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The Need For More Leaderless Action.

      What is happening in France should be of tremendous interest to all those who wish to change society away from this corporate/state plutocracy to a system controlled by the people. This not a protest organised by some trade union or political party, this is a spontaneous uprising by people across a wide spectrum and not following the dictates of some ideology. Here we see people who didn't wait for the "leaders" to tell them to take to the streets, it grew among the people and spread across the country. Union leaders, bureaucrats, academics, party leaders, and academics stand confused, and I would think a little afraid as they can't get control of this phenomenon.  
     I have often said that nobody knows the spark that will start the fire. This particular fire that is raging across France started with a few disgruntled truck drivers who voiced their views on social media. That was the spark that ignited the underlying anger and discontent that rumbles under the surface in every corporate/state plutocracy that controls and exploits the lives of millions. All I can say is keep creating those sparks, the tinder is there, one spark is all it takes.
Two opinions of democracy:

 Photos by Abdulmonam Eassa
      There is an excellent article on the events in France by Jerome Roos, in Roar magazine. Here are a couple of extracts:
        What began four weeks ago as a nationwide response to a widely-disseminated Facebook call by two angry truck drivers to block local roads and highway toll stations in protest against a new “ecological” fuel tax introduced by Macron’s government has now spiraled out into a full-blown popular revolt against the banker president and the wealthy corporate elite he so openly represents.
And how various groups can gel:
       In recent days, the political crisis has been aggravated by what appears to be a veritable convergence of social struggles. On December 1, ambulance drivers joined the fray, demonstrating in front of the presidential palace with screaming sirens. On Monday, December 3, French students radicalized their ongoing struggle by blocking access to over 200 high schools; the following Thursday an estimated 100,000 of them participated in a nationwide walkout against Macron’s changes to university admission procedures and a rise in administrative fees. Shocking footage of several dozen students being placed in stress positions by riot police for an extended period of time soon went viral and served to further inflame the tensions and anti-police sentiment among the gilets jaunes. Then, last Saturday, thousands of environmentalists at a pre-scheduled climate demonstration in Paris donned yellow vests in solidarity. Meanwhile, the main unions for French farmers, truck drivers and public transport workers have all announced their intention to go on strike.
The need to ignore the old avenues of dialogue and compromise:
      Four weeks in, the uprising also continues to confound mainstream journalists and experts. “The gilets jaunes have blown up the old political categories,” one French media activist told ROAR on Saturday night, after a long day of riots in the capital. “They reject all political leaders, all political parties and any form of political mediation. No one really knows how to confront or deal with this movement — not the media, not the government, nor anyone else. What we are witnessing is unprecedented in French history.” While the outcome of these dramatic developments remains uncertain, it is clear that France is currently living through a rupture of historic proportions, taking the country onto uncharted terrain. For the left, the emerging scenario presents both exciting opportunities, but also a number of significant political risks. How are radical and autonomous social forces to insert themselves into this unfamiliar and uncertain situation without losing sight of the dangers that lie ahead?
Read the full article HERE: 

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Thursday, 13 December 2018


      The Latest issue of Anathema is now available, Vol. 4 issue 11. It is an excellent read, there is also another detailed article on The Yellow Vests, well worth a read.
From Anathema

Volume 4 Issue 11 (PDF for reading 8.5 x 11)
Volume 4 Issue 11 (PDF for printing 11 x 17)
In this issue:
  • Cash Bail
  • Yellow Vests From Afar
  • Brosnan Security In Chico
  • Welcome To The Future
  • Revolutionary Letter #18
  • On Splitting
  • N17 Report
  • Black December
  • Phones & Security Culture
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Yellow Vests.

