Thursday, 30 October 2014

Culpable Homicide.

      Culpable homicide  is a specific offence in various jurisdictions within the Commonwealth of Nations which involves the illegal killing of a person either with or without an intention to kill depending upon how a particular jurisdiction has defined the offence. Unusually for those legal systems which have originated or been influenced during rule by the United Kingdom, the name of the offence associates with Scots law rather than English law.

    Involuntary manslaughter: Involuntary manslaughter is the unlawful killing of a human being without malice aforethought, either express or implied. It is distinguished from voluntary manslaughter by the absence of intention. It is normally divided into two categories; constructive manslaughter and criminally negligent manslaughter, both of which involve criminal liability.

      By their actions people have died, which of the categories applies to our government?

From the Mirror:

      A grandad who had just found out his benefits were being stopped shot himself dead – after telling friends he was “unable to cope”.
Shaun Pilkington, 58, was sent a letter saying he was to lose his ­Employment and Support ­Allowance, which he got after a long-term illness.
He was told he would have to be reassessed and needed to prove he was eligible. But as the hearing approached, friends said Shaun, a licensed gamekeeper, became discouraged.
Days later he called police and said he was about to kill himself. They found him dead at his flat.-----
      -------Shaun’s estranged family was too upset to talk. He joins a growing list of people who have taken their lives since the Tory-led Coalition employed private firm Atos to reassess thousands of people on long-term benefits.
Blind Tim Salter, 53, of Kinver, Staffordshire, died after being deemed fit to work. A coroner ruled the move to axe his benefit had contributed to his suicide.
Edward Jacques, 47, of Sneinton, Nottingham, took a fatal overdose after his benefit payments were stopped.
Jobless Richard ­Sanderson, 44, of ­Southfields, south-west London, stabbed himself in the heart. Unemployed electrician Lee Robinson, 39, of Crawley, Sussex, also took his own life.
      It is a fact that thousands people have died after being assessed and told they are fit for work, some put the figure at 32 a week. I consider it reasonable to say that in a very high proportion of these deaths, pressure from the government was the prime cause of death. When do we hold them accountable, when will those responsible be brought to justice? Rich pampered parasites sitting at there desks, making decisions that will at best cause distress, at worst death, and continue this over a long period of time, well aware of what is happening to thousands of vulnerable people. They don't belong in our world, but they make the decisions that shatter the lives of our friends and neighbours. Cocooned in their marble halls, they feed and grow fat on the blood of the people. The cesspool of unfeeling parasites has to be destroyed.

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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Rich Country, Poor Pensions.

       Every time one of our pampered privileged millionaire parasites that frequent the Westminster Houses of Hypocrisy and Corruption, stick their face in front of a TV camera or a reporters microphone, they spout the same shit about how they fixed the economy. We are told to be grateful, our economy is growing, while the rest of Europe is suffering.
      While Chief Executives rub their sweaty hands as the cash pours into their safe haven, tax dodging , off-shore bank accounts, you and I would search high and low for signs of that “fixed economy” or results from the “growing economy”. While our privileged plunderers tell us how well we are doing, we should have a look at all those struggle countries in Europe. A little look at pensions will indicate how we compare, after all how we treat our elderly is some indication of what type of society we

Fuel poverty kills more people than road accidents in UK.

     These figures are the latest for 2013 and make very interesting reading, especially to us, in the “fixed economy” and the "best growth” in Europe.
Country.      Pension.    Average Earnings.
Spain              £26,366             £23,491
Germany        £26,366              £29,366
Sweden           £25,155              £37,014
France            £15,811              £29,817
Denmark         £11,381             £45,661
Netherlands     £10.981            £35,627
Ireland             £10,415            £41,863
UK                £7,488           £31,413
Greece              £3,756              £17,772
     Actually the UK pension is not yet £7,488, that is the projected figure for 2016, at the moment is nearer £5,500.That puts almost on par with Greece and its economy has been decimated by the ravaging and plundering of the financial Mafia.
       The UK is the tenth richest country in the world by GDP, and the third richest in Europe, yet we languish at the bottom when it comes to the welfare of our elderly. These figures are just one, of the many pointers, to the vast divide in this country between rich and poor. The UK is a true capitalist country, work all your life for carp wages and get a crap pension when you retire. Except of course, if you belong in the echelons of the pampered parasites who at present, hold the levers of power. It is indeed a class society, and it is at war.
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Grief And Hate.

