Saturday, 8 June 2019

This Crazy World.

   Just a little sad reflecting, with a sprinkling of hope.

This Crazy World. 

           In this crazy world, 
half dead from dereliction
half brutalised from deprivation
half drowned in a sea of greed
half devoured by perpetual need.
war shrieks from East to West
famine seldom seems to rest
hunger stalks the layman's life
poverty kills with a silent knife.
           We find
a pompous pampered arrogant cliche
live a life that's smooth and sleek
far removed from want and fear,
bought with another's sweat and tear.
not a word do they speak
to aid the fallen or the weak
preferring to kneel at luxury's shrine
repeating their mantra, "This is mine".
          Now watch them
peddle lies of tongue and pen
slyly hoard their plunder then
with spurious sanctimonious phrase
shed crocodile tears at man's malaise.
is it written that the masses must sweat
deprivation and misery a constant threat
covering the world in measureless wealth
so the few can plunder with avid stealth?
           In friendship
let's clasp each human hand
with compassion try to understand
our differences, our hopes, our fears
dragging mankind from this sea of tears.
a world where justice flowers
the many reap the fruits of toiling hours
a world of sharing, tending the others need
an end to privilege, plunder and greed.

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  1. "In friendship we will create a better world" sounds like hope to me. I am with you, as are so many others.

    The cheaters, however, will only hear a threat to their cheating ways. They already have their "better world", one where cheating is richly rewarded.

    But there are more of us than there are of them, and we can see what they are doing now, more than ever before.

    We are shining the light of compassion and justice upon them, and they are whithering under the glare.

  2. Now more than ever we have the ability to expose their hypocrisy, the injustice and the destructive system they thrive on. Now more than ever we must shout it from the roof tops. For too long they have beavered away at their deception behind their smoke and mirrors.