       When ever there is a grassroots movement, protest or open people's struggle in another country it is always difficult to get at the truth of what is really happening. The main reason of course being that babbling brook of bullshit our mainstream media, where some people look for information and receive nothing but distortion and establishment propaganda. They will certainly not paint nice colours around any protests that threaten the power of Western governments.
       So it is always welcome when you get a report from somebody who is there.
This report from Anarchist News:  
       A statement from the Yellow Vests shows the political sophistication we must develop as similar social struggles emerge in the declining United States.
        An excellent friend in Paris forwards this:
Pour transmettre aux anglophones qui seraient intéressés…
Call from the Yellow Vests of Commercy to set up popular assemblies
“We will not be ruled. We will not be divided and bought off.”
          For nearly two weeks the movement of yellow vests has brought hundreds of thousands of people in the streets all over France, often for the first time. The price of fuel was the drop of diesel that set the plain on fire. The suffering, the enough-is-enough, and the injustice have never been so widespread. Now, all across the country, hundreds of local groups are organizing themselves in their own different ways.
       Here in Commercy, in the Meuse, we have been operating from the beginning with daily popular assemblies, where each person participates equally. We organized to block entrances to the city and service stations, and filtering road blocks. In the process, we built a cabin in the central square. We meet there every day to organize ourselves, decide next actions, interact with people, and welcome those who join the movement. We also organize “solidarity soups” to live beautiful moments together and get to know each other. In equality.
      But now the government, and some parts of the movement, propose to appoint representatives for each region! That is to say a few people who would become the only “interlocutors” to public authorities and summarize our diversity. But we do not want “representatives” who would end up talking for us!
       What’s the point? At Commercy a punctual delegation met the sub-prefect, in big cities others met directly with the Prefect: they ALREADY have conveyed our anger and our demands. They ALREADY know that we are determined to finish off with this hated president, this detestable government, and the rotten system they embody!
       And that’s what scares the government! Because he knows that if they begin to give in on taxes and fuels, they will also have to back down on pensions, the unemployed, the status of civil servants, and all the rest! They also knows VERY WELL that they risk intensifying a GENERALIZED MOVEMENT AGAINST THE SYSTEM!
      It is not to better understand our anger and our demands that the government wants representatives”: it is to supervise and bury us! As with the union leadership, they look for intermediaries, people with whom they could negotiate. On whom they can put pressure to appease the eruption. People that they can then buy off and press to divide the movement to bury it.
      But that’s without counting on the strength and intelligence of our movement. It’s without counting that we are thinking, organizing, developing our actions that scare them so much and amplifying the movement!
         And above all, there is a very important thing: everywhere the movement of the yellow vests demand in various forms, something that is well beyond the purchasing power! This thing is power to the people, by the people, for the people. It is a newsystem where “those who are nothing” as they say with contempt, regain power over all those who stuff themselves, over those who rule, and over the money powers. It’s equality. It’s justice. It’s freedom. That’s what we want! And it starts from the grassroots!
        If we appoint “representatives” and “spokespersons”, it will eventually make us passive. Worse: we will quickly reproduce the system and act from top down like the scoundrels who rule us. These so-called “representatives of the people” who are filling their pockets, who make laws that rot our lives and serve the interests of the ultra-rich!
         Let’s not put our finger in the gear of representation and hijacking. This is not the time to hand over our voice to a handful of people, even if they seem honest. They must listen to all of us or to no one!
        From Commercy, we therefore call for the creation throughout France of popular committees, which function in regular general assemblies. Places where speech is liberated, where one dares to express oneself, to train oneself, to help one another. If there must be delegates, it is at the level of each local yellow vests people’s committee, closer to the voice of the people. With imperative, revocable, and rotating mandates. With transparency. With trust.
         We also call for the hundreds of groups of yellow vests to have a cabin as in Commercy, or a “people’s house” as in Saint-Nazaire, in short, a place of rallying and organization! And that they coordinate themselves, at the local and departmental level, in equality!
         This is how we will win, because that, up there, they are not used to manage it! And it scares them a lot. We will not let ourselves be ruled. We will not let ourselves be divided and bought off.
          No to self-proclaimed representatives and spokespersons! Let’s take back the power over our lives! Long live the yellow vests in their diversity!

