Sunday, 13 August 2017

Has The Time For Words Passed?

          In the face of so much oppression, unnecessary suffering, injustice and raw exploitation, and a heart that is bursting with passion for justice and freedom, I’m finding it difficulty to keep my mouth shut. How can you shut out all the unnecessary misery in this world, how can you turn a blind eye to the cause, especially as the cause of all this suffering in wars and deprivation is simple to see, capitalism. Capitalism is the root cause of practically all our problems, to remedy that situation you have to kill the root, not try to prune some of its malignant twigs. 
           I always find it puzzling that a system that produces so much poverty, misery and exploitation, while fabricating endless wars, all for the wealth and power of the few, continues functioning. Where is the righteous anger of the crowd, the ordinary people, who exist in the exploitation, misery and poverty, and whose family and friends have their blood shed to feed these endless wars? They could bring the system down tomorrow if they so desired. It is a system where our pleasures are enjoyed under the shadow of dark deeds done thousands of miles away. These deserts of poverty and deprivation, these lands of blood soaked soil, this world of oppression, are not brought about by some mechanical device or natural occurrence, but by humans, sitting in plush offices, making decisions based on personal gain, decisions devoid of humanity. Deprivation, poverty, oppression and exploitation are not diseases, they are the result of human decisions. These people, along with our political ballerinas who pander to their every desire, must be named shamed and brought to task, for the savage brutality they have heaped on the ordinary people of this world, merely to satisfy their own greed, wealth and power. 
         I sincerely believe that the time for talking and reasoning with the irrational greed driven cabal that is driving this world to destruction, has passed. That which is held by faith or belief, cannot be dislodged by reason, the powerful warmongering cabal that control this vicious system are helpless and blind to reason’s bright light. Over the centuries, we the ordinary people have pleaded, argued, and reasoned for a fairer society, our request and pleadings have often been met with the brutal might of the state, with savage force attempting to silence our reasoning. As we are, after those centuries of seeking justice, still mired in exploitation, poverty, deprivation and the savagery of endless wars, surely the time has come to admit, that our pleadings, requests and reasoning have failed miserably. 
        Will we continue to reason with the irrational? Will we still appeal with dialogue against the brutality of the state? Will we harbour the thought that the rich and powerful will turn rational and compassionate, and decide to share that wealth and power with us lower mortals? History has your answer.
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