     After the recent killings of two soldiers in Canada, it's own version of the babbling brook of bullshit, its mainstream media, has gone into overdrive with the usual, "We need more surveillance", "what extra powers do the police need", "What laws do we need to change, to get these people sooner" It is the usual and predictable ranting that we get here, whenever there is any violence, suspected or otherwise, by anybody who can be labelled a Muslim.

     However, sadly in Canada the population seem to be falling for the propaganda, and are on the streets calling for these types of actions. This not so subtle, rendering of grief for the victim, then moving on to hatred of a group which the perpetrator can be linked, is brutal, dangerous, and intended state propaganda. It is garnering support for tighter control over the people. Teaching hate and fear of the manufactured enemy abroad, and the imaginary enemy at home, attempting to create in the minds of the people, a desire for a stronger state, and should be resisted at all times.

An extract from a recent article in Anarchist News:
     -----The media is incessantly asking what could draw good Canadian youths to Daesh's ideology. But one could just as well ask what drew the young soldier killed in Ottawa to take up arms in defense of a genocidal, imperialist nation state. Interviews with his family show that he loved the military since he was a child, it just seemed to be in his blood they say. As despicable as it is to claim that any child is born to follow orders to kill and die, Canada is using the same kinds of narratives as Daesh to attract the same directionless, war-fetishizing young men to its cause.
      The grain of truth in the Canadian propaganda is that people in Canada enjoy many social freedoms. The historical narrative is of brave explorers befriending natives (who then somehow disappeared) and who through their work and dedication, opened up the country from sea to sea to sea, and developed an enlightened nation while avoiding the excesses of the United States. The authoritarian project looks different here – it's a trade of complicity for privilege, including the privilege to not be bothered by political matters. In times of crisis though, more is asked of us to stay on the state's good side.-----
Well worth reading the full article HERE:

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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Protester Killed In France.

       According to a report on Contra Info, a protester was killed by the authorities in France, at a protest against a new dam being built on wetlands.

     According to a statement from squatters in the ZAD of Notre-Dame-des-Landes, during the night between Saturday and Sunday the 26th of October 2014 a protester named Remi was killed in clashes that broke out after a rally against the construction of a dam along the Sivens forest in the wetland of Testet in the Tarn department (southern France).
      Around 7000 people gathered in the ZAD (zone to be defended) of Testet, after months of police attacks and destruction of the wetland and habitations of those who defend the area. In the late evening and overnight, dozens of people attacked the forces of order that were protecting the dam construction site. Activists expressed their anger trying to delay the resumption of works, originally scheduled for Monday the 27th of October.
      The cops fired rubber bullets (known as flash-balls), distraction devices such as stun hand grenades and fragmentation grenades, and tear gases. According to testimonies of protesters from the Testet wetland area, Remi must have collapsed after being hit with a grenade; then his body was reportedly taken by the repressive forces.
Prefectural authorities stated they did not want to comment on the matter before the official autopsy was made public on Monday. The government has already begun to stigmatize the protesters, in addition to trying to divide them in order to cover up what happened. But they know very well that, whatever they do, this death will have explosive consequences.

        Calls against state violence and updates on planned actions in Nantes and elsewhere at: &

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Housing And Glasgow.

      An important date, mark your diary, an event organised by Glasgow Games Monitor 2014.

Glasgow City Council's treatment of the people of Glasgow.


11.00am – 4.00pm (10.45 for 11.00
start), November 1st, Kinning Park Complex
      The housing monster’s voracious appetite for land and rent has pushed the cost of living to breaking point. In Glasgow, public housing has been eradicated since stock transfer in 2003. Rents in the ‘social housing’ sector inexorably move closer to private-market levels. Mortgage rates continue to rise disproportionately to people’s income, and housing is the staple ingredient of the debt-based economy. Yet ‘the housing question’ seems strangely absent from current debates. This event places housing at the front of the agenda, creating a forum for debate, discussion, and resistance.
       The day will comprise three films on housing which will be used to prompt discussion about the current state of housing in the UK, and Scotland more specifically. In the morning we will discuss the current (miserable) state of housing across tenures and in the afternoon we will discuss the forms of organisation around housing that might be possible or desirable in the current era.
      We want to engage with a range of different groups. Not with the intention of generating a false unity, but with the hope that we can learn from each others’ struggles through discussion and find ways to challenge the housing monster in the present and future. It is our contention that these struggles will have to be undertaken at a range of different levels and that a plurality of struggles, both defensive and offensive, is welcome and necessary. All those with similar interests are warmly invited.
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Protest Mexican Government's Brutality.

