Saturday, 30 January 2021

New Order.

           Capitalism is rapidly evolving, if that's the right word, being redesigned, would be a more accurate term, think Davos, that exclusive club for the rich and powerful. We are seeing the emergence of of a new world order of lords and serfs. More and more of the world's resources are being sewn up in the hands of fewer and fewer individuals, the billionaire class. The small ratbag of billionaires that control the corporate/financial world now shape the policies and direction of the various states. The states have become the managers of society for the benefit of the new billionaire lords of the world Manor. The state, once seen as some sort of guardian and manager of the people's resources, is being, willingly, denuded of all resources, and will be the policing apparatus of the population, to control it for the benefit of the corporate/financial billionaire class.
          The world's resources will be firmly in the hands of the small band of corporate/financial billionaires, the term public ownership is a word that will be destined for the dustbin of history. Of course there will be handouts to placate the population, to dampen discontent, they will be society's paracetamol, to make you feel better but having no effect on your real problems. The serfs will be used as needed, to keep the gushers of wealth flowing in the direction of their masters, then discarded when no longer needed, those who can't be used by the new corporate serfdom, will have to get by as best they can. It will be a totally privately owned world,

        The entire process is being accelerated by the present Covid19 pandemic. This is being used by the state to put in place population control systems, helping to mould a subservient population, necessary for the formation of this billionaire privately owned world. I don't see this as a conspiracy theory, more a grabbing of the opportunity by those that are driving this new corporate/financial state managed world

        We must see every restriction on our movements and activities, no matter how necessary they seem at the moment, as something we must fight hard and determinedly to have removed as we see them as no longer required. Every dictate, command, directive from the state must be questioned and abandoned when we see it as no longer necessary, public ownership must be fought for at ever turn. we mustn't allow the world and its resources to become the private property of a small power hunger group of billionaires. Our freedoms are being restricted on a daily basis, there may be an argument, to a degree, for that at the moment, but they must never become the norm, even in a watered down version. Otherwise we abandon our world to the manipulative, greedy, power hungry, profit seeking billionaire control freaks. An extremely powerful and dangerous group, with their own agenda to enhance their power, wealth, control and privileges.
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Friday, 29 January 2021

Prying Eyes.

           I know I keep blaabing on about moving away from the big tec giants and their messaging system, and I throw up suggestions in the hope that those better versed in the technical side of these things than I, can throw some light on what I post. I think it is very important that we get out of the grips of these gigantic all powerful data syphoning machines and their tracking endeavours. They have the power to, and will, close down all that they don't want to receive any publicity. They are not on our side, they work for the status-quo and the corporate world. 

         I previously mentioned Signal as an alternative to the Facebook-twitter messaging brigade, I still think it is a great alternative. The more knowledgeable could point out the pros and cons.
        Browsers are another arm of the big-brother brigade, sucking up your data and tracking you on the internet for commercial purpose, but data that can also be used by the various state organisations. 

        The Brave browser seems to be an interesting alternative. Again I await the verdict of the more knowledgable than myself.
       Sooner or later we are going to have to choose, if we wish to have freedom of expression and be free from the prying censoring eyes of the big tec giants, who are one of the guardians of the state/corporate world of power, wealth and privileges for the few. 

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Thursday, 28 January 2021

State Savagery.

         There are still those members of the general public think that prisons are place where the state puts "bad" people, and it puts them there to protect the general public. This is a gross distortion of the truth, prison are there to protect the powers that be from the general public. They are state institutions of repression, places to put those who would dare to challenge the present structure of power, wealth and privilege for the few. They are built to intimidate those who might consider following those who challenge the status-quo. The other misconception is that they are places of reform, to prepare you for a better life once back out of their clutches, the fact is that they hope by the time you leave their repression cages, you will be a broken, submissive, "law" abiding subservient citizen.   
          Prison are relics for a bye-gone age of barbarity, they are state instigated and funded dens of savagery, barbarity, inhumanity and human degradation. However it takes an army of deluded/deranged people to take the job of locking their fellow humans in cages at somebody else's bidding. Within those walls the prison population has as high as 80% with substance addiction, mental health problems and learning difficulties, a whole section of vulnerable people who should be receiving some form of social and welfare care. Instead they are subject to arbitrary violence, degradation and lack of any decent medical facilities. We can't have a civilised society as long as one prison cell remains. Freedom and justice can only arise from the dust of the last prison.
The following is an extract of an article from It's Going Down:

