Monday, 31 March 2014

The Troika's Answer To Unemployment - Pay Off More Workers.

       Across southern Europe unemployment is at life sapping heights, Greece and Spain above 24%, in both these countries unemployment among the young is at the 60% level, while unemployment in Portugal is 16% and Italy 13%, Italy's government debt is estimated by the IMF, (International Mankind Fuckers) to be 130% of GDP. The Spanish people have been on the streets this weekend displaying their anger and disgust, at the policies being dictated by the so called Troika, (EC, European Commission, ECB, European Central Bank, IMF, International Mankind Fuckers), which are causing widespread misery and poverty. The organisers of the protests have called them “marches of dignity”, one of the many things that the ordinary people are denied in this exploitative system. In Greece, the social fabric of society is in a severe state of collapse. The health service is now third world, the education system has collapsed, the massive increase in poverty and deprivation has been matched by an equally massive increase in substance abuse, suicides and physical and mental health problems. So with unemployment and poverty destroying the present and future generations, in that plunder land, Greece, what is the Troika's answer? Why more unemployment of course.
         The rich parasite bastards that make up the Troika, sitting in their marble halls of power in Brussels, have decreed that Greece has not done enough to to satisfy their masters in the financial Mafia. So they have insisted on the Greek government cutting a further 11,000 public sector workers. (Who dictates how many public sector workers here in the UK are to be paid off???) This despite the Greek economy having shrank by 6.4% last year. This is 2014, six years of bailouts, austerity, massive unemployment, and both government debt and deficit are still lost somewhere in the stratosphere, and the misery and deprivation is also up there and rising. Of course the rest of Europe is not immune to the destruction spewed out by the Troika, who are merely the European managers for the global financial mafia, no country in Europe is an isolated island, look at Souther Europe and you're looking at a picture of Northern Europe's future, sweatshop Europe, the Western corporate dream. The system doesn't work for the people, it can't be modified to something resembling fairness. It is a system of exploitation, where wealth is created by the people and ends up in the bank accounts of self-interested parasites, that's what it is designed to do and it does it with a ruthless efficiency. Only when we control the wealth that we create, and control its distribution, can we hope for a system that will see to the needs of all our people. We don't need them, they do need us. 

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Democracy Administered By A Baton.

       That illusion that is woven, that hall of smoke and mirrors, that thing called "representative democracy" that we are asked to believe in, is like a drifting crocodile, it seems benign, unobservant and harmless, until you disturb the waters, and then it lashes out and viciously attacks you. You can disturb the waters of this type of society by simply demanding change, seeking justice, or calling for an end to corruption. Wherever people take to the streets demanding justice, we see the brutal force of the state, the police are now "tooled up" like the military, and staffed by brutal thugs. The more the people want change the more this becomes apparent. Greece has seen some of the worst in Europe, of state violence against its own people. However, Greece is not unique, recent protests in Spain have seen the same vicious repression being unleashed against the Spanish people, who are demanding an end to the dire poverty that is being heaped on them by the financial mafia. European democracy is an ugly, violent beast, and will be come more so, as the austerity ideology is pushed to the limit, driving more and more people into poverty and deprivation.
How democracy looks in Spain, this from RoarMag:

 Post image for Video: Spanish police attack and injure seven journalists
       After a demonstration in Madrid on Saturday night, seven photographers were assaulted, beaten and injured by police as they tried to cover an arrest.
       Just yesterday I wrote a piece arguing that Spain, alongside a number of other countries that have experienced mass street protests in the past three years, is rapidly sliding into a new form of authoritarianism — an ostensibly “democratic” authoritarianism that hides behind a facade of free markets, fair elections and respect for the rule of law to secure the increasing concentration of wealth and power by shrinking the public space for democratic participation and popular dissent. In this brave neoliberal world, politics is giving way to policing.
       Just in case this argument required any further evidence, consider these images that emerged from Spain last night. It shows seven colleagues — all independent or professional photo- and video-journalists — being assaulted, beaten and injured by riot police for trying to cover a violent arrest at the end of yet another day of protests. The videos below speak for themselves:
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Saturday, 29 March 2014

Pan-European Anti-Fascist Movement.

