Friday, 13 December 2019

Gees, What Have They Done!!!

      So after the manufactured phony excitement over the recent crooks and liars competition, our as our lords and master like to call it, the general election, the people have spoken, and the result is that we have a far right government. So for the next five years you will be expected to get your head down and in a subservient manner work your arse off, and try to remember that some multi million private yacht needs repaired. Abandon your interest in politics, you have done your bit with that little cross on that little bit of paper. Now just knuckle down and let the rich and powerful get on with their plundering of the poor. Or you could look across the seas to Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia, Haiti, France, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Hong Kong, Czech Republic, and many more areas where the people have taken to the streets saying, enough is enough, we will not be impoverished any more, we will not pay homage to the rich parasitical corporate class.

Jacob Rees-Mogg at work on a salary of £76,011, paid by you.
   Over the last ten years, under a less far right regime, we have seen our social services decimated, our education system crumble, our National Health service, starved to breaking point. Now with old Etonians like Jacob Rees-Mogg, personal wealth estimated at £55 million ( £150 million if you include his wife's little bundle), and his other greed driven, power crazy Etonian buddie, Boris Johnson, he who thinks the truth is an illusion, do you think that they will act with the welfare of the people at heart, or will they give free rein to their friends and cronies in  corporate exploiting and plundering machine?
    In my mind, the real people have still to speak, if they do, it will have to be loud and clear and quick.

Boris Johnson, sacked twice for lying, now Prime Minister.