      An interview with anarchist political-prisoner Eric King with the Seattle-Tacoma chapter of Black and Pink.
        In this time when authorities refuse to keep people safe from COVID-19, when rebellion is a fresh on our minds, and when the abolition of police and prisons is becoming a clear necessity to more and more people, we’ve got something to learn from an anarchist political prisoner like Eric King. Eric vandalized the office of a government official in Kansas City, MO, in solidarity with the Ferguson uprising, was arrested in September 2014, and then was sentenced to ten years for the window he broke in June 2016. Such a sentence is horrible, but not shocking. Prisons, after all, do more to keep hierarchies safe than people. 
        Eric is now facing a bogus charge of assaulting an officer that could land him another 20 years inside. At the time of writing this, he has been hit with a mail restriction and can’t receive letters of support. But we can make ourselves aware of his case and learn from his words.
        The following is an interview with Eric conducted through snail mail by the Seattle-Tacoma chapter of Black and Pink, a queer/trans abolitionist group that focuses on building community across prison walls.
       Black and Pink Seattle-Tacoma: How would you characterize FCI-Englewood’s response to COVID-19?
         Eric King: Dreadful! At least in the SHU. People were brought in without being tested, staff was never tested. Our tiers were not cleaned more than once a week, we were only given 3 showers a week. No bleach was used anywhere. We were given masks, but staff/admin was so slack with their usage. Now we have a massive outbreak. The entire SHU was ill and staff refused to acknowledge or test us, until on Thanksgiving when things were so bad a med officer had no choice but to test 3 of us… all positive. A few days later they test everyone else, ALL positives. Then, AFTER we all are very sick, they institute a SHU lockdown, they start bleaching the showers between use, etc. Warden Greilick failed. None of us have been given anything for it, not even info about symptoms and how to make it less. Greilick failed, 600+ cases, all preventable.
       B&P: What’s something about being in prison that you feel like people outside don’t understand, and need to know? Were there expectations you had about prison that shifted once you were incarcerated?
        EK: I’m not sure people realize or care about the amount of psych games these people play. It is violent. Withholding mail for weeks or months claiming you don’t have any, searching your cell and vandalizing your family photos. Placing you intentionally around people who wish to harm you. I’ve seen cops lie and tell a group a certain person is a rat just to get that person fucked up. Happens all the time and isn’t limited just to unit cops. Medical will see you on your death bed and say you just need more water. People die because of this gaslighting. You file your grievances as you’re supposed to and get told they never got filed, that YOU are lying. It’s a miracle there aren’t staff murders every day. Instead people internalize this bullshit and give up, or turn anger on fellow convicts instead of toward the system baring down on them. It’s an effective spirit breaker. I honestly thought in prison it’d be “us vs. them” … it isn’t… it’s us vs. us while they laugh and manipulate us. Devastating.
     B&P: What do you notice about how different populations in the prison are treated? How has your position affected your treatment?
      EK: Different groups get treated different for sure, usually to stir resentment and violence. Gay and transgender people get treated abysmally by all races/gangs AND staff. They are demonized and treated as less than scum, often left vulnerable to attack or staff harassment.
     My position as an anti-racist / anti-fascist person has been used to create divisions and separation. At USP-McCreary while in the SHU, staff mocked my “Antifa” face tattoo and assured me they were going to get me jumped… and they did. Mail is ALWAYS horribly delayed and often arbitrarily rejected, email has to be read and approved before being sent out – which can take days. I’ve been denied phone calls for 2 years after a website posted about me and my wife was denied visiting access due to her “ideology.” Staff talks big shit trying to instigate violence, subject you to a large amount of searches and property confiscation… you get targeted.
      B&P: What sustains you while you’re inside? What support are you getting that is really making you feel supported?
      EK: The support that feels the “most,” is when people/groups do things outside of me, on their own. Things like banner drops, fundraising, getting writings or info published to various sources. Being kept relevant and alive. In the near future it will be trial support: either showing up, posting about it, encouraging others to come, things like that. I have an amazing family who is outlandishly loving and supportive, I am very present in their lives. I have great friends and supporters who look out for me super tough. These things sustain me. Also, I am very secure in myself. My ethics and my belief in myself, in my future. These things carry me throughout the day. They won’t beat me.

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Be The Revolution.

       This extract is what I consider to be excellent advice from one of my favourite journalists, Caitlin Johnstone.