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Tuesday, 11 December 2018

This Class Ridden Plutocracy, Our Problem.

        The UK is a class ridden society, scarred by inequality, controlled by a wealthy elite and presided over my an outdated imperialist monarchy. Yet it parades itself on the world stage as a leader of democracy. Perhaps a leader of hypocrisy would be a more accurate title. In this fog of illusion of democracy, the rich get richer, and milk the system by every means available, while the ordinary people in most cases just scrape by, while many others sink deeper into the mire of deprivation. The outdated monarchy and its parasitical hangers on, by slight of hand, exploitation and corruption, live a life of unimaginable opulence, oblivious to the needs of the vast majority.
       This situation can only survive by us, the ordinary people, being silent, docile and submissive. We are complicit in our own injustice if we don't actively take steps to destroy this brutal charade of democracy. By our inaction and turning a blind eye to the exploitation and inequality that rapes and plunders our communities, we must shoulder the blame. If we are aware of the inequalities, injustices and blatant exploitation, the only sane thing to do is to put matters right, and bring the whole stinking, rotten class ridden system crashing down. We have tried dialogue and reform for centuries, but the parasites still hold sway. Voting has only made as more compliant with the corruption inherent in the system.
         We must stop playing their game to their rules and by direct action take control in our communities and workplaces. This is the only road open to the mass of people who suffer on a daily basis under this medieval plutocracy. If you believe that you can convince the ruling wealthy parasites to take their wealth and spread it more equally among the people who actually create that wealth, you are living in a dream world of fantasy. They will merely enter into another dialogue with you for the next couple of centuries. 
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Sunday, 9 December 2018

This System Of Human Suicide.

       There are many reasons to strive for the destruction of capitalism, its exploitation of people, its ever widening gap between rich and poor, the fact that poverty and deprivation are its by-products, the fact that the wealth created always flows up to the few at the expense of the many, its endless wars and the resultant death and misery. Then there is its drive for ever increasing growth and its plundering of the earth's resources to feed the insatiable corporate greed, and many more reason can easily be found. However, at the top of the list of indictments against the capitalist system must be it is destruction of the natural environment. This avoidable destruction is responsible for the extinction of countless species on the planet, this in turn will lead to the inevitable extinction of our own species, the human. Why persist with a system that we know, if it continues, we lose the essential diversity of the planet which will obviously see the demise of our own species.
       There are alternatives, it is possible to create a system built on sustainability, mutual aid and co-operation, we have enough resources at present to see to the needs of all our people. All we need is the will to start to put in place the building blocks for such a system at grass roots level, while destroying the foundations of this present system of human suicide. However, time is running out, we are reaching the point of now or never.

      “Our planet is now in the midst of its sixth mass extinction of plants and animals — the sixth wave of extinctions in the past half-billion years. We’re currently experiencing the worst spate of species die-offs since the loss of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.  
      Although extinction is a natural phenomenon, it occurs at a natural “background” rate of about one to five species per year. Scientists estimate we’re now losing species at 1,000 to 10,000 times the background rate, with literally dozens going extinct every day.”
Source: The Extinction Crisis, Center for Biological Diversity,

       Without insects and other land-based arthropods, EO Wilson, the renowned Harvard entomologist, estimates that humanity would last all of a few months.
        Even if this were the only problem facing us (it isn't), it would be enough to prompt some serious questions about where civilization is headed, and then consider some serious solutions, like radically changing the way we do everything.
      You can't separate the way we live from the challenges we face, like Insectageddon. There are better ways of doing things that respect all life on Earth, and if we are to save ourselves, we will need to adopt them, and soon.
       First insecticide, then ecocide, then humanicide. As they go, so go we.
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Saturday, 8 December 2018

Nikos Romanos.

