Wednesday, 30 September 2020


      Remember 2008, the "financial crash", when the financial Mafia, by duplicity and sleight of hand, had blown their big gambling balloon up so hard it burst, and their gambling loses had to be met by you and me pouring billions of taxpayers money into their coffers. This was then followed by us the ordinary people suffering years of "austerity" as we were told , "we need to get the national debt down". Of course of political ballerinas and their financial friends said that they had put in place new checks and balances so that such greed drive corrupt actions could not happen again. From now on, our noble bankers and financiers would be squeaky clean, what an illusion. 
      Here we are in 2020 and one of the biggest members of the financial mafia, JP Morgan Chase, biggest bank in America and 7th largest in the world, has been caught being naughty again. The company has been ordered to pay $920 million in connection with three federal agencies for its role in allegedly manipulating global markets for metals and Treasurys. It has also without too much of a fuss settled a long running lawsuit that accused them of fiddleing to manipulate precious metals market by means of "spoofing". It is alleged that for eight years traders at JP Morgan systematically and deliberately "spoofed" precious metals and treasury futures by placing hundreds of thousands of orders with no intention of fulling them, but simple cancelling before the date of the completion. The claim was made that JP Morgan manipulated these markets and failed in its duty to diligently supervise all its traders. How many billions of dollars did they make in those eight years?
       Of course they are not alone in this cesspool of  greed and corruption, it is as always, endemic in the whole rotten financial system.
This extract from a report by Buzzfeed:
      The problems with money laundering aren’t just confined to one bank or one country. The FinCEN Files investigation also documented that after they were singled out for misconduct, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of New York Mellon, HSBC, Standard Chartered, and Deutsche Bank continued to move money for suspected criminals.
      All this corruption is pouring billions into the coffers of shareholders and CEO, and of course as JP Morgan is a big boy in this greed game, you'll notice its greedy corrupt claws crops up in this list of big snouts in the financial mafia game of plunder and pillage. All this goes of course to show that the capitalist and financial Mafia beasts can't be tamed, they have to be put down.

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Tuesday, 29 September 2020

Blood Fur.

        We live in a society that will exploit anything if it can be squeezed for profit. People are exploited to varying stages of degradation, animals are exploited irrespective of the cruelty and suffering, the environment is exploited with little or no regard for the future of life on this planet. Should you object to and attack, any of these profit avenues, you will be labelled a criminal, terrorist or worse. You will be hounded, vilified and persecuted, as all these activities hold the stamp of phony legitimacy, issued by managers of the system, the state.
       Despite the persecution by the state, there is an ever growing army of people who are taking on these savageries against all that lives, and fighting for a better, fairer world for all forms of life, a sustainable world where nature and life are respected in all their wonderful and fascinating forms.
        Many months after Richii’s sentence, the filth has taken him to prison to serve six months. We want to remind you how important it is to support folks in prison, write letters and send love his way, he will need it.
      Richii was arrested and sentenced on bogus charges for fighting against the fur industry. He was targeted because of his history organising in animal rights in Sweden and used as an example to try to stop a campaign that has become increasingly effective. His charges are manufactured to make him look bad and are not based in reality.
      Read his words below:
     “Auf wiedersehen comrades
     if you are reading this, I have been kidnapped by our animal hating & corrupt state and will be imprisoned for a while.
      Many of you have asked me if I want any form of support in prison. Feel free to write me! However, do not feel obligated to send money or other expensive things. Instead, donate that money to your local animal sanctuary.
     Never to stop fighting for the animals, regardless of any resistance or setbacks.
      We are the only ones they’ve got, the only ones who want to save them at any cost and the only ones who care enough and are dedicated enough to set our egos aside for what’s right. We are the ones fighting to end cruelty and exploitation of animals and we’re going to end it once and for all, step by step.
      Fight even harder to crush the resistance: show no mercy for those who stand between us and the oppressed individuals we are trying to save from a certain death.
       Fight back. Organize yourself.
       No revolution has ever begun without a fight, no revolution ever happened in silence. Silence Is Violence.
       Raise your voice for those who can’t speak, fight until every cage is empty and smashed into pieces. I will join you as soon as I can.
For the animals
My address in prison :

Box 3112
200 22 Malmö
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Monday, 28 September 2020

Our WW4.

         War, that integral part of this economic system we live under, the wars of imperialism, wars fought all over the world with your blood for their gain, the war of state power for plunder and pillage to benefit the few, those members of the pampered, privileged parasite class. However there is another world war that the establishment don't want you to see, hear about, or in any way support. It's the war of the people for justice, equality and freedom. In country after country the battles rage and blood is shed, but for the noble cause of that better world for all, free from exploitation, for a sustainable world unshackled for the chains of profit for the few. 