        One of the most frustrating things is seeing where we need to move and not being able to get the collective to come with you. You’re like, “It’s there! Let’s move!”, and they just want to bicker and ego spar. Just blast off into health yourself, and trust that the others will follow if and when they are able.
        Be your own revolution. You have all the media access you need to help wake the world up with the power of your own inspired action. Reject cliques, factions and sectarianism, and have the courage to stand on your own two feet attacking the machine with your own unique abilities.
        This doesn’t mean you can’t organize and work collectively; you absolutely can. If you see people doing something you want to uplift, uplift it. But when you’re done, don’t stay and become a member of the club. Move on and retain your self-sovereignty. If you’re doing something that people want to help uplift and amplify, let them do so. When they don’t want to anymore, let them go. Don’t try to manipulate them into staying.
       You are free to collaborate with anyone on any issue at any time. You don’t actually need to be a member of the Blah Blah Whateverist Club to do this. And when nothing is happening that you want to collaborate with others on, you can attack the machine on your own, using your own unique set of tools based on your own inspiration. You are not owned or bound.
      All these debates we’re seeing lately over who should be let into and kept out of the Revolution Club, how the Revolution Club should act, who should lead the Revolution Club etc are based on the assumption that there has to be a Revolution Club in the first place, and there just doesn’t. Organize and collaborate on a case-by-case, issue-by-issue basis while remaining sovereign.
       Have the compassion to prioritize the needs of the collective and the courage to stand as an individual. Trying to impose your will on exactly how the collective revolution should and should not be moving is a doomed endeavor, because you cannot control the collective, you can only control yourself. So be your own revolution and attack the machine wherever you detect a weak point in its armor.
      I’ve avoided all cliques and factions like the plague, and I’ve been far more effective in this fight than I would have been if I’d chosen to glom onto some faction and uphold all its -ists and -isms. It would have killed my ability to move with agility in whatever way is demanded by each present moment, because I would have been binding myself to the movements of a group that isn’t seeing what I’m seeing and can’t move the way I move.
        This is just what’s worked for me, and of course your mileage may vary. But if you’re like me and you don’t see the various groups, organizations and factions getting us to where we need to go, consider stepping out of the vehicle, standing on your own two feet, and waging your own revolution.
Read the full articlle HERE:

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Wednesday, 27 January 2021

Our Day.

          Our day will come, not just by words, but with the crashing of borders, solidarity, organisation and direct action in the name of justice, freedom and peace.

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 Just a thought.


No Words To Say.

I’m a poet with no words to say
wandering a world of sorrow and pain
lost in catastrophes played like a game
short visions rule the day
Mountains of money piles of poverty
lost in a sea of swirling illusions
wars a natural road to walk
death and destruction a way of life
ringing in my ears songs of poverty
melodies of marauding deprivation
I have eyes that see ears that hear
a dictionary in my mind but
I live in a world beyond their reach
I’m a poet with no words to say.
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Tuesday, 26 January 2021


        Across the globe as more and more people become completely disenchanted with the powers that be, those powers are hitting back hard. Naturally their targets are those most involved in the struggle for justice and a better world. As usual anarchists are at the forefront of this struggle so come in for the harshest of the repression, in an attempt to silence, intimidate and as a warning to others who may have thoughts of joining in the struggle for freedom.
        The following is call for solidarity and support for those caught up in the Greek state's repression machine.

Statement by GAF Glagow
          Support a fundraising campaign for Greek comrades under attack!
          We stand in international solidarity with the 8 students targeted viciously by the Greek state, accused of having taken part in a direct action in solidarity with squats at the Athens University of Economics and Business.
          These students were targeted because of their widespread active involvement in social struggles and within the anti-authoritarian milieu, and especially their involvement with the Self-Organised Students’ Centre of AUEB. They have been the subject of a local media frenzy, and have faced great repressive measures including surveillance, forced DNA retention, and the charge, among others, of “forming a criminal organisation”.
          The Greek state is demanding an outrageous monetary amount to post the students’ bail (3000 Eur/person). With the anti-authoritarian milieu in Greece not being able to rely on its traditional fundraising methods, a Firefund campaign has been set up to support the comrades. Please support in any way you can!
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ACE Info.

        This pandemic has called a halt to so many things in our life and has created so many difficulties for communities and individuals, but as always happens the communities rally round and help each other, by various means, mutual aid being the foundation. ACE in Edinburgh, ever active, are in their helping to brighten up the dull covid Edinburgh days. Below is some of their activities, I'm sure there is something there for you to get involved in or to start in your own community if you haven't already done so. 