        On the recent post regarding the murder of Alexis Gigoropoulos by a police officer in Athens. It is difficult to assess the impact of such an act of brutal murder of such a young person. Obviously the family and friends have something die inside them after the event, a part that will never live again. We know that the people of Greece felt anger and outrage at this callous murder by a state minion, the weeks of riots and protests that followed are proof of that. However there was one person on who, not unexpectedly, this act treachery had a deeply profound impact. It was his teenage friend who was having coffee with Alexis that evening, Nikos Romanos.  Alexis died in the arms of Nikos on the street where we was shot dead. Think how that must have impacted on his young life, on his thoughts on the police and the system they protect. Nikos went on to become a very active and dedicated anarchist in Greece, and for his dedication to freedom and justice is now locked up in Korydallos prison in Athens. 

Some links regarding Nikos Romanos:
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Remember Our Own.

       A little homage to one I never knew, though I do believe I have met him at some events or other. I am also sure others felt his warmth, while others felt his wrath. I also believe that if we look at the lives of true fighters we find they always leave a path to help those who follow.
      So passes Jay. Militant individualist nihilist anarchist. The biggest crust lord we’ll ever meet. A lover, a fighter. Jay lived a life at the margins, a life which was an all-out war for freedom against the techno-industrial machine that is killing all that they love – wild nature, the wild individual self, and now themself. A fiery Glaswegian, apologising for nothing and bowing to no-one. Jay lived at the Faslane Peace Camp for a time, battling nuclear Armageddon. A vicious squatter and traveller, resisting evictions and was most at home in the moment. A busker, beggar and street-drinker. Site-life road protester. Hitch hiking metal punk, crust, sludge and doom show organiser and frequenter. Guitar, bass and washboard shredder. Tarps, caravans, polyprop, bikes and burners. Courageous hunt saboteur, scourge of the elite.
        During their life on the wild fringes they developed necessary survival skills which they cherished. They loved making benders and shelters, cooking delicious feasts on open fires, prolifically shoplifting and scavenging from the debris of civilisation. They scorned this world that denied their pure wild tendencies and revelled in rupture; sharing spoils with comrades, lovers and friends. As tenacious and feisty as they were, they were also the most loving and kind to those close to them.
       They had a close affinity with non-humans, instantly becoming trusting friends with mistreated and vulnerable dogs, cats and goats. They spent time at FRIEND Animal Sanctuary in Kent, caring for animals rescued from lives of torture. Some of us were privileged to know the tender, soft sides of Jay and be on the receiving end of their care and devotion. Mischievous, hilarious, creative, kind.
         Jay chaos’d over to the mainland in 2016, finding new freedoms. (I who write this am not familiar with their life spent there, and welcome those who know more to edit this piece if they wish.)
          A thinker, a doer. Jay wrote and published zines and pamphlets. Jay acted on their word and unleashed all sorts of radge shit that we will tell around the fires with comrades. Think of these, smile, cry, cheer and fight on with renewed ferocity.
        They lived and died to their word, which was a word of total, indiscriminate and urgent destruction against all that denies freedom, wildness and what they loved. Their war in this realm came to an end in the beautiful land called Galicia in the evening of December 2nd, 2018.
Some words from Jay:
          “Total liberation is my own war, a war that I have fought for years, against every cage, every civilisation, every society, every creed, every ideology and morality. It is a matter of fulfilling my creative-destructive desires. It is misanthropic. It is existentialist. It is striving against all domestication. It is my vengeance for all the years that this prison-society has stolen from me, my vengeance for the destruction and pollution of the natural environment, my vengeance for the nonhumans whose lives I respect more than the life of any “human”.

My total liberation means total war!
War to the bitter end!”

Let the fires burn!
Long live anarchy!
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Thursday, 6 December 2018

Alexis Grigoropoulos, 10 Years On.

