Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Let's Shoot Some Living Animals For Fun!!!!

       What a savage and insane world we live in, a world where we can breed animals, then release them into the wild, so that a deranged few can strut around the countryside shooting them. I can understand those who have to hunt to survive, but to go about shooting living creatures and call it sport, well that shifts them into the category of depraved psychopath.

        After seeing a few reports appear about game birds released from breeding farms, a map has been made public containing some of the breeding farms within the U.K.
        The shooting industry in the U.K. breeds mostly pheasants, partridges and ducks in factory farm conditions, and then they have a whole system of introduction into the wild during the summer to get the birds in place for the shooting season that starts in September.
It isn’t new to see reports of game farms being visited by the ALF with thousands of animals released, and it is no surprise. As a tactic, game farms are at its weakest point right now, when mating season is happening and they need to collect the eggs to incubate them in huge hatcheries . When breeding birds are released into the wild, there is not only a loss of “stock” but also they are unable to breed the birds they need to then distribute them in shoots. Although it is a liberation action, it carries the weight of economic sabotage and finds a solution to the burden of caring for thousands upon thousands of animals in safe homes, as game birds can be simply released into the wild. There is no doubt that many of them will die, but let’s remember that all of them plus their offspring would die during the next shooting season.
        Game farms have mostly two different layouts, either penned up in groups of 100-1000 birds, where the panels of the pen can be easily removed and birds can be herded out, or in battery cages, where a metal or wood flap can be removed allowing the birds to fly.
       Due to the map being made public, some farms might have increased their security and some keepers have warned that they are “shooting foxes every night”. Doing night reccy without any tools is heavily recommended and carrying a camera to film the conditions might be a good idea. Remember that trespassing without intent to commit any illegal activity is NOT a criminal offence. Motion detectors (being to flood light or alarm) are a thing in some farms, but as the area is quite big, it is as simple as finding a safe route. As a rule of thumb, don’t cross gates, make your own path!
        To add to the security measures, remember that no cutting tools should be used more than once and that any clothes snagged on a fence (even half a mile away from the farm) should be burnt. Maybe a visit to the charity shop is a good idea! Also remember to shoplift your shit and if you must pay, to always use cash. Empty your pockets from everything you won’t need and seriously, don’t keep receipts.
       It really is, right now, the best time for ALF cells and whoever other individuals to cripple the shooting industry as the breeding birds are the most important part of the whole business. It is for that reason that we are seeing an increase on this kind of actions right now.
If you are curious about the game farm map, here is the link:
Here there is a few reports from game farms this year:
And here there is a report from a huge action from 2018:
        Please note that the map does not list all farms, and if you have any other places that should be added you can let Stop the Cull know.
All reports can be sent to us using safe methods, those can be found here: https://www.unoffensiveanimal.com/contact-us/
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  1. "...that shifts them into the category of depraved psychopath". Exactly!