        Where better to hold a pan-European anti-fascist gathering than in Greece. Since the financial Mafia's thugs, the Troika, (EC, European Commission, ECB, European Central Bank, IMF, International Mankind Fuckers) plunder the public assets of that country, throwing the people in to deprivation, fascism has come crawling out of its sewer and grown in strength. Golden Dawn now openly struts the streets of Greece, spewing its vile vomit of division and Nationalism. Whenever capitalism hits one of its inevitable and regular "crises", and poverty is heaped on the general public, fascist scum usually find that they get funding to grow. It is capitalism's safety valve, which helps to create division among the ordinary people, and prevent a mass revolt for real change. We end up fighting fascist groups rather than the system.

European Anti-fascist Meeting in Athens 11, 12 & 13 April 2014

        Seventy years after World War II and the defeat of fascism, Europe is facing the challenge of a nazi, racist far-right on the rise. In times of economic crisis and of harsh attack against workers’ and peoples’ rights, especially the rights of southern European peoples, from France to Ukraine (with the nazis in power) and from Norway to Greece, xenophobic and intolerant parties and groups start having influence on the society, even on poor and excluded popular classes all over Europe. They have begun to play a part in formulating political developments and getting involved in societies, schools, the streets, working-class neighborhoods, as well as national parliaments and state devices, most of all the police.
Read the full article HERE: 

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Whitechapel Anarchist Group.

      Circled "A" Radio gives two members of the Whitechapel Anarchist Group, Greg Hall and Gawain, an attempt to try to face their ghosts by looking at the reasoning behind the foul mouthed, angry and seditious collective in the past ten years. Threatened by the EDL, infiltrated by the daily mail and stalked by the met police. Tune in to hear the story of WAG.

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Friday, 28 March 2014

The State And Its Tool,-- Death.

       There seems to be disbelief at the Egypt court passing the mass death sentences on 528 protesters, with another mass trial of 682 due to start. To put that in perspective, that is more people sentenced to death in one fell swoop, than the total number of UK troops killed in Afghanistan in 13 years of war since 2001. We can accept that it is horrific, barbarous, outrageous, and makes a mockery of justice. However we should not be surprised, for that's what the states do best.
 They kill with impunity, they do it in several ways, they do it by sending ordinary people to foreign countries to kill other ordinary people, to enhance the state's wealth and power. They kill their own citizens by legislation, (ATOS), for example. Slow death by deliberate polices that increase poverty and deprivation, During WW1 the British state executed, (murdered), at dawn by firing squad, 306 young British soldiers, labeling them cowards. It's a state thing, killing citizens is just collateral damage in their role of power monger. The state always holds the death card to use in the event of any threat to its power, and when the state kills, it is supposed to put the stamp of legitimacy on that barbaric action. 528 death sentences, what state has not killed far more than that to hold onto and cement its power over the people?
This from AVAAZ:
    A kangaroo court in Egypt just sentenced 528 people to death. This is likely the biggest mass execution ruling this century, but one man can stop the killings.
      Egypt’s most important religious figure, Grand Mufti Allam has 10 days to reject the decision. Religious leaders are already condemning the ruling, and as the first Mufti to be elected by his peers, he has a legitimate mandate to be the nation’s moral leader. Let’s create a global plea from people of all religions to provide clemency and block this barbarous ruling.
      This was a political show trial -- the military regime is using the firing squad to wipe out the opposition. If the world does not speak up, the consequences for Egypt and the world are beyond dangerous. Sign now to save these lives and stop a spiral of violence -- when one million of us have joined, religious leaders in Egypt will deliver our call for compassion directly to the Mufti:
      After the hope of Tahrir Square, where hundreds of thousands took to the streets to overthrow decades of dictatorship, the Egyptian people democratically elected a Muslim Brotherhood government. But last summer the military staged a populist coup, Brotherhood supporters rioted, and then the military declared the party a terrorist organisation and violently cracked down -- 16,000 democracy activists, journalists, and even teenage school girls have been arrested!
     The trial was a joke -- on top of charges of rioting and destruction of property, the 528 are all accused of killing one police officer, and defense lawyers were barred from the sentencing session, which lasted less than an hour! But this is not a one off -- the judiciary is repeatedly being used to crackdown on political dissent, while security forces accused of killing hundreds of protesters are rarely held to account. There are real security threats, but as the military authorities' iron fist and intimidation grows, extremism is fuelled.
      This is the harshest mass conviction in modern Egyptian history, but what happens next in this case could have repercussions way beyond Egypt. Sign the urgent petition now asking the Grand Mufti not to rubber stamp state-sponsored murder and to provide the ethical leadership Egypt desperately needs:
      The world has kept silent as this regime has launched an all out attack against an imperfect but elected government and brought democracy in Egypt to its knees. Global leaders trumpet democracy at every opportunity and strongly condemn anti-democratic plots from Crimea to Caracas. But not in Egypt. Now if the world looks away and allows this cruel mass execution to happen, a dangerous message will resonate across the globe that the world will stand by democracy, except for political Islam. That wil l empower one small but very dangerous group that can hurt us all: the extremists.
     Time and again the Avaaz community has forcefully advocated against brutal injustice and for peaceful, meaningful reconciliation between embittered communities. Right now Egypt’s future hangs in the balance, and a wildly unjust and provocative ruling like the one handed down in Minya could push it over the edge. Let’s bring the people’s voice to this precarious situation and ensure that these 528 lives are saved

