Wednesday, 22 September 2010


       One week to go until the TUC planned day of action on the 29th. September. There is supposed to be mass demonstrations across Europe. Though the publicity doesn't seem to scream out at you, it seems more like a quiet affair for the loyal few. Well that might be the way they want it but it is up to the members to insist on a real mass action right across Europe not just a few high profile spots. Insist that your local branch organises for a full walk out on that day and where you don't get the support from your union, then there is nothing wrong in having a day off. Have a lie in, take the kids to the park, read that book you have been trying to get your head round. Go as a family to the movies have a day in the garden, but what ever you do don't turn up to be exploited on that day September 29th. You will probly start to like the idea of having a lie and then doing what you fancy and make it a regular habit.  All the workers have to do to stop this exploitive unjust system is don't turn up for "work". When the CEO of all the companies in the world decide to have a day off, nobody notices, we don't need them. However when the workers all take a day of, the world stops, they need us. We can change the world, we have the skills, we have the resources, we have the numbers, all we lack is is the will to take that one step, stop working until we have reorganised the world.

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