Saturday, 14 November 2020


        I suppose I'm an old fashion and simple minded guy, so I get a bit confused with the number of variations of anarchism I hear about, I reckon we out variety Mr. Heinz with his 57 varieties. To name a few, we have, Social anarchism, Collectivist anarchism, Anarcho-communism, Philosophical anarchism, Egoist anarchism, Individualist anarchism in the United States, Individualist anarchism in Europe, Anarcho-naturism, Anarcho-Transhumanism, Anarchist-Capitalists, 
       I don't claim that this is the definitive list of variations, it is just a hotch-potch of varieties that I got from my friend Mr. Google.
       I embraced anarchism at the sweet and tender age of 17 while an apprentice in Fairfield's Shipyard on the Clyde, that wasn't yesterday. However I have always found that the simple word "Anarchism", was well and fully explained in the myriad of leaflets, pamphlets and books that have been around for many years. To me what it simply boils down to is that, no group or individual has the right to authority over any other group or individual, no group or individual has the right to exploit or abuse  any other group or individual, we respect each individual and function on the principles of free association and mutual aid, communities are organised on a horizontal structure and decisions taken in that manner, all based on the sustainability of the planet's ecosystems. Each can contribute in accordance with their ability and should receive according to their needs. What ever direction these societies, large or small, take, should always be governed by these simple principles. Like I said, I'm a simple minded guy, but I believe these simple principles embrace all our causes for freedom and justice, and attend to such matters as war, gender, race, patriarchy, patriotism, power, privilege, wealth accumulation and the swamp of inhumanity that smothers us in this present state/corporate capitalist system. I don't need adjectives, before or after the word, to me and my simple mind, the word "Anarchism" speaks loud and clear. Let's leave the philosophical table and take our simple word and its principles to the streets and workplaces.
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