With hope,

Alice, Nick, Oli, Wissam, Bissan, Mais, Emily, Ari, Ricken and the whole Avaaz team

Hundreds of Egyptians Sentenced to Death in Killing of a Police Officer (New York Times)
Egypt Opens Another Mass Trial of Islamists (AP) ypt-sentences-529-death-police-attack-23036881

‘Fast’ death penalty for 529 Brotherhood supporters will be appealed: Defence (Ahram)
Egyptian court sentences 529 people to death (Washington Post)< /span>
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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Education Or Propaganda.

       The present education system is a subject that needs a radical re-think, or perhaps dismantling. The state system is now more a system of preparing kids to be cogs in the corporate machine, than a means of helping the kids to be real freethinking people. The ConDem millionaire cabal are pushing ahead with their "free schools" which are mainly institutions controlled by holy-joes and self centred "entrepreneurial" types, whose aim is to produce obedient clones of themselves. There is a history of "real free schools" where kids are allowed and encouraged to develop rather than be shaped to the needs of the business world, in this country, probably the best know would be Summerhill. Glasgow had its own free school in the 70's in one of the most deprived areas in Glasgow, The Barrowfield Free School. Also there were the Socialist Sunday Schools where kids from working class districts were introduced to socialist principles of mutual aid and co-operation. Then of course there is home educating.

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Madrid, March, 22,2014.

        Where else but in Spain would you see so many black and red flags, black flags and banners proudly displaying the large circled "A"? It does your heart good to know that this isn't history, this is here and now, this is Madrid, March, 22, 2014. Salud, in solidarity.

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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

RIB On The Move.

     RIB is on the move, Glasgow's own, longstanding, Radical Independent Bookfair is on the move, reaching into the far distant nether regions of the borders and will be in Dumfries in April. However, you can enjoy this  pop-up event right here in Glasgow also in April at Kinning Park Complex.

    Home and Away -
    Two April events from the Glasgow's Radical Independent Bookfair project...

Sunday 13-20 April
Kinning Park Complex
43 Cornwall street

RiB - Black BOX

       Glasgow's Radical Independent Bookfair project presents 'black box'… (physically in the form of a black fold out booth and visually as a recorder of recent and past radical events…) this week long stand will have an array of materials squeezed into it including… new titles from AK Press, Angry Artworks t-shirts, Govanhill Baths' bags, second hand Unity books, Feral Trade coffee as well as old publications to swap, Document dvds to watch, customised stickers for kids and of course an array of other free materials.
       This stall will be part of a Broth Mix Cafe event organised by the Open Jar collective. A week long event where the main hall of Kinning Park Complex will be transformed into a cafe providing homemade soup and bread along with a series of free workshops, talks and performances.
The stall is open for the duration of the Broth Mix event - detail of all these related free events click here.

Stall open at these times...
sun 13th - 12-7pm
mon 14th - 12-5pm
tues 15th - 12-8pm
wed 16th - 12-5pm
thur 17th - 12-8pm
fri 18th - 12-5pm
sat 19th - 12-5pm
sun 20th - 12-6pm

Wednesday 9 April
University of Glasgow, Crichton Campus.

RiB - travelling stall.