      Today, December 6th. marks the tenth anniversary of the murder, by a police officer, in Exachia, Athens, of 15 year old , a brutal sadistic action that lit the fires of some of the fiercest riots in Greece in recent years. I was in Athens at that time and remember the feeling of outrage and fierce red hot anger that ran through the streets for many weeks after the brutal pointless murder of a youth out on a Saturday evening, having a coffee with friends. It still hasn't subsided, ten years on and the feelings still run high, people find it difficult to forget the murder by a state minion, of an innocent youth, and so they should. His murder is still commemorated, in different ways by different groups.
           On the evening of 4th December, we made our attack upon the police border control of Exarchia on Voulgaroktonou street. We came with sticks and flaming bottles, and when they saw us they immediately started to panic and run shouting for help. We struck fear into their hearts and sticks onto their heads, fire engulfed at least two policeman and at least one patrol car was burned. We hunted them and made sure it was a night to remember. We also stole some of their equipment (clubs, shields, helmets). When we left, the street had changed its character, transformed from a quiet suburban street with a police checkpoint to a battleground, a site of victory. They also bleed, and we can make them.
         The same night, the state and its mouths reported that there had been a mild and usual attack with no injuries and damages. They hid the action instead of publicizing it for repression propaganda because our action was a success and an example. When we beat them and we win, they have to try their best to hide this as an impossibility, that they are composed of people, that they have weaknesses. They also hide our action because of the anniversary of the assassination of Alexis, as a way of dampening our momentum and isolating our action. If they can’t change the reality of our victory they attempt to change what is spoken. They may believe that they can avoid the fall of their world by silence, but this is an expression of their collapse. We are here to engrave their tombstone.
        The government also accused us of being mafia. This is part of SYRIZA’s program of continuously criminalizing insurrection as an attempt to isolate and mystify our direct response to state and economic warfare. This is also seen inside the movement, by those who collaborate with the state, put rioting on the outside, and call us self-indulgent hooligans.
       The snitches of the movement who attempt to make our passions, desires, and revolutionary strategy alien to us open the back-door to repression. Ten years after the assassination of our comrade and the ensuing revolt, we continue to fight in vengeance and in love, because our struggle creates while it destroys. 2008, our action yesterday, and everything in between was not enough. We gain in these moments of rupture the ecstasy of our collective power, the power to alter our streets, our lives, and our world. Our only regret is that we didn’t do enough. Its these moments that change the world: the planning when our ideas were fluid and fantasy, to the moments just before of anxiety, excitement and boredom, to the calm and beauty of the present of the action, to the reflection and projection afterwards where we felt that our next step would have to be the everything. We must continue until we reach anarchy.
          We are everywhere there is a fight against authority, we are the seed in the burning forest. In our hearts are the insurrections that followed the revolt of Alexis which spread throughout North Africa and the Middle East. These revolts were subdued by dictatorships, theocracy, and the military power of capital, but we still feel their pulse every time we take revolt into our hands. In our hearts are those who fight in the USA, revolting inside and outside of the mass prison system. In our hearts are those who combat the rise of fascism globally (US, Europe, Brazil, etc.). In our hearts are the migrants and solidarians who destroy these recent national lines which attempt to divide our struggle in Greece and everywhere. In our hearts are the anarchists fighting the state in Russia like Mikhail Zhlobitsky who bombed the FSB office in Archangelsk on 31 Octomber. In our hearts are those building and defending the free spaces in France. In our hearts is the Algerian woman murdered in Paris by gas grenade. In our hearts are the indigenous struggles and assassinated comrades in Latin America. Alexis lives in all these struggles, as long as we fight he will never die. We humbly add one more attack to the list.
Death to the bosses, death to the police, death to capital.
Anarchy lives.
-From some of those who participated in the attack.
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You Don't Fit, You Need A Pill Or Injection.