      Recently I posted on the disappeared 43 students and teachers who were abducted on September 26, in Mexico, Since then the anger of the people has reached boiling point and they are calling on the solidarity of ordinary people across the world to stand with them. They are asking for a series of mass protests outside Mexican embassies, consulates and other government offices.

Stand with Mexico: Organize in Solidarity with the Disappeared Mexican Student Activists and their Families
       The Mexican state and organized crime are collaborating, and the US-supported “War on Drugs” is in reality political violence. A series of massacres and targeted assassinations, as well as the incarceration of political activists, is unmasking the true nature of the authoritarian murderous system. Tens of thousands have been murdered and disappeared since 2006. The case of 43 student activists, who were disappeared last month by the Mexican police, is bringing the outrage in Mexico to a boiling point, and has created a deep political crisis. The families of the 43 have are asking us to put pressure on the Mexican government. Organize or join protests at a Mexican consulate near you, click here to send an online message to officials in Mexican consulates, and spread the word in your community (print and post the "greatly MISSED" posters below). Students in Mexico are preparing for a National Popular Assembly to coordinate their actions.
Mobilize your community for the November Vigil:
Poster Project: Make the Resistance Visible
Show the names, faces and stories of the 43 students who were disappeared by the Mexican police in your community

Poster Project: Make the Resistance Visible
Show the names, faces and stories of the 43 students who were disappeared by the Mexican police in your community

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Monday, 27 October 2014

Remember The Odessa Massacre.

 From The International Action Centre:

  PLEASE POST WIDELY!       Facebook Twitter Addthis

 Neo-Nazi assault on Odessa House of Trade Unions, May 2, 2014


 Ukraine military attack on Donetsk chemical factory, October 20.

Anti-war alert!
     Oct. 23 - Officials of the independent Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, formerly part of southeastern Ukraine, report that the U.S.-backed coup regime in Kiev is preparing a new military offensive against them in violation of the Sept. 5 Minsk ceasefire accords.
     The Ukrainian military has violated the ceasefire every day since it was signed. Ukraine continues to target civilians daily in the capital city of Donetsk. On October 20, Ukrainian forces unleashed missiles in a brazen attack on a chemical factory there.
     This dangerous escalation takes place in the context of two important election dates: Ukrainian parliamentary elections scheduled for Sunday, October 26, and elections for prime minister and parliament in the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics on Sunday, November 2.
       The United Nations reports that conservatively more than 5,000 people have been killed in 7 months of civil war. Others estimate 10,000 civilian deaths, continuing at eight per day since the one-sided ceasefire began.
     On October 21, Human Rights Watch charged that Ukraine’s military has used banned cluster bombs. Use of illegal white phosphorous and chlorine weapons has also been reported.
      Washington continues its bipartisan support of the Kiev junta, composed of wealthy Ukrainian oligarchs, pro-Western neoliberal politicians, and open fascists. The U.S. has provided billions of dollars in direct aid to this regime, as well as facilitating a massive IMF bailout package, while cutting food assistance and other vital social programs at home. It has also provided weapons and military assistance to Ukraine through NATO members like Poland and Canada.
      In the U.S., the Obama administration, Congress and the media continue to brazenly lie about the situation in southeast Ukraine, blaming Russia’s government for the upheaval that Washington helped to engineer to further its goal of NATO expansion. The U.S. continues to impose sanctions, carry out provocative military maneuvers, and affect a dangerous war posture toward Russia.
      We urge activists to be on alert for a new Ukrainian military offensive against independent Donetsk and Lugansk, as well as against the resistance in junta-occupied southeastern Ukraine. 

Odessa Massacre Memorial
Be prepared to take to the streets to demand:

Stop the war against the people of Donetsk and Lugansk!

