Monday, 30 November 2020

Asset Stripper.

                                           Sir Philip Green's £100 million wee boat.

      He's back in the news, and for all the usual reasons, spiv, tax evader, assets stripper, Philip Green, luxury yacht owner. Remember how he sucked BHS dry by huge share bonuses, paid no tax because the company was registered in his wife's name and she lives in Monaco, then left it to die with a massive multi-million pound hole in its pension fund. Well it looks like lightening does strike twice in the same place, Arcadia, another of his wives little assets that they sucked dry and now it dies, again leaving a £350 million hole in its pension fund.
       This arrogant privileged pampered duo are said to be worth £930 million, their nice little nest-egg was somewhat enhanced in 2005 when Sir Philip Green paid his wife a nice little dividend payment of £1.2 billion from Arcadia. Of course no tax paid as she lives in Monaco. He doesn't invest, he asset strips, piling the ill-gotten wealth into his dear wife's account, tax free of course.

A couple of views of the interior of Philip's wee boat.

       So while Sir Philip mucks about in his wee boat in Monaco, no doubt preparing for a wee holiday in the Caribbean, after the stress of milking Arcadia dry, because of his actions, thousands of ordinary people are preparing to face the dole.
      We tolerate this, it is not an isolated case of wealth plundering by those arrogant wealthy parasites, it is part and parcel of this system of exploitation and greed. The world is awash with untold wealth slushing around in a labyrinth of tax havens, while millions go hungry, exist homeless and struggle to feed their kids. The question is why do we tolerate this? Every pound in their little secret boxes, was produced by you and I, we create the wealth, they plunder and stash it away for their own greed driven personal gratification. We must be insane to tolerate this continuing two fingers at us, the wealth creators, by a clique of arrogant parasites, who are laughing all the way to Monaco, the Caribbean etc..

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Sunday, 29 November 2020


       As I keep repeating, pick your patch on the planet and you'll find the people, in angry protest at the way the system functions, and those pampered privileged individuals who manage the whole rotten affair. It is only right that information on these protests, uprisings, insurrections, rebellions should be widely known, perhaps encouraging others to take their righteous anger onto the streets and join the resistance to what is a foul, brutal, exploitative system that spawns destitution and wars. This report is from Croatia.

The following is from

      Beating Our Heads Against the Wall – It Was Worth It (2020) is a short documentary film, that depicts a period of anarchist activities in Croatia (2008-2020), with a focus on the regions of Kvarner (Quarnaro/Carnaro) and Istria, but also on a larger scale across Croatia, and other countries such as Slovenia, Italy, Greece, Germany, Switzerland, and Spain. This document illustrates years of organisation, struggle, and lengthy legal proceedings.
      The photographs and graphics used in this film are from the period between 2008 and 2020. These visuals depict the student occupation of the university, street protests, workers' strikes, and visual propaganda used for various purposes. On the audio track (an interview from 2016), Radio Borba (Eng. Radio Struggle) interviews Eugen Babić after his conviction in a criminal procedure from 2014 onwards. Also included are audio clips of a protest in 2013, after which the police attacked the protesters. In this act of repression, 15 policemen were involved in the apprehension of Eugen Babić, in which others also suffered consequences, including a policeman. The focus of the radio interview is on those events.
     Network of Anarchists takes the credit for the film, commemorating the 4th anniversary of the verdict in Rijeka (2016). The film is meant for those who do not know what happened, those that want to remind themselves of the events, and those that think it’s all over.
October 25th, 2020
Publication Committee of the Network of Anarchists (Croatia)


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     The latest offering from SubMedia "System Fail", No.5 is as usual informative and interesting.

The following from SubMedia:

       We're pleased to bring you System Fail 5, where we look at the aftermath of the US Presidential elections including the so-called "Million MAGA March" held in DC on November 14th. We also pick the brain of anarchist strategist and author of The Masters Tools: Warfare & Insurgent Possibility, Tom Nomad

Watch the episode here:

         We're also very excited to announce the launch of our new Circle-A podcast, hosted by JR. This will give us a chance to delve deeper into the interviews featured on System Fail, and will also give us a chance to dust off some of the best interviews from our Trouble series.
         We're still relatively new to the world of podcasts, but for now you can find us on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. If you like what you hear, please consider leaving us a five star rating and recommending us to your friends.
       We've produced two episodes so far, both of which are available on our website at:

Episode one: What is 1492 Landback Lane (w Skyler Williams)
Episode two: Destroying the Prison Industrial Complex (w El Jones)

This episode features scenes of graphic violence, including shots from Charlottesville

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        The evidence revealed in the following article on the death of a young man, is just one example of why the feelings of the public, regarding the police and our judicial system, range from mistrust to downright hatred. The police and the judicial system exist in a bubble that makes them untouchable and beyond true public scrutiny and accountability. It takes courage, considerable time and tremendous perseverance to try and burst that bubble, many have tried, but few have succeeded. Public exposure of these incidents can help burst that bubble.