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From Baghdad To Beirut---

Iraq 2019.
      It is difficult to grasp the full extent of what is happening in Iraq, Iran and other places where the people are battling the state on the streets. Most of our information is filtered through the mainstream media, and as most of us realise, that comes with its own particular bias. Getting information from the place of struggle can be difficult and can pass through many hands, receiving a little distortion as it travels.
 Iraq 2019.
      This morning I received this unsolicited email this morning, it may seem to be rather long, but certainly contains passion and appears to be from the area, and perhaps gives us a little bit more insight to what is going on. It is not my place to edit it, but I feel it is my place to pass it on, and hope you do likewise.
   I particularly like the paragraph---- This proletarian struggle is not an “anarchist” struggle, it is neither a “socialist” struggle, nor a struggle for the sake of democratic power, or the national State – it’s a revolutionary, class and international struggle against the capitalist dictatorship over life (over the Earth)… It is a struggle to liberate life from all forms of human slavery…
"From Baghdad to Beirut, no Shia no Sunni, let's continue the struggle."
    The Iraqi government is made up of all bourgeois factions in Iraq, and it is accepted by regional forces and the world bourgeoisie, but the proletariat tried to bring it down… The “Green Zone” in Baghdad is the centre of the world capitalism; the proletariat tried to occupy it and lost a lot of lives for it…The port of Basra is a global corridor for oil exports and international trade and proletariat blocked it, and tried to control it.
     The Iraqi police, security forces, special forces and military forces are forces of global capitalism (with the participation of Shia, Sunni, Christian, Kurdish, and Turkmen bourgeoisie, with a large numbers of regional and international forces, including troops of America and Europe, Turkey, Iran, etc.), but the proletariat attacked them, their centres and detachments in the streets, and as many as 650 proletarians have been killed by them and more than 20 thousand wounded (this is not to mention the number of abducted and imprisoned…).
      The proletariat in all rebellious areas of Iraq burned down the headquarters of the political parties (religious and national without exception), they burned down the houses of members of parliament and State officials and they also attacked security and police stations, media, judicial institutions and the Ministry of Justice, newspapers and television stations… By doing this, the proletariat attacked the whole State.
    According to the prime minister Adel Abd al-Mahdi, this movement destroyed the national economy (capitalism) in all its aspects. The proletariat in its struggle attacked without exception everything, any symbol, any person, any base attached to the history of the authority and repression including military, diplomatic institutions, trade centres and secret services, internal as well as external. All the attacks on the repressive forces of Pasdaran in the city of Karbala are not really anti-Iranian as the media said, but it is a part of the class action against the repressive forces and centres in all their forms just like the attack on the Green Zone and the other places. Isn’t it clear from proletarian united action and its slogans: “Down with all the thieves”, “From Baghdad to Beirut, no Shiite and no Sunni”, “No country, no work, we all stay in the street!”, “No country, no work until the downfall of the system” – that the proletariat targets counter-revolution in its totality, just like it did in Basra in September 2018!?
    The bourgeoisie has always tried to distort the class path of our revolutionary movement. They have resorted to various methods to empty the revolutionary content of our struggle; they create stories of conspiracy and call it names. All of this in order to cover up its bloody crackdown and the destruction of our revolutionary movement in bourgeois conflicts. The proletariat has risen up on a social level against all the exploiters and it intends to terminate the whole of their power.
      The proletariat understands very much that external and internal capitalists (Shiites, Sunnis, Kurds, Christians, Jews…), the wealthiest from all over the world are part of the State and they are all united in exploiting the humanity, therefore, proletarian struggle is without a doubt a united struggle against all of them…
    The militant proletariat does not allow anyone to represent it; it has no demands and it does not negotiate. It is not attached to any political programme… Isn’t this rebellion a deep class struggle against the capitalist system in its entirety? The only programme of the proletariat is its determination to continue and direct the unified struggle against the dictatorship of Capital and State.
     “We are against all of you, and we take everything.” That’s the autonomy of the class and the strength of the struggle of our movement… And therefore, it is not easy for the State to extinguish or to root out this movement. The proletariat is not in a waiting situation or in a depressed mood… Since the beginning of the movement and until now, even with massive repression and murdering of the State, this movement continues and it is expanding the scope of its struggles and tactics day after day. For example, in Baghdad, the movement formed combat units and spread all around the city to interrupt the traffic, and take control of the bridges and important points. It set up its collective coordinating activities to extend and expand its struggle to plan the next day and the next target, it published leaflets about its struggle, and it treated injured comrades… all of this is the coordination, organization and expansion of their struggle capacity.
     The proletarian struggles in the past always took energy from each other. That is how the struggle continues and exercises its class interests and internationalism as well. By breaking the geographical borders, ideological, economical and democratic frameworks and the national State… this movement targets the Capital and global capitalism. And today the exactly same struggle exists in reality. The proletariat nowadays (from Haiti, France, Hong Kong, Egypt, Latin America, Lebanon to Iraq and Iran) is in the same struggle, we are fighting the same enemy, we have the same interests and the same hope: the overthrow of capitalism and the realization of community of human life without wage labour, exploitation, profit, Capital, work, pollution, injustice, wars and destruction.
     This proletarian struggle is not an “anarchist” struggle, it is neither a “socialist” struggle, nor a struggle for the sake of democratic power, or the national State – it’s a revolutionary, class and international struggle against the capitalist dictatorship over life (over the Earth)… It is a struggle to liberate life from all forms of human slavery… If today young militants have come out on the street and they take a lead in the struggle and heavily participate in it, it is something natural!
      Because this generation, while running daily from the catastrophe of capital, is dreaming of life. They are those who have no stability in life… what they have today may not last until tomorrow. What they feel was close to them today; tomorrow seems to be very far. The greed of capitalism, its wars, and its successive disasters left them in a constant struggle. This situation intensifies more and more at the global level and becomes a hell that pushes the proletariat into the struggle… Their struggle is a struggle of life against this capitalist hell. The proletarians in the struggle understand capitalism and its catastrophe and they feel alive and they are happy in their struggle for life.
     The proletarian struggle is the struggle of the exploited class against the world capitalism. It is a struggle for life, against the exploitative and deadly relations of the global Capital. The proletariat continues to struggle: from France to Lebanon, from Iraq to Chile, from Hong Kong to Iran… and calls upon all other neighbouring areas where it is possible to unite and to co-ordinate class action in this struggle against capitalism.
     From our region the participation of the proletariat in Turkey, Israel and Iran… blocks the possibilities of the capitalist war and pushes our international class war towards a better perspective. Down with exploitation and oppression… Down with war… Down with capitalism… For the continuation of the class war all over the World.

