Friday, 28 January 2011


        The Con/Dem millionaire club of public school thugs are about to carry out the greatest con trick since the start of capitalism. They are about to pass legislation to allow for the sell-off of the woodlands that are under the control of the forestry commission. This is vast tracts of forests that are owned by the British people and they will go on offer to the highest bidder. How come that a bunch of millionaires can take a slice of Britain and sell it to their millionaire friends and say it is legal because they made the laws to make it so. How come we are not seeing “peasants with pitchforks” marching on the Westminster House of Hypocrisy and Corruption. However the biggest part of this con is the fact that they have stated that local councils can bid for the forests. So let's look at that proposal, these forests belong to the British people and the Con/Dem millionaires are saying that the local councils, who represent the people, can use the local peoples money to buy the land that already belongs to the British people. We are expected to buy our own forests from ourselves with our taxpayers money. Now that is a real con, it is so absurd and far fetch that most people probably don't complain because they think that they must have heard it wrong.

        Make no mistake, the UK is up for sale, every public asset will, before the next election, be sold off to their millionaire friends. That is if it can make a profit for them, if it can't, it will be left for the public to look after. This is happening across the globe, post offices, public land, waterways, water systems and all public, social and health services, all to be transferred to the millionaires' club. What is more it is forever, as far as they are concerned, and has nothing to do with cutting the deficit or any other crap that they try to feed you, that is just one of their excuses.

       No government was voted in to sell off public assets to their friends, but that's what they are doing. Is there still anybody out there that thinks that the government is there to represent the people? Surely by now it should be blatantly obvious that they are there to represent and protect the wealth of their friends the millionaires in the corporate world.

       We don't need them, they need us, to feed of our backs, and keep them in their parasitical pampered life style.


  1. I just wondered what your thoughts were on what's going on in Egypt. What do you think the repercussions of the revolt will be?

  2. I have to say I nearly died when I first read of this plan - it's so fucking ludicrous only a politician could think of the idea!

    I have no problem with the government stopping controlling vast tracts of land; it's the ridiculous notion that communities should bid to buy what is theirs!

  3. The following is a quote from and I am in agreement with the line it takes. Israel is the US policemen in the Middle East, Egypt is their errand boy and go-between to the rest of the Arab states. If Egypt breaks free from the US influence, Israel's position becomes more difficult and once again the US has back a loser. You can't bankroll dictators and expect the people to tolerate it forever.

    "Egypt has been a cornerstone of the US "war on terror" and America's strategy for dominating the Middle East. Not for nothing is Egypt second only to Israel in the amount of US aid it receives, including $1.3 billion a year for the security forces alone--the same forces who have killed dozens of protesters in the last few days and injured hundreds more.
    President Mubarak has made Egypt a US client state for decades. If his tyranny is overthrown the implications are momentous. As one commentator noted, "Every Egyptian knows today that the United States government is not a friend of Egypt, it is a friend and ally of the Mubarak regime — a regime that does not represent the Egyptian people. Democracy is
    not the United State's gift to the world and it will not be acquired under American tutelage. Real democrats don't bankroll dictatorships." (SEE: