Wednesday, 29 September 2010


      At the stroke of midnight 29 September Spain kicked off its general strike. As the day unfolds we will see where the will of the people lies. Will the people of Europe stop work with the Spanish and have fun with their families or will they take to the streets in protest. Hopefully it will be a mixture of both with a complete stop to all non-essential work across the whole of Europe. Why should the people of Europe allow their living standards to be hacked to pieces at the behest of the millionaires gambling club called the bond markets? Whose debt is it? Who screwed up their own honey pot? Who stands to gain with these cuts?
Who stands to suffer? Just some of the questions that will never be answered by the mouthpieces of the bond markets, ie; the politicians.
        We should however never lose sight of the real purpose behind all these cuts, not only will it safe guard the wealth of the millionaires club but will also transfer all public assets to the private sector, giving them even more of our wealth with which to gamble. This era is crucial, it is the final move by the corporate world to seize what remains of public assets, turning our world into a corporate empire where the people own nothing. No public spaces, no social services, everything bought from the corporate institutions. You can have what you want, but at a price that feeds the pampered parasites in charge of that corporate empire. There will of course be charities who will try to copy with the worst of the poverty and deprivation, co-operation and mutual aid will be seen as signs of insanity.

       They are about to attempt to change the world in their favour forever, it is up to us to change this world in our favour forever. Only by breaking out of the system of profit before everything and changing to wellfare of the people first and foremost based on mutual aid and sustainability can we hope to achieve that aim.

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Thursday, 23 September 2010


    Today France will again take to the streets in protest at the government's attempt to hack at the living conditions of the French people. This time there is expected to be in excess of two million people on the streets protesting at the government's proposals to raise the pension age from 60 to 62. Compare this to what is happening here in Britain. Here we are meekly accepting talk of raising the pension age to 70 and there hasn't been enough people on the streets to form a bus queue. Why the difference, our conditions are far worse than the French, yet we seem to be prepared to accept even more brutal cuts to our standard of living.
     Whatever meagre conditions we have, we have had to fight for every one of them. It has taken generations of battle and sacrifice to attain the conditions we have, and now we seem to be surrendering them without a fight. This is an insult to all those ordinary people how through struggle, tears and sometimes blood battled for the benefit of all our people. Are we simply going to see their effort wiped out so as to stabilise the millionaires gambling club ie; bond markets? 

    The Greek people have been protesting for months, Spain has had several general strikes, other countries across Europe have taken to the streets to protest the slashing of their living standards at the behest of the financial world. Here in Britain we have so far accepted without much of a fight, the beating that the powers that be are handing out. Do we realy want to return to the Victorian era of poverty?
    Next week, 29th. September is a day when we can show our determination to make a stand and try to change the world in our favour forever. After all the millionaires club is trying to change the world in their favour forever. Only the ordinary people can decide who is going to win, we take the beating or we stand up and fight.  

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Wednesday, 22 September 2010


       One week to go until the TUC planned day of action on the 29th. September. There is supposed to be mass demonstrations across Europe. Though the publicity doesn't seem to scream out at you, it seems more like a quiet affair for the loyal few. Well that might be the way they want it but it is up to the members to insist on a real mass action right across Europe not just a few high profile spots. Insist that your local branch organises for a full walk out on that day and where you don't get the support from your union, then there is nothing wrong in having a day off. Have a lie in, take the kids to the park, read that book you have been trying to get your head round. Go as a family to the movies have a day in the garden, but what ever you do don't turn up to be exploited on that day September 29th. You will probly start to like the idea of having a lie and then doing what you fancy and make it a regular habit.  All the workers have to do to stop this exploitive unjust system is don't turn up for "work". When the CEO of all the companies in the world decide to have a day off, nobody notices, we don't need them. However when the workers all take a day of, the world stops, they need us. We can change the world, we have the skills, we have the resources, we have the numbers, all we lack is is the will to take that one step, stop working until we have reorganised the world.

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Sunday, 19 September 2010


    Over the last few days I have come to the conclusion that when the Pope visits this country nothing happens in the world. There is obviously nothing to report, nothing of importance being said or happening. Every newspaper you pick up has page after page of photos of faces and crowds, headline after headline of the same event. Interviews with the mesmerised members of the "flock" who all make meaningless statements which we have grown to expect from the followers of this mass hysteria.
       All it shows is that the so called "newspapers" have nothing to do with news and all to do with propaganda. We are being drowned in a tsunami of irrational gibberish as if it was the accepted way of life of the people of this country. This is an organisation that is having trouble recruiting and swaths of those it has recruited are paedophiles and child abusers, only a very small number of the people of this country regularly enter the organisation's brain-washing units known as churches. It is a extremely wealth organisation that continually holds out the begging can, has repeatedly hidden abusers and silenced the abused. It preaches a dogma of repression against women and  gays, rants against the right of women to choose abortion and spouts the ridiculous rubbish that condoms spread aids.
     In spite of all its cancerous preachings, our media give it all the propaganda that it wishes, our mouth-pieces of the state, the politicians, give it the stamp of legitimacy. Of course the two corrupt power-mongers are well matched. 
    As long as the church and/or the state hold sway, freedom will be an elusive prize.

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Tuesday, 14 September 2010


     We all know that the Catholic church preaches repression, sexual repression being at its foundation. Women are second class citizens as far as the Catholic church is concerned, unclean in fact. If it wasn't for Eve and her weakness we would all be living in the Garden of Eden, women are flawed. That doesn't say much for the creator, after all he only made two humans and got one wrong.
      This organisation is lead by a former member of the Hitler Youth movement who has presided over a cesspool of paedophiles and abuser.
      This organisation, like all religions, heaps suffering and misery on the lives of millions across the globe with its views on so many things from contraception, aids, gays and abortion, plus the influence it wields in the corridors of power, an influence out of all proportion to the number of the faithful practitioners. Poly Toynbee's comment in the Guardian is very apt when it comes to the Catholic Church's view on aids, " Ann Widdecombe's riposte that the Catholic church runs more Aids clinics than any single nation was like suggesting the Spanish Inquisition ran the best rehab clinics for torture victims." 

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Monday, 13 September 2010


     Geesus, they never give up, you have got to hand it to them for persistence. I am of course referring to our beloved Glasgow City Council, also known as the Mafia in George Square, previously known as the Purcell Gang. They keep coming up with ideas to turn Glasgow's public parks into commercial buildings, private car parks or privately owned expensive play pens for the for those with a large disposable income.
     We have had the wonderful idea of turning part of Victoria Park into a car park, then there was the one about Botanical Gardens housing a night club and café, and we all remember the Pollok Park private play pen where you could have a shot on their swings at £45 a go. There was the other idea of a café and car park in Kelvin Grove Park and having been rebuffed on all of these baffling ideas they have come back with another attack on one of Glasgow's Public parks. This time it is a charity and café in Ruchill Park. These people seem to have an aversion to green spaces except around the leafy suburbs where they live.
     This latest attempt at hiving off Glasgow's public green spaces is in an area where there is an abundance of vacant ground lying derelict waiting for some sort of amenity to spring to enrich the lives of the community. If the Mafia in George Square wish, I'll take them by the hand round the district and show them acres of space for development that would not damage one blade of grass. To build privately run concrete and tarmac on the one green area in the centre of this district would diminish the quality of life in the area. There are all sorts of ludicrous rumblings coming from the mouths of the Mafia, “- it will bring visitors to the Ruchill Park area from all over Scotland and raise the profile of the park and the north of Glasgow.” Once again, turn it into a tourist attraction and to hell with the local people. Building on the park would be blatant destruction of the limited amenities available to the local people of Ruchill.
      Their other attempts to hand Glasgow's Parks to the private sector have been stopped, let's organise to make sure this latest proposed sale of our public assets is stopped in its tracks.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010


      So the fundamentalist Christian nutter Blair has cancelled his London book signing. The reason given must be a first for a British Prime Minister, he didn't want to give the police a lot of hassle as there would be protesters there. What a load of shit, how about all those other protests away back to the poll tax, miners strike, anti-war, G20.
    Oh Tony you have come to your senses far too late. With the blood of over a million citizens of Iraq on your hands and the death of hundreds of British soldiers, you now want to save the police some hassle from protesters outside a bookshop in London. Could it be that your reception at the Dublin book signing didn't fit into the perception you have of yourself. I imagine you like to see yourself walking around bathed in the light of public admiration, smiling benignly at your army of admirers. Sorry Tony, your fantasy world is just that, the illusions of a very dangerous self centred individual. Most politicians do damage to the public as they feather their nests, you Tony, have done immeasurable damage to the world as you amassed your fortune. I hope you can find no hiding place until you are brought to justice.

Saturday, 4 September 2010


      Photo from Glasgow Digital library.
     This Sunday, at 2pm. September 5th. there will be  ceremony at Sighthill cemetery to mark the execution in 1820 of two of Scotlands best known martyrs. Two men who were made an example of by the state to deter the ordinary people from thinking about changing the system to the benefit of the majority.
      Today the state might not use the same barbaric methods of silencing the public but they still have ways and means of repressing the voice of the people. We should never forget those who paid with their life for the right of all people to be represented in our society. We owe it to our selves and to future generations to remember and record their action, our history, so that we know the road we have travelled and the struggles that still lie ahead.
    The following is a transcript of a "penny sheet" of the day of the execution held at the National Library of Scotland. 

