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         As the austerity plans of the financial Mafia bite ever deeper, so the repression comes on harder. The state will always see the population as something that has to be controlled and in the “good times” it is relatively easy as people would rather get on with their lives than than take to the streets to change things. However as living conditions begin to deteriorate and more and more people are beginning to hurt, so the control becomes more difficult, complaint turns to anger, anger turns to protest and if the controllers can't get the lid on it, protest turns to insurrection. We should have no illusions about the extent the state will go to keep the established order in place. No matter how much democracy they preach, if the people look like they are gaining in their desire to change things, then the kid gloves come off and the full force of the state's armoury comes into play. In this country we don't need to go too far back in our history to see the extent of force the state will use. 1911 the dockers strike, troops on the streets, and two protesters shot by the military in Liverpool, 1919, 40 hour strike, Glasgow, machine guns on the roofs around George Square, soldiers with fixed bayonets on the streets and at the docks, tanks stationed in warehouses in the East End of the city. In this so called democracy, the will of the people is the last thing the establishment will tolerate.

        Today in Europe, Greece is at the forefront of the financial Mafia's plunder of public assets and as the anger of the people takes to the streets so the Greek police are given a free hand to brutally intimidate, repress and attempt to break the spirit of the Greek people. Our mainstream media seldom covers what is happening on the streets in Europe, we seldom see a mention of the police brutality in Greece, but it is there in force on a daily basis. The population of Greece is less than 11 million, approximately a sixth of the UK, yet in that country on average one person a week dies in Greek prisons or in a Greek police cell. The cold bloody shooting by a police officer of 15 year old Alexis Grigoropoulos to the weekly deaths in custody, is testimony to the brutality of the Greek state apparatus, we should never swallow the media crap that our police are somehow different, given the order the brutality level will rise.

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Sometimes a voice from the past can tell us the future, The Times They are a Chagin'.

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        According to the mainstream media, we are all excited about the Olympics. Well I know the corporate sponsors are very excited, but you and me?Apart from it being an opportunity to pour massive amounts of public money into corporate bank accounts, at a time when our millionaire cabal of politicians are telling us we can't afford anything, it is also a wonderful opportunity for the powers that be to try to crank up public fear and flood the country with armed police. It appears that the security bill for the Olympics will be one billion pounds, a phrase that springs to mind would be, “austerity budget my arse”. Some of this billion pounds will be spent on putting surface-to-air missiles on the roofs of private residents' apartments in East London. The proposed site for this lunacy has over 700 residents living there, and they are none to pleased about this addition to their facilities. Can you imagine the scene if one of those adrenalin pumped uniformed watchful eyed individuals actually fired one of those missiles over an Olympic packed city like London? After an unbelievable explosion it would rain white hot shards of metal shrapnel down on the innocent citizens of wide area of London. Of course our millionaire government of the people, for the people, are quite prepared to do such a thing, well that's what governments do.

Photograph:The Daily Mail on "modern British policing" and preparation for the Olympics

         During the Olympics we can expect our cities to look a bit like a war zone, there will be armed police everywhere, but after the “Games” don't expect them all to disappear again. Over the years we have seen the police being militarised and this is another opportunity to go further down that road. We already have armed police strutting around airports, so why not shopping malls, outside banks, at football matches and of course those blood protesters need to be watched. Eventually we can expect our “community” policeman to look something like the photo.