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Ace Events.

        As usual, our friends at ACE Edinburgh have been busy doing their organising and have come up with some events worth pursuing. Why not pay them a visit and show solidarity and support.

ONE: Thurs 1st October – Ex Black Panther Lorenzo Komboa Ervin live from the States in online meeting.
TWO: ECAP and Oficina Precaria re-start support appointments at ACE plus more solidarity news
THREE: Global Climate Strikes restart, in Edinburgh demo at Scottish Parliament
FOUR: ACE groups continue activities  More Info 
       Thurs 1st October – Ex Black Panther Lorenzo Komboa Ervin live from the States in online meeting.
Lorenzo Komboa Ervin, in person
     Anarchism, poverty, and black activism. We need to talk about austerity, capitalism, and government repression, and compare notes, and offer international solidarity. (organised through Action against Austerity)
Time: Oct 1, 2020 07:00 PM Dublin/Dundee/Glasgow.
Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 875 0800 8832 Passcode: 218912
+44 203 481 5240 United Kingdom
+44 203 901 7895 United Kingdom
+44 131 460 1196 United Kingdom
+44 203 051 2874 United Kingdom
+44 203 481 5237 United Kingdom
Meeting ID: 875 0800 8832
Passcode: 218912

        Find your local number:
       Very recent interview with veteran organizer and former Black Panther and political prisoner Lorenzo Kom’boa Ervin on the current political crisis, fascism and rising relevance of Black anarchism.
      Pamphlet written by Lorenzo
      Please note, while this meeting is not being advertised in open spaces like public facebook, we encourage people and groups to inform friends and contacts.
        ECAP Tuesday Sessions are reopening as appointment only for the time being. (Please note the situation could change at short notice) If you need solidarity on a benefits or poverty-related issue we’re asking people to contact us by Phone on 0131 557 6242, Email or Facebook private message to organise an appointment.
        More info including covid safety measures which need to be followed
          Support, solidarity and mutual aid to combat precarity, OP give a wide range of support focusing on migrants to Scotland, including support with Settled Status applications. To make an appointment with OP the best way is via the web: or alternatively
       Safety measures for OP appointments here Facebook @piescotland website

       “Solidarity not Charity”
     “MATE (Mutual Aid Trans Edinburgh) was set up during the COVID-19 pandemic to provide direct support by and for trans and queer people in Edinburgh.”

          Global Climate Strikes restarted on 25 September, in Edinburgh there was a demo at Scottish Parliament, look out for future action…..
Scottish Youth Climate Strike
Green Anti Capitalist Front Edinburgh
Extinction Rebellion Edinburgh

         Although the ACE premises have had to close for public events during the Covid-19 emergency the groups based at ACE are still active – go to click on the drop-down menu and check out the different groups current activities via the links. Also check for events at and plus there are links to some of the ACE groups at
         We also recommend Living Rent tenants union To UNSUBSCRIBE: email with 'unsubscribe acenews'. Thank you.
     ACE premises are currently closed due to the Coronavirus emergency. Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh, 17 West Montgomery Place, Edinburgh EH7 5HA See ACE Facebook @AutEdinburgh and for special events and regular meetings online.
       Tel 0131 557 6242 - the phone is being checked and we will try and respond within a couple of days. Email (please note that the acenews email does not accept messages).
      To unsubscribe: <>
List help: <>
[acenews] News from the Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh.

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       For those who might be unsure, thought this was worth sharing, so lifted it straight from ANARCHISM:

Le Monde Libertaire - Officiel

🏴 For a st century anarchism.
By the Black Star - FA group of Allier - via the website of Libertarian Socialism (full text online)

🏴 Anarchists want an egalitarian society of free men and women For anarchists, any government, any state power makes it possible materially to dominate and exploit one part of society by the other. To the way social, government and centralizing life are organized, they are opposed to a self-managerial and federalist mode of organization. Anarchist ideas are distanced both from the reformist views of socialism (who believes it possible to gradually change the unequal foundations of capitalist society through parliamentarism) and from Marxist concepts, especially dictatorship as a revolutionary means.

🏴 "... Anarchism is the requirement to place our lives under the double seal of individual freedom and social equality between these individuals, the refusal to abandon one of these pillars on the other's pretense, and the placing in place of a way of organization of society allowing these goals to continue to be fulfilled.

▶️ Read the whole text:

· See original ·

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Saturday, 26 September 2020

One Or T'other.

