Saturday, 3 February 2018

The Syrian Revolution.

        Syria is just one quagmire in the swamp of raw brutal capitalism, the blood soak tentacles of capitalism are exposed for all to see in the area known as the Middle East. Countless thousands of innocent people maimed and killed, millions displaced, villages, towns and cities, destroyed beyond recognition, all under the guise of "bring democracy to the people". War is just one strategy for prolonging the life of capitalism, calling for the end to war will only be successful when we act together in solidarity to destroy its root cause, capitalism. Peace and capitalism are incompatible, without its ability to crush and plunder with impunity, capitalism dies.
       The 2016 publication by anarchists in Koridallos Prison, on the Syrian Revolution is well worth a read, and is available in PDF form to download free from Act For Freedom Now:

         As events as such write the modern world history, all revolutionary movements need to process the information available, discuss and come to conclusions and eventually choose sides and fight without failing to take the context of this historical reality into account.
         The text on hand does not set out to provide an exhaustive historical narrative. Yet, it does set out to open a discussion that will look into all the critical issues raised. Also, our aim is to turn our ideas into action, thus we choose to go against the widespread inertia that surrounds the subject matter.
         A historical period as such requires much more than a mere theoretical analysis. As the hotbed of war keeps spreading and is now reaching Europe, it is urgent that we create an anti-war movement which will fight for and demand an end to the international military interventions, put forward ideas on horizontal self-organization, empower the oppressed and ultimately stand up against the rise of totalitarianism.
           We know well that we can achieve nothing and nothing will be spared for us unless we fight at all levels and to all directions in order to intensify and expand our horizontal, grass-roots self- organization.
For the war against state and capitalism.
Korudallos prison, November 2016
Download the PDF free HERE:
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