Sunday, 29 April 2012


         We are always hearing politicians talk of eradicating poverty with this scheme and that scheme, or appealing to the general public to support various charities. The thing about charities is that we are told of all those hungry people and are asked to contribute money to help feed them. From this we can deduce that the food is there, but the greedy bastards who have all that food will not send it to the hungry until we the general public pay them some money. They obviously don't think that charity has anything to do with them, except perhaps an opportunity to make some more money. Filling cans with money and buying food will never get rid of poverty, it is built into the system of economics that we live under. Destroy the system and there is every possibility we will eradicate poverty.
         Some interesting facts and figures from Anarchist Without Content:

In our modern world, poverty is not natural, but the result of institutions that are set up to benefit a few at the expense of the many. Relief efforts are currently failing because they do not address the root causes of poverty. These causes are not mystical or hard to identify, as the most important ones are global property law, international debt, unfair trade, top-down privatization programs, corporate tax shelters, the those problems are social and political. Furthermore, there is a history to these problems, and poverty will not be addressed until this history is reversed.
The colonial conquest of the New World, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, by European powers set up the structure of our current economic system.
History books have done a good job depicting the brutality of this period. In many places, Europeans wiped out 99% of the native populations. In places where the natives did survive, many of them were captured and made to do hard labor. In Potosi, Bolivia, for instance, native Bolivians were forced to work silver mines that snaked deep into the earth. So many miners died, that a popular saying goes “enough silver was taken from the mine in Potosi to build a bridge to Madrid, Spain, and if the bones of the dead miners were pulled from the bowels of the mine, one could build a bridge all the way back.”

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        May Day, Labour Day, Workers Day, our day, a day when we the ordinary people of the world can celebrate the heroes from our ranks. Paying homage to the men and women who dedicated their lives to the cause of working class emancipation. People who sought nothing for themselves, many dying for their beliefs, individuals that sometimes stood like a colossus astride the political scene, others that worked tirelessly in the shadows, all for the greater good of all peoples, not more for themselves. Their statues, their plaques are no where to be seen, the establishment has them airbrushed out of history. Instead, the powers that be litter our public squares and parks with grandiose statues of arrogant warmongers, empire builders, kings of industry, rich merchants, all who made a fortune on the back of slave and/or cheap labour or the bloodshed of ordinary people. The establishment wants us to forget our heroes, no statues, no plaques, we mustn’t be allowed to think that fighting for the betterment of ordinary people is a worth while cause, much better to try to convince us that it is more honourable to be a self-centred arrogant pursuer of power and wealth at the expense of others. We mustn’t let this happen, we have to keep alive the names and deeds of that legion of men and women who dedicated their lives to our future well being and that of our kids.

       MAY 1st. Must always be a festive day, a day of celebration and pride, a day when we can all come together and wave our banners, party, and remember those names and deeds. A day to revive that spirit of co-operation in struggle and hopefully push our cause to a higher plain. Always on May 1st. not some conveniently arranged employer/union date, the nearest Monday, so as not to upset their production. It is our day, always claim it as a day of family fun, festivities and remembrance, a day of hope for the future of all the ordinary peoples of the world. Glasgow, like most cities, is fortunate in having its own legion of working class fighters, a legion that stretches back through the industrial age and beyond. To pick a few at random, names like George Barrett, Tom Anderson, John MacLean, Helen Crawfurd, Guy Aldred, Ethel MacDonald, Jenny Patrick, William McDougal --- and the names go on and on and on, events such as, The Cotton Spinners strike, the rent strikes, the first world war peace movement, the 1919, 40 hour week strike, etc, etc, etc. All names and events to be justly proud of but difficult to find recorded, all the more need to celebrate MAY DAY and keep alive that part of our history, our culture.

         Take to the streets this MAY DAY, bring the family, bring colour, bring music, bring the spirit of the working class, have fun, remember why we are there, be proud and strengthen your resolve to do more to push the cause of co-operation in struggle with all our people. Keep alive the names and deeds of our past, not those of a corrupt, brutal, exploitative system. Keep alive the dream of a society of free association, voluntary co-operation, and mutual aid, a system of seeing to needs and not to the greed of the few. This year with the financial Mafia on a high with their grand plan of “deficit reduction” shredding the living standards of all our people, it is more important than ever that we make a show of our power. We can stop the system simple by coming onto the streets and having fun, not the dedicated activists, but all of us, the family, the street, the housing scheme, community, we can make a better world, but only if we all really want to, for the benefit of our kids and grandkids.