         There is no half freedom, we are either free or we are not, there is no half justice, there is either justice or there is not. We accept one or the other, freedom or its opposite, enslavement, justice or its opposite, injustice. There is no middle road to walk, accept your enslavement and injustice, or resist and fight for freedom and justice for all. There is no free world while there is one in enslavement, there is no just world when there is one injustice. I can’t walk as a free man, knowing it is a privilege to me and not to others, I can’t accept justice for myself, while others suffer injustice. We are one family and together we must fight for that freedom and justice for all. 
It's Not For Me.

I don’t want freedom that’s a privilege to me
but not for you.
I don’t want the shield of justice that’s mine
but invisible to others.
I take no comfort from a warm home
while others sleep in doorways.
My food is bitter, tasteless, unsatisfying
when I know a child is hungry.
I can't live in a land of isolated peace
as others bleed from war.
What is mine should also be yours to share
our bounty and our burdens,
happiness is an empty vacuous illusion,
if it's an island.

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Screw Them.

       Every second word from our mainstream media at the moment, seems to be "bailout", all the capitalist enterprises are hurting and are demanding a government bailout. We should remind them that this is capitalism, a world of their making, not ours, and in that magic world of capitalism, you start a business to extract profit by exploiting the ordinary people. If you fail to make money, then you go bust, simple capitalist rules. Nowhere does it say that if your business isn't making money by exploiting the people, then you have a right to turn to those being exploited and say, you'll have to give us lots of your tax money, so that we can keep our yachts and our Bentley's.
        I'll repeat what I keep saying, if you can't make money from exploiting us, then  great, screw you and go bust, we don't need you anyway. If what you do is essential for the welfare and health of the people, then let's take it into public ownership, rather than use tax payers money, that could be going to health, welfare, housing and education, rather than trying to keep parasites in the style to which they think they are entitled.
       So I'll say it again, loud and clear, screw the economy, and what we deem to be beneficial and/or necessary for society, we take and utilise to our mutual benefit. We don't "bailout" our exploiters, all to preserve their pampered, privileged, parasitical existence. You know it makes sense, they screw you, then when things are a bit difficult, they come with their begging bowl, telling us that we need them, just another of their many lies.

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      More and more our world is seen through a screen, now with virtual meetings and virtual reality the natural world is becoming a forgotten and alien world. Even the barbarity of war can be carried out from an office somewhere thousands of miles from the horror, destruction and death. The hands-on world is slowly becoming a distant memory. Is this the direction we wish to go, to a world that suits big business and the controlling state, where you become a studied, profiled predictable entity, devoid of the right to your own social structures and interactions, without being monitored? Where communities are in a monitored virtual world?

The following from Montreal Counter Information:

Anonymous submission to MTL Counter-info

PDF to print (11 x 17)

Poster text:

Fire to the Cybernetic Prison

It’s never too late to resist

Artificial Intelligence
     AI labs, recipients of several $100M in government funding, are working to put “machine learning” algorithms in the service of a long list of industries. Under an “ethical” facade, some applications will simply allow well-placed capitalists to further enrich themselves. Others aim to reinforce repression, whether detecting shoplifters at the supermarket with automated video surveillance, developing facial recognition tools that work even on partly covered faces, or “predicting” crime or the probability of a prisoner re-offending.

5g Wireless Networking
     The unprecedented bandwidth of 5G technology enables the deployment of AI on the scale of a city in real time. Every movement becomes trackable thanks to thousands of cameras integrated into a centralized surveillance apparatus. This vision is already in practice in more than one European “smart city”. Countless sensors dotting public spaces, in businesses, cars and public transit, and worn on our bodies aim to make every action the object of calculation, prediction and control, all under an eco-friendly label. By its pervasiveness, a web of algorithms is made invisible and therefore impossible to resist.

Robotics and Automation
     Self-driving cars. Robotized warehouses. Cashierless stores. Delivery robots that call the cops when they are attacked. An infrastructure is being deployed that will change the world of work and our living environment permanently. We don’t mourn the disappearance of back-breaking and boring jobs. A dehumanizing pace is imposed on the remaining workers, who must keep up with the machines and productivity software or be shown the door. Meanwhile, what measures of social control and what exploitative schemes await the new excluded masses of an age of technological unemployment?

Life in Front of a Screen
     Possibilities for authentic relations between humans and with our surroundings are increasingly erased in service of a virtual hyper- connectivity. Understanding, discovery, and the search for meaning are reduced to production of data. Attention deficit, memory problems, loss of emotional skills and imagination, disrupted sleep, musculo-skeletal pain, anxiety, loneliness, depression: the symptoms of addiction to online technologies are worsening as the proportion of the population that has spent their entire lives immersed in touch screens grows.