From the comrades of international struggle

Internationalist Proletarians

Middle East

November 2019
International and Class Communication:
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Thursday, 12 December 2019

Our Struggle Ends When We Win The World.

        Glasgow/Clydeside was once known as the Red Clyde, a period of radical action by thousands of ordinary people from the area. However some historians  seem intent in watering that history down to a wishy-washy very pale pink. However, no matter how the establishment historians and their sidekicks in the media, try to portray the Red Clyde as a wishy-washy very pale pink, the real history defies them. The people of the Clydeside have a proud history, they have a heritage, and it is one of continuous struggle for justice and a better world. There were more industrial strikes on Clydeside during the first world war than before or after, Hundreds of thousands organised rent strikes from Clydebank to Glasgow, and successfully forced the UK government to bring in the 1915 rent restriction act. The Clydeside history is littered with hard and sometimes brutal struggles, struggles of people who demanded more, who demanded change, and in many case got it.
      However the struggle is not over, we are now in the midst of the most brutal attack on the living conditions of the ordinary people for many a decade. Despite the struggles and victories of the past, we are once again heading back to the poverty of the thirties, increase homelessness, increased child poverty, working families relying on charities. It is once again time to reignite that fighting spirit of the Red Clyde, time to call on that solidarity, that unity of purpose. We don't have the shipyards, we don't have the engineering factories, but we do have the people of Glasgow/Clydeside and their history of determined struggle, and their desire for justice. Now more than ever, we need that Red Clyde radical spirit to defend and improve our living conditions and those of tomorrow's generation.

           A poster from the 80's. calling on that Red Clydeside spirit. We are alive, from the rent strikes, to bloody Friday, to the poll-tax and beyond, our struggle will end when we win the world.
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Wednesday, 11 December 2019

When A District Gets Milked.

      I was born in Garngad and move to the Springburn area, where I lived the largest slice of my life and it is still my part of the world. In my many years I have seen some very dramatic changes to our city and to my patch, Springburn.

 Springburn Road at Balgrayhil, around 1940/50s
       Springburn, once a busy industrial centre, known as a railway town in its own right. A mass of different industries supplying the massive steam locomotive industry in its area, the expansive St Rollox railway repair yard, Tennant’s Chemical factory on Sighthill, once the largest chemical plant in Europe, with its tall chimney belching out its noxious fumes over the area, it even had the killing hand of a Cape Asbestos factory. Its main street, Springburn Road was a busy highway of trams buses and shops. Springburn Park was a shining jewel in the dirt and grim of this densely populated industrial area, the park boasted a magnificent winter gardens, once the largest glasshouse in Scotland at 842 sq. m.
       Today Springburn is a shadow of its former self, dominated by a very busy dual carriageway that split the community asunder, that magnificent glass structure in the park now resembles the skeletal structure of some bygone dinosaur. Its industries gone, its houses demolished and most of its people dispersed to other parts. 
Springburn Park winter gardens today, photo by Stevie Douglas.
      So what now? Here are some statistics for the area. Though a few years old, I doubt if they have improved that much, if at all, due to the ensuing years of austerity, benefit cuts and social services ravished.

        Life expectancy for both males and females has risen in recent years in Springburn but has remained below the Glasgow average. In the most recent period shown (2008-12), life expectancy was notably lower than the Scottish average, particularly for men.

Adults in income deprivation,       3,610 – 29.9%   2012.
Working age in employment deprivation,    2.120 – 27.8%   2012
Children in poverty,       1,100 – 46.4%   2011

    Springburn ranks in the most financially distressed 10% of constituencies in Glasgow.  2016.

     That’s how capitalism works, it milks you for all it is worth and then when it deems fit, moves on and abandons you to poverty and deprivation. Surely we can do better than this!
Springburn Road today. 
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Slow Death By Avoidable Poverty.

         I know I sometimes repeat myself, but there are somethings that just build up the anger that I feel I will just keep repeating it in the hope that it might just make a little difference. I wrote the following piece about 6 years ago, now instead of just writing it I feel I should be shouting it from the rooftops, as it becomes ever more obvious that the same vicious policies are still being pursued by our greedy rich and powerful masters. However, they don't have to be our masters, we can be masters of our own destination, it's up to us.

