Tuesday, 8 June 2010


        As the European governments move in with the hatchets at the ready to slash and cut the living standards of the working class what will be our response? We have seen massive demonstrations on the streets in Greece. In Spain 75/80% of public sector workers  took strike action against a 5% pay cut. There have been and still are strikes and demonstrations in other countries across Europe. What will we, the working class in this country, do as the well manicured public school boys start swinging their hatchets?
       The next few months will be crucial, the cuts will come fast and furious as well as sudden, if our response is not equal to that we will have lost the momentum. We have to make it quite clear from the very start that these attacks on our living standards will not be accepted. This is a totally one side affair, all the cuts will hurt the ordinary people but will in no way affect those at the top who are responsible for this so called "massive debt".
         Let's not forget, these cuts are to protect the banks and bond holders from suffering any great losses. We are supposed to be the ones to carry the losses, why? Remember, the cabinet of this government has 23 millionaires in its little cabal. How will they hurt as they cut and slash? They know it is a class war and fight accordingly, isn't time we dealt with it in a similar fashion and fight it as an out and out class war. A pan-European class war linking up with the striking workers in all the other European coutries where the people are making a stand against this savage onslaught to their living conditions. Without a doubt the outcome of these cuts will be a return to Victorian poverty for our people, while the financial sector with its millionaire/billionarie friends re-arrange their balance sheets to their favour. Unless!!!

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