Tuesday, 28 June 2022

System Fail.

         As usual, SubMedia delivers the news that the mainstream media overlooks. This latest edition System Fail 14, is no exception, watch and see what is happening across this scarred, damaged and plundered planet.

This Edition:

        Artificial intelligence reaches a new and unexpected milestone while the human condition continues to worsen.
         As supply chains are pushed to the brink, working people around the globe struggle with new realities of stagnated wages and out of control inflation. While oil corporations celebrate record profits, the people of Ecuador are fighting back with work stoppages, road blocks, and riots across the country.
      Meanwhile, in Tanzania, tensions have flared as the government tries to displace many indigenous Maasai people from their ancestral homelands for yet another playground for capitalist elites.
      Finally, we follow up with our coverage of Giannis Michailidis, anarchist prisoner in Greece, who has now been on hunger strike for over a month.

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Monday, 27 June 2022


            When the arrogant U$A and EU mouthpieces spout about representing the international community in this bloodshed in Ukraine, they are of course lying or delusional. In fact they only represent approximately 15% of the global population. Some proof of this was the recent zoom conference called by Fuehrer Zelensky to get all 55 nations of the African Union onboard. After much persuasion, 4 leaders of the African Union turned up for the conference. How's that for support. This is a proxy war between U$A, its NATO puppets and a few hangers on. The vast majority of the world wants no part in this brutal squabble to maintain the perceived supremacy that the U$ believes it has a God given right to wield.

The following extract from Multi Polarista:

       The United States and European Union frequently claim that they are acting on behalf of the “international community,” but events like this demonstrate that when Washington and Brussels say international community, they actually just mean the roughly 15% of the global population in the West and their loyal allies in Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, and Japan.
       Multipolarista detailed in a report in March how the vast majority of the world’s population, which resides in the Global South, has remained neutral over the Western proxy war in Ukraine.
       Countries with some of the largest populations on Earth, such as China, India, Pakistan, Brazil, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Mexico, and Vietnam, have remained neutral.
       Many more nations in the Global South, such as South Africa, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, North Korea, and Eritrea, have openly blamed NATO and the United States for causing the war in Ukraine.
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Sunday, 26 June 2022


Image by Erhan Yalvac, courtesy of Daily Sabah

          In every tragic war situation in which the West is involved, there is always the blame game, and we in the West always claim it was the other guy that started it. We immediately take the moral high ground, the other is evil, undemocratic, we are good and democratic. Basically that is all bullshit, wars are the result of powerful factions trying to gain or defend their perceived supremacy. It is a brutal and tragic game of bullying and brinkmanship and all for power, resources, markets and wealth, for that small class of powerful parasites that control the various corporate empires. The state will always be there to support their particular corporate empire, and be prepared to cajole the population into the roll of cannon fodder. The Ukraine situation is no different U$ and its puppets see Russia as a threat to their perceived supremacy and will work tirelessly to undermine and destroy that threat. Meanwhile ordinary people will die and the powers that be will sit back and enjoy any spoils that result from this bloodshed. In today's world, war and states are co-joined twins spawned by corporate capitalism.

         One of the old intel codgers, Graham E. Fuller, who was Vice Chair of the National Intelligence Council at CIA back when I was an analyst, has it figured out. He wrote a piece sure to get him removed from woke Washington, DC parties:
        The war in Ukraine has dragged on long enough now to reveal certain clear trajectories. First, two fundamental realities: Putin is to be condemned for launching this war– as is virtually any leader who launches any war. Putin can be termed a war criminal–in good company with George W. Bush who has killed vastly greater numbers than Putin.
Secondary condemnation belongs to the US (NATO) in deliberately provoking a war with Russia by implacably pushing its hostile military organization, despite Moscow’s repeated notifications about crossing red lines, right up to the gates of Russia. This war did not have to be if Ukranian neutrality, รก la Finland and Austria, had been accepted. Instead Washington has called for clear Russian defeat.

       Contrary to Washington’s triumphalist pronouncements, Russia is winning the war, Ukraine has lost the war. Any longer-term damage to Russia is open to debate.
        Sadly for Washington, nearly every single one of its expectations about this war are turning out to be incorrect. Indeed the West may come to look back at this moment as the final argument against following Washington’s quest for global dominance into ever newer and more dangerous and damaging confrontations with Eurasia. And most of the rest of the world–Latin America, India, the Middle East and Africa– find few national interests in this fundamentally American war against Russia

Read the full article HERE 

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Saturday, 25 June 2022

Support RMT.