A Full, True, and Particular Account of the Execution of ANDREW HARDIE and JOHN BAIRD, who were Hanged and Beheaded at Stirling, on Friday the 8th September 1820, for High Treason, together with their Behaviour at the Place of Execution.
YESTERDAY, 8th September, 1820,
the preparation for the execution of these unfortunate men having been completed the previous night, this morning the scaffold appeared to the view of the inhabitants. On each side the scaffold was placed a coffin, at the head of which was a tub, filled with saw-dust, destined to receive the head. To the side of the tub was affixed a block. The clergymen of the town (the reverend Drs Wright and Small,) and the reverend Mr Bruce, throughout the confinement of the prisoners, were unremitting in their duties. The morning previous to the execution was spent almost solely in devotion and reflections, suited to the awful situation of the prisoners. About 11 o'clock a troop of the 7th Dragoon Guards arrived from Falkirk, and were assisted by the 13th Foot quartered in the Castle. At a quarter after one the procession left the Castle, and was seen to move down Broad Street, the unfortunate men in a hurdle, their backs to the horse, and the headsman with his axe sitting so as to face them. They were respectably dressed in black, with weepers. The procession was attended by the Sherift-depute and his Substitute, and the Magistrates, all with their staves of office. The troops lined the streets so as to permit the whole to pass slowly and undisturbed to the spot intended for the execution. During the procession, the prisoners sung a hymn, in which they were joined by the multitude. At 20 minutes to two o'clock, the hurdle arrived at the Court-house. Hardie first descended. He was followed by Baird, then the headsman. Hardie, by mistake, was conducted into the waiting-room. He bowed twice respectfully to the gentlemen who were present. The Reverend Dr Wright accompanied Hardie. The Reverend Dr Small, and Mr Brown, were with Baird. Hardie turned round, and observing how few persons were present, said to one of the clergymen, " Is this all that is to be present." Dr Wright read the whole of the 51st psalm. He then delivered a most impressive prayer; after which, a few verses of the same psalm, from the 7th verse, were sung by the prisoners and others present, Hardie giving out two lines at a time, in a clear and distinct voice, and sung the same without any tremulency. The Reverend Dr Small then delivered a prayer, remarkable for zeal and fervour ; after which, the 103d psalm was sung, Hardie giving out two lines at a time as before. The conduct of these two men while in the Court-room was most calm and  unassuming. Some refreshment being offered, Hardie took a glass of sherry, and Baird a glass of port. Hardie said something the exact import of which we could not collect. He begged the sheriff to express their gratitude to General Graham, Major Peddie, and the public authorities, for their humanity and attention; he then bowed to the other persons present, and drank off the whole of the contents of the glass. Baird then addressed himself to the sheriff, and begged to convey sentiments of a similàr nature. When they were pinioned Hardie mentioned to Baird to come forward to the scaffold. While in the Courtroom both prisoners particularly Hardie, seemed less affected by their situation than any other person present; his hand, while he held his book, never trembled. On their arrival at the scaffold, there was a dead silence. After a few minutes, Baird addressed the crowd in a very loud voice. He adverted to the circumstance in which he was placed, and said he had but little to say, but that he never gave his assent to any thing inconsistent with truth and justice. He
then recommended the bible, and a peaceful conduct to his hearers. Hardie then addressed the crowd. He commenced with the word " Countrymen." At something which we could not completely catch, and which we must not guess at there was a huzzaing, and marks of approbation. After a few moments silence as if recollecting he had proceeded too far, and had excited feelings inconsistent with his situation, he spoke again. He adised the crowd not to think of them, but to attend to their bibles, and recommended them, in place of going to public houses, to drink to the memory of Baird and Hardie, that they would retire to their devotions. After the ropes were adjusted, a most warm and aflectionate prayer was delivered by the reverend Mr Bruce. At eleven minutes before three the necessary arrangements being made, Hardie gave the signal, when they were launched into eternity. After hanging half an hour, they were cut down, and placed upon the coffins, with, their necks upon a block; the headsman then came forward ; he was a little man, apparently
about 18 years of age; he wore a black crape over his face, a hairy cap, and a black gown On his appearance there was a cry of murder. He struck the neck of Hardie thrice before it was severed ; then held it up with both hands, saying, " This is the head of a traitor." He severed the head of Baird at two blows, held it up in the same, manner, and used the same words The coffin were then removed, and the crowd peaceably dispersed.
Edinburgh;—Printed for William Cameron,—PRICE ONE PENNY.
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Who are we if we don't know our past?

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