    Some things are necessary for survival, like water, shelter and food, without any one of these basics your survival is in jeopardy, yet we tolerate a system where by if you don't have enough of that stuff called money, you can be denied these basic necessities. Probably one reason this cruel unjust system survives is because you don't die suddenly. With poverty you can be denied one or all of these basics, not enough money means cheap crap food, not enough food, and you die, rather slowly. We won't see people fall over and die in the street, they will just simply deteriorate and die young, the shock factor isn't there. Likewise the homeless, a hidden slow death by poverty, murder by shareholders. Across the world day in day out, millions of lives are shortened by not having access to clean drinking water. Why should the flow and distribution of the very basics of life be under the control of the Davos Club, that group of greedy, pampered, parasitical, millionaire shareholders?
      Under our millionaire's scheme of "debt reduction" and "austerity cuts" we are seeing more and more of our public assets being handed over to those shiny suits of the Davos Club. Soon there will be nothing that belongs to the people. In the UK they already own, among other things, our energy resources and we have seen the prices rocket, as they pursue ever greater profits. Social housing has long been under attack and is disappearing, financial institutions own our homes, and they are working hard at getting our water.
      These corporate conditions will produce a world where we will be completely at the mercy of those greedy, pampered, parasitical, millionaire shareholders of the Davos Club, for everything we need, and if you are poor, your only means of survival will be dependent on charity organisations. Of course we can take everything back, creating co-operatives and community controlled enterprises, it is happening in all sorts of places across the globe. People have seen enough of "free market", "neo-liberalism", which translates into ripping-off the people and widespread deprivation. The tide is turning, it has to, it must be our world, or it is a destroyed world of abject poverty.
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Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Decision Time???

       The final day of campaigning in the crooks and liars competition, or as the media portray it, the general election, so I'll make my pitch. Not for your vote, but to ask you to stop handing your power over to a bunch of very rich prancing political ballerinas and start to organise your community and society the way you want it to be, by coming together and doing it yourselves, We do not need them, they need us.
     The quest of our political system---
  My pitch: 
Why Anarchism?

Freedom and Equality
      Fundamentally, anarchism is the struggle for freedom. Freedom from rulers and corporations who dominate our lives and are destroying our earth. Freedom for workers, women, and all oppressed people in all parts of the world. We believe that this sort of freedom can only be achieved together with equality and a fair distribution of resources.

Individual and Collective
      Anarchists believe in the inherent dignity and humanity of the individual. But this dignity and humanity can only be fully realised in a co-operative, egalitarian society. This is why we are in favour of working together collectively and being organised. It is incorrect to equate anarchism with individualism or chaos.
      Anarchists understand that this truly free and equal society can only be achieved through revolution – meaning a complete transformation of society. This society cannot be ‘given’ to the people by politicians or bureaucrats. It must be built by people from below.

Change by Direct Action
       Anarchism opposes the violence which is an integral part of capitalism and the state (this violence comes in many forms: war, patriarchy etc.). We believe that means shape ends – in other words, the way we struggle will shape the outcome of the struggle. This is also why we do not support the seizure of State power by authoritarian political parties. However, anarchists do believe in direct action – action taken by everyday people to address the power imbalance in present day society. This includes strikes, boycott’s, work-to-rule’s and occupations.
The Past
       Both authoritarian communism (as in Russia, China etc.) and ‘labourism’ (ie. The labour parties of the world), have failed to solve our global crisis. We need a different path to a better world. Anarchism offers itself as a guide on that path.
        Or perhaps you are willing to accept another spell of the "Boris Club" brutality.

Thanks Loam for the video link.
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Monday, 9 December 2019

Free And Fair Elections????

