Sunday, 30 May 2021


         So the people rise up, the government falls, what next? A sudden rush of "new" parties, a flood of new leaders eager to fill the vacuum, and set up a shiny new democratic representative system, which will be a bold new step back to the old world in new clothing. Or do the autonomous groups with their leaderless direct action ideology fight on to establish the community based horizontalism that will herald in a new world that brings freedom, justice and equality to all, a problem facing Chile at the moment.

The following extract from Crimethinc:

           On the weekend of May 15-16, 2021, voters across Chile chose delegates to attend the convention that will compose a new constitution for the country. The right wing was soundly defeated in these elections, but no institutional left party gained a majority, either. The corporate media are heralding this as a victory for “independent” politics—but what will this mean for the autonomous movements that gave the left politicians momentum in the first place? In the following analysis, our correspondent in Chile explores the irreconcilable tension between the politics of representation and the politics of direct action.

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Saturday, 29 May 2021


     When the people take on the state in an attempt to bring justice and freedom to the ordinary people, they should have no doubt the extent the state will go to, to suppress that drive for justice and freedom. Recent examples are Myanmar, Belarus, and ongoing in Colombia. At the moment the people of Colombia have been in constant revolt for months now, and the cost to the ordinary people is a sickening toll of death, torture, disappearances. These incidences should be warnings to the people of what to expect from their particular state apparatus should they decided they have had enough of its authoritarianism, corruption, injustice and inequality. The end of the state system will be a blood bath not a bubble bath, but it is the only road to freedom and justice for the ordinary people.

The following from Crimethinc: 

‘Colombia cries but does not surrender.’ Photo: Misión Verdad

May 27 — Jhon Erik Larrahondo, 21, of Cali. Alison Meléndez, 17, of Popayán. Camilo Arango, 19, of Tuluá.

        These are but a few of more than 60 victims confirmed dead of government terrorism against protesters by the U.S.-armed and funded Colombian Armed Forces, police and death squads since the national uprising against the regime of President Ivan Duque began on April 28.
      Thousands have been arrested. Hundreds more have “disappeared” — and bodies have begun to turn up, washed up on the banks of rivers and buried in hastily-dug mass graves.
      Colombia is called the Israel of Latin America, and like its counterpart in West Asia, the country’s brutal capitalist rulers loyally serve their masters in Washington, D.C. Colombia is a member of the U.S.-dominated NATO military alliance — the only one in Latin America.
      The elite Mobile Anti-Riot Squad (ESMAD) of the Colombian National Police — established on the initiative of U.S. President Bill Clinton in 1999 to repress leftist movements — is carrying out murders, police brutality, sexual assaults, and, in the style of its Israeli Defense Force trainers, has blinded numerous protesters with shots to the eyes.
       In Cali, the epicenter of state violence, a warehouse owned by the Éxito Supermarket chain stands revealed as a bloody torture center. “When human rights organizations were finally able to enter to do oversight, they found pools of blood in the underground parking lots, blood even on electrical appliances in the warehouse, a nauseating smell. And they were totally prevented from visiting one of the floors of the parking lot,” according to reports compiled by Resumen Latinamericano.
        “For two days, live protesters were brought to this shopping center, families and the community denounced in anguish, shouts were heard, repressive forces and garbage trucks circulated incessantly.” As of May 23, more than 200 people have disappeared in Cali alone.
        In a statement demanding an end to the disappearances, the Legal and Humanitarian Team of the Inter-Church Justice and Peace Commission reported: “Since May 14, the first reports of the existence of mass graves were known in the rural area of ​​the municipalities of Buga and Yumbo, where [the police] would take the bodies of many young people from Cali.”
        “Since the start of the strike, the Colombian State has kidnapped and disappeared more than 600 people,” Resumen reported. “Some of them have appeared floating in the Cauca River, others buried. In recent days the police have been increasing the practice of enforced disappearance, taking away protesters who then do not reappear.”
Duque, assassin!
          President Duque and the media label the protesters “terrorists,” even while his government draws out talks with some groups in the leadership of the national strike movement, including the National Unemployment Committee (CNP) and Central Union of Workers (CUT).
        Duque & Co. accuse Cuba and Venezuela, the FARC-EP and ELN guerrillas, even faraway Russia, of causing the uprising — anything, anyone but their own greedy, repressive policies that have left 42.5 percent of the people in poverty and a quarter unable to eat three meals a day, according to Colombia Informa.

