting and strange. I have always enjoyed motor vehicles. Thing is, I love bicycles, too. And when I ride, it is amazing. Just not as fast. Which is good.
       On my first grocery ride I was so excited about my hill climb back home with all my food that I rode off like a kid returning home after a visit to the candy store. So excited that I forgot my bike helmet outside where my bike was locked up. It's gone. Other than that, biking for food has been a success. So far it is a viable method that is efficient, effective, and a whole lot of fun.
       I am going to have to buy a new helmet. Safety first.
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Saturday, 17 August 2019

A Wee Blast From The Past.

         Wrote this little piece some years ago during the "Occupy Wall Street" protests, but think it is still relevant to day as when I scribbled it down. 


         I found this poster on the internet, it seems that these protesters have found most of the questions regarding this society, but have they found the answer? Certainly bankers are the bad guys in this affair, but it goes a little deeper than that, it is with the system itself that the real problem lies, the bankers were just following the natural path of a corrupt and unjust system. So getting rid of bankers, in what ever way you please, will not put the world to rights. We have to think beyond our anger and focus on our desires, what kind of society do we really want. Do we want one that is based on competition, profit and self-centred greed, driven by wealthy shareholders, where gaps in wealth are unimaginable, and deprivation drags millions of people into despair and an early grave? Or are we going to go for a society based on the needs of all the people, a community oriented society founded on mutual aid, co-operation, justice and sustainability? What's the point of all the occupations in the world if you keep the system and simple ask your lords and masters to, please give us a little more?
              So do we run a hate a banker campaign, or do we occupy everything and change society into something we would be proud to hand to the next generation, a society where we know, all our grandchildren will be nurtured to reach their full potential as decent human beings.
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That Big Weapon, Solidarity.

       It is always encouraging to see people come together in solidarity against an injustice inflicted on one individual. Time and time again solidarity and direct action win battles where appeals to adjudicators, and lawyers fail, or drag out for ages adding to the injustice. Solidarity is a weapon we should always have in our minds it does win battles, and it creates bonds and builds confidence in our ability to take control of our own lives. Lots of little victories can lead to the one final victory when we abolish this vicious system of exploitation for profit.

      Report from Little Village Solidarity Network who recently won back lost wages through a direct action campaign.
Thank you to everyone who helped us fight the wage thieving bosses at Jojo’s Milk Bar! They finally paid up last week, after nearly a month of struggle, due to the pressure our picket was putting on their business.
We more or less shut down their ice cream shop on the evenings of Saturday Aug. 3, and Tuesday, Aug. 6. They paid up on Wednesday, delivering a check for $545.00 to Federico Ramirez.

        It is important to emphasize that solidarity as it was manifested via collective direct action is what rendered these results possible. It wasn’t by appealing to attorneys or the department of labor. This is only a small sample size of what is possible if we organize!.
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Friday, 16 August 2019

The Jackdaw Is Free.

        I love to see anarchist papers hit the streets, it is where we need to shout our ideas, it is where we meet total strangers and introduce them to our way of thinking. I love it even more when they are FREE.

          Issue 6 of Jackdaw, the ACG’s free bulletin is back from the printers and is winding it’s way to ACG locals and stockists up and down the country.
       We aim to publish Jackdaw quarterly and it gets handed out on street distributions, demos, at meetings and can be found in radical bookshops and social centres.
      This issue is 12 pages and contains articles on climate change, Atos, immigration camps, Johnson, the Brexit Party, Essex libraries, No war but the class war, workplace notes and more.
         If you want to see the low resolution version, it can be downloaded from our publications page. Otherwise, pick one up.
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Be Proud Of Our History, And Carry It Forward.

      History tells us that the struggle of the ordinary people has always been the only means by which they gain anything in the quality of life. To date this struggle has been endless, and will continue to be so until we finally take control of our own lives, free from the throttling and exploitative hand of state and capitalism. 
      The people of Glasgow have a rich and varied history of struggle through the ages, and that struggle still continues. We should remember those who took up the baton before us, we owe them much, and we should be proud to take up that baton of struggle today, it is our only way to a free and just society.
      To the memory of those valiant working class warriors of the past I will repeat a post I wrote in March 2015, I think it is important that we realise that today's problems are not something new, but are part of that same struggle our forefathers fought and we continue today, a struggle for a just society.
   The citizens of Glasgow have always been a rebellious bunch, like other large cities across the UK, they have been involved in a long struggle to improve their conditions, and sometimes that struggle has been bitter and violent. You could say Glasgow has been a City of Rebellion, from the union in 1706, we had anti-union riots, and many more after that, some being violently put down, there was the 1725 Malt Tax riots, Feb 1800 crowds breaking into shops, and the troops called to quell their anger, 1812 the weavers strike, and so it goes on, with other protests and riots in between. However, today March 6th. marks the 167th, anniversary of the Glasgow food riots, back then society hadn't the safety valve of "food banks".
     The trouble started when the mass unemployed were expecting some sort of handout of provisions, which never materialised. The angry and starving crowds started marching through the main streets in the city centre, smashing their way into food shops, and went further, starting breaking into gun shops. The entire city centre came to a standstill all business closed. By now the starving angry and armed crowds were covering the city centre marching and shouting, "bread or revolution". 
     The authorities read the "riot act", the crowds were spreading into other districts of the city, breaking in to any food shop they came across. The city fathers called on more troops troops from Edinburgh. March 7th. crowds again gather in Bridgeton, a young boy threw something at the troops and was arrested. However the crowd were not having that, stormed the troops and rescued the young boy. It was then that Police Superintendent, a Captain Smart, gave the order to open fire, in the ensuing minutes, five of the crowd were shot, also a police officer was shot in the cross fire. For some days after this event crowds still lined the streets, however every public office in the city was securely guarded by troops.
       And so the struggle goes on, the rent strike 1915, the Upper Clyde work-in, 1971/72. In between the bitter and sometime violent struggles we have had an endless catalogue of smaller battles, but never the less important, and part of our history, a history that proves that it is only the ordinary people who carry forward this struggle for a better world for all, against an elite of rich and powerful, that will do their damnedest to hold on to their privileged position. So let's not forget those who challenged that elite, at times with great personal sacrifice and on occasions, death.
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