Wednesday, 30 November 2011


       Glasgow's march and rally, Day of Action, today, November 30, was probably the largest protest march seen in the city since the demonstration against the Iraq war. It was large by anybody's standard. Chatting to people on the pavement as I gave out leaflets I was pleased by the welcome response I was receiving and the eagerness for a leaflet and information. On Glassford street as I handed a leaflet to a woman who was standing watching the march go past, she smiled and said, “That is the most beautiful thing I have seen in years, good on them.” That I believe is the most common response among the ordinary people of our city.

      The public are aware that they are being ripped-off by a bunch of wealth parasites, they are aware that the millionaire government are lying to them, they are aware that the politicians are in the pocket of the corrupt bankers, and they are pissed-off with the lot of them. Let's hope that the public in their anger, come together not just to protect pensions, not just to stop the cuts, but to change the system. Our living standards are heading to the Victorian era, our kids education is being decimated, our social services are being dismantled, our health service is being privatised, if we have to stop all of that we have to change the system.

      The system that this government willing presides over and eagerly pursues, is responsible for callous and cruel criminal acts. It is responsible for throwing well over 1 million of our young people on the dole, stifling their potential for a decent life, and destroying a multitude of dreams and hopes. Their system is responsible for another brutal crime, that of massively increasing child poverty in this country. Their attack on the ordinary people, is at all stages of their life, increase child poverty, massive youth unemployment, soaring adult unemployment, and decimation of pensions. Add to that the wage cuts/freezes, and destruction of social services, while the rich get richer and you see the extent of their attack on the ordinary people and you can only come to one conclusion, they see it as what it is, class war. Only when we see it as the same, and fight back to destroy their power and change the system, to one that sees to the needs of all our people, only then will we eliminate all the problems listed above.

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Tuesday, 29 November 2011


        I have often spouted about the financial coup in Europe. That illusion, our so called democracy, has been replaced by an unelected leader in two European countries, first Greece and then Italy, and in both cases the new "leaders" are referred to as technocrats. As far as Europe is concerned, Greece is a small fry economy, never the less, its elected government was removed because the Prime Minister had the audacity to suggest a referendum on the country's finances, Italy, on the other hand is a major player in the European economic league and it is significant that in the later case it is a Goldman Sachs man that has taken the reins. Goldman Sachs stand to go belly-up if the major countries in Europe default on their sovereign debt, So that can't be allowed to happen, the public will be screwed as every penny of public spending will be re-directed towards the national “deficit”, that must be paid or Goldman Sachs is no more, and with the power they wield over the political classes, they will make sure it is paid. Getting rid of the elected government when there is a risk of them not throwing the taxpayers money at the deficit fast enough, is just the natural step for them, we can expect more Goldman Sachs coups in Europe as the sovereign debt crisis deepens.

You don't need elections -- I'm a technocrat.

You'll find a more detailed explanation than my personal rant, HERE. A short extract follows.
The ascension of Mario Monti to the Italian prime ministership is remarkable for more reasons than it is possible to count. By replacing the scandal-surfing Silvio Berlusconi, Italy has dislodged the undislodgeable. By imposing rule by unelected technocrats, it has suspended the normal rules of democracy, and maybe democracy itself. And by putting a senior adviser at Goldman Sachs in charge of a Western nation, it has taken to new heights the political power of an investment bank that you might have thought was prohibitively politically toxic.
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          Some little bits of information to remember when on the November 30th. day of action, march and rally. The chancellor has give his autumn budget report this afternoon and it doesn't make nice reading if you are an ordinary member of the public. When this Oxbridge millionaire laid out his first plan to save the bankers from losing the money they had gambled, it was to be a short sharp kick up the backside of the general public. Two years of austerity cuts and then fantastic growth would propel us all into eternal prosperity. Now it seems that the austerity bit for you and I is to last much longer. Public sector workers, who have suffered a two year pay freeze are to be limited to a 1% pay increase for a further two years. That is a helluva drop in wages over a five year period, remember inflation is running at 5%. On top of that, the original estimate of the number of public sector pay-offs of 400,000 has been revised up to 710,000. That's a helluva lot of people being thrown on the dole. So we are supposed to be grateful to this bunch of millionaire public school thugs for wage cuts/freezes, youth unemployment of over 1 million, total unemployment to rise to 3 million+, social services decimated, National Health privatised, education shredded and fuel poverty. All this to save the bankers going bust after their biggest greed feast in financial history. None of the measures being put in place by this millionaire cabal, will in any way impact on their luxurious parasitical ways. They and their millionaire corporate friends are doing very well, thank you, and will do everything they can to protect their wealth and power, sadly that means screwing you the general public. Though that is not a problem to them.