        We are pleased to bring you news of the new food and resources bank open to all at the ACE premises every thursday 10.30am – 2pm : details below.
        Other activities in the premises are suspended in order to keep people safe during the covid pandemic – but the groups based at ACE are still active and welcome your involvement. See below plus go to and information on each of the groups based at Ace can be found on the ‘Groups & Activities’ drop down menu (Plus we recommend the tenants union LIVING RENT)
        See also the regularly updated ACE facebook
        This newsletter also attached in PDF.
        Food and Resources Bank at ACE every thursday 10.30am - 2pm. Organised by Oficina Precaria / Precarity Office Scotland / PIE – non-perishable food, toiletries, hygiene products and some children’s clothes are available free.
        The Oficina Precaria Resource Bank is now OPEN as an emergency service on Thursdays from 10:30am – 2pm at ACE, 17 West Montgomery Place EH7 5HA. No referral or prior booking needed. Please note Covid safety measures in place: masks, hand sanitiser, only one person per household inside the premises please, and only one person visiting the foodbank at a time.
        All welcome. You do not need a referral or to provide any paperwork or ‘proof of status’. Oficina Precaria
        More info on food solidarity initiatives and coronavirus support at
        For food solidarity also contact
Mutual Aid Edinburgh
Mutual Aid Trans Edinburgh

Precariat Office Scotland write:
         We have launched a campaign to encourage people to vote for us for a project called Emergency One stop shop.
         Emergency ‘One Stop Shop’: COVID-19 is causing unprecedented hardship. We serve migrants (mostly from Western Europe, but we welcome everyone) who often work in hard-hit hospitality and tourism, and don’t have any family/social support network locally. Our weekly ‘shop’ will help prevent people falling below the poverty line. It will include resources bank, soup kitchen, information and legal/welfare advice in the person’s own language. Also access to free online English classes (improve job opportunities) and yoga/self-defence classes (health and wellbeing).
        We are a volunteer run organisation and the grant money would be spent on resources for the bank, equipment and ingredients (for soup), sessional workers (to run classes). Outcomes will be reducing isolation and improving people’s lives during this crisis.
       If you live, work, volunteer, study in Leith (and are over 8 years old) please VOTE!
        From 25 Jan till 31 January, vote for PIE Scotland at Help us support people like you with free meals, English lessons, legal advice and self-defence classes in Leith. #VoteAndGetIt
        Please help us to spread the word to community centres, schools etc.
Precariat Office Scotland - PIE
Oficina Precaria de Escocia - PIE
[SCIO] - SC047145
       PLEASE NOTE You are eligible to vote if you are over 8 years old and live, work, study or volunteer in Leith. Voting continues till 31 January.

ECAP write:
         Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty Tuesday Sessions at ACE are suspended and we are not able to hold Face to Face appointments during the current Coronavirus lockdown. But we are continuing our support for and solidarity with claimants as well as all those up against the authorities – so please do get in touch if you have a benefits, debt, housing or other poverty-related problem. We’re asking people to contact us by Phone, Email or Facebook in order to arrange an appointment via phone – or please email us with your issue.
Contact: Ring 0131 557 6242 and leave a message – please speak slowly and repeat your contact details. E mail
        PM Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty on Facebook
More info:
       We welcome your involvement in ECAP – read what we are about here and get in touch if interested.
ace news jan 2021 .pdf
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Monday, 25 January 2021

Rumoer 3.

           I love when our literature gets to the streets, this pandemic has put a bit of block on that, but there are still ways and means. However Rumoer is one of those magazines that still hits the streets, thanks to the dedication of the group behind this interesting and informative read. It's there for free download but donations if you can afford a wee financial boost to keep it going.

         Yes, finally, RUMOER number three is here!
         Besides the global unrest because of the pandemic, lots of things have been going on, like after the police murder of George Floyd but there is also a statement about the fire on Lesbos. In this edition you can read news from far away and nearby, but also a poem, a nice prison escape-story, and more.
        The last edition appeared in the first lockdown. Then we spread RUMOER on the street in central places in plastic packaging so they could be easily taken and wouldn’t get wet, and we will do so again this time. Help us out with distributing this publication in your own place by ordering some extra zines, or print your own. Also very nice is that now you can send us some money, if you have some to contribute. Otherwise you’ll just get it for free of course. Send your request to RUMOER at RISEUP dot NET.
For freedom and joy, against suppression and misery,
XXX and see you soon in the streets,

Free Download HERE:
(Remember the donation if you can afford one.)