                                               Photo courtesy of No Majesty.

The following, including the film, was taken from Anarchist Film Group: 

         When Rod Charles first heard that his great nephew Rashan had died whilst being detained by a police officer, he assumed that the incident must have merited whatever action the officer took. Why wouldn’t he? Rod Charles had served for 30 years with the Metropolitan Police, retiring at the rank of Chief Inspector, and Rashan was a young man with low level criminal convictions.
       That first news came on the day Rashan died, Saturday 22 July 2017. Rod recalls: “It wasn’t until 20 or 24 hours later, the Sunday morning, when a niece called me to say Uncle Rodney have a look at some footage what’s on CCTV which has been uploaded to YouTube. And it was when I looked at the footage on YouTube, that changed everything.”
        Somebody had uploaded a few minutes’ fuzzy footage recorded on a mobile phone from a CCTV monitor in a Hackney supermarket. It showed a police officer pursuing Rashan into the shop, grabbing him from behind, hurling him to the floor with a combat throw, and heavily restraining him. It showed a second man joining the restraint, pinning Rashan down, and helping to handcuff him when he was limp and unresponsive.
       “The officer was not at fear of harm from Rashan. He threatened nothing to the officer. No member of the public nearby was threatened by Rashan,” says Rod. “The nature of the force being used. . .has caused me and continues to cause me a lot of concern.”
       Rashan Charles was 20 years old, a loving father to his daughter, who was coming up to two years old when he died. He was a beloved son, friend, nephew, cousin, brother and, as Rod puts it, “an integral part of the family”.
        In our new documentary film, “Accidental Death” of a Young Black Londoner, The Case of Rashan Charles, Rod Charles examines previously unseen footage that reveals more about what happened to Rashan. Rod questions the quality of the investigation into Rashan’s death, the “accidental” deletion of evidence, the tactics of police lawyers and the conduct of the coroner at the inquest that concluded with a finding of “accidental death”.
       Our film shows, for the first time, curious interactions between the man who helped restrain Rashan and several officers at the scene, interactions that raise questions about the official narrative.


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Saturday, 28 November 2020


     Covid19, covid19, covid19, every second word in the news outlets is covid19 or pandemic. This present situation has prevented us from accessing our archive, Spirit of Revolt, it also has somewhat hampered our activities. However, there are still things we can do to bringing you something different to read other than covid19 and pandemic,and our "Read of the Month" is one of them. For the month of November we bring you the pamphlet, The "Rights of Labour", according to John Ruskin arranged by Thomas Barclay. It is part of our Charlie Baird Collection. So read, learn and enjoy, and perhaps if you liked what you read, you should take a wee browse through the catalogue, and see what other delights you might find, and spread the word about the gems you can find in Spirit of Revolt..

The Rights of Labour.

Read the pamphlet on line:

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       Again I show my enthusiasm for another magazine, another piece of paper we can spread around our streets, workplaces, pubs and clubs. This is an older one from a couple of years back, I may have posted this before, but here it is again. An Australian magazine of contributions, poems, prose and artworks from prisoners, their families and friends. The thoughts of those locked away in any state's repression cages and those friends and family outside, deserve to be heard. Perhaps then the public at large will have a better understanding of what it is like to be incarcerated in one of these state institutional hellholes, and maybe lend their support to seeing to the total abolition of these inhumane leftovers from a barbaric era in the dark history of us humans.

Paper Chained:

        The second issue of Paper Chained has been published online. This is a journal that supports publication of writings and artistic expressions from people affected by incarceration. Click here to download the PDF, and visit the blog of Running Wild here to read more.

The Silent Partner.