Stop the media cover-up of Ukrainian war crimes!

U.S./NATO out now!
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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Remember Gezi Park?

        Remember Gezi Park protests in Turkey, if you do it will be thanks to our babbling brook of bullshit, the mainstream media. Well, despite the silence from those meant to inform, and the brutal repression from the regime, the protests go on and have moved forward. Turkey has not seen many peaceful days since Gezi Park, squats and workers control have been growing, people are resisting the privatisation of public spaces, and the regimes covert support of ISIS has brought more protests on to the streets. There is also a growing awareness by the people, that Turkey is an economic bubble about to burst. Under the glitzy veneer of skyscrapers, opulent shopping malls and an avalanche of "must have" labels, anger is growing, and not just in Turkey, but across the whole of the creaking capitalist edifice. As the gap between rich and poor grows, so does the anger. Can the day of reckoning be far off?

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Saturday, 25 October 2014

From Kurdistan Anarchists Forum.


From Anarkismo:

Interview with the Kurdistan Anarchists Forum (KAF) about the situation in Iraq/Kurdistan

       The experiences of many of us have proved or at least shown that it is very, very hard for a libertarian/anarchist idea and direction to grow and develop inside a hierarchal organization. Not only this, it is impossible for such ideas and directions to remain or stay and continue in an ideological nationalist organization. We can always separate or distinguish between the social movement and the leftist political movement whatever form they have because the leftists and politicians are always authoritarian and corrupt. We can see in reality the leftists are always trying to tame and control struggles and the movement of the mass people and use them to achieve their own political aims, making political capital out of it. 
 What do you think of the US bombings?
       Before the US decided to bombard and hit the ISIS bases, there were a lot of rumours and news that ISIS was created by the US, UK and Israel. The more reliable evidence that we can refer to was from Edward Snowden about this. Now when they (UK and US) decide to attack ISIS and sell weapons to the KRG, it is to undermine Edward Snowden's information and the rumours that spread widely. 
    We are against intervention from the US and Western countries and also selling weapons to the KRG. We know this is big business for them, that can make a lot of profits through this trade. We also do not want Kurdistan to become a battlefield for all the Jihadist groups in the world against the US, Western countries and the Kurdish, in which so many innocent people would be killed and many places would be destroyed. In addition, the war situation creates more haters between Kurds and Arabs, between Kurds and Sunnis. In the meantime it caused the emergence of many racist and fascist groups.

     The only winners in the wars are the big companies who sell weapons and war equipment, and the losers - as always - are the poor people. 
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A Living Thing, Or A Marketable Product For Profit.

       Chickens, ducks, cattle, salmon and many more species are not treated as living things, but merely as marketable products, farmed in factories in totally unacceptable, cruel and barbaric conditions to produce the best cash return for large organisations. Perhaps we should watch a few of these films before we go shopping for our daily food.

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Funny Money.

      Some interesting figures on the debt situation across Europe and USA. It is impossible to give an accurate figure for any of these countries as the debt rises every second. In the case of the UK, its debt rises by approximately £5,170 per second, and the US by $54,486 per second. Top of the pile is the US with a debt mountain of $19,159,510,996,817, of course that is already an out of date figure as we speak. The UK is now in the trillion dollar debt league, with a staggering £1,441,621,181,818, pile of debt bleeding its citizens, again, an out of date figure due to it rising every second. 

Debt and interest by country:
Country.      Debt.                   Interest per year.     Per second.
Italy.    €2,281,485,254,811     €106,549,306,816     €3,379
Greece. €372,379,166,104      €27,101,544,783        €859
Spain. €863,519,211,914        €41,485,995,580        €1,316
France. €2,110,778,333,757   €57,774,866,678        €1,832
UK.    £1,441,621,181,818      £45,148,202,514        £1,432
USA. $19,159,510,996,817    $518,163,271,991       $16,431

        From this handful of countries the financial Mafia is raking in €22,181 of tax payers money every second, 24/7, on interest payments alone. World wide we have managed to pile up more than $53 trillion in debt. Bearing in mind that practically every country in the world has a mountain of debt, who do we owe this mountain of money to, is there that amount of money on the planet, In the entire world, there are only 5 countries free from debt, British Virgin Islands, Palau, Liechtenstein, Brunei, and Macao, they seem to get by without debt.
     Obviously countries don't move boxes of Dollars, Euros or Pounds around the world, it doesn't exist, the financial Mafia merely tap numbers on a keyboard, and hey presto, your country has money in its account. An insane system of smoke and mirrors, a financial house of cards, a gambling casino based on phoney money, and it is about to “all fall down”.

