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Sabotage By The Kremilin In George Square.

               Glasgow Green has been a place of importance to the people of Glasgow through the ages. It has been the meeting place for, gatherings of all kinds, political protests and, among other events, May Day celebrations. It has also been under attack from the city council, my late friend Joe used to call them, "the Kremlin in George Square" there were talks of selling of part and now by neglect, that precious gem on the Green, the People's Palace and Winter Gardens is under threat. like everything we have, the Green included, we have to fight to keep it the way we want it to be.
       This latest fight is to safe the People's Palace Winter Gardens. Let's all rally round and defend what is ours, it is not the property of the city council to do with it as it wishes, it is ours part of the Common Goods.

This is ours.

From Bob Hamilton

          It is not called the People's Palace for nothing:
         A place of working class history, artifacts and memorabilia relating to the People who made Glasgow. Not for the first time it’s been under attack from the councils secret service. (When do they tell you anything? A. When places are falling apart due to the councils own negligence.)
        The first thing that needs to be understood is the Winter Gardens are part of the Peoples Palace, not a separate entity as the council would want us to believe. And as such should have been considered under the same repair scheme as the recent renovations to the museum part of this historic institution. Not blanked off and perhaps to be manipulated by Glasgow Life into another marketing tool the same way as the Green has been to promote disruptive and destructive entertainment spectacles.
        While we congratulate (with some critique) the work to restore the wonderful Kibble Palace, the renovations to the Burrell, the fancy pavements in Suchiehall Street and all of the other major developments given the green light for funding. But we look once again to the East End and of course the short end of the funding stick.
          Not for the first time we have had to battle the council in culture wars, concerning the Peoples Palace, (City of Culture1990) and historically the park it sits in in, (The Battle For The Green 1931) These events all relate to the history of the Peoples Palace and that history has been a struggle to maintain, the same as the present situation will take to resolve.
          We are asking the people of Glasgow (and beyond) to become part of that on going history by defending the maintenance and repairs to the Winter Gardens as an important part of the Peoples Palace and worthy of the same care and attention given to other historic projects in the city carried out in the peoples name.
         Join “Friends of the People's Palace, Winter Gardens and Glasgow Green” on the 27th 12:00 at the city chambers Bring some music make a day of it.
        It is summer after all. (I think:)

For May Day link

People live by bread, by economics, not politics.--

For a wee bit more on Glasgow's working class radical history visit;
Spirit of Revolt 's Strugglepedia.

 This is ours, defend it against the sabotage of the City Council 
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