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On May 1, 2012 we will have a "Day without the 99%" We are urging all to not go to work or school, don't bank or shop, don't engage in the capitalist system that robs and steals from us; take to the streets and help us create a better world now! For more information:

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Saturday, 28 April 2012


            Not many films are ever made that cover a strike from the strikers point of view, one such film was Matewan by John Sales. I think Matewan is one of the most powerful films made, it covers a miners strike in West Virginia when all the miners walked out, this action turned West Virginian into a battlefield with the miners fighting it out with armed strike breakers, who were paid and armed by the mining companies. After a harsh and brutal struggle the miners eventually laid down their arms probably from the excess fire power of the enemy, but also an appeal to patriotism played a part. This short clip shows one of the many powerful scenes and should be essential viewing.
         Times have changed but the struggle hasn't, it is still those who have to work to survive, and those who exploit them to enrich themselves and/or their shareholders. To them workers are just tools, expendable items that are bought at the cheapest possible price, and cast aside as profit margins dictate. As long as we have that duality, there will always be conflict and struggle.

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        Though the following article sees the Greek situation spreading to all the Southern European states, I on the other hand, see it coming to practically all the European states. It would suit the corporate fascist in conjunction with the financial Mafia to turn Europe into one very large sweatshop. This would put them in a much stronger position when trading with all the other power blocks on the planet. Cheap labour and low corporation taxes, is the perfect recipe for for corporate greed. To expect our respective national governments to somehow protect us from this "grand-plan" is rather naive as they are the managers of the "grand-plan" on behalf of the financial Mafia, they are the servants of the corporate fascists. 

     It's not a great photograph but its sole virtue is that its tells a story, and so illustrates so much of what is happening in Greece today and for that reason I posted it.
      In it are all the elements of a new emerging economy that has been foisted upon Greece in the name of financial salvation. In the foreground is the child beggar, no more than 11, I'd venture, his Fagin like "handler" (How Dickens serves us in times of need) just off frame at the entrance of the Ble patisserie.
      Ble, which serves high end baked goods at the kind of prices that even New Yorkers/Parisians might baulk at is, itself a perfect example of how the economy is going. Inside the employees haven't been paid for months and yet remain working, as they know giving up a job there means certain unemployment, a fact the supervisor hovering in the background is no doubt aware of.
       300 Euro per month wages, total absence of labour protection laws and rampant poverty are the fate that awaits other southern European economies adopting the kind of austerity measures that Greece has implemented in the last three years.

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          One reason I always stay optimistic about the future is the never failing ingenuity of the ordinary people. Repeatedly when faced with adversity, they cleverly turn it into an opportunity. No matter what the repressive authorities throw at them, given time they will always turn what looks like defeat, into victory. The rigid authoritarians can never defeat that fluid, clever ingenuity of the people. 
This from Contra-Info.
ATHENS: Police steel plates used to seal squat, sold by activists to help political prisoners.
      The Occupied Social Centre VOX, one of the two buildings that were evicted by police in Exarchia on April 20th, was re-occupied the next day by anarchists, neighbours and other people in solidarity, who tore down the steel plates sealing off its entrances.

        On April 26th a few of the comrades who had helped the squatters re-occupy VOX, reported that all of the steel plates used by the cops and their paid mercenaries to seal it off were kept and have now been sold in the market, and all profits (nearly 300 euros) will be given as financial aid to imprisoned fighters across Greece.        Congratulations, comrades!

