Saturday, 24 July 2010

      Is there anybody in this country accepts the result of the Crown Prosecution Service investigation on the Ian Tomlinson case, that is anybody but the police? An avalanche of photographic evidence of a brutal unprovoked assault on an innocent man and their view is no grounds for charging anyone. It appears that the officer who is seen to violently strike Ian Tomlinson from behind had been investigated on two previous occasions, one for excessive violence during an investigation and once for road rage while off duty. As they say in the "force" he has form. This will be seen by almost everybody as another case of whitewash, another case of a death at the hands of the police and nobody held to account. Ian Tomlinson is not alone, the list of such cases goes back a long way.
      1979 saw the death of Blair Peach from a fractured skull when struck on the head by police while attending an anti-nazi demonstration. No officer ever held to account. In 1999 Harry Stanley, a Scot living in London shot dead by police while walking home with a leg for his coffee under his arm. They were acting on a "tip-off" about and Irishman with a gun, again no officer held to account. More recently, in 2005, we had the case of Jean Charles De Menezes a 28 year old Brazilian electrician living in London shot dead on the tube, another case of mistaken identity. The met in this case were found guilty of "breaching health and safety rules". To this list can now be added the name Ian Tomlinson, while walking home brutally assaulted and died the result of an unprovoked attack by a police officer. No officer held to account.

     We are supposed to believe that they are only here for our protection, what crap. The police are here to protect the powers that be, and will always attack those who feel strong enough about the injustice in this system to take to the streets. I have no doubt there will be others names who will be added to this list as more and more people feel the injustice inherent in this capitalist system.

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