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        An appeal from comrades supporting those facing long prison sentences for resiting fascism, it may be happening in that part of the planet labelled Greece, but the fight against fascism has no borders, nor should our solidarity for comrades caught up in the state's judicial web of repression for carrying on the fight. Solidarity is our river that runs freely across the surface of the planet.

This from Act For Freedom Now:  

         The prosecutions for many people included felony-level charges. The judicial hearings have not finished yet for all the prosecuted people, as it’s still to take place the appeal court of some comrades who back then were over 18 years old, and they are judged with the relevant legal imposition. The amounts of money that need to be raised are nearly unaffordable, and the period of lock-down because of Covid-19 made even more difficult the procedure of collecting that money.

         This specific solidarity campaign is about collecting a relatively small mount of the total legal expenses for the appeal court, as the biggest part has already been collected. These legal expenses arise by the need for the legal defence of the prosecuted people in front of the trial chamber.

Solidarity campaign, appeal court for the anti-fascist demo at 17/9/2015<

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Thursday, 27 May 2021

The Reckoning.

         In the light of the revelations by Dominic Cummings, erstwhile chief advisor to our Prime Minister, Bumbling Boris Johnson, on the state of governance during this pandemic, I thought it relevant to re-post an article I wrote back at the beginning of the year. Hearing Mr. Cummings state openly that Boris Johnson was not fit to be Prime Minister, that he resembled a supermarket trolley, not knowing which way to go, veering this way then that way, changing his mind 10 times a day, then contradicting himself in a media briefing. Matt Hancock, our Health Secretary should have be fired on numerous occasions, are really frightening statements. These are the people that shape our lives, but Mr Cummings is revealing no more that most of us with a grain of sense and observation skills were well aware of for some considerable time. The real crime here is the thousands of people who died unnecessarily, our friends, loved ones, family and neighbours. This cannot be ignored, there must be a reckoning and soon.

  Lest We Forget. Thursday 21st. January 2021.

            As the vaccine is rolled out, slower than their "target", and the lockdown dampens the spread of this pandemic, we should not forget the total ineptitude and blundering approach of the bumbling Boris brigade. We here in the UK have the fifth highest death rate in the world from the pandemic, we are not the fifth largest country in the world, We have the highest death rate per-capita in the world, this is no unavoidable accident. These results reflect the the way this pandemic was handled in this country and we should be getting prepared to hold to account those responsible for the extremely high death rate this country has suffered, one of the richest countries in the world.
           They can't claim they didn't know what was coming, other countries were ahead of us in this pandemic but managed it much more efficiently and humanely. Our Brexit buccaneers ignored warnings, ignored mounting evidence of what was staring them in the face. There focus was always on the "economy", billions of pounds being thrown at large corporations, opening up the economy to get tills ringing again, in favour of their rich and greedy buddies.
          Their actions make them culpable in the mass deaths of thousands of our friends, family and loved ones, they must be held to account. There must be no hurrah and galloping back to "normal", if and when we get on top of this pandemic. There must be a call for justice for those thousands who died because of the gross ineptitude of bumbling Boris and his Brexit buccaneers. We should never forget the past year or so, and its vast avoidable number of deaths, and we must extract justice, we owe it to those who died. 

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Tuesday, 25 May 2021

Zionist Propaganda.

        The Israeli Palestine affair is so wrapped up in propaganda and emotion that a lot of people don't know the facts of the true nature of this genocide by the Zionist state of Israel. The Israeli state and its supporters are masters of propaganda and can command tremendous publicity and support from the media and heads of state, and they use it at ever turn to paint the picture they want to be stamped on the public psyche. The picture of poor peace loving Israel being hated and attacked by mad Arab terrorist groups.
      The following extract is from an article by Jeff Halper and taken  from Roar Magazine, it gives an excellent analysis of what is really happening and how it got started. Well worth the time to read it in full. 