Friday, 27 April 2012


         Europe is in turnmoil with every city across the continent having protests, strikes and angry people on the streets, America has the Occupy Movement growing on a daily basis, even sleepy old Canada where a pedestrian crossing the street without using the pedestrian crossing is considered news, is having its problems. Montreal say running battles with the Police at  the proposed North Plan. A plan to allow the corporate mining gangsters to plunder the Northern Territories of Quebec.
      It seems that capitalism is having a hard time at the moment. I suppose it would the kindest thing to keep up the pressure and put it out of its misery.
      This from Contra info:
      A demonstration against the neo-colonial project “Plan Nord” (North Plan), which seeks to exploit to a maximum extent the minerals in Québec’s northernmost territories for the profit of mining companies, has turned into a street battle between insurgents and riot police, with an intensity and length rarely seen in Montréal.
Gathering about 2,000 people including indigenous militants, ecologists, striking students, anarchists and trade-union militants, two demonstrations converged and heavily disrupted the Plan Nord’s Employment Fair taking place inside Montréal’s Palais des congrès (convention center) last Friday 20th of April.
At around 12h30, a group of demonstrators (mainly striking students) has succeeded in entering the huge building, even if it was heavily guarded by riot police.

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        I have always maintained that if you ask 100 people what the meaning of anarchy is, you'll get 100 different answers. Most will be wrong and will be answers like chaos and disorder, and will be based on ignorance of all things anarchistic. The establishment, state, mainstream media are all involved in perpetuating that line of thought, probably because they see anarchism as their greatest threat.

This from The International Encyclopedia of Revolution and Protest:

In common parlance “anarchy” refers to a state of chaos or violent disorder and “anarchism” to the rebellious or merely perverse pursuit of this state. Indeed, the word “anarchist” was first used in the seventeenth century as an epithet against the defeated Levellers in the English Civil War. While the ideas and practices that would become known as anarchism were distinctly foreshadowed by movements such as the Diggers and the Ranters in the seventeenth century as well as by eighteenth-century thinkers such as William Godwin (and arguably by far more ancient schools of thought, from the Cynics of the fifth century bce to the Taoists of a century later), it was not until Pierre-Joseph Proudhon turned this epithet into a positive self-description that we can speak of anarchism per se, as a historical entity. Historically speaking, however, anarchism is the name for a movement, originating in mid-nineteenth-century Europe, characterized by its vision of a society of generalized self-management, its opposition to all forms of hierarchy and domination, and its particular emphasis on means of transformative action that prefigure the desired ends. The word also serves to name the goal of the movement – substantive and universal freedom, sometimes called “anarchy” – elements of which may be found in every society that has ever existed, particularly among peoples living without private property and the state.

Principles and Practices

Popular misunderstandings concerning anarchism, fed by more than a century and a half of sensationalistic media representations, are widespread – and, unfortunately, many scholarly accounts of anarchism do little to correct these distortions. The association of anarchy with chaos and senseless violence, while owing something to a certain phase in anarchist history (that of “propaganda by the deed”), is readily dispelled by even a cursory reading of works by actual self-described anarchists: “Anarchism … is not bombs, disorder, or chaos,” writes Alexander Berkman (1870–1936). “It is not a war of each against all. It is not a return to barbarism … Anarchism is the very opposite of all that” (Berkman 2003: xv). Similarly, Emma Goldman (1869–1940) defines anarchism as “the philosophy of a new social order based on liberty unrestricted by man-made law; the theory that all forms of government rest on violence, and are therefore wrong and harmful, as well as unnecessary” (1910: 56). The entry on anarchism that Peter Kropotkin (1842–1921) wrote for the 1910 Encyclopedia Britannica defined it as “a principle or theory of life and conduct under which society is conceived without government” (2002: 284). These three explanations of anarchism – it would be difficult to find any more widely accepted by anarchists – show that anarchism is a form of social order rather than mere disorder or absence of organization; the form of social order anarchism represents is intended to maximize freedom, and to do so without recourse to the kinds of coercive institutions that are typically assumed to be necessary, variously called “government,” “law,” or “authority”; and in place of these institutions, anarchists propose to produce social order through a system of “free agreements” to meet individuals' “needs.”
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      Following on from an earlier post on homelessness and highlighting the contraditions in this type of society, thousands homeless, thousands of empty houses and the government doing its damnedest to keep them empty. Protecting empty property helps to keep rents high and in this society, that is more important than the needs and dignity of the ordinary people.