These are hard times, you'll all have to tighten your belts.

        Dwell on these matters as you march and wave your banners tomorrow. We don't want the millionaire Mafia to be kinder to us and spare us the unemployment and gentler with the cuts. We want the parasites to be removed, the system to be destroyed and a fairer and more just system based on the needs of the people to be created in its place. What's more, we don't want their help to create that system, there are poison to any system of justice and fairness. We have the ability and the imagination to do it the only way it can be done, by ourselves, the ordinary people.

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         Glasgow Trades Councill will be having a March & Rally on the Day of Action, REMEMBER, REMEMBER, the 30th November. Let's make it a Wednesday to remember,  let's put down a marker, we don't like the way this country is run and we intend to change that. The March will start in Shuttle Street (near High St Station) gathering at 12noon and moving off at 12.30pm.
The students’ meeting point will be the Royal Concert Hall steps at the top of Buchanan Street, at 11:30am, to meet the main demo thereafter.

        The main march route will then be, George Street, Cochrane Street, George Square (South), Hanover Street, Ingram Street, Glassford Street, Trongate and then finishing at Glasgow Barrowland.

Speakers will start at 1.15

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Monday, 28 November 2011


       The voice of reason from America, another interview with Noam Chomsky. Just settled down, listen, think, then act.

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Sunday, 27 November 2011


        Isn’t about time we woke up to the fact that national governments are no more than the corporate world’s minders. Across the globe in country after country, the policies are the same, cuts in social spending and privatise everything. These policies are implemented no matter the shape or shade of the government, centre-left, centre-right, it makes no difference. As we look at these policies it is obvious that they don't function for the benefit of all in society, they do feed the corporate world with more avenues for profit, all part of the master plan of the IMF (International Mankind Fuckers). We now live in a corporate society where the corporations control everything, corporate fascism, and nothing will be done that might in any way hinder their progress to amass ever greater profits. Excellent conditions for the corporate world are a pool of cheap labour and low wages, they might not do you and I any good, but the corporate bosses are rubbing their hands at the thought, it is a bonus to the corporate world. You can lobby the millionaire cabal in the Westminster House of Hypocrisy and Corruption all you want about more jobs, and all that crap, but basically they don’t need you. The corporate world is not in the least patriotic, the Asian manufacturing is booming and the companies that are falling over themselves to join that bandwagon over there, are all familiar names to the Western workers over here. In the past the booming West sent its affluent workers as tourists to the East, now it is in reverse, the affluent Asians are visiting the poorer West. The corporate world doesn’t much care which way it goes, as I said before, they are not in the least patriotic.

        It is strange that the corporate world and anarchists should have anything in common, however, we both want an end to national borders. We anarchist want to see the end of the state and its borders so that we as people can co-operate and function freely in federation with all other people to our mutual benefit. The corporate world wants an end to national borders but only for capital, so that it can move freely around the globe exploiting any pool of cheap labour it can find, and all for the benefit of that little band of parasites, the shareholders.

        The reality is, we don’t need them, we make and distribute everything in this world, we can do so in a much more efficient, equitable, just and sustainable manner if we eliminated the parasites and got rid of their mantra, profit above all else. They on the other hand do need us, to continue to be exploited, so as they can hold onto their power and maintain their pampered parasitical existence. We are the 99% they are the 1%, we are governed by consent, we can and have the right, to withdraw that consent, isn't about time we exercised that right?

