Monday, 27 August 2018

Cherish The Bootlickers And The Entrepreneurs.

       Yes, with reverence and wall to wall coverage, that babbling brook of bullshit, our mainstream media, reported the Pope's visit to Ireland. However, despite the massive turnout, paid little heed to those who see through the illusion of the God men and their grovelling groupies of fools and exploiters. Thanks Loam for the link.

       Sarah Clancy performs her poem 'Cherishing for Beginners' at the Stand for Truth rally on the day of the Papal rally in the Phoenix park Ireland.

Cherish the meek
cherish the ranchers
cherish the guards
cherish the bankers
cherish the virgins
then ride them and cherish their sisters,
cherish tax exiles and entrepreneurs
cherish the rewards of intergenerational privilege
or if that's too hard for beginners
sure cherish the Rose of Tralee for starters,
cherish the goal and the point and the foul
cherish the priest's dirty sheets
but not the women who wash them,
don't mention her
or what she might need,
go on though and cherish the IFSC
and its type of laundries-
those ones are fine,
they are grand sure.
Cherish Them.
Cherish the pope and his
band of transglobal bootlickers
cherish the bishops
who moved paedophile priests
around like chess pieces
and were afflicted with severe mental reservations
every time child rape was mentioned
cherish the bureaucrats
who know that the institution always comes first
cherish the shame they implanted
on the whole population
then cherish the suicides
as collateral damage
in an otherwise virtuous struggle
cherish the high moral ground
they reached by tramping on
the graves of dead babies,
cherish the ring kissers
who made it all possible
sure give them a big round of applause
don't the y deserve it
Cherish the men
because they couldn’t help it
if the women and girls went and fell pregnant,
cherish the foetus, the heartbeat,
but not the person it's in
then cherish the small graves
in their undisclosed wastelands
cherish the shovels
and boot soles that dug them-
let there be no doubt about it-
Yes We Can!
cherish the children
if they're from the right class
aren’t travelling people
and are not for god’s sake
seeking asylum,
don't forget too that we must
cherish the mute
and cherish the sheepish
but hate those in need,
worship Fr Peter McVerry himself,
go ahead make him an icon
but don’t listen to what he’s saying
about anything.
Cherish the poor
for how you can use them
to frighten those
who are just one rung above
cherish the people
who learned early and often
what happens to those
with big mouths,
cherish your local TDs,
and the crowd in Listowel
who didn't care that he raped her
sure wasn't he one of their own?
Yea cherish the rapist,
why don't you?
Cherish the golf course
and its sprinklers
sure Irish Water will save us
cherish piece work and internships,
and zero hour contracts
aren't you lucky you have a job at all?
Do you not remember the coffin ships
and are you not grateful?
Yea cherish your own exploitation
cherish the school board,
for our lack of gay teachers,
cherish women's place in the home
then cut their allowances,
sure they don’t deserve them
having all of those children
repeat after me- Cherish Privatisation;
and if you don't then you better learn
to cherish the knock on your door
in Jobstown in the morning.
Consider this a warning.
Cherish Dev and Pearse
and blood sacrifice
but don't mention James Connolly
who said until Ireland's women are free
none of us will be, most of all though
cherish outsourcing and remember
your call is important,
you too will be cherished equally
if you can afford it
as soon as an operator
becomes available
which may well take
another hundred years.
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  1. "Cherish the poor
    for how you can use them..."

    I think that in that sentence is all summarized.