        We are entering the last few days of the UK general election, or as I prefer to call it, the UK Crooks and Liars Competition. We are told we have "free" and "fair" elections in this country, but a little survey of the press coverage, that sewer of putrid propaganda, tells a different story. A media search in all UK national press over the last 3 months, hardly looks fair reporting. The number of articles covering the two main candidates:

Corbyn and antisemitism – 1,450
Johnson and Islamophobia – 164
Corbyn and IRA – 272
Johnson and Yemen and war crimes – 2
      A wee bit of bias perhaps, or downright attempt to scupper one candidate and glorify another. Ah the beauty of a free and fair press, standing up to defend our fair and free elections. Bullshit, and a plague on all your houses. 
 Photo by John Hartfield.
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Live Free, Ride Free.

        Don't you just love the ingenuity of the ordinary people? The myth is always peddled that those in power that run our affairs are smart hard working, self-sacrificing individuals. When in fact most are self gratifying prancing political ballerinas, with a high percentage being liars and stupid.
     Time and time again these greedy, celebrity photo-op seeking buffoons are outwitted by members of the general public.
       In Greece the bus system was that you buy your ticket from a kiosk, and when you enter the bus there is a small machine into which you put your ticket to have it date and time stamped. Inspectors periodically enter the bus to check if your ticket is stamped, if not you're in for a fine. In one occasion groups of anarchists entered the buses with screw drivers, removed the machines and left the bus with the machine. Travelers could not stamp their tickets, so could use the same ticket time and time again.
      This latest little act of ingenuity from Canada, was simple and effective, sophisticated high tec machines are always vulnerable to ingenuity.
       Over the past several days, motivated by an international call for transit fare strikes, the fare distribution machines in several metro stations were disabled by blocking the debit/credit card readers and coin slots.
      The STM is continually hiking fares and deploying squads of wannabe-cop “inspectors” to harass, fine, and assault people over $3.50. Currently, the STM is even seeking to give its inspectors expanded powers to detain and arrest people and access police databases. Every effort to maintain and expand policing of people’s movements deserves to be met with resistance. Fortunately, there is no shortage of inspiration from around the world, above all the ongoing revolt in Chile.
      These actions were experiments with some simple, effective, and fairly discreet means of sabotageing fare collection and enforcement. At this point in time, the method that gives us the most confidence is to apply super glue to both sides of a random unactivated gift card and insert it fully in the debit/credit card slot, and put more super glue in the coin slot after causing it to open by operating the machine as though you want to pay for a ticket with cash. We hope this technique can be reproduced widely alongside other tactics for taking these machines out of service.

Live free, ride free.
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Sunday, 8 December 2019

The Kite, Anti-prison Paper.

        A new month, and a new document for our "Read of the Month". For this months Spirit of Revolt’s “Read of the Month” we have gone back to 1979. It is from our Bratach Dubh Collection, an anti-prison news journal, The Kite, summer issue, 1979. It was distributed in several countries, and makes for interesting reading, with ideas that apply equally well today as they did in 1979. Enjoy.

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The Usual Police Brutality.


      Police brutality is a fact of the state system, there is no other way that the state can keep control of the population. What the people want and what the state want are irreconcilable. People want freedom to choose their way of life, to enjoy the fruits of their labour and to share in an equal and civilised manner. The state wants total control to keep the wealth flowing to the few wealthy power mongers at the top. The moment people challenge that position out comes the iron fist, Chile, Lebanon, Ecuador, Haiti, Bolivia, Iran, Iraq, France, Spain, Hong Kong and lots of places elsewhere.

   Let's not forget Greece, a short video of Greek democracy at work today:

Saturday, 7 December 2019

The Rapist Is You.

      It infects our world, it is an epidemic that needs to be stamped out, no country is immune from it, patriarchy, the virus spawned for the macho state model that at present rules the planet. Patriarchy is cloaked in the false legitimacy of tradition, culture and phony macho values, and where ever women stand up against this silent brutality, civilised men must stand with them. It is a vile problem for all of us who desire and struggle for a free and civilised world.
       It is wonderful and encouraging to see such unified and open opposition to this silent and all too often, accepted violence. Thanks Loam for the link:

Source: @Professorsblogg on Twitter. In front of the Chilean Court of Justice –and even in front of a police station– a most strong message delivered by female protesters on brutal state-repression, disappearance of detainees, police rapes and judges' complicity. Here translation by The Indicter Channel of the original (in Spanish) chant:

The rapist is you.
And our punishment
it's the violence you don't see.
Patriarchy is a judge
that judges us for being born.
And our punishment
it's the violence you see.
It's femicide,
impunity for the murderer.
It is the disappearances [of detainees].
It is the rape.
And the fault was not mine,
neither where I was,
nor the way I dressed.
And the fault was not mine,
neither where I was,
nor the way I dressed.
The rapist was you.
The rapist is you.
They are, the cops.
They are, the judges.
The state.
The President.
The oppressive state
is a macho rapist.
The oppressive state
is a macho rapist.
The rapist is you.
The rapist is you!

