Thursday, 3 January 2019

"Migrant Crisis", Or Political Cynicism?

         Politicians as a rule are self centred careerists prancing around seeking photo opportunities and spouting how they alone can lead the people to the promised land. However, when they gain power and become part of that cabal called the government, they add another quality to their repertoire, they become experts in cynicism. They will fashion any situation to push their policies and ideology, irrespective of the facts on the ground, or the human suffering involved.

     The "migrant crisis" is just the latest human tragedy to be used cynically by our political ballerinas to raise anti-immigrant fears. Home secretary Sajid Javid, is just the latest in a long line of cynical careerists to turn what is a human tragedy of Western imperialist policies, into a prop for his anti-immigrant ideology.
       The Latest "migrant crisis" is a few hundred desperate people, over several months, risking their lives in small boats, to seek asylum in the UK. The facts are that the UK receives around 28,000 asylum applications a year, the vast majority arrive by plane at airports. They do not "flood" in on boats and lorries. So how does a few hundred arriving in small boats, over several months, suddenly become a "migrant crisis"?
This extract from Freedom News:
      Vox Political speaks of a manufactured ‘migrant crisis’, maybe to create an anti-EU sentiment ahead of the Brexit vote.
          “Make no mistake”, Labour MP David Lammy said, “this is not in response to genuine concern for human life. This is Sajid Javid imitating Donald Trump’s “migrant caravan”manufactured emergency to whip up fear before the Brexit vote. Desperate and cynical.”
        The London Economics also accuses the Conservatives of using the refugees as political pawns ahead of a critical Brexit period.
Read the article in FULL:

      You would think that after 300 years or so of being hoodwink and exploited by a political system, we would have learnt by now that politicians are never on the side of the people.
     People risking their lives fleeing deprivation, death and destruction, in most cases caused by our Western imperialist foreign policies, deserve our fullest compassion and assistance. They should not, under any circumstance, be hounded as criminals, and thrown back to face that same deprivation, death and destruction. However, humanity is not a quality that governments are known for, that particular quality lies with the people.
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  1. That is the obscenity of the system: if you reach its shores or its borders dying of hunger, then you are an invader. But if you arrive on a battle ship wearing a huge flag and armed to the teeth, then you will be received with honors and your visit will be celebrated in all media.