          In this society mental health problems usually lead to incarceration, either in prison or the straight jacket of the pharmaceutical industry and its emissaries. Could this article be pointing to a rebirth of R. D. Laing?
This from Sub.Media:
          Mental Health in all its complexities is a topic that impacts just about everyone… and yet is rarely talked about. Ableism, rooted in an assumed mental wellness, is prevalent even among communities that fight against other oppressive social norms such as hetero-patriarchy and institutionalized racism. For those of us experiencing depression, psychosis or any other form of madness, our struggles usually remain invisible and unacknowledged until they boil over into full blown crisis. When this happens the massive coercive potential of the state is used to force us back into line. If we are lucky enough to escape the prisons and psych wards that form the double-edged sword of carceral psychology, we are often left traumatized, heavily medicated and likely to face further institutionalization down the road.
        In this month’s episode of Trouble, subMedia talks to people who are pushing back against this reality. Refusing to accept the notion that mental unwellness is the result of one person’s brain chemistry they instead recognize the fundamentally social and interconnected nature of people and our problems. Rather than allowing interventions to remain the territory of psychiatrists and police, our guests are reclaiming traditions, experimenting with self-therapy collectives and building relationships rooted in care and trust that form the resilient foundations so necessary for communities engaged in struggle.

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Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Plunder And Pillage Of Our Green Spaces.

        Do we slumber as the corporate juggernaut continues its relentless process of gobbling up all public spaces and local communities and transforming them into profitable entities? Local communities are "gentrified", which translates as turning the area into a money spinning project for those with surplus cash and pushing the local community out to the periphery of society. Our green spaces, parks etc. are seen not as places of leisure and pleasure for old and young, but as possible money earners. More and more corporate enterprises occupy our parks and public spaces, turning them into cash machines for the corporate juggernaut. We are told, "it will help the economy", again a euphemism for, filling the coffers of the rich and wealthy. 
      We have to be alive to this plundering of our communities and public spaces or we will end up living in a world of total private property, suitable only for the wealthy, devoid of any public spaces where our kids can run freely and safely, and our local communities are ushered into ghettos on the periphery of our cities.
 My local Springburn Public Park.
       Thankfully some people are alive to this pillage and plunder and are organising to do something about this crime, why not join them?
     Two events concerning the commercialisation of green space and What we can do about it.
       Each summer the volume of paid events occupying our parks is expanding.
The disruption to ordinary park users who see the park as an escape from the chaos and consumerism of daily life. These park users see these disruptions to their enjoyment of the park as disturbing.
        We will be discussing these and other park and green space issues that are also enjoyable and could help to stop the use of our parks for commercial profiteering. Speakers to be confirmed.
      The workshop will be around. How to find out things about parks, greens pace, commons and how to use the “Community Empowerment Act”. The general public need to be heard in this conversation in protecting community assets. We will be looking at the various, forums, assemblies and mechanisms, that could help to enable groups as well as individuals to take part in this important dialogue.

Thursday 13 December 7:00
Kinning Park Complex. (For food 6:00)

Sunday 16 December 3:00 (Soft Drinks)
Kinning Park Complex.
       Of course this is not a Glasgow or UK phenomenon, it is a world wide strategy of the financial Mafia and the corporate juggernaut in conjunction with the various states.  This from Athens.

          On the 10th of December, the final offers for the construction of the METRO line 4 will be submitted. One of the stops of the metro is scheduled to be built on Exarchia square.
        The plateia is the heart of a neighborhood which is a historic and living site of the anti-state movement. This free space has been fought for for decades and maintained through constant struggle. This social movement in Exarchia, as everywhere, has been under constant repression by police and by the forced assimilation into state and capital’s plans for gentrification and pacification.
        It is obvious what this construction will bring with it: surveillance, policing, constant state scrutiny and of course greater commercialization and gentrification of the entire neighborhood. The total occupation of the square by a construction site for many years means from day one the abolition of a public meeting space. The devouring of this public space, will finally result in its replacement with a transit point, to serve the unhindered flow of consumption and production. It is also clear that this is a strategic plan to extinguish all the struggling projects of social self organization from the neighborhood, but also to push out the marginalized who find refuge here. Besides, the Athens METRO is already a site of class exclusion and control, having finally implemented the electronic ticket and barrier system.
        The expansion of the metro comes together with announcements of fancy plans of urban development for the whole of Athens. The story is the same everywhere: violent displacement of the poor and of the struggling subjects that give free public space its true meaning, to make way for commercial exploitation. A prime example is their designs for Prosfygika Alexandras.
     Where the oppressed build communities against state domination, refusing to be subsumed in its institutions, their homes and streets are treated as abandoned sites, as deserts. Even more so, where there is active resistance against state domination, they systematically target such neighborhoods as degenerated hubs of criminality. Their strategy of repression is the cultural desertification of commerce and capital. The plan to build a metro stop right on the square of such a neighborhood is exactly the spearhead of this capitalist colonization. But, life blossoms only through the struggle for freedom and self-determination.
 We call for a discussion about the resistance.
SATURDAY 8th of DECEMBER, at 18.00
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Tuesday, 4 December 2018

