Thursday, 19 December 2019

Between Dignity And Poverty.

       Most times it is difficult to express fully your anger, disgust and frustration at a system that spawns a sea of inequality, injustice and corruption, that by ideology manufactures millions of marginalised, and creates a multitude of exiles in their own country, simple by the gross, deliberate and callous unequal distribution of wealth. The desire to shout it from the roof tops, rant about it at bus stops, street corners or wherever. splatter it across social media or perhaps write reams of paper spewing out all that hatred, disgust and anger. However, sometimes, to recoil from it and try to express it in a simple short poem seems the right thing to do to placate all those bitter emotions.

Between Dignity and Poverty

In this metropolis of wealth with its fountains of opulence
We are the excluded army that walks that tightrope
Between dignity and poverty.
The excluded, the marginalised, the forgotten,
Regulated by mercenaries, some with guns, others with pens.
They know not, we are their brothers and sisters.
Nor do they know,
Our strength is forged in the humiliation of the bread line
Our daily question, will there be food,
Or will the pangs of hunger stay.
We exist in a system of numbers and balance sheets,
Our lives, dehumanised statistics,
Catalogued and filed by a blind accountant.
When asked to count our dead, do we count the living dead?
Will this tightrope be the inheritance to our children
Or shall our tortured journey lead us from anxiety to revolt
Will the anguish of our children feed our righteous anger
Causing us to tear asunder this fabricated web of injustice 
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