She waits patiently at home
with three kids in tow
her husband is in gaol
the children don’t know

the cupboards stand empty
there’s no food to eat
no warm clothes on their backs
no shoes on their feet

he sits alone in his cell
his tears fall in silence
he pens a letter to home
too long,is his sentence

an absent father forgotten
bad, sad thoughts fill her head
two leaking eyes, one broken heart
a cold, empty half-bed

soon it will all be over
the nightmare come to an end
the steel gates will swing open
the family be whole again.

First Time In

echos through the hollow halls
chief! sweeper! the anguished calls
from inmates in the holding cell
first time in, it feels like hell

time is relative, unimportant
change in perspective
outlook on life
eyes down, mouth shut
keep out of strife.
don’t look, sont’ see
don’t ask, don’t tell
don’t listen, don’t hear
each has his own story
each sheds a private tear

left alone with your thoughts
looks can’t kill, but
your maddening thoughts will
ruminating –not illuminating
no conversation –no communicationin
a single cell.

CONTRIBUTOR DETAILS David McGettiganIn prison on remand since March 2018

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Warring UK.

       The UK, that patch on the planet that boasts of being the Mother of Parliaments, a country that claims to be a democratic and peace loving nation, well it seems that it has the second largest military presence around the world after U$A. I have no doubt that this sort of revelation will perhaps come as a surprise to you. An open democratic country where the people are unaware of the government's military involvement around the world. It shouldn't surprise us, as the state always works with duplicity, and functions in the interest of power and resources for its corporate bosses. All this being funded by tax payers money, plus the largest increase in military spending since the cold war, while the Chancellor of the Exchequer, their purse holder, promises a wage freeze for public sector workers and hard times ahead for the rest of us. Excluding themselves of course.

       Britain’s armed forces have a far more extensive base network than ever presented by the Ministry of Defence. New research by Declassified reveals the extent of this global military presence for the first time – as the government announces an extra 10% spending on defence.
        UK military has base sites in five countries around China: naval base in Singapore, garrisons in Brunei, drone testing sites in Australia, three facilities in Nepal and quick reaction force in Afghanistan
        Cyprus hosts 17 UK military installations including firing ranges and spy stations, with some located outside UK’s “sovereign base areas”
        Britain maintains military presence in seven Arab monarchies where citizens have little or no say in how they are governed
        UK personnel are stationed across 15 sites in Saudi Arabia, supporting internal repression and the war in Yemen, and at 16 sites in Oman, some run directly by British military
        In Africa, British troops are based in Kenya, Somalia, Djibouti, Malawi, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Mali
        Many UK overseas bases are located in tax havens such as Bermuda and Cayman Islands
      Britain’s military has a permanent presence at 145 base sites in 42 countries or territories around the world, research by Declassified UK has found. The size of this global military presence is far larger than previously thought and is likely to mean that the UK has the second largest military network in the world, after the United States. It is the first time the true size of this network has been revealed.

Read the full article HERE 

        Of course if you read the real history of this little island you would know that the Britain has always been a militaristic nation, run by a war loving aristocratic clique, seeing themselves as some sort of exceptional breed, but now bound up with the financial Mafia and corporate plunderers. Their aim has never changed, just their methods.
       How much longer can we the ordinary people put up with this power crazy bunch of psychopaths slashing their sabres across the world, stoking the flames of eternal wars, while pushing us the ordinary people, into ever deeper poverty. When the insane are driving the car, it's time we took they car keys away from them.
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Friday, 27 November 2020

UK Poverty.

        The following is a comment left on one of my posts by Loam, thanks comrade. It refers to a documentary made by John Pilger, a number of years ago, read it, and think what has changed in the years since, basically the poverty and deprivation is still there, it looms large like a huge scar on the face of our unequal and unjust society. Then try to contemplate what things will be like in the coming years, after listening to our Chancellor of the Exchequer, with his wage freeze for millions of ordinary people and his talk of "hard times" ahead. How can we let that happen when millions are living in "hard times" now and in the past, with 25% of our kids living below the poverty level, and any deepening of the "hard times" would certainly lead to more homelessness, destitution and death, stunted development for millions of our kids. Perhaps we should be asking those who predict and manage these "hard times", how it will affect them and their privileged families. Ask how many of their kids will go to school hungry, how many of their wives will consider taking to prostitution to feed their kids. Of course we should also ask, what gives them the right to plunge millions into poverty, to stunt the health and development of millions of kids while they maintain their pampered, privileged position of power and wealth. Do you know the answer to that question?
The Warmth of a Dream 
He lay in a dark doorway, dreamed of home,
night frost locked his joints
morning rain chilled the marrow of his bones.
In the dream there was a sister,
a pram in a garden, a crowd of youngsters
who called him "mister", a time of little pain.
Are these youngsters the same young men, who
now laugh at him, throw beer cans,
piss on him as he lies drunk in some dark lane?
When was that first step down this slippery slope,
when was that first step to no forgiveness.
No will to rise to beg for food,
numbness kills the pain.
The dream brings a warmth that feels good,
dark fog shades out consciousness,
an ambulance carries off a body washed in rain.