       Since its inception as a settler colonial movement in the late 19th century, Zionism has relentlessly pursued a campaign to erase the Palestinian presence in Palestine. It has done so by manipulating the resistance generated by that campaign among Palestinians to its own ends, by instrumentalizing Palestinian resistance so as to de-politicize it and make it appear nothing but criminalized terror.
       A key element of settler colonialism, in the famous phrase of the Australian anthropologist Patrick Wolfe, is the elimination of the indigenous people in the lands coveted by the settlers. Although this suggests their physical elimination – which usually happens at least partially – it can take different forms: cultural as well as physical genocide, displacement, marginalization, ghettoization or, when they have ceased being a demographic or political threat, assimilation. They might even be offered some form of symbolic self-determination. Whatever works. I use the term “erasure.” More nuanced, it covers all strategies of removing the indigenous presence, political, legal, physical and cultural. At the same time, settlers, who are constantly attempting to market their colonial narrative as the “civilized” one, even among their own people, instrumentalize the resistance of the indigenous people, ensuring that it is kept within tolerable limits.
       This strategy is clear to Israelis. The image of the plucky kibbutznik against the faceless gangs of Arab terrorists stands out in Zionist hasbara (“explanation,” a Hebrew euphemism for propaganda) from the highly influential novel Exodus through the David and Golaith motif of the Six Day War down to demonstrating the higher moral caliber of the Israeli soldiers risking their own lives in Gaza so not to harm innocent civilians, in stark contrast to the “murderous Arabs.”
       That dual aim of erasure and instrumentalization of the Palestinians lies at the heart of the events of the past several weeks, from the Sheikh Jarrah evictions through the attack on the worshippers in the Al Aqsa Mosque and on to the attacks by Hamas on Israel and Israel’s bombing of Gaza, the inter-communal fighting within Israel and, perhaps, uprisings in the West Bank.
From the Nakba to the 1967 War
        The process of erasure has continued unabated since Zionism first claimed the Jews’ exclusive entitlement to the Land 125 years ago. Even before any actual contact, before Zionist adherents in Minsk or Plonsk ever realized that Arabs lived in the land that was awaiting them and that they thought to be “without a people,” Palestine was cast as a country that “belonged” to the Jews. The very purpose of Zionism — and this is still true of Israel today — was to transform an Arab country into a Jewish one, Palestine into the Land of Israel. If anything, the Palestinians were merely irrelevant. From those early days until this moment, both the Zionist movement as well as the Israeli state have refused to recognize the very existence, let alone the national rights, of a Palestinian people.
        The Zionist movement soon got crucial support from Britain, the world’s leading colonial power of the day. The Mandate over Palestine given to the British by the League of Nations carefully incorporated whole sections of the Balfour Declaration, itself dictated to the British government by Zionist leaders, which committed the British to establishing a Jewish national home in Arab Palestine. If it addressed the Jews as a national group, a people with rights of self-determination, the Mandate denied that to the Palestinian majority (which represented about 90 percent of the population in the early 1920s), who were referred to only as non-Jewish communities in Palestine. To be sure, their civil and religious rights were to be protected, but under the Mandate Palestinians enjoyed no national rights as a people. The ultimate acts of erasure came in 1947-48. The national wishes of the Palestinian people for independence were ignored when the United Nations recognized 56 percent of Palestine as a “Jewish” state, handing it over to the third of the population that was by then Jewish, despite clear signs that massive ethnic cleansing of Palestinians would result. And, in fact, by the end of 1948 war (the Nakba or Catastrophe), 85 percent of the Palestinian population, about 750,000 people, of what became Israel had been driven out.
       After 1948, the campaign of erasure started taking other forms: the erasure of Palestine’s Arab character, the Judaization of the landscape; putting into place the colonial structures of Jewish domination and control. A permanent State of Emergency was declared — it is still in effect today in the Occupied Palestinian Territory — placing the Palestinian population beyond the bounds of Israel’s legal system and under martial law. The Military Government under which Palestinian citizens of Israel lived until 1966 allowed the state to expropriate their lands and ghettoize them.
          The Israeli parliament passed a series of laws, supplemented by dozens of military orders, to de-Arabize – or as they put it, to Judaize – the country. The Absentee’ Property Law of 1950, for example, alienated refugees’ land from their owners and allowed Israel to systematically demolish, without compensation, some 530 entire Palestinian villages, towns and urban areas — about 52,000 homes were destroyed — transferring title to the lands to Jewish settlers and Judaizing the landscape. To complete the erasure of a Palestinian presence, the Arabic names of towns, rivers and geographical areas were replaced with Hebrew ones. By the early 1950s, 94 percent of the land that had been in Palestinian hands, including two million cultivated acres, was now classified as Israeli “State Land.”