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Friday, 24 October 2014

TTIP, Secret Talks And Corporate Lobbyists.

 More on TTIP from SumOf Us:

       Environmental standards, workers’ right and food hygiene are all under the chopping block with TTIP. And even worse: these incredibly sensitive policy areas are being negotiated away in secret -- so far only lobbyists of the big corporations have had access to EU lawmakers.
       But this is about to change. The European Ombudsman -- the place where European citizens can lodge complaints about EU politics -- has opened a formal investigation into TTIP and its lack of transparency following pressure from civil society. We have only 7 days left to write to the Ombudsman and let her know how we feel about our rights being negotiated away in a secret trade deal.
      While lobbyists of the big corporations from Monsanto to Nestle to Exxon Mobile have been going in and out of meetings with lawmakers in Brussels, ordinary citizens are often standing in front of closed doors. That has to change!
      We need actual citizens’ participation in a process that is going to affect our lives as profoundly as the TTIP. We need true access -- to the negotiating documents, the meeting reports and full transparency about which lobbyists are meeting with European lawmakers.
Here is what you need to do: write an email to the European Ombudsman to demand full transparency about the TTIP and in particular the comings and goings of corporate lobbyists. It will only take a few minutes but it will be totally worthwhile.
Here are some talking points you could use for your email:
  • The EU should be extremely open and transparent and immediately release all information on the TTIP negotiations, especially when it concerns areas such as environmental standards, workers’ rights and health and safety. 
  • The EU should lay open all communication between lobbyists of big business. Sadly, so far business had way more access to negotiations than normal citizens. That needs to change. 
  • The EU should release a list of all the meetings that corporations have had with lawmakers.
     Remember: the more personal your message, the more likely it will be read by the Ombudsman.
The leaders of the European Union are starting to really feel the people’s discontent with this secret trade deal. And this is also thanks to you. Thousands of SumOfUs members complained to the EU Commission about corporations being able to sue governments -- the ISDS clause in TTIP. Many of you have chipped in to support our TTIP work and the development of the European Citizens’ Initiative. Now is the time to keep up the pressure!
     Thanks for all you do, 
Anne, Hannah, and the team at SumOfUs

More information:
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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Getting Fat On Other People's Sweat.

       Some crazy figures in this capitalist world that show the inequality created by this insane, unjust, exploitative system. Despite the screams of disaster and crisis in 2008, and not forgetting the Eurozone problems, according to a recent report from Credit Suisse, global wealth has more than doubled since 2000, reaching over £150 trillion, During this period have you personally felt the benefits of this remarkable growth? On the contrary, for you and I, this period has been one long spell of “austerity”, falling incomes, shrinking social services and deteriorating living standards. 
     Crisis or no crisis, we still create wealth at an enormous rate, where is it going? Well, there are approximately 5 billion adults in the world today, but just 8.4% of whom own 83.4% of all household wealth. At the other end, approximately two-thirds of adults in the world have less than $10,000 of net wealth, while approximately 3.2 billion adults have nil, nothing. 
     So at one end we have billions of people with no wealth what so ever, nothing. While we have 32 million people who own $98 trillion of the world's wealth, that's 41% of the total. At the top of this heap of parasites, wallowing in unbelievable unearned wealth, we have just over 98,000 individuals who have more than $50 million each, with almost 34,000 of those owning more than $100 million each. It works out that 1% of the population own 41% of the world's wealth, 10% own 86%, and the bottom half, the you and me's, own just 1%. 
    It doesn't take a mathematical expert to work out that we have enough material wealth to see to the needs of all our people, but this man made, crazy, greedy driven system, is not built to do that, it is doing what it was meant to do, make rich people richer, and to hell with the rest of you. However, never forget that the parasites are getting fat on our poverty and sweat, every penny of that wealth was created by the you and me's of this world, it is ours, we just have to take it all back, but when? 

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