       “Tonight, more than two million parents will go to bed hungry in order to give their children something to eat… for the first time since the Great Depression, Britain – the so-called Welfare State – is deliberately cutting back the means of survival of its poorest, and their children.” Children growing up in poverty is the subject of Smashing Kids, 1975. John Pilger meets the Hopwoods, of Liverpool, where hunger has become a way of life during father Harry’s unemployment as his family of five survive on £1 a day. The wallpaper in their council house is torn and there are no clothes in the couple’s wardrobe and no sheets on their bed. The family have never had a holiday and Harry tells Pilger: “It would be easier to serve time than to put up with this.” Frank Field, director of the Child Poverty Action Group and later a Labour MP, says benefits from the unemployed are falling in real terms and many families struggle to feed their children. The Brunsdens, of Hackney, east London, are one of these and have just been served with notice to quit their council house for not paying rent. Mother Irene shockingly tells Pilger that she would have to resort to prostitution “if my baby really, really needed something to eat and I didn’t have a penny”. Another mother says she does not mark her younger children’s birthdays because “they’re too young to know anyway”. Pilger points out that the current Labour government’s planned increases in social benefits will be wiped out by inflation, “imposing a direct threat to the survival of the growing number of the poor”. Smashing Kids, 1975 (Pilger, ATV), ITV, 14 August 1975 Producer-director: John Ingram (26 mins)

Smashing Kids from John Pilger on Vimeo. 

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        Prison reform is the usual paracetamol, an attempt to make you feel better without attacking your real problem. Somehow there are those who call for better conditions for prisoners, better medical facilities, more education and recreational facilities, more family visits, etc.. What they seem to miss is that prisons, even if all these demands were met, would still be inhumane, institutions of repression and a form of cheap forced labour, abolition is the only humane answer. Forced incarceration of humans, as with other animals, is unacceptable in any civilised society. Those outside the prison system continually fight for justice and equality, it is only natural that those incarcerated with less justice and more inequality, will enter into struggle to relieve them from this inhumanity that swamps their lives.
     No matter how you dress them up, prisons are not "rehabilitation centres", "correction centres", or any other nice sounding name with which you wish to label them. The prime and only purpose of the judicial and prison system is to protect the status-quo of this unequal society. They are state institution to quell any dissent from the population, to turn the rebellious into the submissive, to intimidate and deter others from joining any organised attempt at changing the power, privilege and wealth structure of this unjust unequal society.
     The struggle for justice inside prisons is often is met with more savagery and brutality than those struggles outside those anonymous looking hellholes. So I believe they should always receive as much publicity as we can muster, their struggle is our struggle, there can be no justice and civilised society while the prison walls still stand.
      Bearing in mind that the prison system in the U$A is 100%, nothing more or less, than outright modern slavery, creating millions of dollars for the corporate world.
       Hundreds of prison rebels in the Cook Unit of the Eyman prison in Florence, Arizona surrounded prison staff and destroyed prison infrastructure during an uprising Wednesday afternoon. According to one prisoner, windows were broken during the uprising and the unit looked like it had “exploded.”
        Prisoners at the facility and their family members said that prisoners were moved to the recreation yard with their hands zip-tied behind their backs while officers searched their cells. “They came in with tear gas, flash bangs, pepper spray, and started shooting them at everyone,” one prisoner wrote in an email. “It was basically a war zone.”
      In response to the uprising, the facility has cancelled Thanksgiving video visitation.
       Over 400 prisoners at the facility have tested positive for COVID-19 during the pandemic and one has died, according to data maintained by the prison. Several family members of prisoners expressed concerns about conditions at the facility.
       The Arizona State Prison Complex at Eyman is Arizona’s single largest prison, imprisoning over 5,400 people.
      With prison pigs spreading the COVID-19 pandemic inside prisons, imprisoned comrades are taking action to defend themselves and rise up aginst the brutality of the prison enslavement system.
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Thursday, 26 November 2020


      Sorry a bit late for this one, but still time if your enthusiastic enough.

Thomas Muir of Huntershill On Slavery: A Rediscovered Legal Thesis

26th November 2020
5pm to 5.45pm
An online lecture

Learn about Thomas Muir's thesis and views on slavery in the 3rd Annual Thomas Muir Lecture.
Led by Gerard Carruthers and Martyn Jones.

(Professor Gerard Carruthers)

Organised by 

About this event: 

      In recent years there have come to light an increasing number of writings by Thomas Muir of Huntershill (1765-99), notoriously transported to Botany Bay for sedition in 1793. Among these is Muir’s legal thesis on the topic of slavery written for admittance to the Faculty of Advocates in Edinburgh in 1787 and which can be found in the holdings of the National Library of Scotland. This online talk asks how did Muir view the legality of slavery and how did his perspective on the topic relate to his political ideas, more generally?

Book tickets at GRAPHIC

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Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Covid19 Cages.

        As covid19 permeates through our communities like a toxic fog, and cries of loneliness and isolation increase among our communities, without minimising the suffering of those individuals, we should all spare a thought for those who by state dictate find themselves locked up in insanitary, overcrowded, conditions with inadequate medical facilities, over which they have no control what so ever. Prisoners across the world live in conditions that inhumane as normal, during this pandemic they seldom make the news but they are suffering from this covid19 disaster more than the public at large. In prison after prison the incarcerated have taken the only path left open to them, to riot, in an attempt to get some sort of protection from this virus that is ravishing prisons across the world.
        This report is from America, that extremely rich imperialist power that goes around the world bombing and decimating countries, while killing and maiming the populations to give them democracy. The American prison system is no more or less that slavery, a large profit making corporate controlled inhuman institution. The corona virus has added immensely to the suffering of that slave population. However, no country is blameless in this incarceration, dignity denying cruel procedure, we are all culpably, human dignity and true democracy are impossible while prisons exist. 

The following from Truthout:

                                        Lauren Walker / Truthout

By ,

        U.S jails and prisons, already death traps, have been completely ravaged by COVID-19. Crowded quarters, a lack of PPE, inadequate medical care, an aging population, and unsanitary conditions have contributed to an infection rate 5.5 times higher than the already ballooned average in the U.S. As of this writing, over 252,000 people in jails and prisons have been infected and at least 1,450 incarcerated people and officers have died from the novel coronavirus. Evidence suggests these figures are underreported, however. (The entire state of Wisconsin, for example, isn’t releasing any information to the public.)
     In response, incarcerated people have shown strong solidarity, coming together to demand baseline safety measures and advocating for their release, only to be met with brutal repression and punishment.
     According to a new report released by the archival group Perilous: A Chronicle of Prisoner Unrest on November 13, incarcerated people in the U.S. collectively organized at least 106 COVID-19 related rebellions from March 17 to June 15. Perilous, a volunteer collective project that tracks information on all prison uprisings, riots, protests, strikes and other unrest within carceral facilities, described this activity as “clearly one of the most massive waves of prisoner resistance in the past decade.”

Read the full article HERE: 

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Tuesday, 24 November 2020


         It is always sad when a comrade dies, an action fades, a gap appears and memories flood in, but soon the action resurges, the gap is filled and the memories are cherished, that's the nature of anarchism. This from The Sparrows Nest, an archive, like Spirit of Revolt collects store and digitises the history of anarchists, anarchism and libertarian socialists history and literature, and makes it easily and freely available on the internet. I have no doubt the Sparrows nest  will miss Chris, but will continue from strength to strength doing what they do with a passion. 

 Sparrows Nest <>

To sparrownews 


      With great sadness do we report on the death of our dear friend and comrade Chris Richardson, committed Socialist, proud fighter for LGBTQ+ liberation, accomplished historian and author of A City of Light. Chris was also a very generous and active supporter of the Sparrows’ Nest, and e.g. helped to compile our collections of local LGBTQ+ papers.

He is greatly missed.

       Please find his obituary on the website of People’s Histreh, and attached to this email.

