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Where Prisons Survive, Democracy Dies.

         Prisons are an antithesis of democracy, they are no more and no less, than brutal institutions of repression, a bulwark in the defence of the establishments wealth and power. Of course a large percentage of the population believe that if you don't do anything to break their rules of control, you are safe from being lock-up in the state's cages. However, history tells us different, over the years there has been a litany of "miscarriages" of justice. Which is not surprising, since we live a society built on corruption and injustice.
      This is just one individual's long running fight against a "miscarriage" of justice, but there are many, many more that end up in destroying the individual and in most cases the lives of their families.
       A suggested motto for the UK justice system.
‘The most ardent defenders of justice here consider that it is better for an innocent man to be condemned than for the Inquisition to suffer disgrace.’

– Papal envoy, Spain 1565
        Kevan Thakrar is an IWW member and miscarriage of justice who has served over a decade in prison. He was moved to the Close Supervision Centre at HMP Whitemoor in Cambridgeshire in July and is now being subjected to an even more repressive regime, as well as targeted harassment from prison officers.

     Kevan repeatedly challenges his conditions and captivity with complaints and legal challenges, many often against prisoner officers and members of the Prison Officers Association. In retaliation, the Prison Officers Association have been actively encouraging officers to try to get Kevan moved to a different prison. Staff have been trying provoke an incident after Kevan’s requests for them to wear body-worn cameras (for his own protection, following incidents of physical violence inflicted against Kevan in the past).

     On Thursday 16th August, Kevan was put on an even more brutal regime. He is now locked up 23 hours a day. He has 30mins outside and 30mins to shower, make phone calls or do anything else he needs to do. When he is unlocked, everyone else in the CSC is locked in. This is creating animosity between the prisoners (a desired effect for the officers).

      Kevan has requested to see the Governor and has so far been refused. His planned meeting with the prison’s Diversity Officer was also refused by the Governor.

     Close Supervision Centres are designed to break human beings. Most people leave and enter psychiatric custody following what they are subjected to. Kirsty White, head of the CSC unit has told Kevan the reason for his restricted regime is that Kevan’s PTSD is being triggered and that he is clearly “distressed” because he is asking for body-worn cameras. Kevan developed PTSD after experiencing extreme racial, physical and sexual abuse at HMP Frankland in 2010.

Kevan has been fighting for his life as a miscarriage of justice for the past 11 years. Learn about his case. He has been kept in solitary confinement for over 8 years. You can read more about his experience in prison here.
Kevan after a beating by prison officers at HMP Frankland.

What you can do

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1. Please contact the Head Governor Will Styles at HMP Whitemoor:

Address: HMP Whitemoor, Longhill Road, March, Cambridgeshire, PE15 0PR
Tel: 01354 602 350
Fax: 01354 602 351
Email –

2. Write to the Justice Secretary, David Gauke MP:


Or contact him via the Ministry of Justice:

3. Write to the MP of the area, Steve Barclay:

4. Complain to the Prison Officers Association:

5. Write to Kevan:

Write to Kevan! He needs your support and solidarity. Send letters to:

Kevan Thakrar A4907AE
HMP Whitemoor
Longhill Road
PE15 0PR

You can also use

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