I Get Sick, Disgusted, And Angry-


       At the age of 84, I wonder how many people can tell me how often I have heard our prancing political ballerinas with their fat salaries, generous pensions and lush perks, openly state that they will end child poverty and end homelessness?  From the age of 17 I have ranted against these preventable injustices, this callous exploitation of the ordinary people. I get sick, disgusted and angry in varying degrees, as year after year this shit is poured over my head, and what is the result. The poverty, the injustice, the misery and deprivation stays with us.

       The Joseph Rowntree Foundation has just released another damning report on the state of poverty in this country. Though I don't need the Foundation to tell me about the poverty that surrounds us, I have been there, seen it, and at times shed a tear because of it. For many years as a young man I earned my living knocking on doors in the poorest districts in Glasgow. I have entered homes where there was no bed, just a pile of coats on the floor under which a couple of kids were sleeping. I have entered houses where the only furniture was a couple of kitchen chairs, I have seen a young woman sitting on a kitchen chair in front of a fire, tearing up slices of "waxcloth" from the floor to keep the fire going. This and worse blighted the lives of many families as I made my way through life. 
       Well after a life time of promises, here we are in 2018 and what is the picture? 22% of the UK population live in poverty, that's one in five, over 14 million people. Of those 56% are in poverty despite being in a family where one or more are working. Our political ballerinas and corporate bosses always yap on about work is the road out of poverty, work hard and you will do well. of course the figures belie that false mantra as in-work poverty is now at its highest in 20 years, we, the ordinary people, are sliding back to the Victorian era. There is a continuous crime being committed as the system blights the lives of our children, more than half a million children in this country and mired in poverty, their lives chances diminished, thwarted, because of this system of exploitation, injustice, greed and profit.
      After a couple of hundred years of representative democracy under the mantle of capitalism, you would think that we the public would have arrived at the decision that the system doesn't work.
    It must by now, be clear that to expect a wealthy bunch of parasites who control the system that continues to feed them wealth and power, at the expense of the many, will somehow change the system to our benefit, is fantasy of the insane. The rise in poverty, the blighting of our kids opportunities, the stress of trying, in poverty, to hold a family together will continue to wash over us wave after wave. The only alternative, if we seek justice and a better life for all, is to bring this cancerous abomination of capitalism crashing down, by any means available, and replace it with a system controlled by the people, one that is free from the profit motive, and has the interests of all our people as its basis. 

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Sunday, 2 December 2018

Prisons, Too Much Power, Too Little Scrutiny.

        There is not a lot to say about the following article, except that it epitomises the prison system. A trapped group in the hands of those with too much power and too little scrutiny. Reform only prolongs the same rotten, abusive system, its destruction is the only answer to this abomination.
This from Its Going Down:
       What follows is an urgent letter from long-term anarchist prisoner Sean Swain.

