Tuesday, 1 December 2009

CO2 and War.

       So Copenhagen is going to save the planet? They will go into a huddle and dine and wine and have some photo shoots then announce their plan to save the planet. The rich and powerful developed will help the poor and weak to develop while at the same time curtailing the profits of the big corporations so that we cut CO2 emissions and we will all live happily ever after. Well so some sort of fairy tale goes. What they don’t mention is that the rich and powerful need the poor and weak for cheap material and goods, it is this continual searching for cheaper labour and cheaper materials that makes them rich and powerful.
      Of course if they are rally serious about CO2 emissions then they will have to put a ban on wars!! Any scientist worth his salt will tell that what ever savings you make in your CO2 is massively off set by a war. The actual war, manufacturing tons of munitions, all that moving thousands of tons of equipment and arms across the world to be destroyed, shipping all the thousands of people involved, some of them never to return alive or in an able bodied condition, then ensuring they are fed, is an enormous explosion of CO2 into the atmosphere. Then of course you start to blow up all those munitions and keep replacing them, manufacturing more and having them shipped across the world in a continuous logistic nightmare. Then when the explosions stop and the dust settles, and you start to ship what is left back home leaving behind a devastated landscape and thousands of dead, and the need for a colossal rebuilding program, if the poor devastated country can afford that.
       So all the crap that will come out of Copenhagen will not address in any way one of the most gigantic waste of time and resources known to man, war. It will talk of wind turbines and aid to the poor, which will never materialise. Remember the summit to lift Africa out of poverty? They’re still waiting for all that aid that was promised. Summits are great fun for the pompous and the arrogant, it helps to create the illusion that they are actually doing something about the problems we face, when in fact the are the reasons we have these problems.

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