         It was great to see such support for the RMT strike at Glasgow. The picket at Glasgow Central Station was visited by a colourful group that marched from Buchanan Street down to the main entrance of Central Station to show support for the RMT picket.
       There was a fair crowd and there were a variety of groups all displaying their banners while singing and chanting. The crowd were then joined by part of the Pride march which took place in the city today. A welcome sign that the strikers are having strong support from the Glasgow communities. We will have to sustain this support and grow this support, for there are more strikes coming down the line as the savage attack on our living standards and conditions mount through the insanity of this economic system and the way it is managed and manipulated to suit the rich and powerful, by our corrupt self interested mob of posh boys and girls we are meant to accept as "government".

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              So the bureaucrats of that patch of the planet called Sweden have jumped from being a so called neutral nation to a member of the American imperialist war machine, NATO. Though with confidence we can say that not all who live there are in favour of their being dragged into this NATO war machine. There are those who see it for what it is, a tool for American dominance of the planet, an institution for the furtherance of Western corporate capitalism, and they will make their voices heard.

The following from Act For Freedom Now:


        Some anarchists invaded the hometown of the Swedish Minister of Defence, the Social Democrat Peter Hultqvist. We vandalized several of the Social Democrats’ premises. Locks were glued and messages were painted: FUCK NATO!
        Neither the U.S. Club for Imperialism, nor the petty politicians, own us. You are trying to force decisions on us. Instead, we force ourselves on you. No defense alliance can protect you.

A new time prevails. Anarchy reigns.

Against your wars, your nationalism… FUCK OFF”

via: unoffensiveanimal

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Friday, 24 June 2022


       Tomorrow Saturday, 25th June, 10am. George Square, Glasgow, there is a march in support of the striking railway workers.

          So you're pissed off being driven into the grubber, angry at being promised pie in the sky, those illusions of high skilled, high wage jobs, sometime in the next ten to twelve years, perhaps, and in the meantime, go to the food bank, watch your kids shiver at home during the winter, see your elderly rapidly going to their grave earlier than they should. All this while the rich parasite class grow fat on your austerity. Are you angry at those with salaries in the £100,000's telling you not to ask for a big pay rise as it will only feed inflation. At the same time, the boss of Birmingham airport has just been given a 10% rise in his salary. They are having a good laugh at us.
         Well you have a right to be angry, this is an extremely wealth country, meanwhile the government is driving the population into dire poverty, while we have an army of millionaires and billionaires, all their wealth gleaned from your labour. So let's get angry, really angry and take our anger onto the streets, join the picket lines of those strikers fighting for a decent wage increase, and protecting their conditions.
        Tomorrow Saturday, 25th June, 10am. George Square, Glasgow, there is a march in support of the striking railway workers.
        Join them bring your family and friends, bring your street, bring placards, come and make plenty of noise. Their fight is our fight, we the ordinary people of this country, are all being hit by this tsunami of avoidable hardship and with it will come evictions, dire poverty, health problems, children's potential stunted, and a crumbling health service that will end up being privatised.

       Tomorrow Saturday, 25th June, 10am. George Square, Glasgow, there is a march in support of the striking railway workers.

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Show Your Anger By Solidarity.

         The largest rail strike in 30 years or so and all the media can spout is inconvenience to such an such a group. Of course there will be inconvenience during a large strike, the question we should ask ourselves is, why are they on strike, and the answer is obvious, living standards. At the present time all the ordinary people in this country are suffering the biggest drop in living standards in a generation. With that comes real hardship, evictions, fuel poverty, food poverty, ill health and the lives of our kids stunted, our elderly dying earlier than they should. Mean while the rich and powerful repeat their only answer, and it is pie in the sky for you and I, “we must grow the economy”. In other words we have to suffer so that the corporate parasites can increase their profit margins, we have to suffer so that shareholders will get fat unearned bonuses. There is no “cost of living crisis”, there is an exploitation crisis. The broken, fractured, crumbling capitalist system needs to be re-capitalised, the only way the parasite class know how to do this is squeeze the public dry. You are suffering so that the corporate world can gain some capital in to the system to try and kick-start back into life, the whole rotten system, all to their advantage.
         So yes, we will be inconvenienced by the rail strike, but instead of falling for the state/corporate bullshit and fabric of illusions, join the strikers on the streets support them in your communities, show your anger at the injustice that is being heaped on you and your families. Their fight is our fight. We are all going to be hit by this latest tsunami of austerity and it repercussions, while the corporate parasites stuff their coffers with stolen capital, stolen from you and I.