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Monday, 24 May 2021

Built-in Racism.

         For those who don't see the religious, racist, fundamentalism that sits as a government in the Zionist state of Israel, this video should perhaps open their eyes and give a clearer picture of the cancer that controls that part of the planet. It might be rather long, but well worth the time as it is packed full of facts, names and dates. 

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Saturday, 22 May 2021


        So the bombing and killing has stopped for the moment, but the people of Gaza were not subject to this brutal bombardment from Israel as a one off, they are subjected to a constant savagery from the Israeli military on a daily basis, as are all the Palestinian people who are under the apartheid thumb of the Israeli Zionist state. The fight to free the Palestinian people from the vicious grip and violent whims of the Zionist state of Israel must continue. A stop to the overwhelming military power of the Zionists being unleashed on the people of Palestine must be permanent. The pressure must continue to highlight the true savagery of the Israeli Zionist state and bring justice to the people of Palestine.  

A call for solidarity for the people of Palestine.

Stop the War Coalition



         Saturday's national march in solidarity with Palestine is to go ahead despite the ceasefire agreement between Hamas and Israel.
        The bombs may have stopped but the brutal occupation, siege and ethnic cleansing continues. We are marching tomorrow in solidarity with the Palestinian people.
       We will be demanding an end to the UK’s complicity in Israel’s actions.
Boris Johnson expresses his 'deep concern' yet happily sells Israel the weapons it uses to kill innocent Palestinians.
       That's why we must all be out on the streets of London this Saturday to pressure our government to take concrete action to end it's support for Israel's apartheid regime.
       We can’t stop just because Israel has temporarily stopped bombing Gaza. We must campaign and protest until the Palestinian people enjoy what is their birth right: freedom, justice and equality in their historic homeland.

Join us today. Help us by tweeting and sharing on social media #UK4Palestine

       Finally, organising demonstrations costs money and at Stop the War we rely solely on membership contributions and donations to support our campaigning. Can you help support our work?

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Thursday, 20 May 2021

Child Poverty.

       All my adult life, come an election, or as I prefer to call them, the crooks and liars competition, I have heard our political ballerinas sing the usual chorus, "We will end homelessness and we will end child poverty". They don't all sing in tune, they all have their own variation. Here I am 87 years old and the latest figures show that in every Scottish local authority, child poverty has increased over the last 6 years.
        Recent figures compiled by Loughborough University create a shocking picture, a scandal of a failed system. The report shows that before we were hit with the pandemic in Scotland, 2019-20, 26% of children were living in poverty, an increase from 23% 2018-19, and up from 24% 2017-18. Glasgow saw the largest increase, up 5.i%. Glasgow child poverty was approximately one in three children struggled under the yoke of child poverty, while in our so called better areas, East Renfrewshire, almost one in six children saw their lives blunted by poverty.
       These are damning figures for a so called advanced developed country, by any standard. However I don't think those party political animals should jump up and say, "Ah, a failure of the SNP", England fares no better. In Middlesborough, child poverty grew by an astonishing 12.5% between 2014-15 and 2018, the largest increase in the UK. Tower Hamlets boasts the worst child poverty in the UK with 55,4%, followed by Newham with 50.3% then Barking and Dagenham with 49.9%. Outside London Birmingham takes the prize for child poverty with 41.6%. Another disgusting aspect of this child poverty epidemic is that 68% of those children bighted by poverty, are in families where at least one adult is working. Bang goes their crap phony mantra, that "the best way out of poverty is through work"
        These figures of child poverty, should not be seen as some sort of statistics, they are young lives being blunted, potential being thwarted, young health being damaged and lives disfigured, all unnecessarily.  The UK is one of the richest countries in the world, a country that can spend an estimated £104 billion on a high speed rail from London to Birmingham and throw billions at nuclear weapons and trident submarines, but fails miserably to attend to child poverty. 
        This system of capitalism has had centuries to create a decent life for all involved and has proved to be an abysmal failure. It is a system built on exploitation, power and privileges for the wealthy few, hard work and struggle for the rest of us. The answer lies not in listening to the chorus from our political ballerinas, but in the dismantling of the insanity of capitalism and the state and replacing it with a system of community based co-operation, equality, sustainability and fairness, freed from the cancer of the profit motive and the authoritarian shackles of the state, a system that sees to the needs of all our people. Only then will we see an end to child poverty, and I can stop hearing year in year out, that pathetic chorus sung by vote beggars at each crooks and liars competition, "We will end child poverty". 
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Tuesday, 18 May 2021


