Sunday, 4 February 2018

Cosy Relationships Between Repressive States.

              It is obvious that the repressive Germany government is in a cosy relationship with the war mongering Turkish dictator Erdogan, as he sends his blood machine in to crush the Kurdish enclaves in northern Syria. Turkey buys lots of weapons from Germany and the German state, like any other, can't let the blood of innocents interfere with the arms trade. Besides, Afrin, Rojava, Kobani are not the sort of ideas that the Germany state, or any other for that matter, would want to see expand. So pro-freedom demonstrations in favour of Afrin, and criticising the Turkish invasion will not be tolerated.

 Cops confiscated YPJ and YPG flags in Dortmund, Germany, Feb 3.

This from Enough is Enough:
          I arrived in Dortmund at 02:00pm and the first thing I saw were cops… everywhere. The gathering in solidarity with Afrin was completely surrounded by cops. After the authoritarian German police showed it’s face in Cologne last week, this time the cops decided to ban the march from the beginning. Only a stationary gathering was allowed.
       Cops also confiscated YPJ and YPG flags during a demo in Hamburg today and removed a banner and YPH and YPG flags from the Rote Flora earlier this week. The list is getting longer and longer. The German state exported many arms to Turkey and many of the tanks that are killing people in Rojava are therefore made in Germany. This seems to make the German government nervous (Apart from the growing tension between Turkish fascists and leftwing kurds and Turkish people that are living in Germany.)
       Many speakers on the gathering denounced the ban by police authorities of the march in Dortmund today. Where the cops don’t have a problem to clear German streets for German fascists, they stop or ban demonstrations in solidarity with Rojava because of a couple flags from the only groups that were effective against ISIS. Last week in Cologne the demo was stopped because of Öcalan flags, YPJ and YPG flags were allowed. This week the cops started to confiscate these flags as well. Where is this going to end? It was shocking that there were not many people from the autonomous movement last week. But today their numbers were even less. In Dortmund you could count them, there were maby 25 people from the anti-authoritarian autonomous movement among the 1500 people today.
        Repression is growing and the war against the revolutionary project in Rojava is a war against us all. Against our ideas and philosophy. While we take the streets against German nazis (which is good), it doesn’t seem to bother a lot of people that Turkish fascists are attacking people who take the streets in solidarity with Rojava. Today the cops kettled Turkish fascists who were on their way to the Afrin gathering in Dortmund.
         When the gathering ended a Turkish fascist waved with a Turkish flag, the cops sended him away but not after he got punched by an activist who was immediately arrested (Video above). This provocation by a fascist had no other consequences. No arrest, nothing. When the authoritarian police state is opressing activists who take the streets in solidarity with Rojava and doesn’t arrest fascists who want to attack them, we need to stand up, all!
         We always chant “no borders, no nations” but Rojava seems to be far away. We also shout: “An attack against one of us, is an attack against all!” Its about time that we start to live it. Join the resistance against the German export of German arms and take the streets for the anarchist and autonomous idea.

Defend Afrin!

War starts here!
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