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Thursday, 26 April 2012


       In today's society and for some hundrerds of years past, work has been the, be all and end all, of the ordinary person's life. We are brain washed into believing that it is necessary and the only method for our survival. It doesn't have to be that way, work can be transformed into creativity, and society structured to limit time spent on "necessary" work cut to a minimum and still see to the needs of all our people. We should examine what exactly work is in a capitalist society and who stands to gain the most for "our work".

This from Digital Elephant:
       The old work ethic has disappeared along with the massive obsolete structures of capital which required a permanent army of producers, yet work still has far more implications than mere survival. Millions of people still compete for the privilege of turning up day after day, year after year, to surrender body and soul in exchange for a wage. The alternative: to encounter one’s real desires and create the means required to realise them, could present some surprises and lead to undreamed choices. A job, boring or arduous as it might be, is the easy way out. It gives structure to our day and puts order in our expectations, giving us just enough in our pockets to acquire instant sublimation and quell any sudden surge of hatred towards what is stealing our time and our lives.
The pernicious mixture of hatred and dependency at the basis of the work relationship atrophies the individual, reducing life to a question of accountancy. ‘Free time’, a mere negative quantity ranging from a few hours between days at work, to months or even years between jobs, can be survived by performing a number of rituals. Shopping, watching TV, doing voluntary work or going on adventure holidays to far away places can fill gaps and prevent any feelings of anguish which might lead to putting the whole setup in question. If all else fails, capital’s white-coated auxiliaries are always on hand to prescribe the latest psychotropic fix tailored to produce a dim glow of indifference.
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With austerity come repression.
This from, From The Greek Streets:

        Since today morning large police operations are taking place in Athens. Police buses with hundreds of police officers start blockading entire building blocks and invading buildings, they stop and search violently everyone who looks foreigner. The people arrested without documents will be moved to the new detention centres. The minister of Citizen Protection M. Chrysochoidis stated: ” Athens will be cleared in a few days, We must re-occupy the public space”.

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        One aspect of our millionaire supreme leader's policy of “deficit reduction” “austerity cuts” is that families are finding it harder and harder just to keep their heads above water. Sadly not all can, and thanks to soaring unemployment and banks' repossessions, homelessness in this country has risen by a staggering 14%. Statistics are one thing but the human side should never be forgotten. What this translates into in human terms, is that there are 48,510 destitute families with no home, within this figure there are 69,460 homeless children. Again because of the financial Mafia's “austerity” agenda, support for these families is fast disappearing, which means that lots of them find their way on to the streets. This is the 21st century in the UK, one of the richest countries in the world, yet we have families trying to survive living homeless on the streets of our cities. From bankers bonuses and millionaires wielding power to struggling families and homeless children, our society is a picture of inequality and injustice, a society where money and profit are valued above human dignity, a society where the wealthy cement their power by subterfuge and corruption.

          While this cruel injustice is taking place before our eyes, the mainstream media will encourage us to enter into debate about tweedle-dee-Tory and tweedle-dum-Labour as if changing the suit and smiling face that occupies that stewpot of corruption, No.10, will solve all our problems. Surely history has taught us by now that, no matter how many times we send them in and send them out through the revolving doors of that No.10, our lot doesn't change that much, but those who slither into that place end up doing very well for themselves. Elections never benefit the people who vote, but do wonders for those who get the votes. Instead of voting for a bunch of egotistical parasites and keeping everything the same, why don't we ignore the elections and organise to take control of our own lives and all the assets of society and create the type of society that we want. One that sees to the needs of all our people. We are the ones that create the wealth, we make and distribute everything, we run all the services, the parasites need us, we don't need them.