          To all those who see the prison system for what it is, the state's main line of defence against dissent, a weapon to attempt induce submissiveness among the population. Within its mind destroying cages is an army of those who faced off the state and its brutal authoritarian apparatus. They all deserve our full support and solidarity and our never ending struggle to see that entire prison system and the society that requires them smouldering in ashes. June 11th. marks International Day of Solidarity with all long term anarchists prisoners, Let the world reverberate with the strength of our solidarity. We cannot forget them. 

The following from Act for Freedom Now:

 [PDF for printing] [PDF for reading]

         Against another year of state encroachment, against the restriction of free movement under the auspices of “safety,” against the continued brutalization of our friends in prison, we call for a renewal of solidarity on June 11, 2021: International Day of Solidarity with Marius Mason & All Long-Term Anarchist Prisoners. For 17 years, June 11th has been an occasion for celebration, mourning, and revolt. It has been a moment to breathe, to remember those fallen and those in cages, to remind ourselves of why we remain committed to the Beautiful Idea of anarchism. Through our letters, demonstrations, fundraising, and solidarity attacks we keep the beacon lit for those who have given years of their lives for their conviction that the State is a horror against which we must wager our lives.
         June 11th is, in the words of Christos Tsakalos, a day against oblivion. The architects of prison society would have prison function as a memory hole, casting our dear rebels into the void and producing in free souls a stifling amnesia. They want us to forget those who took action against the state and economy and those who continue their rebellion behind bars. Our work of solidarity with imprisoned anarchists is a hammer blow against forgetting: against the prison walls and the narcotizing technological society that shatters all meaning.
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It's Illegal.


          It's legal, it's illegal, all according to the laws made by the rich and privileged, laws drafted to protect that wealth and those privileges, and a whole state apparatus to enforce it on those who would dare to say, not so, not fair.
           This from my friend and comrade, Bob at Citystrolls, look, listen, think and enjoy, then share with all and sundry, and the rest.

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Monday, 17 May 2021

Long Hours.

         Recently the World Health Organisation (WHO) has published a report, stating what we ordinary people have known for yours. The report states that working long hours kills. The figures from the report are shocking, it states that during 2016 745,000 people died from stroke and heart disease due to working long hours. It also states that if you work 55 hours or more a week you are 35% more likely to suffer a stroke than someone working 35-40 hours a week, and 17% more likely to die from heart disease. So all that pressure by your boss to put in extra hours is more or less condemning you to an early grave, in the pursuit of profit, for that boss.

       It also appears the pandemic and working from home with zoom etc. is increasing the working hours of lots of people. The report states that when a country goes into lockdown there seems to be approximately a 10% increase in the hours worked. Another of their findings is that long hours is estimated to be responsible for about one third of all work related disease, So long working hours is the largest occupational cause of disease. Despite this, being killed by working long hours, the number of people working long hours globally is increasing at approximately 9%. It is all done in honour of profit and their boss, they are accelerating their pace to an early grave.

