Friday, 29 April 2011


       I thought I might get through the week without mentioning IT, but I just couldn't keep my mouth shut. Here we are, putting on one of the most spectacular displays of privilege, a display of parasitical living, all paid for by tax payers, and beaming it all over the globe. What we are saying to the world is, this is Britain in the 21st century. However it is a lie, it is not Britain, it is a glimpse of a slice of the upper crust, the pampered elite, the parasites. Britain today is a country with mass unemployment, children living in poverty, pensioners dying of hypothermia during our cold winters. Britain is a country that can put on a extravaganza that takes your breath away by its sheer opulence, but can't put together a system whereby most young couples can afford their first home as they try to start up on their own. A country where couples struggle to try and give their kids a decent up-bring, let alone a lavish wedding.

    ONE OF US.   
       It was probably the biggest, most lavish display of privilege and unearned wealth seen on the planet, from a country that is fighting a war in Afghanistan, supporting a war in Libya, while cutting education, health care, disability benefits, and the social fabric of society, well that part of society where the real people live. This is a display that says Britain is a very rich country, but we don't want to spend it on the ordinary people. It says, Britain is a country of centuries of kings and queens with super wealth at the pinnacle of society, and has still failed miserably to create any semblance of equal opportunity or hint of fairness.
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