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Wednesday, 22 June 2022


         We have to support this event, now more than ever, G. Michailidis needs our support and solidarity.


Thursday, 23rd June,

From 7pm.

GAS, 53 Kilbirnie Street,


The following taken from Act For Freedom Now:

      BREAKING: Decision of the Amfissa Judicial Council rejecting the request for the release of hunger striker G.Michailidis
       Today 20/6 the Judicial Council of Amfissa rejected the request for release of fellow hunger striker Giannis Michailidis. The Judicial Council of Amfissa and the judges Konstantinos Mandavinos, Ioannis Gatzias and Smaragda Moraiti signed with their dirty hands the attempt to exterminate our comrade. Next to their name the word executioner will carry with it the stigma that must accompany them for the rest of their miserable lives.
      The Amfissa Judicial Council has carried out part of a wider repressive plan to deal with our comrade’s hunger strike. Systematic silencing by the mainstream media, bureaucratic delay of the response in order to damage and exhaust the striker, rejection of the application at a time when he is in a critical condition in the Lamia Hospital.
       As we speak, after a month of hunger strike, Giannis has reached 57.5 kg, has lost more than 21% of his body weight and his life is in danger. He is locked up in a squalid cell in the Lamia hospital, without even a TV to keep him informed, which he is deprived of with the ridiculous argument of the cops that ‘there is a fear of suicide from the TV cables’. Visits with his companion are refused and she is not given any official information about his medical condition.

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Biased Media.


           Day and daily we are exposed to the horrors of the ongoing disaster in Ukraine, our media show all the misery and horror being inflicted on the people of Ukraine, and it is horror and devastation on a massive scale. However it is the biased way in which these wars are reported, this is a Russian invasion so the media show it up for the horror that it is, but where were these same reporters when the Bush-Blair war mongering duo were inflicting their "Shock & Awe"  in 2003, on the innocent people of Iraq. During that U$A and the NATO's illegal destruction of Iraq, we saw no weeping women, no injured children, no scenes of schools and hospitals being blow to smithereens, no badly injured Iraqi soldiers. It was all about our "smart" bombs and our phony illusion that we were only doing it to save the Iraqi people from an evil dictator. Totally biased bullshit from the subservient media.
         Another brutal attack on innocent people by the peace loving U$A and its NATO war partner, was reported as saving people from violence, that the West has successfully erased for the public consciousness, is the devastation brought down on the people of Yugoslavia in 1999. Again a subservient media painted the picture that the war mongers wanted, as with Iraq, they took the handouts as truth and called it reporting.

Yugoslavia 1999.

                                                Image courtesy of TeleSur.

 The following is taken from Arrezaf.