       Do you think this WHO report will cause employers to stop and think, "How can I reduce my employees long hours and improve their longevity and quality of life, without cutting their income." I think not, it is up to us all to put the value of our life above the greed of our employer. Stretch out your life, cut short your working hours.
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Sunday, 16 May 2021


        The bloodshed that is spilling over the Palestinian people, is by any standard, a crime against humanity, genocide, a blatant war crime. The rationale behind the Zionist state of Israel is that if a youth throws a stone at you, you throw a hand grenade through his bedroom window at night. So I make no excuses for posting this article in full, it is the take on the US/Israeli/Palestinian triangle of blood by Struggle La Lucha:
         Across the land of Palestine, people are rising up against decades of oppression and occupation. The racist Israeli state is answering them with mass murder and terror. In the giant prison called Gaza, Israeli troops are raining white phosphorous, dense inert-metal explosives and other U.S.-made weapons on crowded refugee camps. They have wiped out whole families, destroyed entire apartment blocks and made tens of thousands homeless. An airstrike on the Shati refugee camp killed a family of 10, including 8 children. As of Saturday morning, May 15, at least 39 children are among Gaza’s 139 dead. Their “crime”: being born Palestinian in the land of Palestine. On May 14, Israeli troops in the occupied West Bank murdered 11 protesters with live ammunition. Hundreds more have been wounded. Israeli troops also gunned down protesters at Palestine’s borders with Jordan and Lebanon. In Jerusalem, 28 Palestinian families were forced from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah, following an Israeli police assault on tens of thousands of people praying at the Al-Aqsa mosque. Inside Israel’s 1948 borders, Palestinian communities are on lockdown. Racist gangs roam the streets shouting “Death to Arabs!”
Israeli war machine made in USA
        Washington is not ignoring the carnage Israel is inflicting on the people of Palestine. It is an active participant. The missiles that kill children in Gaza are made in the USA! They are fired from U.S.-made F-35s and F-16s. The pilots that fly them are trained in the U.S. and paid by the U.S. Artillery shells Israeli occupation forces fire at Gaza come from U.S. military stockpiles. The tear gas, sound grenades and rubber bullets fired at protesters in Jerusalem are also made here. They are all provided to the Israeli occupation forces for free. While President Joe Biden calls hypocritically for “de-escalation,” the U.S. has blocked the U.N. Security Council from meeting to discuss the ongoing massacre. The blood of Palestine’s children is on Biden’s hands, and Donald Trump’s. It’s on the hands of every politician, Republican or Democrat, who votes for an endless flow of arms to the racist Israeli state. Last May, while COVID-19 ravaged the world and millions were losing their jobs, the U.S. Congress approved a new $38-billion arms package for the racist Israeli state. This robbery has been going on for decades. Palestinian blood is on the hands of governors and mayors who invest public funds in Israel Bonds, guaranteed against loss by the U.S. Treasury. Palestine’s blood is on the hands of the Pentagon brass, who routinely refer to the settler state in Palestine as a their “unsinkable aircraft carrier,” a phrase repeated by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other Zionist leaders. They see Israel as an “asset” in their endless war to control the world’s energy reserves and keep the region’s petrodollars flowing to U.S. banks and corporations. Israel is the Pentagon’s forward base to attack Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Iran and any other countries in West Asia and North Africa that don’t pay tribute to Wall Street.
