Saturday, 20 July 2019

Whose Poem?

       I copied this poem from somewhere some time ago but can't remember where I got it from. I would love to know who the poet is/was, so if any of you poets and poetry lovers out there can throw me a wee bit of info on this I'd be delighted.

The Seeds We Sow. 
Because of my ignorance, I sowed the seeds of anguish,
while my self indulgence planted the vine of pain,
my disregard of the future laid sorrow’s foundation.
Suddenly the future slaps me in the face,
while my children eat the food of that anguish
and chew the leaves of that vine,
as the sea of sorrow washes around their feet.
My yesterday shaped their tomorrow
My ignorance laid their path
and now my self indulgence is their burden.
It would appear that,
these failings of the father are burdened on his family.
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