Here is a short extract from the latest No. 3 Rumoer:
Book Review: With Blood and Words:
EvegenIIa IaroslavskaIa-Markon.

“So, that is my life—
the life of a schoolgirl-revolutionary,
a student-dreamer,
a friend and lover of the great man
and poet Aleksandr Iaroslavskii,
an eternal wanderer,
an itinerant anti-religious lecturer,
a writer for Rul,
a street newspaper vendor,
a thief with a long criminal record,
and a travelling fortune-teller.”

from My Autobiography, E. Iaroslavskaia-Markon)   

        What a nice little book we got, printed in the summer of 2020 in Marseille. While reading, I often imagined Evegeniia being one of my lovely friends. For example when she tells how much she loves stealing, or the living on the streets with all the crooks, children, sex workers and alcoholics she could find. It is amazing when she describes how her partner wants to go back to Russia, while she got some other plans in mind: “Wouldn’t it be great to get in touch with Makhno, who was also in Paris, we could have embarked on some merry adventure in Ukraine, a reckless adventure, a radical adventure, a bold adventure...
       Truly revolutionary and outlaw!”In her autobiography, Evgeniia talks about herself, her life, her comrade and companion Aleksandr Iaroslavskii and their commitment in fighting ’till their last breath against the tyranny of the Bolshevik power. The story ends miserable in February, 1931, when the author is executed at the age of twenty-nine. The manuscript she wrote was discovered in 1996 in the archives of the FSB and breathes anti-authoritarian strength. Its full of fragments that appeal to the imagination, from the raw reality of an vagabond against the state. In the end of the book are reports from her court cases and execution. Evgeniia resisted untill the end: she was guilty of frequent incitement of fellow prisoners and kicked a guard on her way out with her prostheses. The book is in english, you can get it in the better bookstores or through
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Sunday, 24 January 2021

UK Apartheid.

         Details are coming out that hospitals have been instructed not to vaccinate those without a NHS number. Suddenly a swath of health workers, foreign students and other foreigners living here are now to be left to the vagaries of this virus, and be more or less continuous spreaders. As usual, in the eyes of the state foreigners are less worthy than we special Brits. This, apart from being an unjust and inhumane policy, is a case of cutting off your nose to spite your face. These individuals do live here, they do function among us, and they have to be denied the vaccine!! Will the state set up special camps to lock up all foreigners in, for fear of them spreading the virus through our special pure race Brits?

"Please leave the queue, you're not British."

        This inhumane, callous and barbaric policy must be shouted down by all means available, and those responsible for trying to enforce it must be brought to justice. The UK to date, is nor an apartheid state, but with policies like this it is walking along that path.

Extract from the Guardian:

        The document says that where staff do not have an NHS number “the vaccine should not be given”.
          One email sent to the hospital explicitly states that overseas nurses without NHS numbers should not be vaccinated, although those from the “devolved nations” – Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – can be recorded on paper.
        The Guardian understands that some hospitals are working around the issue to ensure staff without NHS numbers are also being vaccinated but there are fears individuals could fall through the cracks.
       Staff at one hospital set up a separate system to vaccinate workers with and without NHS numbers – but were later advised not to do so and to follow the NIVS protocol instead.
      “We’ve decided that’s wrong,” said the source. “We’re vaccinating them anyway, then we’re asking them to register afterwards and we’ll put them on the system retrospectively.”
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My View.

       I'm no scientist or medical expert, so what follows is just my personal view based on my own experiences and what I have understood from information freely available to me and to others.

       As an 86 years old I came through a smallpox epidemic in Glasgow, mass vaccination centres popped up across the city and queues formed, I was in one of those queues, thanks to mass vaccination I and Glasgow came through that and now smallpox is not a worry in our city or most cities in the developed world. As a young man I got the polio jab, polio in our country doesn’t seem to be a worry any more. For the past 25 years or more, I have had a flu jab and I have just had my Covid19 jab, and I’m extremely grateful to all those who have the time and skill to administer all of them. As a child I remember most families had a child with measles, diphtheria or some other horrible and often killing disease and lots did died. As one of those children I had diphtheria, it destroyed one eardrum and damaged the other, I was one of the lucky ones, where is diphtheria now? I'm now lover of the state, an anarchist since my apprenticeship in the Clyde shipyards, I'm not blind to the benefits and the dangers of science, but this band of anti-vac people seem only to see the dangers in science and are blind to the benefits. Produce your proof before you shout your mantra, you are playing with people’s lives. 