Wall Street profits off Palestinian blood
          Palestine’s blood is on the hands of Wall Street bankers and corporate CEOs. By February, Israel’s military had already spent the $38 billion Congress gave it last spring. Citigroup, the fourth largest U.S. bank, loaned the occupation state $3 billion to buy more weapons until the next U.S. aid package. nergy giant Chevron steals natural gas from the waters off occupied Palestine under the protection of Israel’s U.S.-paid navy. The corporation plans to bring Arabian oil to Europe through Israel’s Eilat to Ashkelon Pipeline (now damaged by Gaza’s homemade rockets). ExxonMobil also explores for gas in Palestine’s waters. And for Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics and the rest of the U.S. military-industrial complex, the war machine called Israel is a gift that keeps on giving. Their CEOs and big stockholders gloat when bombs and missiles fall on Gaza. They see the Israeli occupation regime as their best salesman.
Israel is a state of war.
          Israel is a state of war. Its very object of existence is the eradication of the Palestinian people from their land. Seventy-three years ago, the majority of the people of Palestine were expelled from their homes by terror, force and massacre. Thousands of children, women and men were executed in cold blood, 530 villages were destroyed and entire cities were depopulated so that the racist settler state of “Israel” could be created on their land. The Palestinians suffered the fate the U.S. government inflicted on Indigenous people in this country and that racist gangs inflicted on Black communities like Rosewood and Tulsa. Where did they go? Nearly 2 million are confined in the Gaza Strip, a 25-mile-long open-air prison where water is not fit to drink, electricity runs a few hours a day, and people die from lack of medicine. But even there the racist state of Israel cannot tolerate their existence. It is murdering them with a rain of missiles and bombs.
Refugees have right to go home
          Millions more Palestinians live in exile in camps on the West Bank, in “unrecognized villages” inside Israel’s 1948 borders, or in exile in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and around the world. They have a right to return home! Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem live under a daily reign of terror from Israeli troops and settlers, who murder and kidnap them and destroy their crops and animals in an effort to drive them from their homes. The very existence of “Israel” has been a 73-year-long war against the people of Palestine and the neighboring countries of Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan, paid for by the U.S.
Resistance will never be defeated!
        For the Palestinian people, however, the land between the river and the sea remains their homeland. They have never stopped fighting for their right to exist and live in peace and freedom in every part of Palestine — for a land where all people can live as equals. Today, with homemade rockets in Gaza, with stones on the West Bank and in Jerusalem, with a general strike in Haifa and Jaffa and Galilee and the towns of the Triangle, they are rising up as never before. They need our solidarity! We must fight for an end to the endless flow of U.S. arms and dollars to the Israeli war machine. End the $11-million-a-day in military aid, loan guarantees, tax exemptions, the U.S.-Israel Free Trade Agreement and the other myriad ways the U.S. corporate ruling class props up the Israeli occupation regime. We need money for jobs and healthcare, housing and schools, not endless war! End U.S. intervention all over the world!