       Chris’ life and legacy will not be forgotten anytime soon. Not only do so many people cherish vivid memories of him, he also left a rich trove of published and unpublished records. He is exactly the kind of person future students of history will stumble upon long after we have all gone too, just as he rediscovered so many amazing people and captured echoes of their lives and struggles. We will work to make those future historians’ work easier, and hope you can help them too.

        If you want to share any documents, photographs, audio andl/or visual records and not least your personal stories of Chris, please contact:

       In light of the Covid-19 crisis, Chris’ partner Richard McCance and several close friends have decided to hold an event celebrating Chris’ life at a time when people can get together again without undue risk.

      If you wish to take part in the preparations or to be kept up to date with those plans, please contact:

Thank you and stay safe

A Sparrow

to sparrownews 
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Forest Fires.

       So many injustices, so many inequalities, causing so many mass protests, like forest fires across the globe, perhaps the spark of one will leap across and ignite another area and our world will be ablaze with passion, burning all those injustices turning to ashes all those inequalities. Certainly we will never see a planet at peace as long as we allow to exist an economic system that spawns inequality, injustice and poverty for the many while lavishing pampered privilege on the few.


Brokers, bankers, Earls and Dukes,
callous, mercenary, pirate crew
gasconading through the land
bloated, pampered, privileged few.

Striding with selfish arrogance
plundering as you go
grasping at the fruits
the common people sow.

Take heed, you swaggering fat-cats,
in our world you don’t belong,
that murmur you hear is the poor
rehearsing an angry song.

The day is fast approaching
when our chorus loud you’ll hear,
then all your greed and treachery
will surely cost you dear.

A price you’ll pay for being blind
to the hungry at your door,
oh, haste the day our angry chorus
becomes a mighty roar. 

       At least 30 protesters were detained during big pro-democracy demonstrations in Peru, with multiple reports of heavy-handed treatment of largely peaceful attendees. The health ministry reported two protesters were killed and more than 30 people were being treated for injuries on Saturday after nearly a week of unrest over the controversial removal of Martín Vizcarra as president.
      Vizcarra's replacement by a de facto government is seen by many Peruvians as a coup and people have demanded the resignation of Manuel Merino, the former speaker of congress who was sworn in as president on Tuesday
Peru's president Martín Vizcarra ousted in impeachment vote
Two killed as huge pro-democracy protests continue in Peru


       Thousands of protesters rallied for a second day in Bangkok to condemn police use of teargas and chemical-laced water cannon jets against them. Demonstrators gathered outside the national police headquarters, hurling blue and yellow paint and spraying graffiti fiercely critical of the country's king. More than 50 people were injured during the violent clashes with police earlier in the week sparking calls for changes to the constitution, reform of the monarchy and the removal of the prime minister


         A black man has died after being beaten by supermarket security guards in the city of Porto Alegre on the eve of Black Consciousness Day. Videos of the incident circulated on social media and have sparked outrage and protests across Brazil, with people entering Carrefour supermarkets and demanding justice for Freitas


       Belarus police have arrested more than 200 people in the capital, Minsk, during the latest anti-government protests ignited by a disputed presidential election in August, human rights activists have said. Thousands took to the streets on Sunday, and police used stun grenades to disperse crowds, several Belarusian media outlets reported.


        Thousands of people have staged the biggest protest yet against Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei, with some setting fire to Congress, fuelled by anger over cuts in the 2021 budget as the country reels from back-to-back storms.


         Thousands of demonstrators have taken to the streets of Paris on Saturday to protest a proposed new law that would criminalise the dissemination of images of police officers. Protesters gathered on the Esplanade of Human Rights at the Trocadéro, chanting "Liberty!" and carrying placards saying: "No to the police state".


       Large crowds protested in Berlin against the German government's push to enshrine coronavirus restrictions into an existing law. Police intervened as the crowds sought to approach the parliament.


         Tens of thousands of people marched through Australian cities and towns for Black Lives Matter protests on Saturday, defying an attempt from the police to ban one demonstration through the courts and despite pleas from the prime minister and state leaders for people to stay home.


        Over 3,000 primary school teachers clashed with police in the second week of protests over hiring reforms. Teachers in Athens demonstrated on Monday against government plans to change the hiring system for the public sector. Protesters held banners that read: "Permanent hirings now!"

And and and and and ---



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