Thursday, 25 March 2010


       Why all this surprise at the rampant paedophilia in the Catholic church? It is nothing new, it has been going on with the priests sexually abusing youngster for centuries. It is endemic of that institution. Anybody who doubts this should read their history. It was in 1568 that a Pope something or other, publicly stated, and I paraphrase, any priest found to be sexually abusing children should be removed from his post, receive no more money from the church and be handed over to the authorities. Now if the boss man felt he had to make a public statement on that subject away back then, then it had to be of some concern to the public at large, not just an isolated incident. Yet today we are supposed to believe that this is some sort of blip in the long running flawless character of the clergy. From Nuns, Monks and Priests, they have all been at it while the institution itself saw no real harm in the practice and turned a blind eye. Unlike you and I, they were not shocked at each and every revelation of this behaviour. Then of course there is an explosion of public disgust and they are all running around shaking theirs heads and offering semi-apologies, and talking about a few bad apples. Like all authoritarian institutions, me thinks the whole rotten barrel stinks. What should we expect from a group that wear funny clothes and talk to their imaginary friend who lives somewhere up there and tells them how everybody else should be living their lives. If they want to live delusional lives like that, well and good, but don't give them power over other peoples lives, especially children and don't fund any of their weird activities with public money, and most certainly, keep them out of the education system.

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