      Contemporary Anarchist Theory and Practice: Critical Perspectives School of Interdisciplinary Studies, University of Glasgow, Rutherford McCowan Building, Crichton Campus Bankend Road, Dumfries, DG1 4ZL (campus is approximately 2.5 miles from Dumfries train station)
     For the first time ever - we will be doing a stall outside of the Glasgow area! Trundling down to Dumfries with a small stall at this mini conference. The mini-conference/get-together is an opportunity to share research and critical practice. With ‘critical’ playing multiple roles, meaning either important, relevant/vital, analytical, supportive, evaluative or from opposing traditions.

I'm a better anarchist than you.

Speakers include:
Morgan Gibson (Queensland University)
Vicente Ordóñez Roig (Jaume I University, Castellón, Spain)
David Lamb (Hon Reader in Bioethics, Univ. Birmingham, Council member of
the Companion Animal Wel-fare Council)
Angela McClanahan (Edinburgh University)
Dek Keenan (Independent Labour Researcher)
Hartwig Pautz (Spirit of Revolt and University of the West of Scotland)
John Crossan (University of Glasgow)
Sotiris Frantzanas (University of Glasgow)
Hamish Kallin (University of Edinburgh)

Friend RiB on facebook here...

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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Grandama Is On The Picket.

       In this country there is a tendency for people of different groups to think of their problems are the problems of that particular group. pensions and raising the pension age, is the problem of the older people, unemployment among the young is a problem for the young, the disabled being crucified by ATOS is a problem for that group, and workfare is a problem for those on jobseekers allowance, and so it goes on. However, in reality all these problems are all our problems, in this society employed can quickly become unemployed, able-bodied can quickly become disabled, and we all grow old. Pensioners should stand in line with young unemployed, employed should support those on the abusive workfare programs, pensioners and unemployed should be on the anti-ATOS pickets. After all, parents struggled hard to give their kids a decent life, workers paid dearly for a system that would take good care of those unable to work, for whatever reason, pensions and the pension age, were fought and paid for by ordinary workers. All of the meager benefits that we get in this society were paid in full, and more, by the ordinary people of this country. Having paid for them with blood, sweat and tears, the financial Mafia have decided to strip them all away. For nothing more than an ideology of greed and exploitation.
     The problem is not ATOS, it is not workfare, it is not unemployment, it is not working until you drop, nor is it carp pensions. The real and only problem is the system itself, capitalism.
      It is encouraging to see in Spain that the pensioners are getting the big picture and realise that the entire benefits of a working life to help secure your kids future, is now going down the tubes, for no other reason than greed. and they are joining the fight with the young.
Another interesting article from Xpressed:

        “We are the generation that has fought to achieve a better life for our children. Right now, they are toying with the futures of our children and grandchildren… We stand by them in spirit, at the local assemblies and at all their activities. If they condescendingly call these people “Perroflautas” (hobos) to diminish their audacity, then let them call us “Iaioflautas” (from the spanish yayo, which means grandpa)”.
       The Iaioflautas support the young in their fight for democracy and social justice, “against the bankers and their accomplices the politicians”. They combat the rampant speculation, the cut-backs, the privatisation, and the mutualising of the losses, like saving banks with public money. They also support the PAH and all those who have been thrown out of their homes for mortgage debts. They are to be found in 11 cities, 4 of them in Catalonia, and are active on both facebook and twitter.
      On October 27, 2011, the Iaioflautas occupied their first bank, Banco Santander in Barcelona.
 This particular bank was picked as a starting point for the day of actions against banks because its director, Mr. Botin, denoted that the banks are the doubtless winners of the economical crisis. This man has a personal fortune of about 1,7 Billion Euro. This was just the beginning of a campaign to occupy banks (i.e. La Caixa in Badalona), through which they still protest against the bankers and the financial oligarchy, who “ruin the lives of 99% of people”.
Read the full article HERE:

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Workers Know Your History, 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire.