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Saturday, 23 January 2021


        Covid19 has still got Spirit of Revolt members locked out of their room at the Mitchell Library, but there is still a few things we can do to keep you coming back for another wee look and to encourage you to delve into your own history. So this month Spirit of Revolt has picked a small pamphlet entitled Selected Writings by Errico Malatesta, for their “Read of the Month. Errico Malatesta was an Italian anarchist and revolutionary socialist. Though Italian, he spent much of his life exiled from Italy and over his life time he spent more than ten years in various prisons. As well as being active in the struggle for anarchism, he also wrote and edited a number of radical newspapers and was a friend of Mikhail Bakunin. Born 14 December 1853, he died 22 July 1932.

 Read Selected Writings, Errico Malatesta Here:

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Coal Merchant Boris.


          According to bumbling Boris, his government will be a government with a green agenda that will lead the world. Of course recent history has taught  us that Boris's words don't stand for much, and the reverse could be uttered just a few months later. So to say that he will lead Britain away from coal doesn't actually mean that, it just sounds good at the moment. His true credentials are now up for scrutiny, as Cumbria County Council has given permission for a new coal mine to be opened in their area. Obviously this doesn't equate with the words of the Boris brigade announcements. Robert Jenrick, Communities Secretary could of course have stymied this decision, but came up with the lame excuse that it was a local issue. As Communities Secretary I wonder what believes his job to be, perhaps some of his buddies have shares in coal, who knows, but it certainly blows a hole in the green credentials of the Boris brigade.

                                            The ravages of opencast coal mining

         Coal, no matter how they mine it, it is a disaster for the planet, open cast or deep mine, it pollutes the water table and destroys the environment, among other disaster, no matter how the consume it it is a disaster all life on the planet, from sea levels to the air we breathe. This decision must be opposed at all levels, the last thing we need in this climate crisis is another coal mine. The Cumbria Council's pathetic excuse for granting permission is the usual economist garbage, "that it will bring jobs to the area". By their logic we should spread covid19, as it will create more jobs in the NHS and care services. We truly live in an insane society, more coal will mean higher sea levels, more coastal towns and cities being threatened with flooding or disappearing, but the people of Cumbria will have a few more jobs. CO2 levels will increase speeding the planet to a human disaster, but the people of Cumbria will have a few more jobs. It seems that sanity has disappeared in that cloud of coal fumes, or is it greed for profit.

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Friday, 22 January 2021

Cruel Farce.

        Any thinking person who looks at the various states and their proclamations on green energy and planet climate change, must see it as a farce. How do you clean up the planet's pollution if you don't include the world's largest polluter  in the equation? There is no doubt that the Pentagon with its massive war mongering budget is the world's largest polluter, but is never taken into account when talks of cleaning up the planet are taking place. Obviously the war mongers don't want anything to impede their murderous drive to maintain their power, wealth and privileges, even if it means the destruction of the all life on the planet.

 The following from Roots Action:

         As a result of final hour demands made by the United States during negotiation of the 1997 Kyoto treaty, military carbon emissions are exempted from climate negotiations.
            But the U.S. military is the largest institutional consumer of fossil fuels in the world and a key contributor to climate collapse!
            U.S. climate envoy designate, John Kerry, is right; the Paris Agreement is “not enough.”
             We're organizing around this new petition:
             To: John Kerry and the U.S. Congress
             From: ---- -----
          All emissions need to be included in order to justly meet international pledges made to protect the earth's climate. There must be no more exception for military pollution.

Add your name by clicking here!
Turn your thermostat down one degree to help save the planet!!!


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Strike Update.


          A little more on the Indian farmer workers strike, the largest workers strike ever in the the world. I personally am delighted to see that the strikers have decided to turn down the latest government offer of postponing the new free market legislation for 18 months for talks to take place. An obvious drawing, out of affairs to weaken the resolve of the strikers. Despite being on strike since 26 November 2020, and camped out in bitterly cold weather, on the outskirts of New Delhi, they have decided that they will not accept any postponement and will settle for nothing less than complete withdrawal of this legislation. Their brave and determined stand deserves brave and determined solidarity and support from across all borders.

More info HERE:

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