Saturday, 26 October 2013

Let's follow Our Dreams.

     Across the globe workers are treated like shit by the various corporate bodies. Conditions and wages are attacked to maximise profits, and if the workers dare to defend themselves, they can be booted out and face a life of poverty and deprivation. This is the system we tolerate, not by lack of imagination, but by the lack of determined will to change it to one that suits the needs of all our people. Pick a country, pick an industry, and the workers conditions are being savaged in the name of profit, for a bunch of parasitic shareholders. We can do better than this, we can follow our dreams and make them a reality.
This from IUF:

       Since June 2012 aviation workers in Turkey have been in dispute with Turkish Airlines (THY) over their right to strike and the dismissal of 305 workers who took industrial action on May 29, 2012 to protest the government's plan to ban strikes in the aviation sector. Turkish Airlines responded by sacking these workers via text message and email.
    The company refuses to reinstate the 305 and to accept any bargaining proposals put forward by Hava-Is, the aviation workers' union. On May 15, 2013, determined THY workers commenced an indefinite strike action.
     This is a crucial time for aviation workers in Turkey as the strike continues and the workers involved and the union representing them are under huge pressure.
     You can support the Turkish Airlines workers, CLICK HERE TO SEND A MESSAGE TO TURKISH AIRLINES, telling them to reinstate the dismissed workers and enter into good faith negotiations with Hava-Is, and to tell Turkey's Minister of Labour to act to ensure that THY respects its workers rights.

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