Tuesday, 22 June 2010


     Budget day, we know the damage that is going to be inflicted on our class by the millionaires' club. Are we about to whimper in pain or are we about to ROAR, (Rise-up, Organise, Agitate, Revolt.) in anger and determination. ROAR our intentions that we will not sit quietly and let the milliomaire parasites inflict Victorian era poverty on us and our children.


The problem’s too big
the perpetrators unknown
you can’t beat the system
all on your own.
So it’s easy to withdraw
find your own little cage
turn a blind eye to the suffering
stifle your rage,
but the greed goes on
the poverty’s still there,
you can’t just leave it
for your children to bear.
Others feel as you do
eager to put things right
but locked in isolation
it’s a hopeless fight,
so don’t sit in silence
behind a closed door,
your voice can help raise
a whisper to a roar.

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