For free and full lives, open to the unknown

Be the outage in their network!

And just a thought: 

Tomorrow’s World!

See the fat cat’s grinning smile
as Corporate Capitalism runs amok,
Chasing profit as it goes
firing millions of ordinary folk.
Raping and polluting land after land,
starting bloody wars.
Toxic waste, sweat shop wages
and oil covered sea shores.
Where have all the flowers gone
beneath this ozone free sky?
To join the birds, to join the fox
on yonder plutonium field to die.
Mercury fish, strontium lamb
trees that never show a leaf,
radio active beaches, toxic streams
good lean BSE-antibiotic beef.
In a world of epidemic, plague and famine
it’s bottled water and chemical food.
Of course, it’s all tested on rats and mice
so you know its got to be good.
Beneath a sky that’s always black,
hurricane winds and endless drought,
its oxygen masks for the toxic air,
corporate profit’s what its all about.

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Friday, 25 September 2020

Wrong Path.

 Just a thought.

Our Future

Once upon a time,
in our not so distant past
stood a beautiful, a unique world,
laden with promise,
a world where our future was open,
our potential vast.
Now, seduced by glinting tinsel of the mad
our reason quivers
on the edge of a dark abyss.
We have created a world
where wastelands abound
where we
the many, the marginalised, the ordinary,
struggle to survive in voracity that astounds
are seduced
to create wastelands in our minds,
slowly accepting chaos
in a world of insanity.
Here corporate monsters
of hypocrisy, contradictions,
sever the fragile cord
that unites being with being

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US Duplicity.

            21st century America and eugenics still alive and well. Any illusion, shred of belief, or fantasy that there is a democracy even breathing slightly, in that land that heralds itself as the defender of world democracy, must surely lie shattered in the swamp of hypocrisy. Watch and rage.

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Thursday, 24 September 2020


      A lot of the talk at this years Davos wealthy get-together of the world's best exploiters, was of the opportunity to hit the capitalist "re-set" button. This was couched in language such as stakeholder society, greater equality and other double speak to get public money to re-finance the ailing capitalist system. Of course emphasising the need for private enterprise to be there "every step of the way".
        Read for your self and see whether you believe that these pampered privileged billionaires are eager to share their ill gotten gains in a more equitable fashion, making sure you get a fair share of the goodies. Pigs can fly and ducks eat elephants. They are fully aware that the capitalist system is in dire straights and approaching a systemic collapse, it needs to be refinanced urgently and public money is all that is left to bolster their wealth, power and privileges. So hit the "re-set" button and structure capitalism so that it gets the lions share of all public assets, if not all. Dress it up in fine words and platitudes, make it sound fair, but paint a cesspool to look like a mansion, it's still a cesspool. Capitalism can't be re-imagined into into a fair and equitable system, it is a system of exploitation, its very existence requires that we, the ordinary people, are units to earn wealth for the owners and mangers of the system. The only real method of turning it into an equitable system is first destroy it completely, and then get our heads together and create a new design based on the welfare of all our people and sustainability. We hold the plan in our hearts, let's start to put it into action.

----Likewise, populations have overwhelmingly shown a willingness to make sacrifices for the sake of health-care and other essential workers and vulnerable populations, such as the elderly. And many companies have stepped up to support their workers, customers, and local communities, in a shift toward the kind of stakeholder capitalism to which they had previously paid lip service.
        Clearly, the will to build a better society does exist. We must use it to secure the Great Reset that we so badly need. That will require stronger and more effective governments, though this does not imply an ideological push for bigger ones. And it will demand private-sector engagement every step of the way.----

Read the full article HERE: 

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Profit V Lives.

