Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Glasgow's Autonomous Bookfair.

        A coming event in Glasgow, well worth marking your diary for, The Glasgow Bookfair. Glasgow used to have a pop-up bookfair called RIB, Radical Independent Bookfair, and it was a familiar sight at various events around the city. It stopped a few years ago and since then Glasgow has been denuded of a bookfair. It is a sad city that can't hold its own radical bookfair, so here is a chance to support one and hopefully see it grow, and put itself, with your help on the Radical Bookfair map. 

Glasgow Autonomous Space, Unit 11, 53 Kilbirnie Street, G5, will be hosting a Book Fair on Saturday 2nd March 2019.

        The idea is for the book fair is to reflect the ethos of GAS, fighting capitalism and other forms of oppression, and the diversity of the people and organisations who use GAS and who will use GAS in the future.
        There will be books on anarchism and feminism with radical zine distros and small publishers.
       Info stalls on organising Deliveroo and Uber Eats workers, asylum seeker, migrant and refugee solidarity, the radical history of Glasgow, and veganism.
       Discussions and talks by Go Vegan Scotland, Shy Radicals, Sisters UnCut and Ubuntu Women Shelter with more to be confirmed.
     Workshops include badge making, under 12's cycling, printing, radical songs and trans poetry.
        Plus free food, children's activities, Rattle Library and Stories For Strangers.
      The Book Fair is part of GAS's 3rd Birthday Celebrations with a party in the evening.
Spread the word, share, plan to be there.




Visit ann arky's home at radicalglasgow.me.uk

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