Wednesday, 21 October 2009


    The following is a short e-mail from ann arky to Willie Bain the Labour candidate for the coming Glasgow North East by-election.
      received your propaganda through my letterbox and feel that you are somehow assuming that the people of the area are rather simple and have short memories. You continually go on about the SNP ripping off Glasgow, and in doing so place the blame for the state of the area on the SNP, but seem to overlook the fact that this area has had a Labour MP for 74 years and for the last 12 years, a Labour government at Westminster. Are we to take it that the previous labour MPs were worthless, plain stupid or worse and somehow you are going to ride in on your white charger and save the area? Tell us how, if you are elected and end up down in the Westminster House of Corruption among the 600 odd other political careerists, you will make an impact that will benefit the people of Springburn.
      You state that you will clean up the shopping malls and streets by clearing them of drunks and drug addicts, where will you put them, somewhere that will cost no money and need no infrastructure? Can you tell us why we have so many drunks and drug addicts in the area and what you will do to stem the flow of young lives being destroyed in this manner? Of course bearing in mind that the previous 74 years of Labour MPs and 12 years of Labour government have seen the area continue to tailspin down the tubes of poverty and deprivation.
       You ignore the history of your own Party and the way it has treated the people of this area and to believe that you will move the Party machinery to act differently from its long past is somewhat naive and little arrogant to say the least.


  1. The trouble with you is that you are after an income via people's comments via the web. You are in all respects a parasite- preying on input from suckers and then trying to reinvent yourself at your own pleasure. Get fucked. You will never succeed.

  2. I enjoy comments, different opinions make things interesting, but sadly yours is probably the worst load of shit I have received in some time. What income do I receive from comments? Where is your evidence that I'm in any way trying to reinvent myself? I was going to delete your comment but it was so stupid and irrational that I thought I had to point this out so that you can go and seek some help.

    1. Anarchism is growing. Good on you for speaking your mind. There is no such thing as democracy, if there were we would all be loving each other to death, but sadly the opposite prevails. Religious fervor doesn't work. Capitalism and Communism are canceling each other out. I hope people power prevails and your aims grow stronger.