10 jun 2022 - People’s Daily: Today marks the 23rd anniversary of the end of NATO’s bombing of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. After an international legal team filed lawsuits against NATO on behalf of 3,000 victims over the horrific consequences of up to 15 tons of depleted uranium bombs NATO dropped in 1999, NATO responded by saying it has immunity from prosecution. Do you have any comment?
        Zhao Lijian: Twenty-three years ago, US-led NATO blatantly bombarded the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia for 78 days without the approval of the UN Security Council. In total, NATO dropped nearly 420,000 bombs weighing 22,000 tons, including 15 tons of depleted uranium bombs. Over 2,500 people including 79 children were killed and more than one million people became refugees as a direct result of the bombings. 
      What is more heart-wrenching is that death and agony brought by the war lingered for generations till this day. As noted by experts, exposure to radiation emitted by depleted uranium bombs can show no symptom for years and depleted uranium bombs have long-term impact on the environment and human food-chain. In the 10 years after the bombing, about 30,000 people in Serbia developed cancer, among whom 10,000 died. According to the Institute of Public Health of Belgrade, by the end of 2019, the number of registered cancer patients in Serbia was as high as 97,000. A study of the Serbian emergency center shows that among children born in Serbia after 1999, many aged between one and five suffered from ectodermal tumors, many aged between five and nine contracted hematological malignancies, and there is a clear uptick in the morbidity rate of brain cancer among those aged between nine and 18. Besides, by May 2019, 366 Italian military personnel who participated in the NATO military operations have died of cancer, and 7,500 have fallen sick. 
        However, till this day, the US -- the country that sent military aircraft to drop depleted uranium bombs over Serbia and the inventor of this type of bombs as well as the only country that has ever used them -- continues to deny that depleted uranium bombs can directly cause Gulf War syndrome and Kosovo syndrome. During the Gulf War, the US dropped far more depleted uranium bombs over Iraq. NATO is also trying to get away with it by claiming immunity from prosecution. Such moves by the US-led NATO are shocking. Neither the Serbian people, nor people elsewhere in the world seeking justice, will ever agree to this. The US-led NATO should earnestly reflect on its war crimes, and provide a reasonable explanation and compensations to the victims of depleted uranium bombs as soon as possible. NATO must also seriously learn the lesson and stop creating new turmoil and division across the world. 
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Tuesday, 21 June 2022


          As the system squeezes out more austerity from the population of ordinary people, in an attempt to re-capitalise their fractured and broken system of exploitation, more people become angry as they see their living standards being decimated and their kids and elderly suffering in the interests of profit. So naturally that anger will spill over onto the streets in the form of strikes, direct action and protests, and rightly so. However the greater our anger and the louder our voices, the harder the state will come down on those who dare to face up to this cull on the poorest and most vulnerable. Already the prisons are filling up with those who dare to take on this battle for a better and fairer life for all our people.
        If we are to win this fight for fairness and justice then we must show solidarity with all those who find themselves enmeshed in the state's web of loaded judicial systems and its repression institutions, the prisons.
       There is a call for a show of solidarity for one such prisoner entrapped in their repressive system, a prisoner of the Greek state, caged for fighting for freedom and justice. Let's show some support for this event and carry it on to solidarity with all those oppressed by the state.


         We're putting on this event in solidarity with anarchist hunger striker G. Michailidis (on hunger strike since 23/05 in Greece), following a call for international solidarity.
         It would be great to see and chat to you there, and it would also be really helpful if you could share the event/poster far and wide!

All the best,
Clydeside Anarchist Noise.

Please spread far and wide and support those the state desires to silence.

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Sunday, 19 June 2022


         I penned the little piece below away back in February 2003, why bother repeating it now you might ask. After all Tony has bent his knee in front of the monarchy, been welcomed into the bosom of the imperial establishment and made a knight. 

 It was a joke then, what makes you think it's different now?
      Well the point is not about Tony, but the fact that we are facing an unprecedented attack on our living standards, millions more of ordinary people are going to be dragged in to poverty, people's health will suffer, kids potential will be stunted and the elderly will go to an earlier grave than they would normally. Meanwhile millionaires and billionaires get richer and richer by the day. So if you are thinking of marching through the streets with you placards, demanding the government do something to help you, then reflect on February 15th. 2003, when 1 million marched in London, 100,000 marched in Glasgow and similar amounts in cities across the planet, all on the same day, the result was to be totally ignored by the government. You will have to come up with something a bit stronger than nice marches and fancy placards. The state and its corporate bedfellows are in a corrupt and festering arrangement but are determined to to protect their power, wealth and privileges and will fight tooth and nail to keep wages down, cut social spending, with the excuse of cutting inflation and balancing the books, the real purpose is of course to re-capitalise their broken and corrupt system. The only way they know how to do that is to make us pay by inflicting crippling austerity on the population.
        You will have to be ready for a bitter fight and perhaps a long one, or you can knuckle down and take what is coming to you. The choice is up to us all, we organise and fight back or we accept our abject poverty and hand the same misery on to our kids and grandkids.    
He didn't listen to you then, what makes you think Boris will now?
       If politicians listen to the will of the people, what should Tony be doing after February 15th, If ever a people spoke loud and and with one voice, it was the British people on Saturday February 15th. A protest voice of 1 million ordinary British people on the streets of London, close to 100,000 on the streets of Glasgow, with nearly as many in Belfast, all saying the same thing, “This war must not happen”. On the same day, this call was repeated across the planet in most major cities. What more does Bush and Blair need to make them realise that they are wrong,
         If there is a war on Iraq, it will be in the name of George W. Bush, Tony Blair and their handful of scullions, most certainly not in the name of the British people.
        What ever we think of Saddam, and what ever we think should happen to him, on one thing we all agree, the Iraqi people must not become collateral damage in the oil barons and weapon makers scramble for richer pickings. If Tony did not get the message on February 15th. Then we must repeat it at regular intervals until he does.
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Friday, 17 June 2022