[Below, in quotes, a citation of the Carabineros (police force) anthem, shouted by the female demonstrators]:

"Sleep quiet innocent girl
without worrying about the bandit
that for your sweet and sinuous dream
watch the policeman who loves you "

The rapist is you.
The rapist is you!
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Thursday, 5 December 2019

Writers For Miners.

      It is that time of year again, when we at Spirit of Revolt stand with cap in hand asking for your donations.
     Spirit of Revolt was formed in 2011, by a small group of volunteers, with one thing in mind, the history of the ordinary people matters and is very important in defining who we are. Since that day when we got our first collection we have built up a fabulous array of material from people who struggle for all of us. The number of collections now numbers 40, with more being processed. The number of documents goes into the thousands from leaflets, serials, letters, posters, booklets, pamphlets, photos and lots of other memorabilia. All this material is open to the public via the Mitchell Library, but we also have put an incredible amount on line for you to peruse at home, on your phone, laptop or whatever, and will continue with this process.
     Our collections are too numerous to list here, but they include, "The Faslane Peace Camp", "James Kelman Collection", "Bratach Dubh Collection", "Counter Information", all valuable records of the history of the ordinary people. 
    We are in no way attached to trade unions or political parties, nor do we receive any funding from these organisations. We collect material of the struggles of the ordinary people, mainly from the Glasgow Clydeside area but some of material comes from further afield.
    I think it was George Orwell who said, ( I paraphrase here) "The best way to destroy a people is to destroy their history"
    Without our history we are a people without a culture, without a past. In the case of the ordinary people that is far from the truth, we have a long history of struggle of which we can be very proud. What Spirit of Revolt collects and stores is a history that is not usually preserved, we owe it to those people of past struggles that we should remember them and learn from them.
    Why not take a look at what we do, browse the labyrinth of collections, be proud of your history and learn more about that history.
     If you like what we are doing and think we are doing a decent job, why not make a small donation, a one of, or a direct debit, and help us to continue doing what we do, preserving your history.
    To tempt you, for a limited period, we are offering a free CD to anyone who arranges a direct debit of £5 or more. This is a unique CD with an array of names you will not see on any other one CD. Think of it as giving us the price of a couple of coffees once a month.

Free CD and booklet.

     Spirit of Revolt is anarchist/libertarian-socialist archive dedicated to preserving and making easily accessible to the public at large, Glasgow/Clydeside grass-roots history of struggle. We are not connected to any political party or trade union nor do we receive any funding from any of these organisation. We are a volunteer group who give our time freely, however in a capitalist society funds are a necessary evil to survive and grow. We rely on our various outreach programs to raise funds, and the much appreciated supporters who have signed a direct debit to help sustain this project, to them, a great big thank you.
In an endeavour to increase our funds and help secure the project, we are, for a limited period offering a CD and booklet, Writers for Miners, to anyone who signs up a direct debit for £5 or more, to Spirit of Revolt. It will be free delivery in the UK, further afield we would have to look at the cost. Have a look at our website, if you like what we are doing and think we are doing a good job, then the price of a couple of coffees a month would be much appreciated.
Details of the CD and booklet:

