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       A view from those who have been fighting oppression under the yoke of ever changing Presidents for generations, and those Presidents all with their never shifting homage to the system of the colonialism. Obama, Trump, Biden, so what's new.

          16 Things You Can Do To Be Ungovernable. P.S. Fuck Biden 
        Indigenous Action looks at basic ways that people can get ‘back to basics’ as the Trump era comes to a close.
       We are ungovernable on stolen land. Fuck Biden.
      Biden has replaced Trump. While some are celebrating a “safer” form of settler colonial violence, we have been bracing for the war to resume. It’s not just that Trump doubled down on white supremacist authoritarian nationalism (aka fascism) and nearly continued his explicitly brutal legacy, it’s not just that liberal settler-colonizers barely clawed their way to victory. It’s that at the end of the day both Trump and Biden are two sides of the same coin. We will once again be subject to that lurid post-election wane of political fervor until the liberal tide recedes and we are left facing the same ecological and social violence as before.
       The Obama-Biden administration was responsible for deporting more people than any other US regime in history. Between 2009 and 2015 Obama-Biden forcibly deported more than 2.5 million people which amounts to more than the sum deportations from all the other presidents of the 20th century. Tohono O’odham and Hia Ced O’odham communities have been heavily militarized and bisected by the US/Mexico colonial border. Whole villages have been displaced and sacred sites have been desecrated across numerous border occupied Indigenous communities. This has been compounded by Trump’s “border wall” but border militarization and colonial occupation of Indigenous lands will continue whether the U.S. is under Republican or Democrat control. Colonizers are united in their belief and practices of colonialism. The Obama-Biden regime was not a reprieve for those who have been bombed and attacked by drones which, in Afghanistan, has meant the murder of innocent lives 90% of the time. We cannot celebrate when we know that with Biden (or whoever), U.S. imperialism and endless war against people of color around the world will continue.
        Biden has framed himself as the restorer of a “normalcy” under which we were being killed, assaulted, disappeared, bombed, polluted, incarcerated, impoverished, and desecrated. A return to neoliberal normal is a return to death for Indigenous, Black, and Brown peoples the world over.
       There’s a discourse regarding a lesser evil and a diatribe about hope somewhere in there, but these themes have been beaten into our flesh so that our skin has lost its ability to scar. It’s as if our bodies are the land desecrated with each cycling of our abuser. In the case of electoral politics the cycle isn’t challenged and neither is the abuse. Only the degree of which the veil covers the wounds is of concern. The matter is not seeing the abuse, it’s seeing the effect which moves the zone of comfort to nearly unsettling.
        We have been refusing domination, control, and exploitation in these lands by colonial forces since 1492. Being ungovernable means we pledge no allegiance to colonial authority nor are we dependent upon their systems for our survival, identity, belonging, or well-being.
       In the face of COVID-19 and more overt fascism, we celebrate the powerful expressions of unmediated direct action and interventions against capitalism, white supremacy, cis-heteropatriarchy, and the colonial police state. From the powerful Black Lives Matter uprisings, to the tearing down of racist statues, from autonomous zones to the thousands of mutual aid projects throughout Turtle Island providing necessary supplies and support, our communities have been taking direct action and building alternative infrastructure for generations so that we are not dependent on the state or corporations.
        We seek to organize and intervene as directly as possible in the root causes that uphold oppressive social orders while working to creatively build and support alternatives based in mutual aid, dignity, and collective self-determination beyond capitalism. We are ungovernable and we must make it impossible for this colonial system to govern on stolen, occupied land. Build, sustain & proliferate autonomous organizing and organizations and embrace your role in these struggles.

16 Things you can do to be Ungovernable:

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  1. This is the translation of a song by the Cuban revolutionary Carlos Puebla, written when Henry Ford replaced Richard Nixon. Today, the same could be said for Trump and Biden.

    EXPIRED CARS - Carlos Puebla

    When they removed Nixon
    there were those who asked me
    what opinion did I have of Mister Ford.

    Well look,
    Ford seems to me, the same as Chevrolet.

    Now tell me
    what could i think
    about the newly released
    Mister Ford?

    Well look,
    Ford seems to me, the same as the Chevrolet.

    Mister Ford is not a shoemaker
    he is not a mechanic nor is he a painter
    he's just another millionaire
    Mister Ford.

    Well look,
    Ford seems to me, the same as the Chevrolet.

    This notorious criminal [Nixon]
    big buddy from saigon
    leaves us a "great" inheritance:
    Mister Ford.

    Well look,
    Ford seems to me, the same as the Chevrolet.

    It's like an expired car
    repaired and used
    a repaired moron
    Mister Ford.

    Well look,
    Ford seems to me, the same as the Chevrolet.