        The over riding aim of the ordinary people of this planet should be on bringing down the state/military industrial complex.  Wars are a necessary part of the state in its desire for power and enhancing that power. War eats the world's resources as it reaps havoc on the civilian population and it is the biggest polluter on earth by far. We the ordinary people never gain from wars, it is that small class of powerful and wealthy parasites that hold the reins of power over our lives who gain. They are the ones who call for war, shout about patriotism and democracy to get the ordinary people onboard to do the killing and be killed, these worthless lying parasites are the ones who gain from the bloodshed.

The following from Anarchist News.

Two days against war and repression 26-27.06.2022 

Sunday, June 26, 2022

      5 p.m.: The ongoing war and the reasons for our internationalism. Against the wars of masters and rulers. Against all states, starting with our own. For the defeat of NATO. Discussion with some comrade editors of the anarchist internationalist fortnightly “Bezmotivny.”

8 p.m.: Buffet dinner.

Monday, June 27, 2022

      5 p.m.: Discussion: Anti-anarchist repression in recent years: from the Scripta Manent trial to 41 bis against Alfredo Cospito. After months of censorship on correspondence and following the repressive Sibilla operation in November, comrade Alfredo Cospito was transferred to a 41 bis regime on May 5, while the cassation ruling of the Scripta Manent trial, in which some 20 anarchists are defendants and for which, in addition to Alfredo, another comrade, Anna Beniamino, is currently imprisoned, is scheduled for June 27.

      In continuity with the struggle against the state and capital, we solidarize with the imprisoned anarchists, support revolutionary practices, and persevere in anarchist propaganda.

8 p.m.: Buffet dinner.

Circolaccio Anarchico

viale della repubblica 1/A – Spoleto

e-mail: circolaccioanarchico[at]inventati[dot]org

telegram: t.me/circolaccioanarchicospoleto

[Attached is the manifesto for the initiative].

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          Imagine 100 people go for a garden picnic, and on the table are 100 cakes during the picnic 44 of the people present eat 97 cakes between them, leaving 3 cakes for the other 56 people. I imagine the 56 people left with the 3 cakes would kick up merry hell. Yet we seem to accept this in real life, that’s how capitalism works. The world is our garden, the cakes is the wealth the world produces, so why do we that 56, not kick up merry hell at the situation which is a reality that blights the lives of millions right here and now in our only garden, the world we live in.

 Image courtesy of Visual Capitalism.

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Wednesday, 15 June 2022



Image courtesy of earth.org.
       I have probably spouted this before, in fact, I'm sure I have, but find it difficult not to repeat. We the ordinary people are being asked to change our lifestyle to save the planet. Take a shallower bath, a shorter shower, turn your thermostat down a degree or two, recycle your plastic, food and paper waste. All I'm sure will make some difference to our carbon footprint. However it will not save the human species from extinction, it is just a drop in the ocean. We will only see a real drop in the human carbon footprint when the millionaire/billionaire/CEO class abandon their super-luxury fuel guzzling yachts, their private jets, their caravans of gas guzzling limousines. When they abandon their 20 roomed mansions with its army of servants, when the monarchy abandons its catalogue of opulent palaces and its entourage of hangers-on. Even then it will still be in the balance, the one thing that would make the biggest reduction in our carbon footprint would be dismantling the festering relationship between the military industrial complex and the state, and bring an end to wars. Something the state and its various mouthpieces never mention is that the military and wars are by far the biggest polluters on the planet.
       So forget about that shallow bath or shorter shower and demand the end to the real polluters of the planet, the rich and powerful and the state and its military adventures.                               

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