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           I have often spouted that as far as the financial Mafia are concerned, the economic situation is going to plan and that the real game plan is to transfer all public assets and services to the corporate world, but at the same time reduce Europe to one very large sweatshop so that the we can compete with the other sweatshop areas in the world. As far as the various national governments are concerned, their job is to keep the lid on the discontent caused by this policy at the same time as managing the process.
The following are two quotes from an excellent article from Infantile Disorder.
         "But for all their mendacity and corruption, leading politicians are rarely stupid. Since John Maynard Keynes, the bourgeois have at least theoretically understood that increases - rather than reductions - in government spending stimulate a stagnant economy. When PMs and Chancellors since then have refused to do this, it has been because they've had an eye on the longer term picture, and have focused on reshaping the economic landscape. But no, that's a polite way of putting it. I really mean taking a sledgehammer to working class living standards."

        "The politicians - and behind them the international banksters - are hellbent on using the economic crisis to reduce our living standards to those that existed before the working class made huge gains in the aftermath of World War Two. They figure that a recession makes this easier, as workers are more likely to put up with their lot, for fear of losing their jobs, their homes, and so on. However, an elastic band can only be stretched so far before it snaps back, and that day is fast approaching."
Read the full atricle HERE:

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Wednesday, 25 April 2012


        According to Tory MP Nadine Dorries our two millionaire supreme leaders, Cameron, descended from King William IV and Osborne, heir to a baronetcy, are, to quote, "Not only are Cameron and Osborne two posh boys who don't know the price of milk," "But they are two arrogant posh boys who show no remorse, no contrition, and no passion to want to understand the lives of others - and that is their real crime."

What's milk, and does it have a price? I personally drink Champagne.

         Of course us at the receiving end of their “deficit reduction” policies, (pseudonym for transferring public funds to their friends in the financial Mafia) are fully aware that they have no idea how we the ordinary people live, we are also aware of the fact that they have any inkling to find out. It is two different worlds, one of wealth, privilege, arrogance, greed and power, and ours, of struggle and exploitation. Of course it is not just Cameron and Osborne that are responsible for this dual world, they are more the products of this system of wealth equating with power. It is the system of capitalism that allows and encourages wealth creation through exploitation of the many by the few, and that wealth to become the power that controls us the ordinary people. Running round to the ballot box at the next election with the desire to remove these two privileged prats and replace them with two new shiny smiles in new suits, will in no way change the system. The wealth plundered from the many will still hold the reins of power. As long as we do no more than poke fun at the privileged parasites who control our world and do nothing more drastic, then we are doomed to be that mass being exploited and plundered by that cabal of privileged arrogant prats, they will certainly not give up their position of power and privilege because we call them names.
          Forget the ballot box and organise outside the system to take control of our own lives, start in our communities, to lay the foundations of the type of world we want. A world of fairness, justice and seeing to the needs of all our people, a world of co-operation, sustainability and free from the greed and profit motive of the privileged parasitical prats that infest our lives at present.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012


         I suppose the one good thing that has come out of the IMF (International Mankind Fuckers) impoverishment of the Greek people is the fact that the mainstream Greek politicians can't show their faces in public. At the approach of an election this makes it difficult for them. 

As an MP I served the people well and still they don't like me!

Or Far From the Madding Crowd as perhaps the elections should be named, considering the fact that few, if any of the members of the coalition government are able to campaign in public. Instead of the mass rallies that usually mark elections in Greece, both PASOK and New Democracy politicians have been careful to hold meetings behind closed doors with just the party faithful present.

With just two weeks to go the national election campaign has been so low key as to be considered to be virtually non-existent,. No election centres have been set up and campaign billboards and handouts are nowhere to be seen. This is partly a financial matter as the two main parties owe 240 million euros and only last week did they manage to pass legislation to reschedule their debts (a privilege they ruled out for lesser mortals, or voters as they are know locally).Instead of a country plastered in posters and drowning in flyers PASOK and New Democracy have reserved their efforts for TV talk shows and the internet. Both choices are problematic; TV has been shedding viewers for years, especially among the young and more educated and social media is not a comfortable environment for politicians unused to debating with voters except on their own terms. Indeed their ham fisted attempts to replicate traditional electoral methods online have been met with derision and biting humour by Greek language bloggers and Twitter users.