       March 25 marks the 103anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in New York, in which 146, mainly teenage girls from poor Jewish and Italian immigrant families, lost their lives. It was an era when sweatshops were the norm in the West, as capitalism's rapacious appetite for profit was gearing up to savage the world. Appalling wages, long hours, cramped unhealthy conditions, and fire exits locked, incase workers tried to take a break, or perhaps pinch something. Some of us might say, well that's all in the past, is it? All Western capitalism have done is export their sweatshop conditions to the developing world. Bangladesh is now the sweatshop capital of the capitalist world. The same, or even worse condition that brought about the deaths of those 146 young women in New York, now feeds the Western capitalists. 103 years ago the the outrage at the avoidable tragic murder of those 146 young workers heralded the rallying call, “Who will protect the working girl?  


   By the solidarity of the working community, change for the benefit of the worker was grudgingly forced in the working conditions in the West in general. Today we still need that rallying call for all those existing in the living hell of the Eastern sweatshops, where 1911 is being repeated for the same reasons, to feed that rapacious appetite of capitalism. The real and only answer, is not to continually fight to try and extract better conditions from the corporations, but simply for the workers to organise to take over those corporations, and organise them to benefit all humanity. Otherwise we, and all future generations will find themselves in that endless fight for decent living conditions, a continuous battle to stop that race to the bottom. It doesn't have to be that way, we have the resources to see to the wellbeing of all our people, we can produce enough to see to all our needs, we already have the distribution networks. All that remains is our will to take control and shape society for the benefit of all.

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Monday, 24 March 2014

The Next Chapter In The Philosophy Of Endless War??


      Destroyed Iraq, busted Libya, smashed Afghanistan, now it's Russia. Western war mongers prepare for the next chapter in their philosophy of endless war.
This appeal from Stop The War Coalition:  

As Crimea war talk escalates, here's how you can help


     Yesterday Nato's top military commander Philip Breedlove called on the West to prepare for military action "in the Baltics and other places". And in Britain Lord Dannatt, former chief of general staff of the British army, called for 3,000 soldiers to be maintained in Germany to send a clear signal to Russia.
      As the crisis is intensified, in no small part by the rhetoric of a growing number of war mongers in the West, help us reach our 2014 Appeal target so that we are ready to respond.
We have now raised £7568, which is over half of our target. That's a fantastic response to our call for support and thanks to everyone who has contributed so far.
      If you haven't already donated to the 2014 Appeal, please consider making a contribution now by clicking the donate button:

     Alternatively you can make a donation by phoning 020 7561 4830 or send a cheque made payable to Stop the War Coalition to Stop the War, 86 Durham Road, London N7 7DT
Stop the War Coalition | | 020 7561 4830

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March 22, Madrid.

     While Glasgow had its fair sized, and I would say successful, anti-racism, anti-fascism march on Saturday March 22, in Madrid it was somewhat different. On that day Spain held a protest against the conditions being imposed on them by the financial Mafia. The attendance figure for that demonstration was in the region of two and half million. They came from all over the country and from surrounding countries. Spain like Greece, is suffering poverty and deprivation on a massive, criminal scale, with the usual promise of pie-in-the-sky, if they will only suffer more poverty and deprivation and for a longer spell.
   I am most certainly against racism and fascism, but we need to organise a pan-European fight against the system that breeds these diseases. As long as we have capitalism we will have, if not overt, then latent or covert, fascism and racism. The system needs them to scapegoat individuals and groups for its own failings. Focus on the root cause, capitalism, it can't be humanised, it can't be modified to our benefit, it can't be a fair and just system, it will always be an exploitive system that benefits the few at the expense of the many.

      To all those who took part in that massive Madrid display of demand for real change, Saluda, in solidarity.
Up to two and a half million people took to the streets in Madrid yesterday to protest against the economic and anti-social policies of the government. Six blocks arrived in Madrid from all around the country; according to the Organisers of the March for Dignity (Coordinadora 22M), some 70,000 people travelled on buses (total of 900), trains, or by private means, and even on foot! (about a month ago they began their journey on foot to Madrid). Other blocks came from abroad, for instance from Berlin and Hamburg and other cities to join the protest.

Photos from Xpressed
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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Glasgow's Anti-fascist March.

    UN's anti-racism, anti-fascism day, March 22, saw many colourful marches, rallies and demonstrations, take place across the globe. Glasgow was no exception, with a noisy colourful march from George Square through the city centre and return to George Square for lots of music and some speeches. The Glasgow march was lead by wonderful inspiring drum band and was a sea of colour with banners from as far a field as Dumfries.

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