Friday, 14 May 2021

To Touch---

        It is obvious to most that the pandemic has allowed to state to create a submissive population, a population that sits and waits for the next set of instructions. Scanning news broadcasts to see where we can go, who we can meet, what parts of society are open to us and what parts are closed. With remarkable ease the state has created what it always strives for, total control over the citizens. Yes we are living through a pandemic, could it have been handle better with a more community inclusiveness? Of course it could, but this is capitalism and decisions are made on the best way to handle the economy, how to save the economy, how to get the economy "back on track", which we all agree is a track to environmental destruction. The needs of the people will follow after these priorities have been seen to be handled in the best method to suit the system.
       Now there are remarks about the damage to the mental health of many of our people because of isolation and lose of human contact, those with other illnesses are now suffering long delays and possible death. Was this all unknown, of course not, medical and scientific experts were well aware of the effects of isolation and the denying of social contact, but our decision makers, who claim to be following the scientific advice, cherry pick that advice according to their mindset that the economy is paramount.
        The result being a society of submissive citizens, with anger simmering under the surface, an increase in poverty and its attendant illnesses, an incredible strain on the health and care services, which have been denied proper funding for years. Despite this our lords and master will puff out their chest and try to convince you of how well they have done. Of course in their eyes they have done exceedingly well, they have transferred billions to large rich corporations, the parasite billionaire class has seen it obscene wealth grow at an incredible rate. Where does that leave you and me?
          Quarantine isn’t coming to the US, it’s already here. Like everywhere else It does not arrive as a social peace treaty but comes crawling from the decaying corpse of the welfare state as a monstrous racial policing apparatus. Prison has never been a singular place but a particular collection of techniques of social control and that is most apparent under the logic of quarantine where every good citizen is both, and happily we may add, captive and warden. What this says for physical prisons is even more grim as they are transformed into the most pure expression of capital: workhouses where prison slaves manufacture our hand sanitizer[1] and PPE[2] so that we may live, and on the flip side mass graves, human warehouses packed to the brim under hostile conditions, a fertile field for both the virus and their captors to run wild[3].
         Crisis is here, as it always is, and it doesn’t put a hold on all the other crises unfolding, it just both obscures and amplifies the intensity of them. Still the police are executing black people in the streets, still riots are breaking out[4], still black people are enduring and dying from medical neglect[5]. Still, still still! We are struggling and suffering and dying – and now the old ways of holding together the social peace reveal themselves for what they are – absolutely nothing. Reforms, inclusion in institutions, ‘community policing’, and paltry hand outs mean fuck all, just as they ever did but even more so now. Even what they offer us now is more insulting than anything: a paltry, one-time, 1200$ that will maybe cover one or two months of rent, and only for some of us at that[6][7][8]! All the promises of our masters turn to dust in our hands.
        The state recognizes what’s going on and whats falling apart and in order to ensure it’s continued existence is using the logic of quarantine to wage all out war against the entirety of the social body to ensure social cohesion. The life giving and death giving institutions of the state – the police, the medical industry, the carceral institutions, the military – are working overtime now. But where other technique of capital and governance have failed and are now failing to absorb the social body into it’s logics, health and pandemic have mutated into one sinister, paternalistic technique of governance that has managed to absorb the social body into the nation and the economy. What’s healthy for the nation, whats healthy for the economy, is healthy for us because we are them. With this one trick the social body has become a weapon wielded against itself. From discourses willing to sacrifice more vulnerable people for “our” collective health [9][10] (that of the nation and the economy), to neighborhood snitches calling the police on those violating the imposed rules of ‘social distancing’.[11] How long before those neighborhood snitches become neighborhood shooters enforcing a hardened border of social distance? Everyone knows behind the walls of our healthy neighborhood are the hoards of sick others…
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Wednesday, 12 May 2021


        One characteristic of all states, is that they are vindictive. They set up their theatre of a judicial system and use its many and varied pieces of legislation, backed up by their all seeing, all knowing, all powerful judges, who with their vindictive mind set, interpret those pieces of legislation to suit their own personal views, which is that the state is all powerful and can do as it wishes with the lives of its citizens. In country after country citizens languish in cells and dungeons, waiting the pontification of these self opinionated officials, who see them as lesser beings. All those caught up in the state's fabricated illusion of justice, deserve our full solidarity and support. Our world is awash with crammed full prisons, which are the state's main line of defence of its wealth, power and privileges. Freedom will arise from the ashes of all these prisons.

From Act For Freedom Now:

       We receive and spread:
Today, 4th May, a provincial court made public the rejection of a request for the release of the six prisoners being held in custody since 27 of February.
Judges don’t care about our comrades and friends being deprived of freedom for 67 days already, about the inconsistency of the evidence or disproportionate charges. In the face of this response we persist. We continue and will continue to give them solidarity and to demand their freedom.
        The plenary assembly of support meet as usual every Friday at 6: 30 at Ágora in Raval.
       This Saturday a gathering has been called outside the prison of Brians 1. We hope we will be many. We won’t stop until we see our comrades free!

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Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Accepting Racists.

        So we in the UK seem to be stuck with pompous bumbling Boris for another few years. It's amazing that so many ordinary people think that voting for a millionaire will solve their problems. They don't seem to realise that he lives in a different world from them, a world of luxury and privileged power, he has a entirely different value structure based on an Eton, Balliol College privileged education, an education that fits them out to rule over, not to serve. Apart from that the man is a racist and has proved himself to be a liar, yet the public turn out in large numbers to support him and hand him the reins of power over their lives, to give him the power to pluck other well-heeled upper class privileged parasites to assist him in his drive for power and privileges. When will we ever learn. 

        Lifted this from a Class War site, I'm sure they wont mind, I feel it deserves a bit more publicity.

      You've done your duty, you turned up and voted him in, now sit back and be shafted for the greater glory of wealth, power and privileges.

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