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Monday, 23 April 2012


An appeal from Stop the War Coalition.

        The astonishing comments by two UK army majors serving in Afghanistan, that the war is lost and politicians are "trading soldiers' lives for votes", only reflects the views of most people in this country (SEE:
        The government is continuing to wage the war knowing that the overwhelming majority of people in Britain want the troops brought home now. In addition, the government is pressing for increased Western intervention in Syria -- almost certainly as a stepping stone to a military attack on Iran.
       David Cameron is clearly no different from Tony Blair in his slavish support for America's wars without end. These war policies are making the world ever more insecure and unstable. It is more necessary than ever for the anti-war movement to mobilise the widest possible active opposition to the warmongering of our political leaders.
       We have much work to do,


         There has been a lot of coverage in the mainstream media on the cold blooded murders by the Norwegian Anders Behring Breivik, and all have put their particular spin on the events and the personality of the perpetrator. On report stated the “he was a man who was aware of what it was to be civilised, but chose not to be” this is probably true. He was a man with a set of beliefs and felt it right that he should kill for those beliefs. The killing of innocent individuals was acceptable to support his beliefs. How does that separate him from our leaders, Prime Ministers, and Presidents?
          The main difference is that he decided that it was acceptable for innocent people to die to further his cause, took his weapons and in person, carried out the act. In the case of Bush and Blair, they had their beliefs on Iraq and accepted that it was acceptable for innocent people to die to further those beliefs. However they didn't carry out the act, they took public funds and paid others to carry out the brutal killing of thousands innocent people.

        The other difference is in scale, Breivik carried his hand guns and killed 77 young people, Bush and Blair's paid killers rained down unimaginable and sustained terror on thousands of innocent civilians with some of the most destructive weapons in their armoury with the boastful “Shock-and-Awe” tactic. It can be said that Bush and Blair were individuals who were aware of what it was to be civilised, but chose not to be. We pay, and the media applaud and honour those who committed the greater crime with by far the most sustained and brutal killings over a much longer period, and and put the other on trail. To the innocent victims of Breivik and those of Bush and Blair, it was still a brutal death and to their relatives it was still a brutal unforgivable crime. It seems that in our distorted society, individual murder is condemned, state mass murder is acceptable.

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Sunday, 22 April 2012


           Greece has the austerity part of the formula and now it is getting the repression part. The financial Mafia having plundered the Greek people's public assets, it requires it's managers, the Greek state, to step up the repression in an attempt to terrorise the people and try to prevent more protests and rebellion. The powers that be are well aware that what they are doing to the people will result in anger and people taking to the streets, their next stage will be to terrorise those that do and demonise them through the mainstream media. Just as they had no qualms in dishing out poverty and deprivation on the people, they will have no qualms on dishing out violent repression. As far as they are concerned the people must be controlled as the financial Mafia do their utmost to strengthen and expand the corporate fascism that already exists.

            Major police operation in Exarcheia, Athens sees two anarchist social centres evicted; the entire neighbourhood is currently under curfew and cut off by heavy police forces.

         At approximately 06.50 GMT+2 on Friday morning, heavy police forces conducted simultaneous raids at two newly occupied anarchist spaces in the neighbourhood of Exarcheia: the building at 60, Valtetsiou str and the building of the abandoned VOX cinema by Exarcheia square. The latter had been occupied for a few weeks and its opening event was planned for this Saturday.
         It is speculated that the raids took place following the order of I. Tentes, a prosecutor of the High Court in Athens, who launched his career after being appointed in the judiciary by the Junta regime in the early seventies. History, in case it should be noted, does seem to have a peculiar sense of irony.
         At the time of writing (12:33 GMT+2) the entire Exarcheia square is cordoned off by heavy police forces while the K-VOX social centre has been sealed off.

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