Sunday, 6 October 2013

Workers Know Your History, Hungary, 1956.

      It is true that the dominant culture writes the history, but it is never a complete history, and it most certainly isn't accurate. The 1956 Hungarian revolution is no different, the capitalist stooges perpetrate the myth that Stalinism was socialism, and capitalism freed the people of Hungary.
An interesting article on this matter  from The Commune:

      More than fifty years since the Hungarian revolution of 1956, the events have faded and their meaning and importance to socialists perhaps lost in time. The struggles, the barricades, the workers councils and resistance to Russian imperialism are a vague memory even for those involved in the movement at the time. The real struggles and aspirations of the Hungarian revolution will be reduced even further to the strong box of history by the official commemorations attended by the great and the good of the bourgeoisie who will claim the mantle of the freedom fighters of 1956. In so doing they will continue such myth as the decisive role in the fall of Stalinism in Eastern Europe was played by the prayers of Pope John Paul II and the foreign policy of the American President Ronald Reagan and his ally Thatcher.
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