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          Why do we put up with a society that is so torn with unbelievable inequality? We have elderly dyeing from the cold because they can't afford to heat their home. While just along the road a bit, there are those dripping with jewels and finery clinking champagne glasses in jolly merry making. Take our Royal Family, while they bank millions from off-shore wind farms, our elderly are forced to choose between eating or heating. Why does the Royal family make all that money from off-shore wind farms? Well because the own the seabed and most of the coastline around our country. It is all part of the Crown Estates. How did they come to own all that land and sea? Well a guy who went by the name of William the Conqueror, decided that all of England belong to him, future monarchs thought it such a good idea they claimed the rest of the UK. The Crown Estates is now a multi-billion pound, money making empire and and 15% of all its profits go to the Royal family. There is no fear of them ever loosing out if profits fall, if by some weird and impossible event the Crown Estates didn't make any money the Royals would not need to apply for job seekers allowance, their income would be made up from a reserved fund.

         So, first you steal the land and then one of your off shoots, George 3, runs up huge debts, then offers the land back on condition that he and all his off spring, are kept in unbelievable splendour and extravagance for all eternity. Not a bad trick if you can get away with it, but don't try, they'd put you in the nick. Surely the land in any country belongs to the people of that country, not to a bunch of land grabbing parasites.

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Saturday, 26 November 2011


         We have to accept that there is an attack on the living standards of the ordinary people, with social spending slashed communities will have their facilities plundered, it will be almost impossible to keep communities together. We have to look to new strategies that by-pass and short circuit the state apparatus and allow communities to offer social amenities to young and old alike. Empty buildings can be utilised and brought into use for the community. People can come together and by means of mutual aid and networking strengthen their community and allow their creativity to blossom. We don't need the state to provide, we have the imagination, resources and the strength to function outside the state apparatus. A brilliant idea, though not new in anarchist history, is the Bank of Ideas, in London. 

The Bank of Ideas is situated on Sun Street, Hackney in an abandoned office block purchased several years ago by the bank UBS. It is an enormous space complete with a 500-seater lecture hall.
It has been opened to the public for the non-monetary trade of ideas to help solve the pressing economic, social and environmental problems of our time.
There is also room for community groups, youth clubs, nurseries and other public services that have lost their space due to Government spending cuts.
Artists, performers and creatives are welcome to come entertain and to help transform the space. We also encourage games, workshops and skillshares on anything from yoga to yahtzee.

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This might be a bit out of date, but what the hell, it is still the truth.

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Friday, 25 November 2011


       Every country sees homeless people as a problem, in most countries they are marginalised and discriminated against However, the Columbian state's method of dealing with the homeless "problem" must rate as the most brutal and inhumane on the planet. This being capitalism, homeless people cost money, so the state can save money and tidy up the cities for tourism by getting rid of the "homeless problem".

       Being without a home is bad enough. But in Colombia, the government has conscripted police and armed forces to murder the homeless in the name of "social cleansing." 
      According to a documentary done by VBS.TV, the homeless are forced to hide in sewers to escape the death squads. These sewers, however, do not provide much protection: militia groups have been known to ignite the sewers with gasoline, trapping and killing those below.
      Many of these homeless people are children and adolescents who have been living on the streets for years. With no support and no other options, these people’s lives are at risk every single day.
Tell Colombia to Stop Murdering the Homeless!

Take Action!

Thanks for taking action!


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Thursday, 24 November 2011


Always worth a listen, the words of Noam Chomsky.

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            The 30th. November will see thousands of public sector workers on the streets because of the attack on their pensions. Now the Scottish police have issued a strong worded condemnation on the fact that they are to suffer the same fate on pensions as the other public sector workers. How long will it take those in the police force to realise that they belong in the 99% and not in the 1% that the take risks protecting. Their kids will face the same decimated education system, privatised health service, cuts in social services and high unemployment as the rest of us. Now that the police have spoken out on this issue perhaps the march and rally on the 30th will see the police leave the side of the marchers and join them, we might even see a couple holding up a banner or two???? Well we can let our imagination run wild. The fact remains, the police are being fooled into taking risks to protect an elite 1% who will dump them like a piece of shit, when ever it suits them, and the sooner they wake up to that fact the better. They are not members of that elite, they are its stooges.