    Spikes of covid19 cases in Glasgow, Dundee, Aberdeen  and Liverpool universities, as well as in many schools. What a surprise, how could that possibly be, our lords and masters told us that they had got this beast under control and now was the time to start getting out there and get those tills ringing.
             The duplicity of our lords and masters is so disgustingly obvious, it shocks to think they would even go ahead with their greed driven plans to get their buddies tills again ringing loudly. They stand before you with phony sincerity draped across their faces, talking of the welfare of the people, then, encourage people to eat out, get back to the work, open pubs, schools and universities, drawing crowds from across the world into small confined spaces, fully aware that Covid19 is a disease that is transmitted by close contact. Then shock and horror when the infection rate shoots up, as if by magic, or because the naughty and stupid public did not obey their hotch-potch, patchwork quilt, vague, arbitrary instructions.
        Obvious evidence that their first priority is to do what they can to help out their corporate friends to start earning cash again. The brakes only go on again when it becomes too obvious that in doing so they are killing off sections of the population.
   I will repeat my call, it is time we demanded that full control of this Covid19 pandemic be taken out of the hands of our political ballerinas, with their vested interests, and full control be given to those experts in this field, the scientific and medical specialists, whose only priority is the welfare and health of the population, and not tainted by the neo-liberaism, greed driven political shenanigans, of those steeped in their own selfish ideology of, profit and economy are sacred. 
     While all this duplicity is going on, the masters of capitalism seem to have forgotten their own rules. You start a business and exploit others to get rich, that's success, if your business can't make money you go bust. However, now that some of the big boys are losing money, then you don't go bust, your raise the sacred image of the economy and wave it in front of every bodies eyes and forecast doom for all. That means it is now time for the taxpayers to pour billions into the corporate coffers to keep them in the style to which they have become accustomed. Again I will repeat, screw the economy, and let them go bust. If what they do is essential to the welfare of the people, than take it into public ownership, and let the shareholders an CEO sign on at the local jobcentre. You know it makes sense, so what are we waiting for?

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How Long?

       As sates across Europe and elsewhere march in lock-step with each other at trying to crush any and all self organising autonomous structures and individuals, it sometimes appears as if one state is trying to out do the other in the expanse and severity of their actions, with the terrorist label attached to any voice of dissent. Greece appears the worst, then it looks like Germany is trying to lead the pack, and so it goes on, ever lurching to the right and further draconian acts to control the population. How much longer will the people accept this goose-stepping to fascism, how much longer will we let our anger simmer below the surface. No state is immune from this thrust to the right.

This report from Act For Freedom Now, on Germany:

      The most revolutionary thing one can do is to proclaim always loudly what is happening.” Rosa Luxemburg
    On Monday, August 31, cops attacked 27 objects, 24 of them in Hamburg and one each in Lower Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein and North Rhine-Westphalia. The reason for the searches is the investigation against the Roter Aufbau Hamburg for the formation of a criminal organization.
    These investigations are a further escalation of an authoritarian formation in Germany. The aim is to smash emancipatory structures and to ensure that fascistization continues to proceed. In this context, stand also the investigations on 129a here in Frankfurt, which have the sole aim of criminalizing and smashing left structures. With our solidarity, however, we are taking the wind out of the sails of repression – widespread and united against this class justice.
We send solidarity greetings to those affected by the raids and wish you a lot of strength!
     Solidarity with the Roter Aufbau Hamburg! Fire and flames to the repression! United we Stand – United we Fight!
We are all 129a!

       This from another part of this world of neo-liberalism from one who has often felt that brutal lash of state authoritarianism and remained loyal to freedom and justice. 

       San Miguel Prison, Chile: New Drawing by Anarchist Prisoner Mónica Caballero

[Prisiones chilenas] Dibujo de la compañera anarquista Mónica Caballero

        The prison and I are old acquaintances, on more than one occasion I have sat at their table, over the years we have changed and we have both learned from each other…but no matter how much time passes essentially the prison and I remain the same. Prison is still the power-sucking monster that grows and spreads submission and repentance, and I continue to have the same seditious desires as before.

Mónica Caballero, anarchist prisoner



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Wednesday, 23 September 2020


       I'm a lover of Kate Sharpley Library and eagerly await their latest bulletin, they have just released their September, 2020,  issue, No.102. The poem below is from that edition. Very relevant today 

Barcelona 1936

Woke one bright morning – not so long ago
–heard the sound of shooting from the street below.
Went to the window and saw the barricade
of paving stones the working men had made – not so long ago.

Met a man that morning– not so long ago –
handed me a leaflet, on the street below.
Lean and hard-faced working man with a close-cropped head-
--held me for a moment eye-to-eye, then said:
Read it, read it, read it, and learn
what it is we fight for, why the churches burn.

Down on the Ramblas, she passed me on her way,
weapon cradled in her arm – it was but yesterday.
Not just for wages now, not alone for bread
-- we’re fighting for a whole new world,
A whole new world, she said.

On the barricades all over town – not so long ago
–they knew the time had come to answer with a simple Yes and No.
They too were storming heaven – do you think they fought in vain;
that because they lost a battle they would never rise again;
that the man with the leaflets, the woman with a gun,
did not have a daughter, did not have a son?

Hugo Dewar (1908-1980)

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