Wednesday, 16 June 2010


      Remember those Glasgow's arms length organisations, Steven Purcell's baby that brought him praises from Tony Blair and were supposed to save the city council taxpayers, millions, well those millions haven't quite materialised. They were projected to bring, for the year 2009/2010, a nice little sum of £7 million, however the have managed to amass a loss of nearly £5 million. This is a group of 12 organisations that were removed from the scrutiny and control of Glasgow's citizens and have become nice little earners for those appointed to run and oversee them. We also know that Purcell, who resigned after a drugs and cronyism scandal earlier this year was accused by some of offering up jobs in these organisations as “sweeteners” to friends and enemies alike. It was a nice little appointment as councillors could pick up £400,000 in extra salaries as directors of these organisations. The stench of corruption is the same no matter where it comes from, The Westminster House of Corruption or the headquarters of the Glasgow political Mafia.

     While this snouts in troughs act is going on we get information that ten of Scotland's councils are set to lose 10,000 jobs between them, our local Glasgow mob are about to shed 2,800. Some of the Scottish councils have said that they expect to to reduce staffing costs, (cut jobs) by 12% over three years.
      We should make no mistake, the plans that are being made at national and local level will mean massive job cuts, which will result in increased poverty among the ordinary people. Of course it will also mean a drastic cut in services for which we have already paid.
       Our aim should be to organise against these cuts, it is not somebody else’s problem it is right across our communities, we will all be hit, the only exemptions will be the millionaires club that organised the cuts. It is the wealthy, those how will not in any way be touched by these savage cuts that are telling us that it is necessary. They organise, we hurt, should we not be turning that around, we organise, they hurt.

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