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Wednesday, 23 November 2011


       The 30 November is approaching, a day when thousands of people will take to the streets of the UK in anger at the attack on their pensions. The cuts are all deemed necessary to reduce the UK deficit. One line of thought that our millionaire political school thugs will not mention in deficit reduction is war.
One third of our budget deficit could be wiped out by ending spending on foreign wars and scrapping trident. Reports today say that even if NATO leaves Afghanistan the West will be picking up the bill for the keeping the Taliban at bay to the tune of $7.2 billion dollars annually. Think of the billions that the millionaire cabal spend on death and destruction in other countries, while the elderly die of the cold and children go hungry, right here in the UK. It is the economics of insanity, unless of course you are in the corporate club. These vampires make billions from war, the arms industry loves war and the big corporate construction companies love destruction, it's all good for business. We need a change of system, not government.

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        A powerful tool in our armoury against the big corporate greed machine is one of the simplest to use. It's called "Buy-Nothing". We are approaching that religious festival of corporate gluttony when we are coerced to put ourselves in over our ears in debt, supposedly to make everybody happy. Of course those who end up happiest are the corporate vampires. This year we can really make a success of the annual "Buy-Nothing-Day" November 25/26. Take a leaf from the occupy movement and occupy the pavement outside all the big stores, tents, sleeping bags, fake Santa parties, handing out leaflets on alternative uses for credit cards. Such as spreading marmalade on your toast, scraping bird shit of your windows etc. I'm sure you can come up with some ingenious use for those micro-chipped devil cards. November 25/26 should be a fun, family and money-free-day, give the shops, supermarkets, retail parks and restuarants a day of tranquillity, they'll love you for that.

       If we want to have an impact on the corporate world we have to hit them where it hurts them most, in the bank balance. This is the 20th anniversary of "Buy-Nothing-Day" let's try to make it global, shut down the suction pump of consumerism across the world for at least one magic day. Let's give the shop assistants, sales staff etc. a break, let them have a wonderful easy day with full pay. You never know, you might enjoy the feeling and start to make it a habit, now that would be a success. You know consumerism kills.
       For more ideas on how to enjoy your "Buy-Nothing-Day" HERE.


         As the savage attack on the living standards of the ordinary people by the financial Mafia, bites deeper and ever deeper, in country after country, perhaps we should look carefully at Greece. The Greek people have seen their living standards decimated, the cuts there have been deeper and far more wide spread than in other European countries. The Greek people have been sacrificed on the alter of financial greed, but that will not be enough to satisfy the financial beast. What is happening in Greece is on the cards for the rest of Europe, so we should be prepared and take some lessons from the Greeks. Recently the Greek government introduced a new property tax, to make it almost impossible to avoid they lumped it in with the people's electricity bill. This has pushed these bills so high that people are now defaulting on their electricity bills and disconnection notices are being issued. However, the unions have acted in true direct action method and occupied the offices that send out the disconnection notices.

On Sunday, trade unionists of GENOP-DEI, the union of the Public Power Corporation, occupied the building issuing the electricity disconnection orders for households that have failed to pay their bills. As of a few weeks ago, the latest bills now include the latest property tax imposed by the government, typically including hundreds of euros per property, making payment for thousands a non-option.
The full statement by GENOP-DEI can be read HERE.

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Tuesday, 22 November 2011


          Recently I posted a statement from Omar Ibrahim, who was sent to Wandsworth prison for his part in the March 26th anti-cuts protest in London. Well, Omar hasn't been idle while in prison and has set up a blog which he hopes to update on a weekly basis, or better, if possible.
This week's post includes the prison gossip on the Pakistani Cricketer Celebrity Prisoners!

        You can support Omar and his blog HERE.

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