         A quick update, as things are hectic. I came off of a 29-day hunger strike and got nothing. The fact is that the fartgoblins want to make me die at supermax for the article about guns and drones. So, please make sure that article has my name on it and gets everywhere. Since I gotta pay for it, I want the whole world to see it.
        I’m enclosing something I hope will get everywhere, so I can generate as many calls and emails as possible. ODRC Council Trevor Clark is the fuckweasel who has been terrorizing me for years, but there’s an element in all this I haven’t talked about: In March 2013, Clark groped me after an interrogation, then he told me to take down my pants and spin around and he would dismiss the disciplinary frame-up. I didn’t do it.
        Since then, he has continually harassed and tormented me, shutting down communications and engineering disciplinary frame-ups, causing me essentially to die in in prison in 5-year installments. I would like to think this is about repression of my brilliant thoughts, but, really, it might just be a creep trying to crush me for not humoring his fetish.
         Is there a way to create a petition like the one mentioned in the enclosed? I ask because it doesn’t really exist. But I think it needs to.
       I haven’t talked about this. It was humiliating. But NOT talking about it makes me an accomplice. I have no way of knowing if Trevor Clark has done this-or worse-to others.
So, please get this everywhere.

Abolish Everything. Swain for President 2020.


Sean Swain 
Call-In Campaign:

       “I’m calling to express concern about sexual misconduct and ongoing intimidation by a high-level ODRC employee on a prisoner. I hope you will investigate. “Sean Swain is a model prisoner. He has an Honorable Discharge from the U. S. Army and a social science degree from Ashland University. He was honored for his peace work in prison, by Rosa Parks, in 2002 and as a pacifist, has not been so much as accused of any violence in 28 years. Sean contributes weekly segments to a globally- syndicated radio show and last year a book he co-wrote sold ten thousand copies. The University of Michigan is archiving his personal papers and effects because of his positive influence on our world-all from prison.
       “But in 2013, ODRC Council Trevor Clark engaged in improper sexual touching of Sean and has since then tormented him for rejecting his advances. Mr. Clark now has Sean framed for rule violations based on others’ online postings, preventing Sean from lowering in security or gaining parole. I ask you to investigate these mattes and protect Sean from Mr. Clark’s harassment and intimidation.
       “I will be joining a position at to boycott Ohio tourism, universities, and travel until the ODRC protects Sean Swain from Trevor Clark. 
Thank you. ODRC Director Stuart Hudson: (614) 752-1611,
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Saturday, 1 December 2018

The State Watching You In Your Kitchen.

         We are aware that we live in a surveillance society, the evidence is all around us, and in lots of cases openly visible. We see the cameras in shops, pubs, transport vehicle, bus-stops, bus stations, train stations, airports and on our streets at strategic points. Then there is the phone tapping and physical surveillance by members of the state's policing system. If we want to escape them we stay at home or live in our cars. Well maybe not, if you are involved in any form of dissent from the established power structure of the state, then your home and/or your car may not be as private as you think. Big brother may have taken up residence in your home or be sitting beside you as you drive around with your friends.
        The following is well worth reading it is from Des oreilles et des yeux via Anarchist News.

        The States, according to their role of repression of individuals and groups doing subversive actions, put in place ways of keeping those individuals and groups under surveillance. It seems that some of this surveillance is done through the hiding of surveillance devices in the spaces we live in.
      These devices take different forms : microphones, cameras, geolocation devices. Targeted spaces can be all the spaces we go through : buildings, vehicles, public space. These practices are sometimes legal, authorized by a judge for example, and sometimes not, done illegally by intelligence agencies.
       We noticed the lack of informations available around us concerning this kind of surveillance. What is the real use of these devices by intelligence agencies? Which kind of devices are used? In which contexts? How efficiently? What can we do to oppose this kind of surveillance?
          Therefore we decided to gather informations about the subject, with the idea of writing and publishing a booklet in a few months. We want to focus in this booklet on surveillance carried out by intelligence agencies and political police in European States against individuals or groups doing subversive actions. Also, we limit ourselves to the study of physical surveillance devices hidden in the spaces inhabited by the suveilled individuals and groups (so we won’t talk about other kind of surveillance such as shadowing, phone-tapping and Internet surveillance).--------
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A list of devices found in homes and cars:

The examples list can be downloaded here :
The archive containing the devices pictures can be downloaded here :
     This list would be included in the final booklet, along with summaries concerning the locations of devices, how they work, and possible ways of detecting them.
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