Monday, 7 September 2020


       Politicians and Councillors must hate old people, the older we get the further back our memories go. I presume my memories go back before some of our Councillors and politicians, who are now "re-imaging" Glasgow, were born. This "re-imaging" involves changing public assets to money making entities or selling off some of those assets. In such deals you can bet that the private sector gain immensely from this "re-imaging". So a wee delve into one of those memories, Robroyston Hospital, it treated tuberculosis, among other forms of illnesses and for a time 1918-1919 handled these poor souls who were maimed, broken and blind from WW1, built 1918, sold off 1977. Public opinion was against the closure of this hospital, but it went ahead. Decisions made behind closed doors never work out in the best interest of the general public.
       I am glad to have this opportunity to raise in the House the subject of the proposed closure of Robroyston Hospital, Glasgow, and I can tell the House at the outset that I have here a telegram from the local health council supporting me in my efforts to prevent its closure. That in itself is an indication of the way in which the decision has been carried along. The first that the staff of the hospital, the local health council, local councillors and I knew of the proposed closure was when we read about it in the Press.
      The hospital covered a large expanse of land to the north of Glasgow, it consisted of two main buildings, one brick built E-shaped the other H-shaped, and a series of nine brick built houses for wards. An additional eight houses were built to the NE and at a later some thirteen wooden huts were added  to the N. All of the above were set within extensive gardens and grounds. The facilities for patients at the hospital included two tennis courts, a bowling green and a putting green.
     The sad tale of the usual rip-off of the public sector by the private sector at the hands of our corporate minded, bumbling politicians.
     TABLE THE spectre of a 15-year-old property deal hangs over any plans which the Greater Glasgow Health Board might have to dispose of two of its prime hospital sites. In 1977, the Government sold the 600-acre site of the former Robroyston Hospital in the north of Glasgow to Aberdeenshire-based property developers Elinacre for #410,000.
       Mr Ian MacDonald, Elinacre's principal, who died in 1988, then sold on parcels of land to housing developers for #2m.
       Of course we will be told that safeguards have been put in place so that such bungling ineptitude and cavalier attitude to our public assets, can't happen again, but the same private plundering of public assets still goes on. This is not going to change until we change the entire economic system to one of public ownership freed from the profit motive. 
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