 The Writers for Miners Events, 1984
        In 1984-85 events known as “Writers for Miners” took place on consecutive Saturdays in Glasgow’s 3rd Eye Centre to raise funds for striking coal miners at local pits in one of the most significant industrial disputes in world history. With 140,000 out on strike the Thatcher Government planned to break the power of the NUM union, the most well organised group of workers in the country. With 11,291 arrests and lasting 1 year it unleashed massive state repression, brutality and violence. The other unions largely did not show solidarity and the strike failed, opening the door to the destruction of working class communities, job insecurity and privatisation.
       Performers, poets, visual artists and others decided to support the striking miners in Scotland and formed artists-in-Solidarity which organised fundraising for the miners’ families by holding events. This CD is a recording of those events. James Kelman explains, “Radical history is marginalised by the State and events of this nature should be recorded otherwise they are forgotten. The STUC offered to part-fund the project but on this occasion failed to come up with the money. We still went ahead. It was hoped that a selection of songs, poetry and prose-readings might be produced eventually in the form of a couple of albums (all proceeds to the miners’ strike fund). It didn’t happen, for one reason or another…The original project was launched in support of the miners and their families. Those days may have gone but solidarity and comradeship haven’t. All proceeds from the sale of the Writers for Miners album will go toward the Spirit of Revolt (S.O.R.) Archive, in appreciation of the crucial work carried out by the S.O.R. volunteers in the preservation of radical history”.
In 1984, those involved were,
Norman McCaig,
Freddy Anderson,
Hamish Henderson,
Duncan Maclean,
Kathleen Jamie and Robert Alan Jamieson,
Donald Saunders,
Peter Nardini,
Rab Noakes,
Nancy Nicolson,
Alasdair Gray,
Jeff Torrington,
Agnes Owens,
Carl MacDougall,
James Kelman,
Archie Hind,
Donald Saunders,
Tom Leonard,
Edwin Morgan,
Edward Boyd,
Danny Kyle,
Tom McGrath,
Jeff Torrington,
Agnes Owens,
Archie Hind.
Where will you get such a fabulous collection of performers on one CD?

You can make you donation from our donate page:

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The State's Pacifier, Police Violence.


        Yes the yellow vests struggle in France continues, but what we have to realise that it continues in face of extreme state violence against anyone who would dare to challenge the inequality, injustice and corruption of the French state. Those statistics of injuries are people, people's lives mutilated and changed forever by the callous use of brute force and dangerous weaponry, on which the state believes it has a monopoly. They believe they can use what force they wish with impunity, and those who continue to resist this savagery will be hit harder, and others will be chewed up in the state's loaded judicial system.
The extremely violent repression of the Gilets Jaunes movement has affected the lives of many, continuing a long tradition of police violence in France. In December 2018: three lives are affected by police violence amongst the chaos of the Yellow Vest protests in France. This film is dedicated to people all over the world mutilated and killed by police weapons. Please watch and share this independent short documentary which has been filmed over a year.
A story of police violence in France from Ross Domoney on Vimeo.
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Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Capitalism Extinction Or Anarchism Survival?


  The latest from Sub.Media on climate emergency.
          Every day the news gets worse. Millions of people are displaced by record-breaking heatwaves and droughts, violent mega-storms and flash floods. Unprecedented wildfires burn out of control, scorching massive tracts of forest and brush, and plunging nearby urban metropolises into surreal scenes of mid-afternoon darkness. Meanwhile, scientists solemnly inform us that marine life could be wiped out by mid-century, as the oceans continue to be gradually transformed from vibrant areas of rich biodiversity into the plastic-filled graveyards of industrial civilization. Try as we might... the consequences of our consequence-free lifestyles are becoming harder and harder to ignore.
       It’s become widely accepted that ‘global warming’ exists, and that our societies’ current rates of carbon emission are imperiling future generations. Millions of people agree that we are robbing our unborn descendants of their right to an inhabitable planet – something that their ancestors foolishly took for granted. This increasing awareness is translating into a growing consensus that our so-called ‘leaders’ need to intervene in order to fix this problem and correct this historic injustice. Unfortunately, most environmental activists continue to be hampered by a false understanding of how power operates in society, the scale of the problem that we face... and what would actually be required to fix it. In Trouble 23, subMedia takes a closer look at these dynamics, arguing for the importance of taking bold action to defend local bioregions, even as we work towards the total overthrow and replacement of the global capitalist economy.

Trouble #23: Prelude to a Disaster from sub.Media on Vimeo.

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