Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Hit The Needy.

        It is a strange and unjust society that when savings and cuts have to be made, it is always the most vulnerable and those in need that have to take the hit. Glasgow City Council are proposing saving money by closing all but two of the city's Citizens Advice Bureaus and cutting support to rape crisis centres among other things that the ordinary people sometimes have to rely on. Now you don't get any prizes for guessing who is most likely to visit these places. You wont find Jim Ratcliffe, Scottish billionaire, waiting, or any of his clique hanging around in the queue. They will always have their team of expensive expert lawyers to sort out any problems they may encounter.
       It always appears beyond Councillors and MP's imagination to find ways of getting those savings and administering cuts from that upper echelons of the wealthy bunch that sit very comfortably with no need for such common things as Citizens Advice Bureaus. 
       Today, Wednesday 2nd. of September, there was a small group outside Glasgow City Chambers protesting these unfair and unnecessary attacks on the most vulnerable in our society. It was a day of torrential rain and I admire their dedication and sincerity for holding this protest in such appalling weather. However, I feel that it was the wrong place and the wrong time. The City Chambers was empty and locked up, the meeting regarding these cuts will be held via virtual conferencing, with the participants unaware of any protest. No doubt the virtual meeting will make it extremely difficult or impossible to hear what is being said, nor will the public be able to contribute to the debate. Perhaps I'm wrong on that and they will send out the link to the virtual meeting to ever citizen of Glasgow. I'm sure Billy Connolly could turn these city chambers actions into a joke, well basically that's what it is, a sick and cruel joke at that.
Some photos of those intrepid protestors:

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