Monday, 10 January 2011



          At the moment there is an infestation sweeping through Britain. It is an unusually dangerous variant and can at times be lethal. It is an extremely virile variety, and can attack individuals, families, homes and workplaces. The universities and hospitals in the UK have already been devastated by this infestation, with schools and libraries being high on the risk list. Other varieties of this infestation are running rampant across the western world but it is here in the UK that the most virulent species has made it home.
            It is important for the health and well being of the people of this country that we rapidly eradicate this vile and deadly infestation of the Cameron-Clegg.

       Wherever it appears it must be vigorously exterminated before its effects bring misery to those unfortunate individuals who have been targeted by this deadly breed of parasite.
We must open up all the dark corners of our society where the repugnant Cameron-Clegg breeds and wash them clean with the strength of people power. It is the only real answer to the destructive infestation of this menace to the welfare of our people.
The Cameron-Clegg close up.

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